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15 Things Trump Apparently Does—And Does Not—Have Time For

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15 Things Trump Apparently Does—And Does Not—Have Time For

Trump "thank you" tour

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

There are a finite number of hours in every day, making time the most precious commodity of all. That’s especially true for someone stepping into the role of leading a world superpower. Donald Trump, the guy who won the election, has 1,000 projects he cares deeply about— and 1,001 projects if you also count the presidency. Trump has to find ways to divvy up his time, prioritizing some things and letting others fall by the wayside. There are frivolous issues and issues of national importance, and Trump must choose which ones get his attention. If there’s anything we’ve learned since the election, it’s that he will absolutely, positively, always choose wrong.

Here’s a quick post-election look at the things Trump does have time to do, versus the things he apparently does not.

1. Does have time to: Meet with business partners.

Trump, who is as busy as all our children will be once his administration scraps the child labor laws, is juggling a lot. Last month, he barely had time to meet with his business partners on this sweet Indian luxury apartment deal they’re putting together. Somehow he made it to that meeting, “which included discussions… about possible additional real estate deals,” according to one of Trump’s business partners.

2. Does not have time to: Explain how he will divest from his many conflicts of interest.

Trump has hundreds of foreign and domestic business interests that almost definitely present dangerous and unprecedented conflicts with America’s interests. He’s had 18 months to explain how he plans to extricate himself from his various business holdings, but he is a very important person—the importantest—and he just hasn’t been able to find the time. Finally, he tweeted last month that he would be “holding a major news conference… December 15” aimed at clearing that whole thing up.

3. Does have time to: Meet with Kanye—instead of clearing that whole thing up.

Three days before the press conference, Trump apparently realized he was too busy to explain how he plans to divest from his holdings, probably because he has absolutely no plan to do any such thing. Instead, he cancelled the media briefing, and had his press person issue a vague statement about moving it to sometime in January. On Tuesday, he did manage to locate the time to met with Kanye West, bringing the world’s two most gigantic fragile egos together for a publicity stunt that surprised everyone for a nanosecond before making total sense. The Trump inauguration outfit has reportedly been trying to barter ambassadorships in exchange for inauguration performances from very famous musicians, and Kanye fits the bill. Kanye later tweeted that he and Trump met to discuss “multicultural” issues, which means they stared into each others’ eyes and mouthed the word “diversity” to one another for an hour.

4. Does not have time to: Tweet at his racist supporters to stop committing hate crimes.

A Trump victory wasn’t just a win for the KKK, David Duke, new-skool white nationalists, and other racists, all of whom were vocal supporters of his campaign. They represented a small minority of Trump voters. No, it was also a triumph for wholly unaffiliated racists, who made up the entirety of the rest of Trump’s white voters. All their hateful post-election exuberance has come at the cost of marginalized peoples’ safety, with nearly 900 hate crimes committed against Muslims, people of color, LGBT folks, immigrants and other vulnerable populations in just the 10 days following the election (and plenty more since then). Asked directly about the crimes during an interview with 60 Minutes, Trump offered a tepid, “Stop it.” Apparently, outside of that moment, he has not found a single minute to tweet a more emphatic condemnation.

5. Does have time to: Tweet complaints about Broadway plays, the media, retweet teenagers, block people who criticize him.

But he’s been able to find hours upon hours to send more than 100 other tweets, though! Since the election, Trump has used Twitter to harass stage actors, whine about bad restaurant reviews, retweet high schoolers, disrupt longstanding bipartisan foreign policy, voice opposition to constitutional rights, spread conspiracy disinformation, whine about how the media drives him to write his stupid tweets, and tell lie after lie, just like every time he opens his mouth IRL. He also he blocks everyday citizens who hurt his feelings because he is the world’s most uncomplicated narcissist.

6. Does not have time to: Release his taxes.

Trump said he was going to release his income taxes back in 2014, when he went on an Irish television show and declared, “If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely, and I would love to do that.” It’s so sad how secretly having a lot less money than you say you do, or being knee-deep in debt to the Russians, or not paying federal taxes for the last two decades has kept Trump from doing a thing he “would love to do” for all these years.

7. Does have time to: Watch every episode of Saturday Night Live.

Trump’s life is so hectic, it almost—almost—doesn’t leave him time to sit down every single Saturday night at 11:30pm sharp so he can catch SNL’s political cold open, featuring Alec Baldwin doing an impression of PEOTUS that Trump hates yet cannot bear to miss, feelings of arousal and anger simultaneously rising within him. Trump’s calendar is just a hair’s breadth away from being too crowded for him to get on Twitter before the episode is even over to hate-tweet at the show, enraged by its mockery and yet desperate for its negative attention.

8. Does not have time to: Explain Melania’s immigration violations.

Inconsistencies in Melania Trump’s immigration story, which officially holds that she followed the law to the letter when she arrived in the U.S. in the 1990s, have been covered by various outlets for months. In response, at a rally in South Carolina in August, Trump told an audience of supporters that Melania “has got it so documented” and that, to prove it, he would hold a “little news conference.” Unfortunately, both Trump and Melania got so slammed they didn’t have time for the press conference, and only had a moment to tweet out a letter written by the lawyer they keep on permanent retainer. (Here’s hoping that attorney invoices with regularity.) A November AP investigation found Melania took several early modeling jobs “before she had legal permission.” All of this would normally upset Trump supporters, who are notoriously xenophobic, but Melania is white so never mind.

9. Does have time to: Have useless revenge meetings with people out of spite.

Mitt Romney was very critical of Donald Trump during the campaign, saying he didn’t want to get behind “trickle-down racism,” and giving a speech in which he called Trump “a phony, a fraud” and lambasted his ideas as “flimsy” and “dangerous.” Then the election happened and Romney had a change of heart, for some reason. He was even reportedly being considered for the position of Secretary of State. Or maybe not. Roger Stone, a Trump adviser and longtime right-wing henchman who tweets stuff so racist even David Duke is impressed, now says the whole thing was just a big setup. “Donald Trump was interviewing Mitt Romney for Secretary of State in order to torture him,” Stone told (ugh) InfoWars. “To toy with him… Mitt Romney crossed a line.” The only souvenir from Trump and Romney’s peacemaking dinner is a photograph that captures the exact moment Romney’s soul exited his body.

10. Does not have time to: File and fight all those lawsuits he said he would.

During the pre-election period that was really just the start of our long national nightmare, Trump claimed he “never settles” lawsuits (lie). That’s why he planned to fight a fraud lawsuit against his failed university, which he maintained would be “an easy case to win.” After the election, Trump must have found that all his fighting time had dried up, and instead of heading to court decided to settle (like he almost always does). Trump did manage to scrape together the minutes to tweet, “The ONLY bad thing about winning the Presidency is that I did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on Trump U. Too bad!”

11. Does have time to: Attend a costume party at a big-money donor’s house.

Robert Mercer is a billionaire hedge funder who gave $2 million to a pro-Trump super PAC run by his daughter, Rebekah, who also deserves credit for installing Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway on the team. Each year, the Mercers hold a very exclusive, lavish holiday party in Long Island, which Trump attended this year. The 2016 theme was “Heroes and Villains.” Trump stopped in for a few hours, wearing a super villain costume he made himself.

12. Does not have time to: Hold press conferences.

The last time Trump held a press conference was in July, when he graciously invited Russia to cyberattack Hillary Clinton and upset the democratic process. Since then he’s just been so swamped he hasn’t held a single press conference, a thing he and his team criticized Clinton for more than 70 times, not that hypocrisy means a damn thing to this administration.

13. Does have time to: Go on a ‘victory tour’ around the country.

Just after Trump’s win, the New York Times ran a feature that included this: “[Trump’s] aides say he has also expressed interest in continuing to hold the large rallies that were a staple of his candidacy. He likes the instant gratification and adulation that the cheering crowds provide, and his aides are discussing how they might accommodate his demand.” Staffers may have been concerned there wasn’t really much time for those rallies, considering Trump was so unprepared for his job Obama reportedly had to explain to him—this horrible orange nightmare who launched his political career by perpetuating a racist lie to undermine Obama’s presidency—what being president entails. But like he has so many times before, Trump cobbled together the hours and minutes, and is currently in the midst of needless “thank you” tour around the country. He found the time the same way anyone might—by doing a half-assed job at something else. In this case, leading the country.

14. Does not have time to: Attend daily intelligence briefings.

You do not have to make time for things you already know about, and Trump has said he already knows more than anyone else in the world about the U.S. military, ISIS and “the horror of nuclear.” This is why Trump doesn’t need to waste time with boring intelligence briefings every day—not when there are tweets to be sent and SNL to be rage-watched. Trump told Christopher Wallace recently that he doesn’t need to hear about the national security situation every day because he’s “like, a smart person.” Instead, his motto is, “Call me if something changes.” Which is just a really fantastic attitude for a president to have. Like, the best.

15. Does have time to: Executive-produce the reality TV show ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’

You might worry that with all he already has going on, Trump’s refusal to leave his position as executive producer of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” might compromise the quality of his work on other projects, like being the president that 60 million idiots voted for. That’s a groundless worry, because Kellyanne Conway says Trump will do his “Apprentice” stuff in his “spare time.” What’s also cool about this—aside from the image it broadcasts to the world—is that NBC is now in a joint money-making venture with a president its news bureau is supposed to scrutinize. What could go wrong? Aside from everything?

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

IMAGE: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks at a rally as part of their “USA Thank You Tour 2016” in Cincinnati, Ohio, December 1, 2016 . REUTERS/William Philpott



  1. dtgraham December 16, 2016

    This is very likely to be the most corrupt, gawdawful, administration in the modern era; possibly of all time. Every Republican President in more recent history has appointed some eyebrow raising cabinet picks. That’s standard issue. I’ve never seen, though, a rogues gallery of kooks and extremists like this — ever. It’s as though they all hate the very thing that they’ve been put in charge of. Trump’s intentions have been signalled. He also apparently intends to use the United States government as a personal business partner.

    There is a bright long-term future here for the Democrats, especially if they handle this right. Think of what George W Bush did for the Democratic party in 2006 and 2008. Trump will do more. My advice to them is not to fight at all. Let the Republicans do all the work for them. Trump is a nut and a greedy, sleazy, con-man. Ryan, in the House, wants to roll back the 20th century and Trump will help. Let them. Not that they’re really in a position to stop it anyway, but don’t go out of your way. Definitely let the public know where they stand and voice their displeasure, but no parliamentary tricks and maneuvers or gumming up the works or all night filibusters. Do the opposite of the 2009 and 2010 Republicans. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the nuclear option rolled out in the Senate if they tried anyway. Republicans don’t use the same rules. No Marquis of Queensbury here.

    It’s cruel and it’s easy for me to say, but it’s the best way in the long run. Very, very, difficult lessons have to be learned. To finally wean every day working class Americans off of the Republican party federally, the full flower and flavour of the Trump/Ryan agenda has to be experienced. Give them the full Monty. Then sit back and collect the votes in 2018 and 2020.

    1. mike December 17, 2016

      You had better hope Trump doesn’t succeed. When the economy really starts growing at 3% or more(something Obama never saw)it will be years before your party has any power or will see a return of those you ignored for your social-warrior agenda.
      It’s going to interesting what the next four years bring.
      Stay tuned.

      1. Dan S December 17, 2016

        Mark my words but in the first year of Trumps Presidency America will face another terror attack that will rival 911. Our enemies know we’re about to put in place a buffoon who doesn’t know how to lead & gets upset when anyone says anything negatively about him or satirizes him on shows like SNL. His mettle will be tested early on & already he’s not taking the job seriously by refusing to attend daily intels that’s vital for him to understand what threats is facing this nation.

        1. mike December 17, 2016

          First, the Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken over your thinking. You are becoming more irrational each day. I hate to see what’s left of your brain after his first 1430 days in office.

          If there is another attack it will partially rest at the feet of Obama and his disastrous foreign policy.

          1. The lucky one December 17, 2016

            LOL, he won’t make it to 1460 days. It’s Deranged Trump Syndrome, like a virus, that apparently you have a well developed case of based on your foolish comments.

          2. Dan S December 17, 2016

            Already laying the blame of a future attack on President Obama after he’s left office ? OMG the excuses are already beginning before Trump even moves into the WhiteHouse ???? Any Trump Derangement Syndrome lies responsibly on those who got this nutjob with no prior Government experience into the highest office of the land. The irrationality lies directly on your shoulders not mine. My conscience is clear so any calamities under Trump isn’t because of voters like me. Good luck on that 3 pct growth you envision under President Chump ????

      2. InGen12 December 17, 2016

        Are you really as stupid as your posts? Drumpf has selected an “anti-labor” secretary. No new jobs and certainly no increases to your minimum wage job.

        1. The lucky one December 17, 2016

          Yes he is, but surely you already knew that.

          1. InGen12 December 17, 2016

            I really wish these Trumpsters would read something informative instead of posting stupid stuff they hear or read at Breitbart, Infowars, 4chan, 8chan. Obviously, he is not aware that our 3rd quarter economic growth was 2.9% and he thinks a 10th of a percent more is going to explode in new economic growth?? Dumber than dumb.

          2. The lucky one December 17, 2016

            If you read his other posts you’ll see that was one of the more lucid ones. Of course he has set a very low bar for himself.

          3. mike December 17, 2016

            I see your ignorance continues. 2016 1st quarter GDP .8%, 2nd quarter 1.4. Obama will still be the only president to not see 3% GDP in his 8 years in office.
            My 3%+ was yearly not one silly quarter. During obama’s term the GDP has never even got close to yearly 3% growth. In fact his GDP will average just 1.55% for his 8 years as projected by BEA numbers, if it hits 2015 % rate.
            No, you are either disingenuous or just plain dumb.

          4. InGen12 December 17, 2016

            Are you forgetting the deep recession we went into in 2008? Obama inherited that mess from the Repubs and he’s done way better than a Repub President would have done in guiding a recovery. At the time the recession began, economists predicted it would be a decade before we reached full recovery. So when you say “Obama will still be the only President to not see 3% GDP in his 8 years in office”, you’re being patently stupid and obtuse.

          5. mike December 17, 2016

            You mean the recession that was over in 2009, Obama’s first year in office? A meltdown caused by republicans and democrats, like barney franks saying all was well GSE’s.
            No thinking stupidly and lacking knowledge of the facts is all yours.

          6. mike December 17, 2016

            Thinking and Acting stupidly as usual, I see.

        2. mike December 17, 2016

          Well Well the Trump Derangement Syndrome has got you by the balls too.
          All that stress is making you repeat irrational statements. BTW, his name is Puzder and you are assuming his position in business is the same as overseeing the labor department.
          Here’s what he has said, “My job as a business person is to maximize profits for my company, employees and shareholders. My job as secretary is to serve the U.S. citizens workers. That is my moral and contitutional duty.” What you and your ilk can’t comprehend is that to really get this economy growing is the scaling back of some regulations making difficult for businesses to grow. Example, Obamacare has been a disaster for labor and it must end.
          Hell, you won’t be satisfied with anything. If Trump does get this economy really going you still won’t be satisfied.
          The direction of this country has been going in the wrong direction under Obama and people wanted a real change economically. The left ignored them and they rose up and bit them in the a$$ this election. Isn’t it interesting that his favorables have jumped and tied with unfavorables. The direction of the country has jumped from the mid twenties to now 35% and he isn’t even president.
          Most intelligent and people with common sense are giving him a chance. They are hoping he succeeds but you lefties continue to have your heads up your a$$ as usual.

          1. InGen12 December 17, 2016

            I’m aware of the Putz’s name and FYI he doesn’t have a great track record as far as his own employees – fighting numerous employee-related lawsuits, championing robots over people, relaxing safety standards, no increase in the minimum wage, etc. Tell you what, we’ll talk in 6 months and see if you’re still spouting the same delusions.

          2. mike December 17, 2016

            Get real! 6 months? No, after a year minimum.

      3. Bill P December 17, 2016

        Well you are lowering Trump’s claim of “Boost growth to 3.5 percent per year on average, with the potential to reach a 4 percent growth rate” Even Trump lowered his promise to 3.5% from his campaign speeches promising 4% growth and 25 million new jobs. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-37921635

        1. mike December 17, 2016

          Even using my numbers that’s twice the growth rate of obama’s first 7 years. BEA says if GDP for 2016 is same as 2015 he will gone down with 1.55% GDP for his presidency.
          Fourth worst above Hoover, Andrew Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt.
          What a record. No wonder Hillary and her promise of a third term of Obama bombed at the voting booth.

          1. Bill P December 17, 2016

            First your reply is a “if” not a confirmed #. The 3Q GDP was 3.4% and 2Q was 1.4% You are also forgetting that the great recession ended in the summer of 2009. Trump’s 3’s of 3.5% to 4% are being doubted by numerous economist but time will tell. All Trump’s #’s are predictions not reality.

          2. mike December 17, 2016

            The third quarter was not 3.4%
            but 3.2 after second estimate. BEA 11-29
            Sure there predictions. He is not the president yet. Duh
            As usual you ignore the fact Obama never reached a annual 3% GDP and will end up with 1.55% GDP for his term in office.

          3. Bill P December 19, 2016

            Well I guess you don’t read some of the right wing comments claiming “President” Trump not president-elect did certain things. We are talking about Trump’s predictions of 3.5 to 4.0% increase along with 25 million new jobs created. President Obama inherited the great recession created by GW Bush’s administration. Trump is getting an economy in much better shape.

          4. mike December 19, 2016

            Talk about “fake news.” Bush did not create the meltdown but was part of it. There were many factors including democrats, regulatory agencies, etc. So save me your left wing ????????.
            As to growth Rate, we will see. Anything is better than the pathetic GDP after the recession was over in 2009 under Obama.

          5. Bill P December 20, 2016

            Bush certainly had the biggest share of responsibility for the recession. He was the president or doesn’t the buck stop there? He pushed through the tax cut that gave the highest earners a 4.6% decrease in taxes while the middle and working classes got a little decrease or none at all. Once again trickle down didn’t work.
            Regulatory agencies weren’t the problem – banks issuing mortgages without income verification gave mortgages to people who couldn’t afford the houses they bought, in 2007 and 2008 the housing market crash. Let’s not forget how GW Bush bragged about how more people owned houses in his administration
            Two wars started that weren’t in the budget. GW Bush business acumen wasn’t too good – lower revenue while increasing costs. Sounds like he needed a refresher course in business 101.
            Under GW Bush 3.57 million jobs were lost in 2008 and in he 1st 6 months another 3.82 jobs were lost. Under President Obama 1.24 million jobs were lost but from 2010 till the present 14.1 million jobs have been added.
            Yes the GDP growth rate hasn’t been overwhelming but I wonder what would have happened if McConnell and other Republicans met on 1/20/2009 to put into works a plan to block President Obama’s plans while he was being sworn into office.
            As for Trump, all anyone can do is wait and see. If he grows the economy at 3.5% to $% and adds 25 million jobs he will have proven himself to be a good president. We all will benefit if this happens.

          6. mike December 20, 2016

            Really? Biggest share by Bush. Thanks for the laugh. Yes, if happened under his watch but he was only a part of the meltdown.

            I’m shocked you didn’t repeat McConnell’s “one term president.”


            Obama was not interested in getting the economy going but he did want to make govt. bigger coupled with social warrior programs.

      4. dtgraham December 17, 2016

        Somehow I feel that having their pensions and health care dramatically cut or eliminated isn’t going to go over real well. Neither will having to pay for their child’s public education, and not being able to afford to. That’s just a start. The environment, labour laws, the effective end to Roe v Wade, on and on.

        The economy? Unemployment is at 4.6% and has been around that level for a long time now. That’s tremendous. What’s Trump going to do, reduce it to zero? And, no, labour force participation rates only began to drop around 2000-2001 as a result of the wave of baby boomers beginning to retire. The rate is still higher than it was for about a 25-30 year period after WWII. So don’t blame that for low unemployment numbers.

        Look around the world. Nobody’s growing at rates of 4% or greater as Trump promised. Economists view that as hopelessly optimistic, especially with the feds raising interest rates.

        1. mike December 17, 2016

          Man, Trump is really playing with your mind. That Election Stress Loss is going to have you a babbling idiot before long.
          You are jumping to conclusion without one shred of evidence. but the mindset of a shocked and whinny losser.
          Trump was elected because of the concerns of everyday people FOR CHANGE and the HOPE he can turn the country around economically.
          We will see what happens. You hooked your wagon to a loser who had no idea what the real mood of the country was and got her A$$ kicked. Obama’s ;policies were repudiated and the people did not want a third term as she promised.
          Coming soon, on the 20th January, the beginning of the Trump era consisting of 1460 days.You will be exhausted with all that anger. Anger that you should be directing at your bumbling leadership.

          1. dtgraham December 17, 2016

            Oh it’s directed there too.

    1. The lucky one December 17, 2016

      But not for long and it will be his own party that leads the impeachment.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 16, 2016

    A Trump presidency, assuming that The Electoral College “electors” won’t be able to see the right choice to make, will be both scary and amusing. The Twitter-in-Chief will be too busy playing with his favorite media toy to attend to matters of State—must have a long list of friends and enemies to tweet to.

    1. mike December 17, 2016

      Your obsession with Trump is now turning into mental health issues.
      You have no idea of how he will run his presidency.
      You were wrong about Hillary so I don’t have much faith you know what your talking about as it comes to Trump.
      Please continue, I enjoy watching the disintegration of what’s left of your brain.

      1. The lucky one December 17, 2016

        “You have no idea of how he will run his presidency.” Wow, what an incredibly asinine statement. Whether you like him or not it’s pretty obvious how “he will run his presidency” or have you not taken note of his appointments?

        1. mike December 17, 2016

          Many, many times less assinine that your post.
          Trump’s emphasis will be on the economy and improving the economic life of all americans. Obama had a chance to do the same but decided he wanted a Utopian country. He failed and he and his administration was repudiated at the polls. Do you remember his comment in October? “if you don’t vote for Hillary I will be insulted.” The based put a big insult on him.
          Why did Clinton lose? The Economy Stupid. No third term of Obama as Hillary promised.
          If Trump succeeds your party will lose their base that Obama and Hillary have ignored for years.

          1. The lucky one December 17, 2016

            Ahh, good to see that you recognize that your post is asinine but you have outdone yourself with “Trump’s emphasis will be on … improving the economic life of all americans.” Well yah, if those Americans are billionaires and/or part of his cabal.

            A “utopian country”?? Which mealy mouthed blowhard did you get that from, Hannity or Limbaugh?

            If Obama could have run for a 3rd term he would have wiped the floor with an orange mop.

          2. mike December 17, 2016

            Your Trump Derangment syndrome continues.
            Only in your pea brain do you think he could have won. What is fact is when Hillary said this was going to be the 3rd term of Obama the left got thumped. Left lost more governorships, picked up little in seats of congress to change control(even with more republicans to try to pick off than Dems). All those monies and time to defeat republicans but still lost.
            You can laugh all you want about “Utopia” but it doesn’t change the fact he was more interested in social engineering than economic growth.

          3. dtgraham December 17, 2016

            Like The lucky one said, I’d pay attention to Trump’s appointments if you want to glimpse Trump’s social engineering. By now, I expect him to appoint a raging wildfire to head up the U.S. Forrest Service.

          4. mike December 17, 2016

            Trumps focus will be on the economy not being a social-warrior like Obama.
            He will rid of all those necessary regulations and taxes that have slowed the growth to being one of the worst in history. 1.55% GDP is a pathetic number and half of past recessions in growth(2.9%).
            What you on the left can’t comprehend is the fact that if the economy doesn’t improve the will be no monies for all your precious give away programs.
            Get people back to work and watch this country really grow.

          5. dtgraham December 17, 2016

            Economic growth is no longer what it once was around the world. Output growth has slowed even in several emerging markets since 2011 (factor them and the third world out). That’s been a really unusual feature for a non-crisis period in the so-called emerging market countries. These kinds of synchronized slowdowns around the world were largely unanticipated by both scholars and forecasters. That was in a report by the IMF published in September of 2014. This has been going on since 2010 or 2011.

            I can provide some good links but you can look it up. Look at the putrid growth rates of the wealthier economies in the world over the last 5-6 years. The U.S. is no worse and is better than many of them.

            Also, obviously you have to ignore 2009 due to what happened. Everyone was affected to some degree.

            The U.S. GDP growth rate was 2.5% in 2010, 1.6% in 2011, 2.3% in 2012, 2.2% in 2013, 2.2% in 2013, 3.1% in 2014, and 1.5% in 2015. That’s actually good in comparison to world growth. Check out mighty Germany’s growth or Sweden’s or Canada’s, etc… The U.S. is right there with anybody and beats many of them. Germany’s growth rate since 2012 has averaged just under 1.1%.

          6. mike December 17, 2016

            Come on! Obama has not had one year over 3% GDP.
            Keep that negativity flowing. Should Trump get it going get out of the way or you will trampled to death.
            Way I see it hope has been gone for years and why not have a strong emphasis on business growth for a change. If it doesn’t this country is going down the tube.

          7. dtgraham December 17, 2016

            Yes, in 2014. I haven’t done the math but I think that if you add the negative growth rate of 2009 into Obama’s terms, it would skew the result and give a much lower average growth rate. That may be where your figure of 1.55% is coming from

          8. mike December 17, 2016

            Try this on for size.
            Again, Obama will be the only president never to have a 3% annual GDP.

          9. dtgraham December 18, 2016

            I’m on a different computer and have some charts bookmarked elsewhere, and now I can’t find them. It looks like that was the only chart that had 2014 U.S. growth rates at 3.1%, although GDP growth rates can be calculated differently and produce slightly different results. You can see different numbers on different sites for the same years.


            Pay attention here to the developed countries growth rates. Developing economies and the third world are a poor comparison for GDP growth rates, for the U.S. Developed economies aren’t growing anymore like they once were. Especially since 2011. U.S. growth rates aren’t out of place at all.

            In the last two decades, like in the case of almost all other developed nations, American growth rates have been decreasing. In the 50’s and 60’s the average growth rate was above 4 percent. In the 70’s and 80’s it dropped to around 3 percent. In the last ten years, the average rate has been below 2 percent and since the second quarter of 2000 has never reached the 5 percent level. This isn’t an Obama thing. It’s a world trend.

          10. mike December 18, 2016

            I’m aware of those numbers but to settle on “as is” and not at least try is not the answer. Trump will at least try to get the economy growing at a higher rate.
            What is quite noticeable is a new attitude and hope in the air for millions, maybe not on the left, but it is happening. Already direction of country has jumped to 35% from around mid- twenties before the November election Should he pull it off all Americans will be better off.
            Why not try? Why not have a pro-business agenda to get people a chance. Will it be easy? No! Can it happen? We will see.
            If it falls this nations is pretty much doomed.

          11. The lucky one December 18, 2016

            As usual your head is still in the sand, or some other dark place. Obama’s popularity rating is way above Trump’s or Clinton’s. You can dissemble all you want but the election was between Trump and Clinton. You can try to tie Clinton’s loss in the electoral college to Obama but she brought plenty of her own baggage and is why she lost despite running against a transparent liar and grifter like Trump.

          12. mike December 18, 2016

            You ignore Obama telling Americans “if you don’t vote for Hillary I will take it as a personal insult to me.” Many ignored him.
            You ignore how little Hillary could use of obama’s economy Direction of country, 75 to 80% of people said wrong direction.
            Do people like him personally? Absolutely. But on policy, No!
            People saw Obama had failed them when it came to their pocketbook.
            But this is all moot-he couldn’t run. Thank God!

          13. The lucky one December 19, 2016

            Where do you get your numbers from? Trump lost the popular vote by a substantial margin. His popularity as president elect is far below that of any incoming president in recent history and will even lower after his self-aggrandizing actions become evident to even those who voted for him.

          14. mike December 19, 2016

            On in the minds of the left does the Popular vote mean anything.
            As to numbers. Direction of country has gotten better since the elcection.
            Notice the IBD/TIPP, the poll that got the election right, has trump at 38%. Atlantic, no friend of the right has him at 37 The poll numbers have gone up since the election not down.
            You can continue yourself into a pretzel over trump but it won’t change the facts.

          15. The lucky one December 19, 2016

            “Direction of country has gotten better since the elcection” Well that’s your opinion but since that is such an ambiguous assertion it really means nothing.

            Here are some numbers for you of approval rating of incoming presidents:
            Trump 48% approve 48% disapprove
            Obama 75% approve 17% disapprove
            W Bush 65% approve 26% disapprove
            Clinton 67% approve 15% disapprove

            Electoral college winner’s total:
            Trump won in the 44th biggest landslide out of the past 54 elections. Pretty epic

          16. mike December 19, 2016

            “Direction of country has gotten better since the elcection” Well that’s your opinion but since that is such an ambiguous assertion it really means nothing.” Really! It’s not my opinion but is the opinion of those people polled and reported by the different pollsters. Direction of the country(less negative) has changed since the election. That’s a fact. Your numbers don’t mean much since it can’t change the results. . Trump got the 270 votes to win and HE IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. LIVE WITH IT.
            Here’s the NYT’s research.

            I never said landslide.

          17. The lucky one December 19, 2016

            Fact – Trump got the 270 votes to win and HE IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.

            Opinion – “Direction of the country(less negative) has changed since the election.”

            “I never said landslide.” Good for you because that is also a fact.

          18. mike December 19, 2016

            Well for once you got it right.
            1. Trump met/exceeded the 270 vote threshold necessary to be the next President.
            2. RCP has shown that pollster have found direction of country is getting more positive.
            3. I never said trump won in a landside. Waiting for you to show me where I said it “landslde.”

          19. The lucky one December 19, 2016

            Yes I did get it right. Trump will be next president unless something unusual happens, that’s a fact Jack. But as I pointed out your other statement about a majority believing the country’s direction is now more positive is not a fact as you stated but is simply your opinion.

            I didn’t say you called Trumps electoral college victory landslide. I just wanted to put your belief that a majority view him favorably into a proper perspective.

          20. mike December 19, 2016

            Keep grumbling all you want. It’s official he won. It’s all over.
            Can you not read? I never said majority. I said “Direction of country, 75 to 80% of people said wrong direction.” Realclearpolitics polls show since the election wrong direction of country on average has dropped. Put another way, right direction on average is 32% from in the mid-twenties before the election. Atlantic, Rasmussen, BDI/Tipp has right direction from 35% to 38%
            A new attitude has the country feeling more hope and real change for their economic life.

          21. The lucky one December 19, 2016

            When have I questioned that Trump won the electoral college?

            So you don’t think a statement like “A new attitude has the country feeling more hope and real change” indicates that you believe it is a majority opinion? Who then are you referring to as “the country”?

            Polls are meaningless. it all depends on how questions are posed and the demographic that is polled. Less people voted for Trump than Clinton and about 50% didn’t even bother to vote so it is not likely that “the country” is optimistic about life under Herr Drumpf.

          22. mike December 19, 2016

            “Majority” opinion absolutely not as to “attitude”….. How you get that interpretation is beyond me.
            Polls are a snapshot nothing more but when you see multiple pollsters getting similar results they mean something.
            There is a positive feeling in the air for this country, if you like it or not. Will it be contagious for others we will see.
            This country has had a poor election turnout for years. This is nothing new.

          23. The lucky one December 20, 2016

            “There is a positive feeling in the air for this country” Who are you referring to as “the country”? You’re going by what you read on right wing propaganda sites like Fox and/or what those in your group of friends think. Fine, but they don’t represent “this country”.

            “This country has had a poor election turnout for years. This is nothing new” Correct and one of the reasons why we had to choose between a rock and a hard place in this election.

          24. mike December 20, 2016

            There is a new, fresh and positive feeling in the country. Multiple Polls have shown the Change, just because you are frustrated and angry that trump won doesn’t change the fact there is a new sheriff in town and people wish him well and success.
            You don’t even want him to succeed which is pretty pathetic.
            Highest turnout in my era was 69%+ with Kennedy. This time around 55% out of about 250 million eligible voters. Pathetic but nothing new.

          25. The lucky one December 20, 2016

            Well at least we agree on the pathetic voter turnouts.

            I don’t see any “fresh and positive feeling in the country” in general though some sectors are happy to have Trump. Some are optimistic due to the change of guard but I would call it a cautious optimism and a hope for positive change. Given that Trump has no history of public service and is very guarded about his business dealings including his failures he is somewhat of an unknown so optimism is warranted to a degree, or it was until he stated staffing his cabinet with the very people he said he would drain from the swamp.

            I’d love to see the economy improve and America reach its potential for greatness but yes I want to see Trump fail because i believe his vision, what can be ascertained from his simplistic approach, will actually hasten our decline. I’d love to see him succeed at improving the well being of working class Americans but that won’t happen with the people he surrounded himself with and he has never shown any proclivity for helping the “little man” in his business life. He is a conman, pain and simple, with one grand talent – self-promotion.

            There is really no pint to continuing this conversation. As you said, he will be president. Time will tell for how long and how much good or damage he will cause.

          26. mike December 20, 2016

            “Public service” is more of the lefts regurgitation of bull sh_t. Not having been in public service does not disqualify any individual from running and winning.
            You want him to fail, how pathetic. What you ignore is the “little man” as been burdened by Obama’s massive regulations which Trump will rescind.
            You’re right this conversation is going nowhere.
            I look forward to watching all your heads exploding for the next 1460 days with Trump at the helm making America better.

          27. The lucky one December 18, 2016

            “All those monies and time to defeat republicans but still lost.” Yes they should have concentrated more on voter suppression and gerrymandering like the GOP. They thought getting their message out was more important.

            It worked since nearly 3 million more voted for Clinton over Trump but apparently the GOP did use their money more strategically because Trump won the election despite losing the popular vote so dramatically.

          28. mike December 18, 2016

            “Voter suppression and gerrymandering” now that’s funny. Gerrymandering plays no part in Senate races, with far more republicans up for reelection than Dems, but the Dems only picked up two seats. One being in a heavy democratic Illinois.
            Founders were brilliant not making it a true democracy.
            Hillary ignored her base even though she had witnessed loses in House and Senate and state houses/legislatures in the last 6 years.
            What we do know Obama did not help the party when not on the ballot.

      2. Sand_Cat December 17, 2016

        YOU have even less idea about anything. Based on the evidence – that must be a foreign concept – Trump likely won’t “run” his presidency at all, but he probably will run the country into the ground.
        Don’t you have any magic numbers to use against Aaron? Didn’t he say something wrong exactly 23 times? Make a grammatical error 38 times?

        1. mike December 17, 2016

          Trump Derangement Syndrome lives in your head. LOL!

        2. mike December 17, 2016

          One doesn’t need any magic numbers when it comes to diarrhea of the brain exhibited by Aaron.
          Monday is a done deal. Live with it. Hillary/obama took the party to the greatest polictical loss of power since 1929.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 17, 2016

        Mike, you just keep right on being the POM POM girl for Trump. Are you so savvy as to know what a Trump Presidency is going to be like? Are you clairvoyant about these matters?
        Before talking about the mental condition of others, just take a look at the mile long trail of prattle you typed over this year alone. Then tell us who’s mentally ill.

        1. mike December 17, 2016

          I see the Trump Derangement Syndrome has totally consumed you.

    2. Gloriajharris December 18, 2016

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  3. Thoughtopsy December 17, 2016

    That’s just horrible when you put it all in one place.

    Keep smiling and remember people… he’s just:

    He’s lazy and ignorant and corrupt. It’s inevitable that this will become obvious over time.
    Even to his moronic followers.

    Watch none of them comment here.
    Too many inconvenient facts.

    1. mike December 17, 2016

      Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is debilitating your thought process.
      So Sad!

      1. Sand_Cat December 17, 2016

        Thought you’d never sink this low. Trump? TRUMP??? Really? You’re in no position to criticize ANYONE for ANYTHING if you voted for that pompous, dangerously-insecure, flagrantly dishonest, self-worshipping sociopath! Criticizing someone else’s thought process?? That’s the best joke since the election!!!

        1. dtgraham December 17, 2016

          Don’t be too harsh Sand_Cat. When Trump voting households send their people to Trump rallies, they’re not sending the best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They hate the browns and blacks. They hate the women. They’re Putin apologists. And some, I assume, are good people.

          1. mike December 17, 2016

            Pure bull sh_t on your part.
            So much hate on your part.

          2. dtgraham December 17, 2016

            Naah, no hate. We’re actually optimistic. Since Trump likes to skip so many intelligence briefings, we’re hoping that he’ll skip other things too. Like being President.

            Hey, maybe they could get Andy Puzder’s commercial models to deliver the briefings in a bikini. Donald would really “grab” onto that idea.

          3. mike December 17, 2016

            Don’t hold your breath thinking he won’t be presidential.

            You know quite well the office is much bigger than the person.
            The country will be fine.

          4. leadvillexp December 17, 2016

            You are correct! Sand cat is an extreme liberal. I talk to my daughter whom is a professor at a major university and she is also extreme liberal. My wife and I both accept that this is her view but don’t agree. We are not stupid people. My son owns his own restaurant and is a redneck like us and my other son is a forty year old hippy and all of us get along great. Let’s hope I voted right this time and the country will move forward. Bring all our troops home and put them to work in the US. The money we spend on our enemies could pull all of our people out of poverty, just look at Appalachia. George Washington warned to stay out of other nations affairs and have no favored nations. Our forefathers knew what they were talking about and we should listen. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are the foundation of our country and you don’t mess with your houses foundation.

          5. mike December 18, 2016

            Millions of bright wonderful people voted for Trump.based on the belief the economy is the strength of this nation and to continue down this trepid growth path was unsustainable. What these hate filled people on NM don’t understand is all the give away programs can not continue without real growth. They wish Trump to fail and that is sad. Obama wanted a Utopian country and that sure didn’t work but Trumps idea is a country that each individual can pick themselves and succeed at whatever level they wish.
            Should Trump succeed and we see real growth the left will have lost much of their base and will take years to dig themselves out of this hole of their own making. They know they have a real problem.
            Personnally I am still not enamored with Trump but i want him to take this country and move us forward. I want my children and grandchildren to have it better than me.
            I just so a statistic that there are over 800,000 illegal criminals in this country. What the breakdown is is the rest of the storly. The laws are there I hope the Trump administration follows the laws already on the books. These jerks on NM have no tolerance for those who don’t agree with them and resort to name calling or like the social-warriors of the last 8 years try to silence those with a different opinion.
            Have a very Merry Christmas and the best of health to you and yours.

          6. leadvillexp December 18, 2016

            I read you with interest. You are right. I voted twice for President Obama and liked his first term. He failed in the second the same as the second Bush. I voted him also twice. I hope I voted better this time. We would all like a Utopian world and we can still work for it but I doubt it will ever happen. I dislike the name calling and am happy to see our new President Elect talking to people who he fought against during the campaign. We need, as a country to come together and if we work at it President Elect Trump might make that happen. Let’s hope so.

          7. mike December 18, 2016

            Amen to your thoughts!
            Merry Christmas

          8. leadvillexp December 17, 2016

            I voted for Trump, can’t stand Clintons who want to give away our country. The UN stinks.I also voted for President Obama twice. I loved his first term but can’t stand his second. I will stand for people of color but not rioters. I stand for women’s choice, gay marriage. I stand for a persons right to defend himself with a firearm. I am a nationalist, I believe in the US and don’t care about the other nations. We come first. A nationalist is not a bigot but one that believes his nation is number one. Bring all our troops home and put them to work here. People in Appalachia are suffering from black lung, and we worry about Aleppo. This is wrong! With the money we spend on these foreign countries we could take care of all of our poor. We will have to wait to see if I voted right but at least he is not another politician. Wouldn’t it be better to be friends with China and Russia than fighting them all the time. An example of stupid is that we are now involved in Afghanistan. We sent help to get rid of the Russians who were fighting there and created Al-Qaeda. We made them, and are now fighting them. We gave them the weapons they use against us. We should have learned from Russia. George Washington told us to stay out of other countries intrigues. We need to listen to our forefathers, they knew more than us.

        2. mike December 17, 2016

          Yes,the Trump Derangement Syndrome has completely clouded all your facilities.
          I will give him a chance to get the economy growing and if it happens this country will be fine.
          Your superiority complex is showing again. Listening to you just shows exactly why you lost.


        3. 788eddie December 18, 2016

          Don’t worry, Sand_Cat, a year from now most Trump voters will declare that they never voted for trump. They were mowing their lawns, re-arranging their sock drawers, taking the cat for a walk, etc., and didn’t have time to vote.

          It will still be on them!

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 18, 2016

        derangement is one of DONNY DUMP’s train of thoughts . then again the DUMPSTER is a compulsive pathological liar so any think that clown dose or says he thinks its the truth

        1. mike December 18, 2016

          Learn the meaning of the expression Trump Derangement Syndrome before making asinine statements.
          Oh wait, you have it! ????

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 18, 2016

            I did learn it if its not good its because I tried to learn if from your text ohh wait ill stop trying to learn things from a DONNY DUMP brain dead clown ((YOU)) then I wont have it any more and ill be much better off

          2. mike December 18, 2016


    2. dtgraham December 17, 2016

      He’s like Hitler pre-1942 right now. Giving a series of speeches to his adoring crowds for no particular reason. He’s a narcissist who can’t get enough of it. He’s going to be like Hitler post-1942 eventually. You’ll never see or hear from him after it all goes south.

      At least there’s hope internationally. Maybe someone can get Putin to write a bad review of the Trump Grill. That’ll end that bromance pretty fast.

  4. Paul Anthony December 17, 2016

    Too bad you weren’t elected President. You have time to write drivel while believing you could do a better job. LOL

    1. Sand_Cat December 17, 2016

      Well, well, well. Welcome to one of “the 60 million idiots who voted for” Trump!
      Too bad you’re too clueless to realize that a stone statue could do a better job than Trump.

      1. leadvillexp December 17, 2016

        I would have voted for the stone statue before Hillary. I never want to see another Clinton.

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 18, 2016

    DONNY DUMP succeeds? the way all the DUMPSTER’s success comes from is in debt. bankrupts and filling almost a $$1 billion dollars in loses in one year . he brags he is the king of debt. and that’s what he will do with the country put us all deep in his grave of debt.


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