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10 Most Scathingly True Takedowns Of Trump’s Press Conference

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10 Most Scathingly True Takedowns Of Trump’s Press Conference

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Trump took the opportunity to attack the “dishonest media,” and especially the “failing” Buzzfeed site for releasing salacious and damning documents about his activities in Russia. And he suddenly was all about praising the New York Times, his new best friend, for not jumping on the bandwagon. Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted that, “Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to ‘leak’ into the public. One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

Yes, he went there.

Trump bragged about selflessly turning down a $2 billion deal with Dubai and being the “greatest jobs creator god ever created,” and he seemed to be still campaigning by describing his “movement like we have never seen before” and attacking Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for allowing themselves to be hacked.

To a question about releasing his tax returns, he held to his lie of not being able to release them because of an ongoing audit, and said no one is interested in his taxes except the press. After repeated attacks on Buzzfeed and CNN, he bullied a CNN reporter into silence and accused him of propagating fake news rather than letting him finish a question about whether Trump can work with the U.S. intelligence community. Asked about his specific plans for Obamacare, he simply repeated the words “repeal and replace,” called it the biggest disaster in the history of mankind and gave zero specifics.

The internet and commentators immediately got busy. Here are some of the most scathing reactions on Trump’s favorite medium.



After , it’s clear that we’re facing a new era of dictatorship with @realDonaldTrump. He’s not a democratic leader.



Donald Trump isn’t even president yet and he’s already losing his shit at press conferences http://bit.ly/2idCQID 


“You are fake news!” says the guy who spent 8 years birthering Obama, and said Ted Cruz’s father helped kill JFK…..


Trump spent ages insisting Obama born in Kenya citing “extremely credible source” and now he’s crying about fake news.



Trump is right about one thing. Watching him bully reporters who disagree with him is a lot like Nazi Germany.


I’m not gonna release my taxes. There’s nothing bad in them, but it’d be boring television, and I care about ratings.


Trump refused to confirm no one in his campaign was in contact with Russian officials, after being directly asked.


My assessment of .
“… it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” – (Macbeth)



  1. Dominick Vila January 12, 2017

    The worst part of this is that we are going to have to endure at least four more years of this. He is not going away, if anything he is likely to get worse as the pressures of the Office of the Presidency become apparent, and he has no choice but to engage with those he has marginalized and abused. I wonder which Trump will attend international conferences. The bully or the Great Pretender? Hopefully enough aides will accompany him at all times to whisper translations and suggest responses, or we will become the butt hole of the world. One third of Americans continue to approve and support Trump’s behavior, I doubt the rest of the world will be as kind.

    1. Cathytkelly January 12, 2017

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    2. wth_jp2 January 12, 2017

      “Hopefully enough aides will accompany him at all times to whisper translations and suggest responses..” I hoped something similar when the fool was elected. I hoped that he would choose an honest and knowledgeable cabinet that could successfully lead him through the next 4 years. Look how that turned out. We are doomed….

      1. JPHALL January 12, 2017

        The feeding frenzy by Republicans at the government trough is about to start. Deficits and debt no longer matter.

    3. Mama Bear January 12, 2017

      That, Dom, is exactly what the Wiemers said when they elected Hitler. “we can control him, at least our party is in power now”. We see how that worked out.

      1. dbtheonly January 12, 2017

        The NSDAP was dedicated to overthrowing the “decadent” Weimar Government. To what extent you want to assert the Republicans are dedicated to overthrowing the US Government is unclear.

        Although it mixes dictatorships, Fox is the new Pravda. Volkisch Beobacher or Der Sturmer would be equivalent. Official Government pronunciations. Speeches of The Leader.

        But Trump is, indeed, uncontrollable. That’s a good thing. He won’t automatically push the Radical Right agenda.

        1. Mama Bear January 12, 2017

          sorry, I think you missed my point.

          1. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            They do not get it. My 10 year old granddaughter got that when she had to follow this election for her 5th grade class and on his win said, now I know how Hitler WON. She is studying German history especially WWII era and learning the language.

          2. Mama Bear January 13, 2017

            thank you. I respect db and have been re-reading my post trying to figure why I was not clear. “they thought they could control him” was where it all started to happen.

    4. mike January 12, 2017

      Yes, a new era. No more bullsh*t from the press. You forget how obama tried to have Fox removed from press pool.
      The left underestimated trump during the election and continues to get it wrong.
      Who will attend international conferences? The President of the United States Donald Trump.

      1. Dominick Vila January 12, 2017

        I don’t recall President Obama behaving the way Trump has, saying the outrageous and vulgar things The Donald has, or engaging in childish vendettas like the one we saw yesterday by a President elect against a CNN reporter trying to ask a question.

        1. mike January 12, 2017

          CNN got what they deserved with their hit piece. This unsubstantiated story has been around for months and ignored by the likes of Brokaw and others. Both buzzfeed, CNN and especially CNN, posted a true perversion of journalism.
          As to trump he is not going to take the crap from a bunch of left wing reporters/media who wish him harm.
          Decorum be damned.
          What is encouraging is how strong the cabinet nominates have been.
          Booker, preparing for his run for president, had little substance about Sessions and looked like a typical politician.

          1. Dan S January 12, 2017

            And when Trump repeatedly dogged President Obama over the legitimacy of his birthplace that wasn’t an unsubstantiated story trying to discredit him ?

          2. itsfun January 12, 2017


          3. Dominick Vila January 13, 2017

            Just in case you are unaware of it, the report issued by a former British MI6 agent was compiled at the request of – and paid for – by former Trump Republican campaign opponents. Some of the allegations made in that report are plausible. Including the distinct probability that the Kremlin has a dossier in Trump…the same way they had one on every former U.S. President, and the same way we have one on Putin and had one on his predecessors. We don’t need a MI6 agent to tell us that there are embarrassing episodes in Trump’s life. Alas, only people asleep at the wheel could have missed what he said throughout the campaign, from insulting women, to the Access Hollywood video, to threatening and insulting members of other ethnic groups and cultures. His financial ties to Russian oligarchs were first revealed by George Will, a conservative columnist, last Summer. They got little attention by the media and the public, who at the time were more interested in his bizarre statements and actions than substantive issues. What has not been proven is the fact that Trump surrogates traveled to Europe during the campaign to discuss this issue with Russian agents or intermediaries, insinuations that the dossier includes matters that go well beyond what has been knowledge for months, and the allegation that the information the Russians have may allow them to exert concessions from President Trump after he takes office.

          4. mike January 13, 2017

            Old news Dom.
            Dom where’s the beef. All Accusations nothing corroborated just you looking to for anything to try and ligetimize Trump. I
            It’s over Hillary trying to follow the failed policies of Obama got her butt kicked. End of the story.
            As biden said as he banged the gavel presiding over congressional session this week, “it’s over.”
            You just don’t get it. The millions of good people who voted for trump knew his flaws and voted for him anyway. Good people who were tired of the obama bulls**t after 8 years and wanted a chance at better economic life. Get over it.

          5. Dominick Vila January 13, 2017

            Believe me, the last thing I would try to do is legitimize or justify Trump’s behavior and character.

          6. mike January 13, 2017

            Boy I sure screwed up “legitimize”
            As I have said before, the voters voted their pocketbook and ignored his flaws. No one is justifying his behavior.
            What you all seem to ignore is the history of a party continuing to hold the presidency after 8 years is slim to none. That was only one of many reasons Hillary lost. Last one was Bush 41. Millions of voters were sick and tired of the Obama bulls**t with many feeling left out, especially the democratic base.

          7. Thoughtopsy January 16, 2017

            Nearly every analysis has disproven the economy as the main motivator. Especially since the Democrats were offering a much better economic policy set… by miles.

            It’s misogyny, racism and bigotry.
            Essentially the triumvirate of the worst parts of America.

            Analysis: http://electionado.com/canvas/1479173071893

            Let me put it more simply since you appear to have issues with critical thinking:
            If you supported Trump, then for YOU…
            1) Inciting racial violence and offering to pay the legal fees was not a deal-breaker.
            2) Being a sexual predator in his OWN words was not a deal-breaker.
            3) Dividing America and disparaging entire minorities and racial groups as rapists, killers, criminals and drug dealers was not a deal-breaker.
            4) Speaking like a grammatically challenged 5th-grader with NO SUBSTANCE and almost nothing in the way of actual policy was not a deal-breaker.
            5) Lying compulsively… defaming people with lies… lying about his own words… lying about his businesses… lying about his tax returns… and doubling down on his obvious lies when challenged was not a deal-breaker.
            6) Constantly… CONSTANTLY… praising a vicious dictator who has been in power much longer than should be allowed, and who has bombed and murdered his own people… especially journalists… and who has bombed hospitals… and annexed parts of sovereign nations… and who most likely has been pulling the strings of the Trump campaign either overtly or covertly … was not a deal-breaker.


          8. mike January 16, 2017

            Bravo Sierra!

          9. Thoughtopsy January 16, 2017

            The millions of ignorant racist knuckle-draggers who voted for the angry orange word-salad guy because they are too lazy to do the BARE MINIMUM of research into how government works, and who is actually responsible for the things they don’t like…. are about to get screwed… and I’m going to be laughing at you the entire time.

            Don’t worry… it’s going to be immense fun rubbing it in.

            Why do I think they are ignorant racist knuckle-draggers?
            – When someone finally gives you affordable health insurance and you vote in the white (orange) guy who is going to take it away….
            – When a party tries to tell you that the coal and oil jobs are gone and we need to invest in your retraining so you can get better jobs… you vote for the other guy who promises to bring back the coal and oil jobs…… when a 2 minute review of what happened and why would tell you that he can’t. Ever.
            – When a party campaigns on increasing the strength of unions, improving the middle class, creating jobs, cracking down on Wall Street so they can’t r@pe the system for their own profit, and increasing taxes on the wealthy to provide more benefits for You… and you vote for the other guy and party that will increase taxes on you, give the corporations and wealthy a huge tax cut, gut your unions, increase corporate welfare, remove all the regulations from the Wall Street people that just screwed you over, introduce more “right-to-work” bills possibly federally, and use “trickle down economics” to create jobs… which has never worked. Ever.
            – You want middle class prosperity… so you vote for the Party that has consistently done less for the economy, stagnated wages, inflated the national debt, ballooned the deficit, and essentially allowed the value to drain upwards to the 1%.
            – and so on… and so on…. These facts are freely available.

            That is why at least 50% of Trump voters are racist morons who are either lazily ignorant, or willfully ignorant, or utterly lacking in education and critical thinking skills.They openly voted against their own requirements… joyfully. Because ignorance is it’s own reward.

            (The other 50% seems roughly split half-and-half between educated Repuclicans holding their noses… and moderates who voted for Trump in the hope of “change”…
            Guess how long these ones will stick with him? Yeah. Not long.)

          10. mike January 16, 2017

            Wrong again!
            Foxtrot Yankee!

          11. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            What you saw was a joke.

        2. itsfun January 12, 2017

          Obama tapped phone lies, threatened reporters. President-elect Trump just counter punched the fake news people.

          1. Dominick Vila January 13, 2017

            President Obama did not engage in domestic espionage. Phone tapping has been going on for many years, and it went on over drive during the George W. Bush tenure as a result of 9/11, and consistent with the precautions suggested by the 9/11 commission to minimize the probability of a recurrence.
            Trump’s attacks against the media are not limited to what happened a couple of days ago. He did it throughout the campaign. His vindictiveness, which you refer to as counter punching, is unbecoming of a President, it is a sign of immaturity, and is demonstrably an integral part of Trump’s behavior and character.

          2. itsfun January 13, 2017

            Obama interfered with the free press. He attacked FOX news for reporting. I would call that counter punching. Would you call Obama attacking immature? If the President-elect is such a vindictive person, why would he consider Romney for a high position in his cabinet? Yes he attacked some of the media after they attacked him. That is what I call being a counter puncher. I know you hate the President-elect, and that’s okay. I have absolutely no respect for President Obama as a President for all of the people and for lying to us about health care. Those are our rights as Americans. All phone tapping by the Bush administration was approved by a judge and the laws were followed by the Bush administration to allow the legal tapping.

          3. Dominick Vila January 13, 2017

            President Obama never insulted or threatened people, including reporters. He is too mature for most right wingers to appreciate.

          4. itsfun January 13, 2017

            Are you saying he never insulted FOX. What would you call what he did to the AP reporter? If you consider lying to us about his health care plan being a sign of maturity, then I wonder what you consider shooting someone.

          5. Dominick Vila January 13, 2017

            His healthcare plan has helped 30 million Americans get affordable and comprehensive medical care, often for the first time in their lives. If that what you consider lying, there is no point discussing anything with you. The ACA is not being repealed because it is a failure, it is being repealed because it was proposed and signed by our first African American President, and that is unacceptable for a small, but very determined segment of our population. What happens to those who depend on the ACA to live a healthy life is immaterial to those whose only objective is to destroy, or at least undermine, the legacy of a man they hate, not because of what he did, but because of who he is and what his ascendancy to the highest office in the land means to them.

          6. itsfun January 13, 2017

            When he admitted he knew people wouldn’t be able to keep their doctors or current insurance policies yet he told us we would be able to keep them – that is a lie and there are no two ways about that. He lied about what the cost would be, he lied about every family saving 2500 per year. Why do you want to make this a racist issue? The ACA is a failure whether you like it or not. If you have been following what is being said, no one will lose any thing. The repeal would not take effect until a new and better plan is in place. When people don’t agree with Obama, it doesn’t make them racist, it makes them someone with a different opinion. Why is it when a person doesn’t agree with the liberals, it makes them either a racist, sexist, hater, or something worse?

          7. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            I call it freedom of speech and they deserved it. Lying bunch of sexual assaulters they are, also. How much money have they paid out for harassment and assault and you give credibility to them? Really? Like is as like does. You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. woof!! woof!!
            He never lied about health care on any level. considering most of you are village idiots and know nothing about it, get a life and a clue. I have worked at it for 30+ years. Most of everything the right says is a bald faced lie.

          8. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            Liar. That says it all. Never happened. Try again.

          9. itsfun January 13, 2017

            Are you trying to convince people that Obama didn’t threaten the AP reporter?

          10. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            Yes. I am.

          11. itsfun January 13, 2017

            Its not working

          12. pisces63 January 13, 2017


          13. Thoughtopsy January 15, 2017

            Oh you mean the Birther guy who accused anyone of anything based on “People are saying…” accused a NEWS network of something?
            Christ you’re a sad unit.

      2. Dan S January 12, 2017

        Why do you hate America Mike ? Why do you support a serial liar, racist and womanizer ? Why do you support someone without any moral decency or a conscience to tell him what the difference is between right and wrong ? Why do yo support someone who pays Russian prostitutes to give them golden showers ? If you say that’s fake news then why doesn’t he release his tax returns which apparently will never stop being audited ? As long as he blatantly lies and calls the news media dishonest he’ll have zero credibility and his paltry 37 percent approval rating will drop to single digits very quickly. Already people who voted for him are just now realizing they made a very poor choice we all are now stuck with

      3. pisces63 January 13, 2017

        I cannot wait and watch the joke fest. Dumb as rocks at an international anything. In fact, I lay you dollars to donuts he sends a surrogate.

        1. mike January 13, 2017

          The left underestimated trump before and continues to underestimate him now.
          T-7 days and counting.

          1. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            No we over estimated the intelligence of the voting populace. If they had a brain, no way would an amoral, lying sexual deviate, accused pedophile,, cheat thief, etc., been elected. No, the whining white men wanted their jobs back and truly thinks he will bring them back because of their whine. People use the lie that no one cared about them when in actuality democrats did their job too well. just think just over 50 years ago, we were still being lynched, churches burned, beaten, fire hosed, burned alive, sitting in the back of the bus, not able to buy a home, get a great job and today a black man is in the white house. Chris Rock said it best, the one thing a white man with a nickel hates is a black man with a dollar. There you have it white men using drugs, beating their wives, scratching fleas and ticks, whining because they forgot them, Try again, this black woman knows what happened. We passed you up, even health wise as you moan about ACA. Your bunch has the highest growing mortality rate of any racial group, here, in America. Well, this college educated 67 year old woman is laughing at you. No sympathy to be had.. When my husband’s job left them high and dry in 1982, he did everything possible to get another job and did. Took us 10 years to get back on an even footing and I had gotten my present job but we bought our home and put 3 kids through college without drugs, whining, beatings and I still make 4 X minimum wage and love my job. frankly, the whining does not bother me except, I am completely out of cheese.

          2. mike January 13, 2017

            Go away you angry racist!
            Your post isn’t worth the time to respond.

          3. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            I’m not angry. My anger was for the treatment of Obama. This imbecile brings on hilarity if not such an embarrassment. Of course it isn’t. It’s true. Cannot handle the truth about your whiny selves. WAH !!! WAH!!! Boo!! Hoo!! Still out of cheese.

          4. mike January 13, 2017

            Go away racist.
            What you racists refuse to accept is very good people felt differently the direction Obama wanted to take the country not the color of his skin. We would express our thoughts and immediately be attacked by your ilk as racists. Racism hasn’t nor will it ever disappear. But this intolerance by the left to different views or positions on policy was one of many reasons the left took a big hit this election. Voters were fed up.
            Polls show the blacks say racism is worse not better under Obama. Obama’s uniter crap was just that crap.
            If anyone on the right expressed a differnt opinion the left would try and silence us calling us racists. Well no more. You can take BLM and shove it..

          5. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            I am not the one who said white men were upset. the media did. they originally played the race card. Obama did nothing wrong. Fed up with what? Please do enlighten me. 11-12 million jobs created under him, more than any president in this country’s history. He is a black man and brought out your latent bigotry. I t is worse, now and will get worse under dumb as rocks. You’re back to burning our churches as well as shooting us inside. Tell it to the marines, my dad was in the navy. it’s what bigots like you do. When the church was blown up with 4 little girls murdered, it was their fault. when the civil rights workers, Metgar Evars, MLK were murdered, it was their fault. they brought it on themselves and you are still using that losing mantra. Every part of the media said it. Disenfranchised white men. Who played the race card?

          6. mike January 13, 2017

            Go away you ignorant racist. Ignorant of the facts
            PS those jobs you brag about were largely part-time, low paying, or contract. Very few full time hires and those hired FT were below wages of 2007. His economy isn’t that great.
            As I said before, if I disagree I am a racist!
            Go away you racist.

          7. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            You go away. You imbecile. You are the ignorant one. I have my college degree along with my 4 sisters and our children, 6. Number 7 in the spring. they are 3rd generation college grads. so take your ignorant diatribe and apply it to the whining white people the media pointed out who are crying their jobs left and thus use drugs and beat their wives. Not me. Look it up. I never called you a racist for disagreeing, I call you one because you are. No matter how you spin it, you are.

          8. mike January 13, 2017

            Glad you got some form of higher education.
            By your affiliation with the democrats and not recognizing they use you every 4 years tells me that being book smart doesn’t always mean you’re really that bright/smart.
            Go away racist.

          9. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            I would not vote for a republican for dog catcher and I am a Voinovich democrat and others. they have proven to me they talk the talk about equality but actually do not walk the walk. You have no morals. No values. that was proven last election. It does not matter the party, either. Here, in Ohio, I did not vote for the democrat for governor because I considered FitzGerald ill equipped for the job and an idiot. Not race on my part. Utter stupidity. Normally I would have voted for Kasich in a heart beat but with the hatred, intolerance shown President Obama, I could not vote for a republican anything.

          10. mike January 13, 2017

            Still got that racist mentality. The dislike of obama by the vast vast majority of republicans was over policy not color. Get it?
            PS I voted for Kasich.

          11. pisces63 January 13, 2017

            When you can show me where any person of an opposing party declared they would deliberately not work with the other party leader from Washington to Obama, I will listen to you. Other wise put a sock in it. You won’t. Who care’s if you do not like policy. when you tell someone like the klackker you are, you will not work with him and not let anything he wants to succeed, denigrate him at his SOTU. call him racist names as some have done. Said he was not raised like them. My proof is in their words. Period. Myopic white folk like you will never get it. Tough. there was no policy. this was said the night he won. Try again.

          12. mike January 13, 2017

            You are on one of your racist rants again.

            Do you remember 2004 and Bush won reelection with Bush had a substantial majority in both Houses of Congress at first, Democrats successfully “blocked” nearly all of his second term agenda even before their party took power in Congress in 2006.
            If your point is they had a meeting to fight Obama on everyting that is correct but it was never about color of his skin. The right knew his policies were radical and reckless.
            Dems are far from lily white clean.
            So Schumer never said in July 2007 that no George W. Bush nominee to the Supreme Court. Right But yes he said “We should not confirm any Bush nominee to the supreme court”, except in extraordinary circumstances, 19 months before a new president was set to be inaugurated to the American Constitutional Society.
            Schumer cited ideological reasons for the delay.
            As to SOTU and Joe Wilson it was wrong but he was right.

            You might check the one “not raised like them.” You seem to ignore Harry Reids remarks.

          13. pisces63 January 13, 2017


          14. mike January 13, 2017

            Surprise Surprise the resident racist is also intellectually dishonest.

          15. Thoughtopsy January 15, 2017

            Hint: Reverse racism? Not actually a thing.

            Awww… little “mike”. Try harder.
            It’s amusing.

          16. Thoughtopsy January 15, 2017

            Wow you’re so amazing when you’re trying to reply intelligently… then can’t.

            Try an actual point… or an argument…. or maybe some facts?

          17. Thoughtopsy January 15, 2017

            It’s true… he’s more corrupt and less intelligent than even we thought.

      4. Thoughtopsy January 15, 2017

        Sure… what really says no more bullsh!t to me is the paid staffers standing around like a rent-a-crowd cheering on queue.

        All the most ethical and smartest politicians do that I’m sure.

        Tell us how much “you” won” by again, little “mike”?

        1. mike January 16, 2017

          The brilliant elites on the left absolutely underestimated Trumps message. They also totally overestimated Hillary candidacy and message.
          Either way these same elites “ain’t” as smart as they thought. LOL!
          T-4 days to the next President Donald Trump

    5. dbtheonly January 12, 2017

      Dom, Trump is a force of nature. He simply can not be controlled.

      He’ll attend international conferences, when they’re held at his resorts and he can bill all the other attendees. Aids whispering to him are an irrelevance.

      And it ain’t gonna change.

    6. pisces63 January 13, 2017

      He won’t. He will send a surrogate. stand up to OR with the intellectuals of the world and THIS is America’s representative? I do not think so. I will create jobs. it’ll be yyyyuuuugggggeee!! give us back our jobs. it’s be yyyyyyyuuuuuuugggggeee!!

      1. Dominick Vila January 13, 2017

        At the rate he is going, he will take credit if a Mom and Pop shop on Main Street hires a new delivery boy.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 12, 2017

    Donald’s mental and spiritual downward spiral was never more evident than that grand charade of a press conference. It was his first major non-Twitter encounter with the real word, aside from rallies with gullible yahoos, in his first major attempt to see if he can talk extemporaneously to people less impressed with bluster and hubris, and capable of critical thinking. Needless to say, he failed miserably, although the hapless would see it as a tour de force show of bravado and “telling it like it is”.

    Trump, the disaster of Cabinet choices, conflicts in the Middle East, environmental/energy issues, heathcare-for-profit—all these and other influences reflect the growing darkness growing before us and backed up by more dark clouds on the horizons.

    But Trump and the GOP, the return from the dead of racialist/racist/ultranationalist groups are unwittingly being used to serve a role in conjunction with positive influences to bring about a major change in human affairs, orchestrated by a Preternatural Entity and funneled through an Agency situated along the slopes of Mt. Carmel in Haifa, Israel.

    The positive efforts taking place quietly across the world are intended to build up a new society and new infrastructure—firmly established on spiritual principles—to turn to, while archaic, dysfunctional, and outmoded institutions like partisanship, corporate greed, religiously fanatical ideologies, and expansionism, crumble by way of inner decay—a decay dreadfully, yet thankfully, occurring with the help of Donald, the GOP, Putin, Assad, Iran, China, and the like.

    “…THE world’s equilibrium hath been upset through the vibrating influence of this most great, this new World Order. Mankind’s ordered life hath been revolutionized through the agency of this unique, this wondrous System—the like of which mortal eyes have never witnessed.” (taken from part of a Tablet addressed to the Secular rulers and ecclesiastical leaders of the world, from the Pen of Baha’u’llah in the 19th century)

  3. Jill Swanson January 12, 2017

    One can always hope that he is impeached in short order. He couldn’t answer a question if his life depended on it. I watched the debates. All he ever did was go off on his own tangents and self-aggrandize. Who actually expected anything different once he was elected. He would seem to have the IQ of an oyster. Frankly I would rather have an oyster in office than this twit.

    1. Thomas Martin January 13, 2017

      How about a pet rock or a moose turd.

  4. itsfun January 13, 2017

    You can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance policy. The cost will be no more than your cell phone bill. You will save $2500 a year. Those were all lies from Obama on health care. You say Obama going after FOX was freedom of speech. Don’t you think President-elect Trump has the right of free speech? You are saying its okay for Obama to attack the media, but President-elect doesn’t have the same right.

  5. Thomas Martin January 13, 2017

    Message to the media: Why in the hell do you attend any of these “conferences?” You are falling into his game of reality t.v. I would say any member of the press who thinks Trump is normal is really in trouble. Stay away from him and see what happens. You will get your NEWS in other ways. Put pressure on Congress to fire his ass.

  6. Jill Swanson January 13, 2017

    Two bits says as juvenile as he is, he’ll get tired of and bored with all he HAS to do and quit in a year or two. Just like a petulant five year old.


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