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5 Obama Accomplishments & Successes Republicans Have To Pretend Never Happened

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5 Obama Accomplishments & Successes Republicans Have To Pretend Never Happened

5 Barack Obama accomplishments and successes

Republicans have consistently said that a president cannot take responsibility for a strong economy — unless of course he’s a Republican.

A weak economy, however, is always a Democratic president’s fault. And if a Republican president presides over the worst financial crisis in a half-century after seven years in office, that is clearly the fault of poor people.

President Obama is in an awkward position when it comes to the economy. It’s only great if you compare it to the last 14 years. But with 50 percent of America now saying in the latest CNN poll that his presidency is a success, he figures that he’s now allowed to “take a well-earned victory lap” by answering the question Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) asked for four years: “Where are the jobs?”

“Well, after 12 million new jobs, a stock market that has more than doubled, deficits that have been cut by two-thirds, health care inflation at the lowest rate in nearly 50 years, manufacturing coming back, auto industry coming back, clean energy doubled — I’ve come not only to answer that question, but I want to return to the debate that is central to this country, and the alternative economic theory that’s presented by the other side,” the president said in Cleveland on Wednesday.

A sensible media would be debating which of Obama’s two great accomplishments — the stimulus or the Affordable Care Act — is a bigger success; which better proves that the government can successfully intervene to prevent suffering while reshaping our economy to be more sustainable; or about which Republicans were more wrong.

But conservatives won’t let that happen. They’ll focus on metrics that languished before Obama came into office — we’re very concerned about labor force participation all of a sudden! — and blast him for not solving all of the failures of conservative economics and foreign policies.

America should be used to Democratic presidents outperforming Republicans by now. While no administration is perfect, President Obama has staked strong claims for liberal values and policies that prove things Republicans have to pretend never happened.

Here are 5 good things Obama has done for the country:

  1. Proved trickle-down economics are wrong, again
    You don’t hear it mentioned often enough, but 2014 was the best year of job creation in this century. This is a key point, because it’s the first full year in which Obama’s economic policies really took hold. Most of the Bush tax breaks on the rich ended in 2013. And in 2014, new taxes on the wealthy and corporations kicked in to help 16 million Americans gain health insurance. The result was a job market like we haven’t seen since the’90s. As they did in 1993, Republicans claimed that asking the rich to pay a bit more would destroy the economy. So, of course, the opposite happened. It’s almost as if some tax hikes on the wealthy are good for the economy! But if Republicans admitted that, they’d have to give up their entire reason for existing, which is to comfort the most comfortable.
  2. Proved we can expand health insurance coverage and shrink the deficit.
    America’s long-term debt problems are largely built on conservatives’ unwillingness to do what every other advanced nation in the world does — insure everyone. As a result, we pay more and get worse results than almost every industrialized country in the world. Obamacare has shown that we can increase coverage dramatically while cutting more than $600 billion from long-term debt projections. Republicans have finally gotten honest in their new budget and admitted that their alternative to Obamacare is… nothing. They’ve got nothing because Obamacare was their alternative, and every prediction they’ve made about it has been wrong. Health spending is at a 50-year low, businesses aren’t dumping employees’ coverage, hospitals are performing better, and policy cancelations were likely lower than they were before the law. Meanwhile, Obama has been even more successful at shrinking the deficit as a percentage of GDP than even Bill Clinton.
  3. Proved that the government can kick-start a clean-energy revolution.
    When it comes to fighting climate change, President Obama has done more than anyone on Earth. Beyond the regulations he set in his first term, which are quickly reducing our dependency on dirty energy, the stimulus launched the clean-energy technological revolution this nation needed. Republicans started calling the stimulus “failed” before it even became law. And that kind of message discipline — plus half a billion dollars in ads that smeared the bill — scared Democrats from bragging about it. But now that we’ve experienced the first year of economic growth where carbon emissions didn’t increase in 40 years, maybe they should.
  4. Proved we can regulate Wall Street without killing the stock market.
    Good news! Bankers are complaining about being regulated too much. Despite this “over-regulation,” we’re seeing constant stock market records. Meanwhile, the memory of the costs of under-regulation — 8 million jobs and trillions in wealth — continues to fade. Democrats have become newly proud of the Dodd-Frank law now that they see how desperate Republicans are to gut it. The success in keeping the economic engine of the rich purring should not dissuade those on the left. Instead, they should continue to fight against the persistent dangers to our economy that come from ridiculous executive compensation schemesstock buybacks, and high-frequency trading.
  5. Proved that we should give diplomacy a chance.
    The Bush administration left America facing a newly nuclear-armed North Korea, an Iran building nuclear centrifuges, and a wrecked Iraq, run by a propped-up sectarian strongman with no interest in reconciliation. Democrats were likely naive in assuming this Tower of Babel of foreign policy disasters could be kept from crumbling. The Obama administration’s effort to re-engage the world may seem foolhardy now — but what was the alternative? More confrontational Republican alternatives would have guaranteed nothing but more American lives lost. Syria is a disaster. Libya proved that regime change is never simple. Putin is emboldened or frantically flailing, depending on your point of view. But as a result of re-engagement with our allies and a Medvedev-led Russia, sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table. We’re closer than ever to a nuclear deal that could prevent another, still more disastrous war. And even if it fails, at least we tried not to repeat the catastrophes of the past.

Despite these successes, Republicans have to see Obama as a floundering, economy-shrinking, deficit-creating failure, or risk questioning their failed worldview.

Essentially, they have to pretend he’s Bobby Jindal.

Photo: President Barack Obama arrives at Bob Hope Airport via helicopter from LAX en route to ABC Studios for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, March 12, 2015. (Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times/TNS)



  1. FireBaron March 23, 2015

    Again proof that Republicans want their own facts, to support their beliefs and opinions.

    1. jamesowens March 23, 2015

      they cant find them they will just make them up and repeat over and over – like beetlejuice is you say bengazi 3million times maybe some evidence will appear

  2. Jerpell March 23, 2015

    I only agree with number four (Wow, what a successful administration!)….Typical liberals, don’t let facts get in the way of a good story! Seems to me that every time Obama makes a decision it goes against the grain and ends up really hurting America and the middle class!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 23, 2015

      Jerpell…isn’t it time you boys left DogPatch? You people in red CON states are so out of touch with reality. The inability to see the difference in the US economy in 2015 and back in your TX cowboy’s rodeo show of 8 years is that we have had NO Financial Meltdown and no tax cuts enriching the rich.

      The days of reds holding blues over a barrel to wring us dry of our rightful ownership of our taxes is over. You Confederates need to get out of bed before dawn and move those lazy butts.

      1. idamag March 24, 2015

        That is part of their problem. They grow up without a lot of diversity in thought and people and debating cows and sheep doesn’t improve their skills.

    2. anothertoothpick March 23, 2015

      You may only “agree with number four” but all five of those statements are verifiable.

      It reminds me of a headline I saw the other day.

      99% of worlds scientist agree that man is causing climate change. Fox news watchers are skeptical.

      1. Star Spangled Girl March 24, 2015

        You are wrong!!!!! http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303480304579578462813553136

        That 99% of ALL scientists is wrong!!! Another so-called “fact” by progressives proven wrong!!! It is supposedly 99% of THOSE SURVEYED!!!!

        1. anothertoothpick March 24, 2015

          No you are wrong.


          This is not a website owned by Rupert Murdock like the WS journal is. This is nasa.

          1. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

            No, it’s just a government-run entity now dedicated to muslim outreach. In the 70s, the mass hysteria being pushed by so-called experts and some scientists was the coming ice age. When that didn’t happen, it became global warming. Then when data didn’t substantiate that, it becomes climate change.

            The climate IS going to change. It has over the centuries, from ice ages to warmer temps, all before the advent of things that supposedly cause it now.

            The man-made cause is an excuse by the government and its green industry cronies to increase their power and line their pockets.

            Can we do more to protect our environment? Absolutely and we should. But when the high priest of global warming, al gore, preaches about the upcoming catastrophe of rising seas due to global warming (wait, didn’t obama himself proclaim the seas would CEASE to rise now that he was president? ) and then purchases a multi-million dollar ocean view property, that makes me wonder just a tad about his motives.

            And again, you are wrong. It is not true that 99% of ALL scientists say there is global warming. It is supposedly 99% of about 79 scientists who say that. I can post other links, including one from the Scientific American, if you don’t want to believe the WSJ.

          2. anothertoothpick March 25, 2015

            You are too far down the rat hole.

          3. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

            Not one substantive reply to anything I said. Pull your head out of the sand and read this:

            A very reasoned article saying there has been an uptick in global temps but not what climate change models have predicted.

            You didn’t bother to answer why you think there were ice ages thousands of years ago, followed by climate warming, all before everything cited today as causing it.

            The director of NASA DID talk about reaching out to muslim nations to teach science. pres spokesman robert gibbs said he must have “misspoken” and that was not his job. So hell yes, NASA can be politicized, just like everything else in washington.

            What about al gore predicting massive sea level rise and yet he buys a mega property with an ocean view? And he’s made gazillions off global warming…oops, I mean climate change.

            If you think just because science proclaims something as absolute, then it always s, you are really naive. Sometimes it is, sometimes not.

            You are so typical of the leftists i’ve encountered, arrogant yet afraid or incapable of intelligent substantive debate. When you can’ t answer something, you throw out an insult, tuck you tail between your legs and run.

          4. anothertoothpick March 25, 2015

            When you call nasa a Muslim blah blah blah you defeat your argument about debating anything. That statement makes you look like a crackpot!

            I have debated this issue Long enough to know that climate change does not fit intO the idea that the free market takes care of everything.therefore corporate shills like you will say anthing like nasa is a Muslim blah puke bullshit.

            You are a typical right that has no interest in a sensible debate.

          5. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

            I just answered you about the muslim/nasa thing. The director had no business saying it and he was “corrected” by gibbs as him having misspoken and he shouldn’t have said it as it was not nasa’s role.

            I will ask again. If today’s climate change/global warming/whatever you’re calling it now is “man-made”, then how did the cycle of ice age to melting occur BEFORE all the things that supposedly have caused it recently?

            And you’re making erroneous assumptions about me and my motivations.

            But anything to avoid the issues at hand.

          6. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015


            I bet you’re the one with the gray shorts and white socks, aren’t you?!!

          7. anothertoothpick March 25, 2015

            So do you have a crystal ball to see what I look like too?

            I got a lot of funny things to do today but one of them ain’t chatting with a right wing looney like you.

            Return to your rat hole!

          8. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

            Do you not understand satire? Guess not. Betting what you look like wasn’t literal, sorry you weren’t able to get the nuance.

          9. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

            I can remember back to 2007 when your “cycle” question was first hatched. Yes it was that long ago.

            Earth has indeed experienced warming and cooling cycles roughly every hundred thousand years due to these orbital shifts, but such changes have occurred over the span of several centuries. Today’s changes have taken place over the past hundred years or less.

            Your question leads one to believe that you are wayyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyy behind the curve.

          10. Star Spangled Girl March 26, 2015

            I don’t know what 2007 questions you’re referring to, I’m using common sense to acknowledge that climate change is normal and cyclical. Yes, human activity contributes to changes but not to the degree the climate alarmists are saying.

            Back in the 70s, science predicted we were heading for a catastrophic ice age. Oops, that didn’t happen. But you can search and find the same hysteria about that at the time. Maybe if there had been the same 24/7 news cycle and social media, the hysteria would have reached the same level as today. Fortunately, it didn’t.

            When I see there is a whole industry making lots and lots of money from climate change, including al gore and many of obama’s cronies, I have doubts as to their motives. When I see the US being punished by treaty much more than China, who is more responsible for pollution than we are, than I wonder if climate change hysteria is being hyped for political gain.

            And when I hear that a young Brazilian couple took their lives and that of their child because they had literally been scared to death by global warming and the doomsday scenarios pushed by millionaire al gore, than I have contempt for the irresponsibility and dishonesty of those taking advantage of natural cycles.

            Again, the question. Why would mr. gore, who predicted catastrophic sea level rise, purchase a multi-million dollar mansion with a lovely ocean view?????

          11. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

            I have debated this issue online for years and I have seen every right wing half truth and lie on this subject possible.
            And to be honest I am sick of it.

            You think I haven’t argued with smarter deniers than you?

            I see how when you get an answer to your question about the “climate cycle” you start talking about Brazilian couples. That is pretty much right wing nut job policy and I am used to it.

            That Brazilian Couple story really gets to my heart. What part of Brazil did they live in. Did they leave a suicide note? Did their neighbors say “What good people they were”? Did the Brazilian FBI do a complete investigation? I could go on and on.

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAFUNNNNY Did ya hear that one on Fux? Who says there are not right wing comedians?

            The only beef I have with Al Gore is that he should never have walked away from that election without the fight that he owed the people that voted for him.

          12. Star Spangled Girl March 26, 2015


            I don’t have time now, will respond to your post later. But here’s one source about it, i was argentina, not brazil. Still think it’s funny?

          13. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

            This is a story Gleamed from the London Telegraph.

            The far right London Telegraph that is often called the London TORYGRAPH.

            It is like reading something that matt drudge dug up. And the story is likely bogus. So yes I consider it funny (but not surprised)that you bought into it.

          14. anothertoothpick March 26, 2015

            I can find NO Brazilian newspaper that will confirm your story.

            It seems the article is only reported in the London Telegraph. Known as a right wing rag also called the

            TORY GRAPH.

            I did find this article though. It seems like these Brazilians are a crazy bunch.

            Cannibalism trial begins for Brazil trio charged with killing women, making pastries of human flesh.


          15. Star Spangled Girl March 27, 2015

            You wouldn’t find it in a brazilian paper because as I had corrected in my last post, it occured in goya, argentina. Here is a link to abc news (mainstream enough for you?). Also the story was covered by an international affiliate of huffington post, the daily mail and an international latin american site.

            It did happen…the people were already kind of nutty and it seems mr gore and all the other global warming alarmists pushed them over the edge, taking with them an innocent child and scarring for life the surviving child.

            And I’ve also heard reports of children being scared because their gullible parents are buying into the same doomsday stories. The very same ones that are making mr gore and so many in the global warming/ climate change industry very very rich.

          16. Star Spangled Girl March 27, 2015

            You still haven’t responded to the big scare of the 70s, how we were all gonna die of the coming ice age. Then when that climate change model, based on rock-hard scientific evidence from climate experts, didn’t come true, now we’re hearing the same doomsday crap about global warming. And then, when what was supposed to have already happened has not, the new term becomes climate change. Well, good one because the climate IS going to change, so guess these experts can claim they’re right, no matter what happens.

            As the saying goes, follow the money!! I am tired of every left wing nutjob who uses climate change to gain money and power. And they don’t give a damn who they hurt in the process, including innocent children, who are being scared to death and robbed of their innocence because they’re being force fed this dishonest garbage!!! How ANYONE with a conscience can perpetuate this is beyond me!!!

            Do you have a problem with obama’s treaty that curtails America’s co2 emissions but does nothing to China, except allow them in 10 years to decide if they want to???

            How about gore and obama, 2 of the biggest climate scare charlatans, continuing to leave the biggest carbon footprints after lecturing the rest of us about it. Hypocrites and liars, that’s what they are!!

          17. anothertoothpick March 27, 2015

            O Kay SSGirl. Let me take this one issue at a time.

            Paragraph one. Asked and Answered. The climate is changing 10x faster than ever in the history of the world. Does that not concern you at all?

            Paragraph two; What money? Show me. It looks to me like the climate scientist are just doing their jobs. So you think Obama is handing out checks to the scientist for saying the words “climate change”? Like Boehner did on the floor of congress during the tobacco debate? Is that how it works?

            Three; Do you think China has anything to say about what China wants to do? We could issue sanctions against them.
            but remember how much republican created US debt they hold.

            Four; Al Gore is a private citizen. For now!

            It is going to take a long time to replace carbon based energy.

            Probably generations. Maybe it would be a good idea to start now. Even if it turns billionaires into millionaires.

            Oh and forget about that bogus Brazilian story. Let me assure you that it is bullshit. Did you see all those crazy articles coming out of Brazil? It looked like the National Enquirer. Or maybe it looked like FUX news to you?

          18. Star Spangled Girl March 27, 2015

            Again, no time to address all your points but trust me, I will later. BUT, I have told you twice now it was Argentina and NOT BRAZIL. And I lnked to ABC NEWS. The fact you didn’t acknowledge either speaks volumes about you.

            And, I NEVER said obama is paying climate scientists. I said al gore, obama’s green industry cronies are making big bucks from promoting global warming!!!!

            And i asked before, if it were as severe a crisis as al gore has claimed, then why did he purchase a multimillion dollar property with an ocean view????? Does he stand on his deck with binoculars, ready to run at a moment’s notice when the sea is threatening to swallow his house?

          19. Star Spangled Girl March 28, 2015


            This article says it better than I ever could. If you choose to dismiss it because it’s from forbes and don’t even bother to read it, that’s your choice. But I hope you will.

            US debt to china is a POLITICIAN created problem, with both r’s and d’s involved. To say it’s solely republican is not true.
            We’re Americans and I think we’d be so much better off as a country if people on both sides of the political aisle would stop blindly defending “their” side and admit it has been corrupt politicians on BOTH sides who have gotten us into the mess we’re in.

            So what if gore is a private citizen. You refuse to answer my question!!!!! If global warming is the catacysmic event he has repeatedly said and made millions from saying it, then why oh why did he buy a mansion overlooking the ocean that is, according to HIM, going to rise and wipe his home away????

            And you also haven’t addressed my question about the dire warning in the ’70s about the impending ice age!!!!!! So-called experts predicted that one too!!

            Please open your eyes and realize these hucksters are taking advantage of millions of gullible people out of lust for power, control and greed!!!! And yes, as the couple in ARGENTINA showed, sometimes these dishonest dirtbags are scaring people to death. And with no concience whatsoever, they are frightening children too. Completely reprehensible!!!!!!!!!

          20. Bosda July 30, 2015

            I like ‘Star Spangled Girls debating technique. It’s like watching a mouse try to drive a bulldozer.


          21. Star Spangled Girl July 30, 2015

            I wish I could say I like your debating technique but like most progressives, you don’t seem to have any. Most of you just make a derogatory remark or two, then run.

            See, how debate works is I make points and if you don’t agree, you explain why. And then I do the same.

            But you don’t. Or won’t. Or can’t. Think I’m going with that last one. Feel free to prove me wrong.

          22. Bosda July 30, 2015

            No, you merely vomit up the tripe Fox news spoon feeds you.

          23. Star Spangled Girl July 30, 2015

            And WHAT tripe would that be? I know it’s much easier to jab and run run run but it makes you look stupid. Just sayin’….

          24. Bosda July 30, 2015

            A case of the trailer park screaming ghetto.

          25. Star Spangled Girl August 7, 2015

            Lol!!!! Again, you jab and run!!! WHAT EXACTLY that I wrote do you not agree with and WHY? Can you actually write something from your OWN thoughts? Just wondering….

    3. Johnny Z March 23, 2015

      “Jerpell,” another right winger Dixie phuck. Hate you creeps, just wish you idiots would move to a country that’s more fitting for you, like Nigeria.

      1. jamesowens March 23, 2015

        why should we move we won the election and gonna do it again in 2016 we are saving the country fromthe mess you conservaturdsleft – how about you leave i hear isreal could use some gun nuts and hater .

        1. Insinnergy March 23, 2015

          And that, people, is true delusion.
          You guys are going to be absolutely whipped. The statistics are inevitable. Remember Karl Rove’s face when Mitt lost the “sure thing” win. That’s you times a million.
          Looking forward to it.

        2. idamag March 24, 2015

          Israel is paying mercenaries quite well.

    4. John Falstrom March 23, 2015

      OK Jerpell, 4 Obama Successes Republicans Have To Pretend Never Happened

    5. TheSkalawag929 March 23, 2015

      What facts are you saying are in the way?
      What decisions are you talking about?
      It seems to me that the only grain being gone against by President Obama is the destructive, disruptive and downright hurtful agenda of the bought and paid for republican party.

    6. Grannysmovin March 23, 2015

      Reagan – trickle down economics – failed. how many times did he raise taxes.
      Bush – trickle down economic – failed – 2007 began the melt down.
      Proof please that #2, #3 and #5 are not accurate.

    7. Teri Hawkey Silvey March 23, 2015

      Please provide facts that prove your assertions.

    8. RobertCHastings March 23, 2015

      Which, of course, means that you actually believe that “trickle-down economics” has successfully pulled us out of the economic doldrums of 2007/2008, that the actual reason we are losing tax revenues is – what? If taxes are reduced and we experience two ground wars and a $750B “stimulus” with NO way to pay for it except putting it one the NEXT president so he can be blamed for the deficit, that sounds like a typical Republican ploy over the past 100 years. Government CAN and DOES create jobs (or at least the environment in which they can be created). Government spending is what successfully got us out of the Great Depression and allowed us to win WWII, and fueled almost forty years of economic growth from the end of WWII in which millions of Americans moved into the middle class and began contributing record tax revenue to a government that continued the cycle by creating more jobs. EVERY Republican president since Hoover has broken that productive cycle that has benefited EVERY American, not just the few. Just because you don’t agree with it don’t make it so.

    9. jmprint March 23, 2015

      What’s going on with Kansas economics? Is that what the republicans want for all US states

      1. darkagesbegin March 23, 2015

        you know it! because that is what the Kochs want for all of America…

    10. EriktheRed March 23, 2015

      “Seems to me…”

      Yeah, that says a lot right there.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker March 23, 2015

    Republicans set themselves up for failure for one and one only reason: They are obsessively focused on business…NOT the people of this country. It’s why the conservative ideologue on the SC raced to call “corporations” “people” and not “business.”

    By labeling corporations “people,” it gave the GOP full sanction to avoid addressing the responsibility to individual Americans that has been the core purpose of our government since George Washington and the first colonists formed it.

    What would George Washington do? Or Jefferson or Lincoln? The problem IS Conservatism that is obsessed with running government like a too oiled business. That makes voting irrelevant and taxes the property of the too oiled business the GOP wants.

    This is why today every facet of red state government is in the hands of private businesses. And with the same morbid failure results.

    Government was not intended to be “For the profit” of the few at the expense of the “many.”

    1. Canistercook March 23, 2015

      Business is what feeds, clothes and houses the ‘people’ of this country. Wake up to reality, we don’t want to become another Greece!

      1. darkagesbegin March 23, 2015

        what creates and sustains business is the consumer demand, pieface. without it, there would be no successful business. no business is going to feed clothe and house any person. it is people who finance business–you have the cart before the horse, as usual, and can’t separate cause and effect

        1. Jeff March 23, 2015

          Extending your analogy… consumer demand feeds the health system, too. But at least the Republicans don’t FORCE people to use the services of business the way Democrats force people to carry health insurance, under the threat of a fine.

          1. darkagesbegin March 23, 2015

            Funny–Obama’s plan came straight from a republican thinktank, which was trying to come up with a solution to the problem of people using the emergency room instead of primary-care physicians because they didn’t have health insurance to pay for their care. this republican plan called for mandatory participation to reduce costs. and they reason that people were enabled to use emergency room care was Ronald Reagan’s law that hospitals receiving public funds could not turn away emergency room visitors who had no insurance; but didn’t compensate the hospitals for this unfunded mandate. Thus putting the hospitals in a fiscal bind. More republican cost-shifting which turned into an economic morass. so their solution was to call for mandatory health care insurance participation so that little people couldn’t get free health care without paying some cost for it. A great idea, until a democrat took it and ran with it. then it suddenly became a bugaboo. If a republican president had instituted it, he would be hailed as the savior of American Health Care, don’tchaknow.

          2. Jeff March 23, 2015

            If the plan “came straight from a republican think tank”, then the individual mandate would only be for catastrophic coverage, not comprehensive coverage as it is now.

            Obamacare, as written, is not the best way to fix the fiscal bind hospitals were put in. Over the many decades, hospitals were also expected to provide coverage for the frequent use of emergency room care by illegals in this country. The Obama administration could have made a big difference in that fiscal bind if they would enforce existing immigration laws and kick out illegal citizens mooching health services on a daily basis, “don’tchknow.”

          3. jmprint March 24, 2015

            So again it’s all about the MEXICANS!!!

          4. Jeff March 24, 2015

            Did I say Mexicans? I said “illegals.” Illegals come from all parts of the world. But thank you for demonstrating your explicit racism to everyone here in this thread.

          5. jmprint March 24, 2015

            Oh yea it all about keeping the “illegals” hands off out tax dollars. As if they don’t contribute anything at all.

          6. Jeff March 24, 2015

            Why don’t I just ask the two co-workers of mine that visa’d and green carded their way to citizenship as to what they think about the contribution of illegals.

            But I suppose it’s their fault for wanting to follow established immigration rules to become productive members of U.S. society, isn’t it?

          7. jmprint March 24, 2015

            I’m more concern about the ones that need to get to the front of the line, other wise their lifes are in danger. That’s exactly what the dreamers are doing being productive, but you don’t care about people in need.

          8. Jeff March 25, 2015

            You really ought to do something about that unbecoming habit of telling people how they think. First, you try to tell me I’m talking exclusively about Mexicans. Next, you’re telling me that I don’t care about people in need.

            I understand there is a concern about immigrants whose lives may be in danger. Believe it or not, I share those concerns. Unless, of course, you feel compelled to tell me I think otherwise.

            We already have laws on the books for immigration based on asylum and persecution. Those laws have been used for many decades to grant asylum and lead a path to citizenship. The problem is, the current administration doesn’t want to enforce those laws. They just want “blanket amnesty” now, without reviewing each situation, and cross their fingers that nothing bad comes from it. Granting such amnesty is a slap in the face of those who worked hard, studied our culture, taken exams, and followed the rules to citizenship. How would you explain the logic of blanket amnesty to them?

          9. Sand_Cat March 23, 2015

            Idiot. The plan was a Heritage Foundation creation first put into effect by a GOP governor – with the individual mandate – too stupid and craven to take credit for its at least partial success in his state. Not as good as other options, but it seems to be working but you guys are too stupid to take credit. After 40+ repeal attempts, too late as well.

          10. Jeff March 23, 2015

            The “Heritage Foundation creation” was put into effect by a GOP governor AND Democrat Senator Ed Kennedy, and it was more a solution to prevent losing Medicare funding for the state than it was for the warm and fuzzy feeling that everyone in Massachusetts will have health insurance.

            Even Stuart Butler, in hindsight, rejected the individual mandate before Obamacare was being drafted. Why? because his original idea was over 20 YEARS OLD and he had time to put some thought into it. The idea also had also been rejected by Congress during the early Clinton days. What makes anybody think that it’s such a good idea now?

            By the way, I’ll disregard your “idiot” comment as typical liberal diatribe. You obviously cannot help yourself.

          11. bobnstuff March 23, 2015

            I’m confused. You say it’s not working. Define not working. People are getting insured, people are getting health care, no one is going bankrupt over medical bills, the overall cost of health care is dropping. Just what is success? No one is paying more then 10% of their income for insurance. What would make it better for all? What is the better solution to the problem?

          12. Jeff March 24, 2015

            Perhaps you are confused, because I’ve made no direct statement implying a belief that Obamacare is working or not. I’ve mentioned that Obamacare is not the best way to fix a particular problem, in argument to a problem someone else has mentioned, but I made no direct claim to a belief as to the overall success of Obamacare.

            However, you provided some arguable points, and I’ll counter those with arguments of my own.

            “People are getting insured” – since when was “getting insured” an absolute requirement for obtaining healthcare? What’s wrong with directly controlling the costs by addressing the healthcare industry instead of enabling it? As it stands, Obamacare points the finger at each and every taxpaying citizen and says, “you WILL maintain healthcare coverage, just in case you need it, OR ELSE!” Meanwhile, the healthcare industry continues status quo, knowing that their pricing can remain the same. After all, the burden for payment is not on them, but on the INSURERS and the INSURED.

            “no one going bankrupt over medical bills” – please provide proof of that being a major trend worthy of addressing in this manner? I’ll agree that there are those who have been bankrupted with medical expenses as part of their debt, but we know little about the percentage of medical debt compared to their total debt. Besides, medical bankruptcy is a MINORITY share of medical related issues. Why should a MAJORITY of unaffected taxpayers collectively foot the bill for the affected few?

            “overall healthcare is dropping” – In what respect? For consumers? If so, then we’re still feeding the healthcare monster and not really solving anything. We’re only enabling the system that lead us here in the first place by giving healthcare providers a larger pool of consumers to service, which will help line their pockets even more. For this particular claim of success, we’ll wait and see if the actual healthcare CHARGES start dropping over time. I see no successes with Obamacare until I see bottom line reductions in charges for prescriptions, diagnostic procedures, surgery costs, etc., which in turn should decrease the need for insurance as a necessity to pay for even the simplest diagnostic procedure.

            “No one is paying more than 10% of their income for insurance” – technically, that is true, but it’s a misleading argument because the truth of that statement lies with the tax subsidy involved with it. Which means that SOMEBODY ELSE is paying for it! There is no such thing as “free money” in Obamacare’s pricing structure. In my state, if there were no tax subsidies offered, a Bronze plan for a family of three would be $395 per month with a $4000 annual deductible. That’s $4740 per year in insurance premiums alone, meaning that the family income must be higher than $47,400 to be paying less than 10% of their income. On top of that, they won’t see insurance kick in until they clear the $4000 deductible. That cost will need to be factored into the 10% threshold, too. When subsidies are required to make any collective plan work, that plan will NEVER be a success.

            “What is the better solution to the problem?” – Perhaps their isn’t any. I suggested direct attempts toward reducing healthcare charges than any way of comprehensively making those charges more palatable to the consumer through insurance. But 900+ pages of unmanageable quagmire, mandates, and tax penalties written in law is NOT a suitable solution.

          13. bobnstuff March 24, 2015

            Number one cause for bankruptcy in the US is medical bills. 42% of all personal bankruptcy is from medical bills. It has been the number one cause for years. If you believe in a self pay system then we must also be able to refuse service to
            people with out the means to pay those bills. ER’s are required to give service to all if they get tax dollars. So who pays the bill, you and me anyway. Is there a better way, yes. We need a single payer system. If our President had not tried to make the republicans happy when the ACA was passed we would have it right now but he gave it up and got nothing for it. The ACA mandate only effects around 15% of
            the country to start with. In 85% of the people health coverage was already in place. The other thing you are missing is that insurance doesn’t wait to kick in until you meet your deductible. You have a number of step along the way. $25 co-pay on doctor visits etc. The reasons for subsidies is to make it affordable. The reason the Republicans want to get rid of the ACA is because it’s hurting the medical and insurance industries profit and since they are some of
            the largest donors we can’t have that. Does the system need improved, Yes. Will it happen with the Republicans running the congress, No. They only care about their wealthy patrons and as long as they can fool the voters they will continue to do nothing to help them.

          14. Jeff March 24, 2015

            Since you failed to provide sources, I must ask more detail about that 42% figure. Is that 42% only people who cannot afford medical costs because of their low income? Or does it include those earning a good salary but are overextended in other respects.

            My guess is that the latter is a good portion of that 42% figure. If so, then the argument about bankruptcy is unfounded in defense of the ACA.

          15. bobnstuff March 24, 2015




            There are at least 20 more if you want them.

            My wife, before we got married declared bankruptcy because of medical bill for one of her children. She was no dead beat and had two jobs and tried to pay her bills but the hospital didn’t want to hear it. She had no insurance so she had no choose.

            Before the ACA I have been paying about 23% of my income in medical expenses. My income is just about the average wage in the US.

          16. Jeff March 24, 2015

            All good sources, but they pretty much agree on one issue… that having insurance doesn’t always make a difference. In other words, the ACA is not a 100% cure for that statistic.

            So, I’ll go back to a previous suggestion that instead of trying to control healthcare costs by corralling those on the consumer side of healthcare under burdensome rules and mandates, just direct cost control action toward the supply side where the costs are originating.

          17. bobnstuff March 24, 2015

            It should be nationalized just like the rest of the world. Oh and by the way that 23% was with health insurance through my employer that my part was $650 per month.

          18. Armond June 8, 2015

            Jeff…sorry you failed to follow the entire story of why and why not…National Health Care…a story from the time of Teddy Roosevelt

            and sorry you are not aware of the statistics surrounding the bankruptcies of American families…people like you maybe…caught by sudden debilitating illness…that their insurance did not…or did not fully…cover

            but then Jeff…maybe everyone should pay for their own fire service…if they choose or not…just like the issue of health insurance

            and how did that approach to fire service work out…oh my bad…why worry about the lessons of history…right

            so sorry that you are so un-American in your pronouncements…you neglect to even on the surface know…the issues and concerns that the majority of Americans face and why

            sorry for your lack of citizenship…in this land of…”we the people”…in this time of difficulty…when we need each citizen to think…beyond their own outhouse

          19. Jeff June 9, 2015

            You always manage to get a chuckle out of me, but your rants are growing dull.

            You STILL have yet to prove your point with ACTUAL SOURCES!

            You simply continue on with your emotional rants, as if they will make a difference. Don’t you remember what you said to Star Spangled Girl?

            “you have no specific points…only an emotional rant that is divorced from reality”

            You just keep on demonstrating your hypocrisy like that, I may just find you funny again!

          20. Armond June 19, 2015

            sorry you only learned to talk…but failed to learn how to listen

            no need for anyone to rant…with you on the scene in full delusional rave

          21. jmprint March 24, 2015

            I will give you an example at why an individual needs to be insured: I have a single parent friend of an autistic child. The lady lives on a very tight budget and cannot afford insurance. Texas won’t extend the medicaid portion, so she has this medical issue that when it flares up she has to go to the emergency for relief, now if she had insurance they would have already performed surgery, but instead they send her home until her next flare up. Why do we have to make individual suffer?

            It’s great that you republican now want a fix, but can’t come up with a plan. ACA is working, it may need to be tweaked, but it is a GOOD start.

            Pay now or pay later, but we all will pay. Again what is the republican solution: Dismantle ACA, even though it is helping millions of people. With NO alternative, but to continue the high cost of insurance and medicine.

          22. Jeff March 24, 2015

            I didn’t ask why someone should be insured. I asked why is “getting insured” an absolute requirement for obtaining healthcare. I can use examples just as well to explain. I have a friend who is a small business owner, sole-proprietor. He’s near 50 and maintains a healthy lifestyle. He worked this business for 20+ years and has a fair amount of money saved up for the possibility of a major medical event.

            Why should he be required to now spend $300+ per month for a minimum Bronze coverage plan, instead of investing that amount in his own medical nest egg. Or else, why should he throw away money in the form of a “mandate tax” for choosing to self-insure… just so he is partly expected to fill the till that will help “your friend” continue treatments, when he’s ALREADY paying a Medicare tax?

            I’m not deeply opposed to a national means of comprehensive health care. But I DO NOT support the horrible set of laws that defines the ACA. The mandate must be eliminated completely before I even consider rating the ACA in a range between good or bad.

            It’s NOT the Republican’s job to come up with an alternative to ACA. The Constitution does not require the Federal government to provide healthcare solutions, but it does allow the Federal government to tax its citizens. The hanging thread keeping the ACA in existence today is not because it as a good start or a good plan for healthcare, but because it was ruled a “tax” by SCOTUS Therefore, dismantling the ACA is a viable alternative if the Republicans want to do so, because it eliminates one of the many Federal taxes in the process.

          23. Armond June 8, 2015

            Jeff…what is that better way…because it seems the republicans themselves have yet to find it

          24. Jeff June 9, 2015

            Wait… weren’t YOU the one that pointed out the Obamacare plan was based on a Republican plan?

            It seems you have a problem. You must now find a way to reconcile your beliefs that not only do the Republicans have yet to find a “better way”, but that they already came up with ALMOST everything in the current plan.

            If the Democrats didn’t bastardize the original Republican plan, perhaps there would be no argument about it.

          25. Armond June 19, 2015

            oh no….the original plan called for the “individual mandate”…so now where is your argument

            oh my bad…seems maybe you like to argue with yourself

            but then Jeff that is the issue…adopt your plan…you cry…because you never really wanted universal health care in the first place

            wonder what side you were on…when they first argued over free public education for all Americans…not for just the children of rich folks

            but then you already know…the Heritage Foundation Health Plan adopted by Obama…so republicans wouldn’t have reason to complain

            believe Lincoln made the same mistake…trying to be polite to the south…but then the complained anyway…laid waste to their own backyard…destroyed their own economy…which took over 100 years to recover from…and then and only then…with economic support and investment (called welfare in the real world) was the south was finally able to rebuild…with help from the Johnson War on Poverty

            so lets talk republican health plans…like the one in Massachusetts…or do you also want to complain about that one

          26. Jeff June 22, 2015

            Are you referring to the Chafee bill that included the individual mandate?

            “Adopt my plan”, you say… Haven’t you figured it out by now? I don’t subscribe to any idea of a national healthcare plan. The government should stay out of providing healthcare. They can continue to regulate it like any other industry, but should not be in control of it.

            The “adopted” Heritage Foundation plan that’s being called ACA today is not the same as the actual Heritage Foundation plan, It has been fundamentally altered to make it different. The key elements involved catastrophic coverage, levels of regulation, employer insurance options, and the disposition of Medicare. More than enough changes to make it different.

            As for any “mandate” portion of the Heritage Foundation plans, keep in mind that those plans never made it past a vote. Mandates were rejected back then in the same way they are being rejected today.

            As for my opinion on public education… perhaps you should answer that question yourself. You already believe you know how I think.

          27. Armond June 23, 2015

            Jeff…what part of the Federal Government was already paying for 30% of all health care in America…prior to ObamaCare…do you fail to understand

            what part of…this was directed to save the government money on many fronts can’t you seem to have the ability to add

            or is it that deep deep fear…that your rights are being tread upon

            remains me of what some people said…when seatbelts became mandatory

            this is not a menu choice item dude…just one simple fact

            so stop smoking the kool-aid dude…and for once become…a truly informed American

            or do you still think…we should send in the Calvary after them damn Indians

          28. Chris Crosse March 24, 2015

            I agree Jeff. We should have enacted single payer right off the bat. The individual mandate was a direct result of the successful lobbying by the US Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the insurance companies, big pharma, and the hospital associations. Look it up. Educate yourself.

          29. idamag March 24, 2015

            Yes, but as you could see, there had to be some compromising. In order to perfect something, we need something to perfect. Single payer works great. We have the proof in Medicare. That is we have the proof in Medicare for the present. They are working on getting rid of that, also.

          30. Jeff March 24, 2015

            I’ve “looked up” and educated myself years ago on this, and I still stand by the believe that a single payer system is not the answer.

            Medicare and VA are both single payer systems. All Medicare does is increase the taxes I pay, and yet it’s still not do enough to substantially treat those enrolled because it’s being mismanaged. I also don’t believe the public should be punished with increased Medicare taxes to fix it.

            The media as of late offers all sorts of dark truths to VA care and its mismanagement. More proof that single payer is problematic.

          31. Chris Crosse March 24, 2015

            Two things….1. Belief is one thing…knowing is another. For instance…I don’t believe unemployment is consistantly lower under Democratic administrations…I know it. 2. Medicare consistently has the highest satisfaction rating by its customers than any government program. I don’t believe this, I know it. The beliefs you profess here are inconsistent with the facts.

          32. bobnstuff March 24, 2015

            Medicare has a much lower administration cost then private insurance and is more efficient. The only way private companies cost less is when the give less. We pay more then any other industrialized nation for health care and have one of the worst systems. I have had to deal with both Medicare and Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I will take Medicare any day of the week.

          33. Jeff March 24, 2015

            You be sure to thank each and every wage earning taxpayer for that Medicare benefit.

          34. bobnstuff March 24, 2015

            I’ve been paying in just like everyone else has so I have no problem getting back some. I have been working since I was 14 and paying taxes. I have started four business’s and created jobs for people. I have done my giving and now it’s time to get a little of it back. Do you have a problem with that?

          35. Jeff March 24, 2015

            Why would I have a problem with that? You have every right to reconcile your beliefs any way you see fit.

            On the same note, as a taxpayer forcibly contributing to the system, I have every right to express my displeasure with the system.

            The difference is, I take more pride and pleasure reaping what I sow on my own accord, rather than demanding my share by virtue of compulsory contribution.

          36. robertblair3174 March 24, 2015

            HOW patriotic of you. Taxes are the price of admission to a civilized society.

          37. Jeff March 24, 2015

            Taxes to run a governing body, I have no great issue with, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

            Being taxed to contribute to a system of public welfare is where I have a problem. In a “civilized society”, the relationship between citizens and society should not be coerced. “Civilized people” will give of their own volition to those in need.

          38. robertblair3174 March 24, 2015

            Maybe you should look at Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland… Much higher “Customer Satisfaction” ratings with their governments than what we have here in the US in spite of much higher effective tax rates. Call it “Socialism” if you want, but the PURPOSE of government is to enforce the social contract, and provide for the common good.

          39. Jeff March 25, 2015

            An underlying philosophy of the social contract is individual rights. Mandatory participation (with implicit consequences) in a health care program of any type goes against that basic tenet. Health care is not an enumerated right.

          40. robertblair3174 March 25, 2015

            Health care (as such) was not even a concept in the 1700s. How could the founding fathers have included it in a list of “Enumerated Rights”? Do you support government accessing your email, phone calls, photos on your computer/cell phone, etc. because the Constitution didn’t specify electronic media in the 4th Amendment? (Persons, papers, and possessions…) Things change. Let’s try this. If you could get a Medicare type of coverage for about HALF the cost of your current health insurance, would you sign up for it?

          41. Jeff March 25, 2015

            The 4th Amendment example is a poor comparison since it affects individual liberty, not individual health. It incorporates the term “(personal) effects”, which by definition, applies to anything an individual owns, regardless of its technological capacity.

            The government does not carry an enumerated responsibility for keeping its citizens healthy, only an idealistic responsibility, in which it has very limited powers to administer.

            As far as Medicare is concerned, if my insurance plan and costs are a better value than any Medicare type coverage, can I stop having Medicare taxes deducted from my paycheck?

          42. bobnstuff March 24, 2015

            I take a great deal of pride in what I have done with my life and I look at taxes as an investment in my country. I also have no problem getting a return in that investment.
            People who hate taxes should stop and think what the world would be with out he services that those taxes pay for. Taxes are a bargain. I sat down and thought about it and I figure I’ve paid around $500,000 in taxes in my life. I think that is also something to be proud of. If you don’t like paying taxes stop taking part in the society they help support. If you do no business with others you will pay no taxes. If you buy nothing sell nothing and use no services you are free but dropping out of society is the only way to be truly free of the obligation of taxes.

          43. Jeff March 25, 2015

            I don’t understand how you derived that I completely object to paying any kind of taxes, when it’s so blatantly obvious that the topic is focused on Medicare and health care.

            I have no problem with taxes expected from me to operate a (minimal) government required to enforce the Constitution. I firmly believe it should be a flat tax, but as a taxpayer, I reserve the right to voice my opinion over them anyway.

            It’s the spectrum of welfare related taxes I have problem with. And for me to accept taxes earmarked for welfare programs, you’d have to convince me that the US Government is obligated to provide for those services.

          44. bobnstuff March 25, 2015

            I fear you don’t understand just what welfare is and what it does. You seem to believe it’s for lazy people who just don’t want to work. Most aid go to the working poor, you see
            them every day. They serve you your food and stock the shelves. Some work two and three jobs but don’t have the skills or ability to make a living wage. Some are mentally ill and even though they want to work they can’t. A lot goes to children. Yes there are some people that game the system but not as many as people believe. No one gets rich on welfare. The thing I find funny is people complain about
            welfare cheats then the cut staffing who’s job it is to stop it and cut funding for the services that try to get people of of it. One other place we spend money on welfare, the family of or solders, If you have a family of four you will be able to get food stamps until you become a captain. We spend money on equipment not on the people that put their life on the line. You like to educate yourself, Check out how many food stamps the commissary take in every year. Also do the math on living on $8 per hour. Remember 10% to 20% is taken out for taxes. Next you are going to say get a skill that pays more. The average wage is $24 per hour or just under $50,000 per year, take $10,000 for taxes then see if you could live on it. You can but you had better be luck that nothing goes wrong, don’t get sick. We give out more corporate welfare out then money to families. So next time you go to Walmart thank the person who checks you out because they are poor so you can have those low prices.

          45. Jeff March 25, 2015

            All that, and you did not address the topic asking if the US Government is obligated to provide welfare services.

            That aside, I’ll agree to the use of welfare to provide for the unfortunate situation where a physical or mental incapacity prevents someone from working. But there will most certainly be an argument as to what defines a threshold of “incapacity.”

            However, welfare services should not be offered as a solution to compensate for a disparity between an actual wage and a living wage. When an economy is burdened by such a situation, then the machine of that economy needs to be fixed. Directly deducting “welfare taxes” from wage earners so that it can be used to compensate others not meeting an arbitrarily defined living wage is impractical because it doesn’t address the underlying problem.

            What is the best solution… I really don’t know. But I’m educated enough to understand that the entire country is so polarized on too many pointless issues about entitlement and benefits to actually identify and fix the real problem, the economy. The way our bad economy wastes money through the disbursement of welfare supplements is not unlike the way a failing engine wastes oil. Our tax money is the oil the government uses to fix the economics of a living wage. But like a bad mechanic, the government just pours more “oil” into that economy instead of dismantling the engine and fixing the root cause because it’s so much easier to simply continue to tax people for more of that needed oil.

          46. robertblair3174 March 24, 2015

            If they gave Medicare to everyone, and took insurance companies out of the loop completely, the tax increase it would take to pay for it would be FAR less than the price of the insurance you’re paying now.
            Does the VA have problems? Yup, sure does. Most of them are fixable, if Congress (Republicans) would provide the necessary funding.

          47. idamag March 24, 2015

            The ACA is only bad because it was Obama’s Administration that passed it,. It was fine in Massachusetts, but their prejudices cannot see that.

          48. jmprint March 24, 2015

            It has to be universal in order to protect the cost, service and the people. If the republicans don’t force people then why are they imposing such restrictions on women?

          49. Jeff March 24, 2015

            “Universal” doesn’t protect costs. “Universal” in this case just promotes socialism.

            What restrictions are they imposing on women? Or is this discussion going to devolve into a argument over abortion rights?

          50. Jeff June 9, 2015

            I don’t answer for Republicans. I’m a centrist. That give me freedom to question and rationalize your left wing views and the Republican right wing views. If you want me to believe that universal healthcare protects costs, then tell me where you found the proof.

          51. Armond June 8, 2015

            the government forced people who could afford it…to pay their own way

            the government forced people who could not afford it…to have government supported health care…because even police chiefs and jail and prison wardens…now acknowledge that 20% of their criminal population are people with mental illness and drug and alcohol addictions…that are better treated in the health care arena…early…before their challenges become social problems

            prior to ObamaCare…the Federal Government already paid over 30% of all health cost in the US…at a decades long average yearly increase of over 8%

            over the last 3 years…that increase has been less than 4%

            funny remember when the government forced people…to wear seatbelts…what a cry of government overreach into the lives’ of free American citizens

            sorry you missed American history…before 2009

            wonder why your sudden concern after 2009

          52. Jeff June 9, 2015

            Do you even read what you rant? You certainly don’t provide proof of your statistics.

            Do you really want to convince me… then PROVE your points for once!

          53. Armond June 19, 2015

            google…do your own work…then and only then…might you believe it

            as the last man standing for the Flat Earth Society…the only proof you need that the world is round…is for you…to get out and travel

            but then if you continue to play with your own beliefs in the corner…sadly for you…that world you chose…will remain flat

            while the rest of us live in a world with a little more curve than you are capable of acknowledging

          54. Jeff June 22, 2015

            No. I will not prove YOUR point for you. YOU made a claim to fact. YOU continuously fail to provide proof when those facts are questioned.

            Who are YOU to say I am not wise to the world? I know more than enough to realize that you continue to spew the same thoughtless, pseudo-Socratic drivel, all the while patting yourself on the back for your “enlightenment.” You obviously support some sort claim to fact, but are unwilling (or unable) to defend it.

            Good day to you, sir. I had fun. But I spent too much time waiting for any facts from you which will support your argument. I have to get back to my productive and meaningful life. Perhaps, someday, I will come back to read any response you may post. I have no doubt that you will want to get the last word in, absent any of the proof I have requested. I sure hope I’m not going to be disappointed if I do return to read such a response and will actually find some real proof waiting for me to consider.

          55. Armond June 22, 2015

            “good day to you sir”…often comes when someone has lost at playing their own game…hope you take your toys as well

            the only proof lacking…is your ability to think as a thoughtful American…which is a shame…given your only obstacle…is your ability to listen and learn for a change

        2. idamag March 24, 2015

          It is the consumer that sustains the businesses. The law of supply is demand and if we have no demand, they have no business.

        3. EXFED4 April 10, 2015

          Where do you think those consumers get their money? Everybody doesn’t get a government check and those that don’t, usually work for some corporation or small business.

      2. jmprint March 24, 2015

        Wrong, it’s the employees, you can’t have a company without employees.

      3. Armond June 8, 2015

        you mean a country who’s real problem…is that 50% of the population and most of the businesses fail to pay their taxes

        is that the Greece your talking about…were you focus on them not being able to pay their bills…instead of on those citizens who refuse to pay their fair share…which they consider to be a Nation right

        if that is your question…then understand Reagan did that for the US…back in 1980
        so it is a little late to complain about the US turning into Greece…as we have been there for a long time…and it all revolves around what level of tax is best to support and prime the economy

        certainly Eisenhower thought he had the right mix…the last Republican President with a balanced economy

        Reagan thought he had the right mix…and the result of his mix are the results we struggle to understand and correct today

    2. kenndeb March 23, 2015

      More BS from a catlady

      1. Daniel Jones March 23, 2015


        1. kenndeb March 23, 2015


          1. BillP March 23, 2015

            you ignore because you are ignorant.

          2. idamag March 24, 2015

            And he’she is prow ud uv it.

      2. Insinnergy March 23, 2015

        You’re correct… it is a Brilliant Summary.

      3. Armond June 8, 2015

        as opposed to your BS…MS…and PHD

        she made a good argument…to which you are unable to respond intelligently

  4. TMZ1928 March 23, 2015

    There is no way you can use the words Obama and success in the same sentence unless you are talking about his efforts to divide Americans along racial lines, war on the cops, war on successful people, war on the middle class, war on Christians and Jews, war on Israel, and war on business. The only success he can claim is adhering to the Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky principles.

    1. MichelleRose3 March 23, 2015

      Keep repeating that. Perhaps someday your fantasies will come true but I suspect that they will be accompanied by the sound of angel wings as you are transported to Conservative Heaven where all are nice and white.

    2. RobertCHastings March 23, 2015

      Try examining the claims you have made in the light of cold, hard reality. There is only one conclusion an intelligent person can come to, and that is that you are some kind of stupid. The division of America along racial lines did NOT begin with this president, moron, and, unfortunately, it will not END with him, either. War on successful people? Maybe you don’t read Fortune, but there are more billionaires in the US than EVER before. War on the middle-class – WTF is THAT all about, his entire presidency has been to support and build a successful and expanding middle class. War on business? Really? So, apparently, based upon your analysis, the business community has collapsed, like it did under (Republican) Presidents Hoover and George W. Bush. War on Christians and Jews – you have been smoking some of Bill O’Reilly’s droppings. War on Israel – Obama has (and IS) doing more than his predecessor to bring stability and peace to the region, in spite of the efforts by Congressional Republicans and Netanyahu to sabotage him. MANY Americans are committed to a democracy in which ALL people are treated with justice and respect and dignity, but you folks don’t seem to get that part of “United”, do you?

    3. jmprint March 23, 2015

      You know darn well the Tea-Party takes the cake for all efforts in dividing Americans, from abortion to guns to racial profiling.

      There is no war on cops, there are SOME that like to shoot and then ask questions.

      There is no war on successful people, but they shouldn’t be getting ALL the tax breaks. and then have the middle class and poor offset the fringe benefit.

      There is NO WAR on any religion, only the cults that want to convert our world to their thinking.

      Are you not enjoying the recovery at least one bit? Are you not insured?

    4. Teri Hawkey Silvey March 23, 2015

      Please provide any facts that you think you have to prove your baseless assertions. This looks like a boilerplate cut and paste from some wingnut website.

    5. kenndeb March 23, 2015

      Liberals are sheeple.

      1. Sand_Cat March 23, 2015


      2. drdroad March 23, 2015

        Extremely intelligent reply.

      3. Carolyn1520 March 23, 2015
      4. Insinnergy March 23, 2015

        Awww… mama’s basement not providing enough stimulation?

      5. JPHALL March 23, 2015

        I see you are back with the same stupid comments. I thought that you had gone and got an education and gave up on the nonsense you have been spouting for years.

        1. kenndeb March 24, 2015

          I see you still have not developed enough of a brain to see just how many lies you are being told by our tyrant.

        2. idamag March 24, 2015

          You can tell a double digit I.Q. by name calling instead of verifiable facts. They will never get smarter as their biases are a wall against learning.

      6. jmprint March 24, 2015

        And you are a sheeple’s dump on a rock.

    6. Sand_Cat March 23, 2015

      You morons are the ones dividing the country along pretty much ALL lines, especially racial lines, because – despite all your heated denials, huffing, puffing, and projection, an awful lot of you are still racist bigots to the core. I love how you blame all the things your people in Congress have done on HIM.
      Just another lying hypocrite, like most of the trolls here.

      1. mike March 23, 2015

        No, the right is not causing the racial division.
        From Boston and “Cops acting stupidly” to Ferguson “Hands up, don’t shoot” Obama and Holder and you on the left have been the real problem. 95% on the right dislike his policies but the response from day one from the left has been racism at even the slightest criticism of the administration. It is his policies.
        As to the article, which everyone is ignoring on this thread, is the fact the Stock Market has nothing to do with Obama and all to do with the Federal Reserve, an independent body, with keep interest rates at almost zero, because the economy is so fragile.
        As to jobs, yes they are getting better, the greatest percentage are low paying, part time. What is missing in the article is the fact the American people are not feeling this euphoria as described in the article.
        As to Obamacare, there are a number of articles saying that the enrollment is way less than 16 million, that when compared to 2008 and before the meltdown the uninsured now are almost the same percentage-14% early 2008 vs 2013 and 13.4. What the article doesn’t say is the additional 1.7 trillion in spending over the next decade.
        As to diplomacy, we will wait and see. If Obama thinks he can do a deal with the Shia’s at the expense of the Sunni’s he has another thing coming.

        1. Chris Crosse March 24, 2015

          As the author states….Republicans can’t agree to the successes (documented facts by the way) or they wouldn’t be able to justify their existence.

          1. mike March 24, 2015

            It’s not what the Republican agree or disagree, it is how the American people just don’t feel the so called successes. They aren’t feeling it and that shows in the polls.
            Keep drinking the Kooll-Aid because we can justify our existence far more than the left.
            What you couldn’t or wouldn’t address is the fact Stock Market has nothing to do with Obama-so that’s one less success.
            The job market is coming back but the full time jobs are still behind 2008 numbers, are lower paying. Part time jobs are higher than 2008. So this big success 6 years after the recession was over just doesn’t hold up. Slowest recovery ever, What the article doesn’t tell is the number of people that have just quit looking for a job.
            If Obamacare is such a great success then why are hospitals closing, why aren’t there twice as many signing up, why are deductibles and out pocket rising causing people to delay service because of the costs, and where is the $2400.00 savings every year. Yes, it has been good for some at the expense of others. Where are all the young people who are the backbone of making it work. You know redistribution of wealth.
            Basically, the article was a fluff piece for the left. Not based on reality.

          2. jmprint March 24, 2015

            No it is not ALL the American People, just the TEA Party idiots that feel the way you do. Where was the stock market when Bushy was in the WH, where was unemployment, where was the confidence. Remember when we were spiraling out of control? Things just don’t move the upward direction, because of the wind. It takes actions, and that’s what President Obama did, he took action. You do not live in reality, you live in denial.

          3. mike March 24, 2015

            No, it is not just the Tea party but many independents and even some democrats with a brain.
            As to Stock Market, it didn’t happen under Bush because the Federal Reserve didn’t feel economy needed the help, like the need to save the economy under Obama. Federal Reserve has printed money and kept low interest rates to help protect the very fragile economy.
            Obama didn’t do squat!! He prolonged the meltdown with more regulations, higher taxes, and spending.



            The only action that Obama did was income redistribution for the bottom 15% and the heck with growth. The next decade will see the same slow growth caused by Obama policies, claims CBO.


          4. jmprint March 26, 2015

            A good leader will accomplish and turn a bad thing in a different direction. We are still going in an upward direction. President Obama has done that.

          5. mike March 26, 2015

            Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Numbnuts!!! LMAO!!

          6. Chris Crosse March 24, 2015

            You my friend are either a paid shill or just a bad joke. It’s got to be one of the two. Literally….you are proving the author of this article right. What…you mean Obama hasn’t solved all of the problems left by the previous administration?! Only most of them?! Well then he’s a failure!!!
            And, hospitals that were scamming to stay in business should close. This is a good thing. I don’t know a single doctor from my golf club that isn’t all for what’s happening in health care right now. In fact the only people that I’ve seen against it are the ones who have a health care related business and now have to change their business models because the old one is blown up by this legislation. Again…that’s a good thing.
            You can reply as much as you’d like but its not going to change the facts. We’re the healthiest economy on the planet. If anything our dollar is too strong. Other countries are literally paying us to buy and hold our debt at this point in time. And the Republicans, if we are to judge them by the bills they bring to the floor upon taking control of the House and the Senate, are really interested in banning abortion and removing any limits on individual campaign contributions. Look it up wise guy. Doesn’t sound so American to me. Perhaps you see it differently.

          7. mike March 24, 2015

            You my friend are one delusional leftie.
            Here are the facts about the meltdown. Learn something for once.


            Healthiest economy on earth, which isn’t saying much, it is still very fragile.


            Keep trying left wing nutcake.

          8. jmprint March 26, 2015

            That Kooll-Aid line is really, really old parroting. Have your puppet masters give you a new line, and don’t use the one where you say Obama is destroying our constitution, that is getting old also.

          9. mike March 26, 2015

            The oldest and most worthless line on the left is any criticism of Obama is racist. The 99.9% of the criticism is about his policies not the color of his skin.

        2. jmprint March 26, 2015

          Hey enough is enough, people are tired of being hated on. When something is as obvious as the racism that was instilled in the Ferguson police and you have the gull to complain about people standing up for their rights, that in itself shows you to be racist.

          1. mike March 26, 2015

            And you’re an idiot with racists views.

          2. jmprint March 26, 2015

            You’re the idiot. I’m not a racist, nor have racist views, but I can smell one a mile away.

          3. mike March 26, 2015

            Really??? LMAO!!!!!

    7. Daniel Jones March 23, 2015

      So, you’re saying he’s the Republican Party?

      1. hicusdicus March 23, 2015

        Wow! that comment was so… so…. so…..Buffoonish.

    8. Insinnergy March 23, 2015

      Funny… but eye-wateringly inaccurate given the GOP is relying almost solely on the racist Christian white guy vote. And they know it. And they pander to it endlessly. Just ask “Calf muscles like Cantaloupes” King. Or the “Post Racism” GOP Supremes. Or your base: Represented perfectly by Cliven Bundy.

      I can’t believe you have the gall to suggest Obama started a war on cops when it’s been abundantly shown that there already existed a relentless, hypocritical, unethical and unconstitutional targeting of ethnic minorities, especially African Americans, for everything from revenue generation, to searches, to prison populations, to “murder by cop”. While at the same time contrasting news stories of drunk, armed raging white guys being treated with kid gloves as they were obviously “just a bit upset”.

      May I suggest returning to High School… or not drinking as much… because if this pap is what you actually believe, then I’m sad for the intellectual standards of America.

      1. idamag March 24, 2015

        And if those people, in Ferguson, had kept their eyes down and said, “yassir.” and only spoke when spoken to, this obvious racial abuse was just escalate.

    9. debzp March 24, 2015

      In a clear case of projection, it is YOU and YOUR party who seek to divide America along racial lines,war on the poor, war on the middle class, war on non-christians,war on Palestine (or any of a number of dark-skinned people) war on labor. Your only allegiance is as a boot-licker for the Koch brothers and thier ilk who only use you as pawns in their insatiable quest to horde wealth. Shame on you!

  5. Canistercook March 23, 2015

    A strong or a weak economy unfortunately does not depend on who is President although how much laws impedes success does. Unfortunately we are in another BULL session in some areas and like in 2008 it could collapse any time. But like blaming Bush for the 2008 crash we should not laud Obama for the current successes either.

    1. Sand_Cat March 23, 2015

      You only say that when there’s a bad economy run by a GOP president. As usual, no honesty.

      1. Insinnergy March 23, 2015

        Plus the actual facts show GOP Presidents are the worst. I don’t think I even need to qualify that. Just the worst.

      2. booker25 March 24, 2015

        Every bad economy is run by the GOP and every clean up is done by the DEM

    2. Daniel Jones March 23, 2015

      I DO blame Bush for the crash and I DO laud Obama for the recovery.

      1. hicusdicus March 23, 2015

        Who do you blame for old age? I am sure you must have someone in mind. Like who you blame has any relevance to anything.

      2. mike March 23, 2015

        What a load of manure!!!
        For once get your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine.


    3. jmprint March 23, 2015

      So why do the republicans keep asking where are the jobs, when unemployment is so low. And why do republicans keep saying that our economy is so bad, when in fact it is recovering on a daily basis.

      1. Daniel Jones March 23, 2015

        Because they can’t stand anyone succeeding, they want failures to moan about in between pleas for taxes from all the poor and only the poor so their sponsors will keep paying them!

      2. booker25 March 24, 2015

        Because the weaker of the house has to say something even if it is stupid.

      3. TotallyPeeved March 24, 2015


        1. jmprint March 25, 2015

          There are Now Hiring signs everywhere, where are the people that need jobs?

      4. Thomas L. Dobbins March 25, 2015

        Unemployment isn’t low. Unemployment % is manipulated to look low by leaving out the long term unemployed, discouraged, etc…

        According to the Bureau of Labor there are 92,898,000 working age people unemployed, highest number ever. When Obama took office there were 80,529,000.

        Labor force participation rate is 59.3%, lowest since July 1978.


        1. jmprint March 25, 2015

          Don’t be silly it is at the lowest point in a very long time, you are not taking the growth and aging into workforce since 1978.

          1. Thomas L. Dobbins March 25, 2015

            The stat I quoted was for “working age people unemployed”, which was figured exactly the same way in 1978 as it is now…

        2. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

          Dobbins, you are simple and a liar.
          America has a population of less than 330 million.
          Well over fifty million are under 18.
          An equal number are retired.
          Now, you are claiming that HALF of the available workforce is unemployed!
          TeaBagger web sites may claim that made up numbers are fact, but that doesn’t make them fact.
          If you can’t comprehend BLS statistics, don’t pretend you are quoting them.
          93 million unemployed out of a total of 330 million, that is one-third of the overall population.

          1. NostraThomas March 28, 2015

            LOL, I quoted President Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The current
            Commissioner of Labor Statistics is Erica Groshen – nominated by Prez
            Obama, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on January 2, 2013 and sworn in
            as the 14th Commissioner of Labor Statistics on January 29,
            2013…Complain to her.

            This is a category where BLS dumps
            long term Discouraged Workers…so, like I said, if there were so many
            new jobs created, then why did this number go up dramatically?

    4. Insinnergy March 23, 2015

      That’s right… because the instant there’s even one new regulation all the business owners just throw up their hands and give up and walk out of their businesses. Muppet.
      Your calculations don’t appear to include pulling the USA into multiple extremely expensive wars as a “cause” of the GWB disaster… for which he and Cheney are directly responsible for (that’s what being president and vice president means).
      Plus Wall Street DEREGULATION is the exact definition of removing “laws that impede success” and that removing of laws led directly and obviously to the largest financial disaster in recent history.
      The stimulus and walking back the crap that GWB pulled are things Obama is responsible for (that’s what being president means). Yes they have resulted in good things. Is he responsible for ALL the good things that happened? No. It helped that oil prices came down.
      In GWBs presidency… no matter what else happened in the world it would still have been a disaster of greater or lesser proportions.
      In Obama’s presidency… even if the other good things hadn’t happened around the world, the US would still have come out of it better off to a greater or lesser extent.

      1. idamag March 24, 2015

        That racist never says anything about the convicted war criminals.

  6. darkagesbegin March 23, 2015

    and just think how much better off America would be right now if the President had even a little cooperation instead of sabotage. at the least we would have saved millions in repeal votes alone. and countless other millions would have been saved on witch hunts

  7. JacksonHts March 23, 2015

    And you forgot to mention humiliating Donald Trump AND having Osama Bin Laden taken care of in the same night.

    1. booker25 March 24, 2015


  8. Godzilla March 23, 2015

    There are many, many jokes about President Obama, though you wouldnt know it by the relative and admitted silence of several well-known comedians. Though these folks lack the courage to include the president in their material, thankfully not everyone is afraid of their own shadow.

    Bob: Did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?,

    > Jim: You mean the Mexican gun running?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: You mean SEAL Team 6?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: You mean voter fraud?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: You mean the military not getting their votes counted?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: You mean the of drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million and right after it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: You mean the president arming the Muslim Brotherhood?

    > Bob: No the other one:.

    > Jim: The IRS targeting conservatives?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: The DOJ spying on the press?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: The presidents ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: The presidents threat to impose gun control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: The presidents repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: The presidents unconstitutional recess appointments in an attempt to circumvent the Senates advise-and-consent role?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    Jim: The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?

    > Bob: No, the other one.

    > Jim: I give up! Oh wait, I think I got it! You mean that 65 million low-information voters who dont pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers and stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?

    > Bob: THATS THE ONE!

      1. mike March 23, 2015

        Well Well Well!!! Talking about left wing Hollywood types. Typical of the left coast! Some know how to act most act like dummies.

        1. Carolyn1520 March 24, 2015

          Do you type just for the sake of it?

          1. mike March 24, 2015

            Just responding to your honest video showing how the Hollywood left can’t act or think!!!

          2. Carolyn1520 March 24, 2015

            As usual you miss the point which was the message.

          3. mike March 24, 2015

            No, just took your stupid video and turned it on the left and your lack of honesty, logic, and ability to give an articulate response, etc.. Which is nothing new for the left.
            Stupid video for your stupid attempt to response.

          4. Carolyn1520 March 24, 2015

            There’s no point in wasting an intelligent or articulate response on your ilk.
            Your inane responses to comments not even directed at you are nothing more than cries for attention.
            There you got it.

          5. mike March 24, 2015

            AS usual, you have said nothing again. Where’s the video??

            ROFLMAO!!!! AGAIN!!

          6. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

            …. and the Hollywood right has Academy material. Chuck Norris and Jon Voight.

          7. mike March 27, 2015

            And the 99.9% are real geniuses, Right??? LMAO!!
            Jon Voight has an Academy Award and at least 4 nominations. Now that is real acting. Not this pseud intellectual crap from the progressives of Hollywood.

    1. Insinnergy March 23, 2015

      Amusing… but try the same sort of list for GWB or Reagan, and become enlightened. (Hint: You may want to include the number of Americans killed against each item on their lists)

      1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

        Let us consider those 241 Marines killed in the Lebanon barracks which caused Reagan to run like a small child face to face with a spider.

    2. EriktheRed March 23, 2015

      Idiot wingnut: You mean the huge, horrible thing which turned out to be a nothingburger?

      Other idiot wingnut: No, the other one.

      Idiot wingnut: Oh, the one which turned out to be a nothingburger with nothingsauce and a side of nothingfries?

      Other idiot wingnut: No, the other one.

      Idiot wingnut: Ah, you must mean the one which turned out to be so based on made-up crap that it doesn’t even qualify as a nothingburger.

      Other idiot wingnut: Uh, no, not that one.

      Idiot wingnut: Well then, could it be the one where he pissed us all off for daring to be elected twice to the WH as a Democrat?

      Other idiot wingnut: THAT’S THE ONE!

    3. robertbenefiel@att.net March 23, 2015

      After I read the above list, I realized that the Republicans really do not have anything on Obama. I believe I could make a more convincing list against Mother Theresa or Pope Francis.
      Does anyone want me to make a list about George W.?
      Let see attacked the wrong country and imposed no war taxes and put the country on a deficit budget. Oh hell, what Is the point?

      1. idamag March 24, 2015

        How about a list from: “How Many Republicans Does It Take To Change a Light bulb?”

        One to say it doesn’t need changing.
        One to say it was Obama’s fault it burned out.
        Several to agree it was Obama’s fault.
        One to say, ‘Drop a bomb somewhere that will fix it.
        One to ask for boots on the ground to fix it.
        One to take a bribe to fix it.
        One to say it is a second amendment right to use a gun to fix it.
        One to say a Socialist caused the problem.
        One to look in the Bible for the answer to fix it.
        One to call for impeaching the President for letting the light bulb burn out.
        One to call for suing the President for letting the light bulb burn out.
        One to hold a hearing to see if the President was guilty of letting the light bulb burn out.
        One to deny funding for a new light bulb.
        One to say he saw Obama make a secret symbol that caused the light bulb to burn out.
        One to say the Muslims burned it out.
        One to say the illegals burned it out.
        One to say, “We got along fine with candles when the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution. We should go back to those days.
        One to agree with the above saying that we should not have looked for alternative energy to light buildings.
        One to try and make all light bulbs one-term light bulbs.
        Several to vote “no” on changing the light bulb as it might make Obama look good.
        One to claim it was the President’s incompetence that caused the light bulb to burn out.
        One to shake their finger in the President’s face for letting the light bulb burn out.
        One to invite foreign leaders to address Congress about light bulbs burning out.
        One to take it to the supreme court.
        One to deregulate rules for changing light bulbs.
        One to take light bulb manufacturing overseas. Labor at 83 cents an hour will produce cheaper light bulbs,
        One to send all requests for light bulb changing to India and let India send them back.
        One to privatize all maintenance departments.
        One to shut down the government so Obama can’t order it changed.

      2. Pilgrim22 March 24, 2015

        Why? Is W in office again? Get over it, you had that chance 6 years ago…oh wait, the left did nothing but critize and make fun of him for 8 years. Even went to far as to post many pictures comparing him to a monkey. But that was okay, because he was a white man, and everyone knows white men have ruined the world.

        1. jmprint March 26, 2015

          And you guys cry about being called racist.

          1. Pilgrim22 March 26, 2015

            And I made a racist remark how?

        2. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

          Very, very defensive little man.
          Your lies are very weak.
          Democrats supported President Bush in his dealings with foreign governments.
          47 Republicans supported the radical right-wing Ayatollahs in trying to torpedo nuclear arms talks.

          All TeaBaggers are not racists,
          But all racists are TeaBaggers.

          Republican politicians all over the country have posted racist images of our President & First Lady.
          Denial makes you a sad, sick joke.

    4. debzp March 24, 2015

      With no appreciation for irony..every one of these “scandals” turned out to be manufactured, baseless nonsense, Ginned up by the haters at Faux News and their paymasters.
      Looks like the joke is on you!

      1. TotallyPeeved March 24, 2015

        You are insane.

        1. jmprint March 26, 2015

          And the dems do all the name calling.

          1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

            Whine Whine little child.

          2. jmprint March 27, 2015

            It was a rhetorical response to a TotallyPeeved whiner.

  9. stcroixcarp March 23, 2015

    The trolls are out and agitated by this article.

    1. idamag March 24, 2015

      Oh, yes. they would be.

  10. Whatmeworry March 23, 2015

    I had to go back and make sure that this wasn’t a joke.
    > let diplomacy work seriously everything Barak has touched has been a disaster. Not a single achievement. At least with W countries may not of like us but they knew better than to mess with us.
    > shrink the deficit ” Is he serious” $10T in 6 years more than all the previous presidents combined. What did we get for all the spending? Better schools, better roads, stronger military?? all we got was an IOU.
    > as for green energy the Chinese thank us for all the business

    1. jamesowens March 24, 2015

      you are either blatantly lying or badly misinformed . the economy is well on its way to recovering from the crash that bush /cheney orchestrated- the stock market is higher than pre crash days- manufacturing is pre bush levels -job more now than bush era – were you getting your false facts bs orielly

      1. Whatmeworry March 24, 2015

        $10T in new debt = $150,000 that every newborn has to payback, in another it would be called indenture servitude just another form of slavery

        1. jmprint March 26, 2015

          Always concerned about the newborn and unborn, but the heck with now born.

        2. jamesowens March 26, 2015

          not new debt and i even quesion your numbers reality – the president was left trillions of dollars of debt from the bush/ cheny reich as well as a totally collapsed economy America is coming back economically -job creation- manufacturing and financially despite the resistence to any and all attepts to fix it by te conservaturds .the les you quote are those preached by the loser who won admit the facts because it provs their policys and isea were wrong all along. trickle down theory makes as much sense as any sarah palin speech which is O

  11. Zack ヒロ Casey March 23, 2015

    Republicans are really making themselves look like the Elephant in the room. Maybe they should get a new mascot.

  12. Whatmeworry March 23, 2015

    I had to go back and make sure that I’m a joke.
    > let diplomacy work seriously everything Barack has touched has been successful. Many single achievemenst. At least with W countries may not of
    like us and messed with us.> shrink the
    deficit ” Is he serious” $1T in 6 years less than all the previous
    presidents combined. What we get for all the spending? Better
    schools, better roads, stronger useless military??
    > as for green energy the Chinese spank us for all the business

    1. Daniel Max Ketter March 23, 2015

      It was labor unions that built the roads and provide better schools. If not for organizing, we would be driving on dirt roads and raising retard republican kids listening to Rooosh Dumbaugh. God bless our trade unions, members and stewards, for their service to our country. Ps, wheres that link you were going to provide me??

    2. jmprint March 26, 2015

      No, we got one investigation after another. I think we should change laws to bring our jobs back home. We will never be able to compete with China’s labor laws. I would rather pay a higher price for a product made in America.

  13. 2ThinkN_Do2 March 24, 2015

    A great job market, really, for whom? Illegals, folks who want to work part-time? I work for a major company that cannot find enough candidates to fill the jobs; not because there are not people applying; they can’t pass the background check and chemical screening. Many of the people we do hire are those who would be seen as immigrants. I know many who are there because they cannot find work in their field (since they were laid off). Many are college kids going to school.

    What good is insurance if you cannot afford to pay for the care you need after the insurance portion is paid for? It’s not Affordable Healthcare, it’s the Mandatory Insurance Program and it made insurance less affordable for many too.

    I’l keep on the look out for something positive, but so far I haven’t really found anything to write home about. Oh wait, there is something; All 50 states now allow Conceal Carry, provided they’ll issue you a permit (if their state requires one, some don’t). Not that is was any act by the President that made this happen, but it did take place under his watch.

    Oh yeah, Marijuana became legal (kind of) in some states on his watch too. But again, not really anything he did to make this happen.

    1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

      Nice try – if you cannot afford to pay for your health insurance, it will be subsidized.
      Subsidizing insurance is far cheaper than people waiting until they have to use Hospital Emergency Rooms.

  14. pajamas March 24, 2015

    Wow for the love of God when is someone going to start putting source material in these articles! Really anyone who is reading this stuff start typing it into google? I am currenty in law school and my wife is an orhopedic surgeon. We are both hardline independents whom believe the right answer is almost always in the middle. Hard lining to the right or left is nearly ALWAYS STUPID. Compromise is typically the solution in every situation. I have the following issues with the above and I strongy urge everyone to look these issues up for yourself.
    1. Somewhat agree with the overall statement. You cant prove that trickle down economics does not work. You can compile tons of data but even the most educated expert cannot say that this method works and this one does not. They can say one is more likey than the other but they have not yet been able to PROVE one. The end of this comment was just a hateful and disrespectful comment. Republicans reason for existing is just to make the comfortable more comfortable. Wow Ive heard better summaries of which each party stands for from junior high kids. Yes im being hypocritical. I just did the exact same thing i.e put a degrading statement at the end of the sentence. How does it feel? For the record i do disagree with trickle down economics. We should change the tax bracket to where the highest class starts at people with more than 5 mil a year and it shoud be at 45%, in addition we shouls start closing loopholes. (this is an opinion not based o source)
    2. So many things wrong with this I cant even begin. Oh and I disagree. By shrinking the defecit he means we are losing less money everyday. I dont know what source he is using but i have never seen it. In addition saying we have poor health care “we get worse results”. Then why do the vast majority of the worlds rich fly to America to get healthcare. Why is the average wait time in America once you get to the hospital less than an hour and general admitance averaging only a week (dont just believe me people look it up for yourselves) The state run systems have to restrict your actual time with the doc to 10 minutes just so they can reduce their much longer wait times. They problem with Health insurance is health insurance itself. It provides a juicy target for attorneys because they know suing is worh it. Look at Ben Carson’s idea on the matter (world famous nerosurgeon) he says get rid of the insurance companies and start setting up savings accounts for every american. With what were spending right now on medical programs we could put 6,000 dollars in every citizens savings account a year. The only insurance out there should be catastrophic insurance (you have bills over 50k) and that should be mandatory for every citizen.
    3. I actually entirely agree but stil look up for yourselves. Saying Obama has done more than anyone on earth is a stretch. Does he spend more time on it then the person who builds windmills, what about clean energy companies who put all there assets into building clean energy machines. Its difficult to say how he is the best without stating the criteria by which you are judging him.
    4.YES YES YES to this point! Regulate the crap out of those banks. I may disagree a lot with this article but not at all with this point. Still look up info though guys. Look at what happened to the banks in 2008. It was just all out corruption! Those banks need to be regulated!
    5. Also agree with this point. Diplomacy shoud always be our first choice. This is almost always an opinion, but my opinion is human life should always be the thing we want to protect the most. Its funny how Republicans are always the first to blow the war horn but democrats are all up for letting the irresponsible woman abort her bad decisions. I have no problem with a woman who can prove she was rapped (thus no choice or decision in the matter at all) or who has severe health problems having one (which life is more important the babies or the mother who has a husband parents possibly children and the potential to have more children?). I do have a problem with the woman who partied all week long and slept with 7 different men just deciding they dont want to ruing their body so they are now willing to take a life. Talk about an oximoron. Here is another unfair quote thats hateful and bias. Republican warmongers and Democratic baby killers look at what you have done to our country.

    1. jmprint March 26, 2015

      So what do you think is happening in Kansas with their economics?

      1. pajamas March 26, 2015

        To be honest I have no idea. I would have to look it up.

        1. jmprint March 26, 2015

          The trickle down didn’t work their either and that’s a current happening.

      2. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

        Kansas bonds are just above junk because of the TeaBagger fiscal insanity.
        Kansas school systems are facing the loss of accreditation.
        TeaBagger policies have been to slash business taxes, slash education, and watch business leave Kansas.

  15. Tony Torres March 24, 2015

    Obama can cure cancer,so the GOP will fight to throw away the medicine and all papers related to the cure. The GOP,as we all should know by now, hates Obama so much that they are prepared to sink the US as long as Obama is President. I will wager that once Obama out of office, things will go back to what the GOP considers normal mainly because the Black man is no longer in charge,that thorn on the side of the GOP will be gone. Fucking bigots!!

    1. Jim Bob March 24, 2015

      yeah because they gave Clinton such an easy time when he was in office. You truly are a fool

    2. rapidcraft March 24, 2015

      1. congrats on admitting u r a racist 2. barry soetero is a marxist u dumb f+ck and thats why normal Americans don’t like the fraud 3. he’s a chronic liar and is bi-sexual 4. he belonged to the down low club in chicago 4. what happened to donald young?

      1. Tony Torres March 24, 2015

        Where in the hell do you get I am racist? You fucking troll,it’s people as you that has lowered our American standards so dumb asses like CRuz can actually think they can lead our nation. You are just the type that will vote for anything that is associated with Obama and will lower our country much more than any damage you perceived has been done.

        1. Marlo The Bear March 25, 2015

          Amen brother. There is a new name that racist like to identify with(Conservative Christians).

      2. Marlo The Bear March 25, 2015

        Who are normal Americans, or who do you call abnormal? Strange how everything is Obama’s fault ;where before it was the administration of the sitting president. Do I hear something? Come on name calling. We know who are good at name calling.

      3. jmprint March 26, 2015

        You are a child molester?

      4. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

        Slow buggy – you should take joy that Americans are still being killed in the Middle East.
        Do you light a candle of joy at word of every American death?
        As a bi-sexual, why should you be upset at your fellows?
        Is it true that you are the recipient of your dogs physical affection?
        Are you a recruiter for the Chicago low down club?

  16. rapidcraft March 24, 2015

    Who’s the dumb f+ck responsible for that propaganda? FFS its exactly the opposite. JC leftists r so GD f+cking stupid, unreal.

  17. Dan March 24, 2015

    This story is a joke, right? Give Diplomacy a chance? Lets just give nukes to a terrorist faction and hope all goes well. Maybe then we can walk on the Earth again , in 10,000 years.

    1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

      That worked so well when Reagan gave the Taliban weapons used to kill Americans in the Middle East.

      Isn’t it amazing that Republicans, whose politicians call Veteran health care a “waste of taxpayer money”, just love the idea of endless war.

      1. Dan March 27, 2015

        I guess you won’t be happy until islamic extremists will be beating down your door, telling you to convert or die, right?

      2. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

        Give specific examples…

  18. Star Spangled Girl March 24, 2015

    After chugging two more glasses of grape Kool-Aid, the author chanted “yes we can…o-ba-ma….several times and proceeded to write this piece of wishful fantasy. Obama will be written about in history books under the chapter title…”2008 and 2012…WT F Were They Thinking???” After adding trillions in debt, veterans dying waiting for government-run healthcare (obama’s model for obamacare), stoking racial and class warfare, millions leaving the workforce….there’s so much more and we have almost two more years for more of his failures to hit the fan. Wow. I can hardly wait.

    1. James Bagley March 24, 2015


      Honestly, you slack-jawed rednecks are so hilarious that people might invite you out of your trailer more often if only you’d put on a clean T-shirt and learn to use a bar of soap.

      1. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

        All you who worship at the altar of obama can do to avoid facing reality is hurl personal insults. And you progressives, who dishonestly hold yourselves up as the champion of the lttle guy, what a load of horsesh%*!! One of your favs is insulting those who live in trailers. You feel soooo superior to anyone who doesn’t march in lockstep with you and dear leader.

        I listed some substantive things…why won’t you answer in kind instead of with personal attacks??? Speaks volumes about who and what you are.

        1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

          Scar Speckled Child — do you worship at the altar of Dick Cheney? Do you worship at the altar of Ronnie Reagan, who sold weapons at a discount to Iran which were used to kill Americans.

          Who altar do you worship.
          We all understand that it is not Christ, because he commanded us, as our first priority, to help the poor every way we can.
          Now, that we understand you and your boundless hatred of our twice-elected President, who do you put on your altar?

          Fidel Castro’s beloved nephew, Ted Cruz? Castro allowed Cruz’s Daddy to amass a fortune during the overthrow of Batista, and then, was the only Cuban allowed to remove a fortune from Cuba when he left.

          Do you worship Huckabee, who made millions as a carnival preacher?

          1. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

            That’s hilarious coming from you, an obvious member of the Obama cult.

          2. jmprint March 27, 2015

            And who are you following, let me guess Ted Cruz!

          3. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

            Won’t be any of the current crop of cronyists and statists like Hillary or Cruz.

          4. jmprint March 27, 2015

            Well if it’s anyone to the right I feel for you.

          5. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

            If it’s a democrat or a RINO I feel for ALL of us.

          6. jmprint March 28, 2015

            Well the only thing left is a tea bagger, and, well enough said.

          7. NostraThomas March 28, 2015

            No, there are the lowest of the low-Clintonphiles.

          8. Star Spangled Girl March 27, 2015

            Your mocking my screen name says a whole lot about you. And it ain’t good. I don’t worship any politician, I give praise where it’s due and but do not blindly follow anyone.

            That you would make all the incorrect assumptions you did is so typical of the arrogance, feeling of intellectual and moral superiority and ignorance of you leftists.

            Yes, Christ wanted us to help the poor. But that is an individual’s choice, not to have a corrupt, out-of-control federal government taking it from some to give to others based on what political favors they can get from it.

            There is corruption on both sides of the political aisle. At least I recognize it and call it out. I don’t give a crap if the person has an r or d after their name. But for you leftwing fanatics, it’s all about “your” side winning and forcing your miserable agenda down everyone’s throats. And the country and freedom and the Constitution be damned.

  19. fortunev March 24, 2015

    Wow, what an outpouring of good wishes to the best president our country has had since Lincoln. That your brains are mired in a fantasy land in another dimension only creates pity in the eyes of the beholder. Every point in the article is well-taken and accurate, to the conservative moron’s discomfort. The rethugs just can’t admit the truth. And they never will. They will be dragged kicking and screaming and crying into the expanding diverse, progressive world of our new century. Go Barry!

  20. libsmakemelaugh March 24, 2015

    Sorry, youre 0 for 5 on this one.

  21. Frustrated Teacher March 24, 2015

    HaHAHAHAHAHA If stimulus and O-care are his great successes, then this is one heck of a failure of a Presidency. Sycophant much?

    1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

      Frustrated Teacher — you sound closer to a member of the Cheney family.

      1. Frustrated Teacher March 27, 2015

        No, but I would take Cheney over the crooked, lying losers that this administration is filled with…

  22. Thomas L. Dobbins March 24, 2015

    1. If ” 2014 was the best year of job creation in this century.” why were 92,898,000 people out of work at the end of December 2014?
    Source: BLS. http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/surveymost?ln

    2. FY 2014 deficit was $1.086 trillion, up from FY 2013’s $672 billion…Source: US Treasury. https://www.fms.treas.gov/fmsweb/viewDTSFiles?dir=w&fname=14093000.txt

    3. Really? Germany produces results instead of the cult like praise for Obama who LITERALLY had NOTHING to do with developing renewable technology. http://www.worldwatch.org/node/5430

    4. I guess this is good news if you’re rooting for the rich…http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jan/13/obama-economic-policies-fail-to-turn-trends-hurtin/?page=all

    5. Obama’s foreign policy is a disaster. ISIS is HIS baby.

    1. pajamas March 24, 2015

      Wow! Truly amazing! I was whining for sources earlier but like a hypocrite didn’t put anything down. This is very impressive! Refreshing to see an individual who will actually state where they got there facts from. The author of this article could learn a ton from you!

    2. jdkchem March 25, 2015

      With regards to point #3. You left out the numerous bankrupt “green” energy companies.

    3. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

      dobbins, you are a drug-addled TeaBagger LIAR!!

      America has 330 million inhabitants.
      Approximately 70 million are children under the age of 18.
      You are claiming that almost 40% of working age Americans are unemployed.

      LIAR, TeaBagger LIAR, kook-aid drinking LIAR

      Bureau of Labor Standards puts total unemployment at less than 10 million. NOT 92 million.

      1. Christopher Z March 27, 2015

        Bureau of Labor Standards excludes persons under the age of 16 in their stats. So Dobbins’ numbers are correct.

      2. john Diamond March 27, 2015

        More mindless invective and baseless insults from the resident left wing hater. A lazy hater ,at that ,when you wont bother to research or even take your own side in an argument. He gave links ,you gave insults. He Wins!

      3. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

        I quoted the Bureau of Labor Statistics of President Obama’s federal government. If you have a problem with them revealing the facts, you should take it up with them…

  23. Star Spangled Girl March 24, 2015

    6 years of obamanomics…just ask the Gallup CEO how good the economy really is. Hillary is STILL talking about fixing income inequality!! Why?!!! Thought obama was going to fix that. After amassing trillions in debt (already more than gw bush, the one obama criticized for doing that…hypocrite!!), the gap between rich and poor has grown!!! His policies have hurt the middle class (by design). Instead, he’s been colluding with big business and big pharma for big money.

    The mass hysteria and sheer ignorance on the left that ushered in the obama era…that will be looked at in disbelief by future generations…how could so many Americans have been that gullible.

    1. Chris ac March 24, 2015


      Enough said. You’re literally too uneducated to form opinions, much less share them. Any doubt would be removed with the logical equivalent of subtraction, and your inability to do so.

      Your GED from some shitty high school in the south is impressive, though.

      1. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

        Your arrogance and feelings of superiority are obvious. Literally. And I guess puffing yourself with that intellectual superiority lets you avoid having to answer substantively.

        obama attacked gw bush repeatedly over amassing trillions in debt but as president, obama has surpassed him.

        obama decried income inequality under bush but as pres, the gap has only grown. And now another progressive, hillary, is decrying the same thing and my question is why? obama was going to fix that. How many more trillions that we don’t have but will print should we spend to take care of this once and for all?

        obama colludes with big business and big pharma and the so-called green industry, lusting after more money and power. Crickets from the occupy wall streeters.

        Yes, for argument’s sake, you are smarter and better and well, just so much more extra-special than all of us on the right combined. Feel better? Good. Now will you please address substantively the things I listed.

        1. jdkchem March 25, 2015

          It can’t. It can only puke up words with no meaning that only appear intelligent to slime.

          1. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015


        2. jmprint March 25, 2015

          And how did you expect him to pay for the wars, that weren’t in any budget, since President Obama has been in office, he has had to work on left over disasters. How much money have the republicans squandered on government shut downs, no end investigations, and frivolous law suits. Does that money come from thin air? Why would a women vote for republicans when all they do is try to take them back in time, why can’t women be equal to man? Do you like that?

          1. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

            WHAT???? So you’re conceding his collusion and justifying it too!!

            This is the only president in history whose supporters constantly make excuses about him and whine how hard a job he inherited!! He ASKED for the job and apparently you’re also conceding he’s not qualified to handle things, which so many of us already knew.

            And stop repeating talking points about repubs and women. Both obama and hillary don’t pay men and women equally, hypocrites both.

          2. jmprint March 25, 2015

            Darling facts are facts, how easily you forget where we were at in 2008. We don’t make up excuses, they are facts. Yes we voted for him, and yes he has done well with what he has had. I am not conceding to any of your rhetoric, you spew crap, you guy are the hypocrites. I don’t repeat, what I say is what I intend to say, I am not a Tea bagger, I am not programed to repeat.

          3. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

            Sweetie, to you leftists, facts are whatever you want to make them at the momemt. Lots of presidents took office with lots and lots of problems to deal with. I know obama thinks no one had it tougher than he did, poor baby. I can list so many things obama has either lied about or has been completely hypocritical on, doulbling and tripling down on the very things he blasted bush for.

            I would have respect for any leftist who called him out on the same things they crucified bush for.. But instead, you and they make excuses and justify whatever he does. Which make you a hypocrite as well. You are adept at name calling because you will nor or cannot argue on substance.

            obama is a legend in his own mind and his drooling sycophantic followers like you dutifully regurgitate whatever progaganda you’ve swallowed.

            History will not be kind to dear leader and future generations will be incredulous that so many people like you were so ignorant and gullible as to willingly join the cult of obama.

          4. jmprint March 26, 2015

            I don’t make excuses, history will prove to YOU in the future just how wrong YOU are. Obama has never said he had it tough, I said it, I can see, read and form my own opinion. Every president has made statements and then changed their mine, he is not lying, the facts don’t entertain you so you call him a lier.

            I don’t respect a women that works against other women, I am NOT a sycophantic follower. I don’t recall any name calling thrown at your direction, but now I think you are just an idiot. President Obama ran on a certain platform, i like his thinking, he is for the people. He tries to to be equal to all. He is a better man then most. So please go drool on Cruz’s agenda.

          5. Star Spangled Girl March 26, 2015

            You told me I spew crap, called me a hypocrite and used the very vulgar and offensive term tea bagger. So yes, plenty of name calling and insult you directed my way.

            Yes, obama whined from the start about all that he had to deal with that was left by his predecessor. As if that was unique to his presidency.

            I have no idea what you’re talking about that I work against other women. Conservative women generally are strong and independent. They don’t look to big daddy government to take care of them. The disempowering “julia”, the poor. weak, helpless female the government rolled out as a model for women was insulting to any woman with self respect.

            You and I will have to agree to diagree on how history will judge obama. I will never understand how so many have and are still being taken in by this man. He has lied and lied and lied (“if you like you plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Premiums will go down for every family by $2500. No one will see their taxes go up by 1 dime……..”) And you make excuses by saying he simply “changed his mind.” Ok, the next time someone you know lies to you, I hope you will be as forgiving to them as you are to obama.

            He was not qualified to be president, he has a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas against America, he has used the Constitution for toilet paper in his quest to be dictator, he has and continues to stoke racial and class warfare for political gain, his only expertise is being a professional agitator, he embarrassed the country by taking selfies the day it was announced hostage Kayla Mueller was dead, he went and played golf minutes after announcing an American journalist had been beheaded….and I haven’t even listed what he’s done to the economy.

            I really don’t care who you support if only the fallout would be limited to you. You brought it on yourself. But it affects all of us and our country and when the overwhelming evidence of who and what obama is is right there in front of your eyes and you choose to contort yourself into a pretzel making excuses, then I will call you what you called me. an idiot. A complete and total idiot.

          6. jmprint March 26, 2015

            Hey a tea bagger is a tea bagger, you know the ones that want to take their country back.

            I am saving approximately $9000.00 on insurance a year, and that will probably stop when the republican’s do away with ACA. And the you may keep your doctor, you know darn well that the insurance companies made that change, not President Obama. If the republican would have come on board and helped fix whatever flaws then having affordable insurance wouldn’t be such a problem for some.

            The majority of conservative women I know, walk behind their man, not beside, and would be lost if they had nothing to their name.

            President is just as qualified as Bush or Cheney were, if not better qualified.

            I do want to hear your opinion on why you think he is destroying our constitution, but please don’t tell because of executive orders. Remember he is the President.

          7. Star Spangled Girl March 27, 2015

            Your continuing use of tea bagger is rude and offensive but you know that.

            Yes, you’re right, obama is president, NOT king or dictator. He has shown contempt for the Constitution even before his inauguration, calling it “magnificent but deeply flawed” because it tells what government can’t do but not what it can. And he hypocritically blasted gw bush for executive overreach but has gone way beyond what bush ever did. Thank God, the Supreme Court has slapped him down a couple of times. And here’s a link to legal scholar Jonathan Turley talking about his imperial presidency:

            Another example is his trying to bypass the Senate in making an arms deal with iran.

            No, obama knew darn well premiums were going to skyrocket and figured the American people would blame the insurance companies. His stated goal is to put them out of business and make our system becomes single payer. And those insurance companies are profiting big time from obamacare, which is why they got in bed with him.

            The solution for lower healthcare costs is getting rid of third parties and letting free market forces work by allowing the consumer direct payments to doctors, hospitals and for medicines. That is the conservative republican plan. It has been the interference by insurance companies of the free market that has driven the cost up over the years.

            I will proudly let Condoleeza Rice, KT McFarland, Dana Perino, Carly Fiorina and a boatload of other strong women represent conservatism. If you mean a woman happily being a wife and mother is “walking behind her man”, who are you to criticize them? I thought leftists were pro-choice where women are concerned. Or is that only choices they approve of?

            One last thing: I am tired of the lie that repubs did not work with obama on obamacare. This president NEVER cared about reaching across the aisle. His smug attitude was “I won” and he excluded them from negotiations. What a petty little politician he is. He is not and never was a leader. Even Fortune magazine recognized that, he was not listed as one of the world’s top 50 leaders.

          8. jmprint March 28, 2015

            Really then why in the beginning, the supporters of the tea party wore hats with tea bags hanging from them. Sorry if you found that offensive. I find it very ofsensive when a US citizen does not respect our President. He doesn’t try to be King or dictator, some people tend to say that for their own reasons, just like me saying tea baggers. He has had no more executive orders then any other president, I don’t care how many times you publish it, it’s NOT TRUE. And as far as contempt, he is not the only one not obeying the constitution in whole if it was just soley him then maybe I would be on your side.

            Hey Insurance is here to stay. The whole purpose of ACA program is to control the rising cost of insurance, but in order for it to work ALL states need to be on board. Did you here about what Congresswoman McMorris did on Facebook, she wanted to know what her constiuents thought about ACA, and at least 95% of the response were favorable, and alot were conservatives.

            Sorry honey, but those women are easly bought. Show them the money. By walking behind is they are controlled. Really happy or stuck in marriage that can’t be changed.
            Who am I to criticize, I am an indivdual who believes in choice and women’s right belong to a women, and a man should not be the one to make decisions that effect a women. Choice that effect women in general, if no one fights for their rights, it would be similiar to the rights they have in El Salvador. Isn’t a christians heart supose to support those that have been taken advanatge of, are the rules really suppose to be only for those that have means and are guarded.

            You and everybody knows that the republicans were not going to work on ACA, they didn’t want it to be a legacy for President Obama, they only work for two reasons, control for their needs and work against even if it was thier idea.

            Why should he celebrate on a victory is that not the American way. And if you think he isn’t a leader, then I feel sorry for your party because all those 47 that signed that letter do not have any honor period. And now they may even be in cohoots with espionage. Oh my it looks like the constitution is being shredded.

          9. NostraThomas March 28, 2015

            You mean the people that think:

            1. Illegal aliens are here illegally.

            2. Pro-domestic employment is indispensable.

            3. A strong military is essential.

            4. Special interests must be eliminated.

            5. Gun ownership is sacred.

            6. Government must be downsized.

            7. The national budget must be balanced.

            8. Deficit spending must end.

            9. Bailout and stimulus plans are illegal.

            10. Reducing personal income taxes is a must.

            11. Reducing business income taxes is mandatory.

            12. Political offices must be available to average citizens.

            13. Intrusive government must be stopped.

            14. English as our core language is required.

            15. Traditional family values are encouraged.

            Those fiends!

          10. jmprint March 28, 2015

            1. no understanding, no heart
            2. without the illegal domestic employment goes to pot.
            3. we must do everything in our power not to go to war. and destroy young families.
            4. you won’t servive with out ispecial interest
            5. if you own an ak47, please register deemed safe.
            6. yes, let start with the senate and congress
            7. must is not necessary, but controlled would be nice.
            8. let’s work on our economy first and then on saving.
            9. I, like millions have experienced a boost in hard tines, it stimulates the economy in an upward mobility.
            10 if we don’t pay for our services, how do you presume to exist in a time of emergency catastrophic situation.
            11. I am a business owner, and I think you are full of air.
            12. what do you mean by average citizen.
            13. Government intrusive should be stopped when it comes to agent barging in and killing innocent people.
            14. all citizens and illegals understand that, but this is a free country and sapnish will never vanish.
            15. religion must not govern our rights.

          11. NostraThomas April 1, 2015

            You’ve verified that you’re an America hating moron. Congrats.

          12. jmprint April 2, 2015

            Because the truth hurts your feelings you call me names. I am not an America hater. You and the t-party want to destroy this wonderful country. Look at Kansas, look at Indiana. Who spreads hate, it’s not me.

          13. NostraThomas April 9, 2015

            The Democrats spread hate. Pay attention!

          14. jmprint April 9, 2015

            Like I said look at Kansas look at Indiana, look in the mirror, you spread hate.

          15. NostraThomas April 17, 2015

            The only verified hate I see being spread is from the democrats threatening death and violence against innocent people in Indiana over some imagined slight and a law that’s hurt no one. And Ferguson, where democrats actually have killed innocent people and destroyed millions of dollars of innocent people’s property. Add that to the FACT that your democrat run cities are the most crime ridden, have the highest poverty, the most segregated, most racist, most segregated schools, the most gentrified, most drug trafficking, most murders, etc. Democrats=hate, slavery, bigotry, racism, poverty, crime, segregation. That’s what your party is. Still the KKK after all these years.












          16. jmprint April 17, 2015

            Liar, KKK has flourished and surfaced with the T-party.

            These sights are backed by Koch Brother funding, get a grip, anybody can post an opinion.

            They are also funding the non-profit organization that are pretending to care for the veterans, but instead are working hard to abolish the VA. STOP LYING, YOU DON’T IMPRESS ANYONE.

          17. NostraThomas April 17, 2015

            Really? “atlantablackstar.com”, SacBee, the New York Times, citylab, diversityinc.com (!), are “Koch sites, you brainwashed, fucking moron?

          18. jmprint April 17, 2015

            I’m not looking all of them up. You fuckin’ delusional asshat moron, t-party suck up, jerk. You can’t have a conversation without cursing, then don’t converse with me, because we will be cursing at each other all day, I DON’T GIVE UP.

          19. NostraThomas April 17, 2015

            You have no facts. I do. I win.

          20. jmprint April 17, 2015

            You can’t read facts, your just a troll with useless right wing opinions.

          21. NostraThomas April 17, 2015

            Actually, the links I provided are mostly left wing. Some people out there are intelligent enough to see Obozo for the failure and con artist that he is…but, not a true Obama cultist like yourself.

          22. jmprint April 20, 2015

            Thank God their are people out there that can see right through you and yours denial, hatered, physco, pathetic failure at trying to convince people of your close minded lies.

          23. NostraThomas April 20, 2015

            Stay delusional and stupid, my friend.

          24. jmprint April 20, 2015

            Appears you have always been an asshol, keep it up, it goes well twith your photo.

          25. NostraThomas April 17, 2015

            Barack Obama:

            “That’s just how white folks will do you. It wasn’t merely the cruelty involved; I was learning that black people could be mean and then some. It was a particular brand of arrogance, an obtuseness in otherwise sane people that brought forth our bitter laughter. It was as if whites didn’t know that they were being cruel in the first place. Or at least thought you deserving of their scorn.”

            “The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person…”

            “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”

            “I can no more disown [Rev. Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can disown my white grandmother.”

            Jeremiah Wright:
            “There’s white racist DNA running through the synapses of his or her brain tissue. They will kill their own kind, defend the enemies of their kind or anyone who is perceived to be the enemy of the milky white way of life.”

            Hilary Clinton:
            “I love this quote. It’s from Mahatma Gandhi. He ran a gas station down in St. Louis for a couple of years. Mr. Gandhi, do you still go to the gas station? A lot of wisdom comes out of that gas station.”

            “‘Hymies.’ ‘Hymietown.’” Jesse Jackson’s description of New York City.

            Joe Biden:
            “You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM19YOqs7hU

            “I mean, you got the FIRST mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,””I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

            New York City Councilman Charles Barron:
            “I want to go up to the closest white person and say, ‘You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing,’ and then slap him just for my mental health.”
            Mr. Mugabe is “a dynamic, bold African man willing to stand up to the world for his people,”
            “Robert Mugabe is my hero, and guess what, so is Muammar Qaddafi!”

            Marion Barry:
            “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops. They ought to go.I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

            “[The United States] has had racial tensions since it was founded.
            The Irish caught hell, the Jews caught hell, the Polacks caught hell.”

            “In fact, it’s so bad, that if you go to the hospital now, you find a number of immigrants who are nurses, particularly from the Philippines.
            And no offense, but let’s grow our own teachers, let’s grow our own nurses — and so that we don’t have to be scrounging around in our community clinics and other kinds of places — having to hire people from somewhere else.”

            Gealdine Ferraro:
            “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

            Mary Frances Berry:
            “Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.”

            Former Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd (D.,Conn.):
            “I do not think it is an exaggeration at all to say to my friend from West Virginia [Sen. Robert C. Byrd, a Ku Klux Klan recruiter] that he would have been a great senator at any moment. He would have been right during the great conflict of civil war in this nation.”

            Al Sharpton:
            “White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires … We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was … we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

            Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian:
            “In about 18 months from now, hopefully [Gubernatorial candidate Sen. Vincent Sheheen] will have sent Nikki Haley back to wherever the hell she came from and this country can move forward.”

            Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: When taking a question from Robin Gandhi, an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska and a man of Indian descent:
            “You’re not a member of the Taliban, are you?”

            Neil Rogers:
            “Is you their black-haired answer-mammy who be smart? Does they like how you shine their shoes, Condoleezza? Or the way you wash and park the whitey’s cars?”

            Brooklyn City Councilwoman, Laurie Cumbo – “How is it that one specific ethnic group has had the opportunity to move into a development in large numbers?” After being critisized for her racism: “There could be some benefit to housing people by culture. I think it needs to be discussed,”

          26. jmprint April 17, 2015

            You really need to get grip, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORD. Why aren’t you posting the republican vulgarity.

          27. NostraThomas April 17, 2015

            Because there ISN’T any.

          28. jmprint April 17, 2015

            Bull crap, BS, delusional, farce.

          29. NostraThomas April 17, 2015

            Yes, you are.

          30. jmprint April 17, 2015

            Pay Attention the republicans hate the poor and the middle class, look at the legislation they have and are passing.

          31. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Wow man. I mean just wow. I’m strictly an independent and honestly I borderline hate the far right and far left. But how much liberal propaganda can you choke down? He may not be responsible for the banking collapse of 2008 but neither was bush (greedy brokers were who should prosecuted along with the people who were buying and selling stuff from wall street. Oh Ya and for repubs out there reducing the restrictions on those people is just stupid). If Obama wanted to get out of those wars like he said he would then he should not have sent even more troops to Afghanistan. He is freaking liar. Oh and he pulled us out of Iraq that’s bullshit. Iraq passed a law declaring that any US forces outside of the embassy and without the Iraqi governments permission would be considered hostile. That’s how sick they were of us being there. Obama got them to delay that law for a year. What the hell. Everyone says it’s not his fault that the deficit went up but when George w was in office we averaged adding 500 bill to the deficit every year with Obama it’s over a trillion. He doubled it! We already had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan when bush left office. With Obama it’s only Afghanistan now how the hell did he double what we were spending when the country’s we were AUMF (authorized to use military force in we don’t declare war anymore) dropped from 2 to 1? You want to talk about a president whom inherited a mess and cleaned it up. Look at FDR. Obama is light years behind that man. He inherited a full blown depression with lines of Americans heading to soup kitchens and was able to turn it around. The unemployment rate and poverty levels were 10 times higher than what Obama inherited. Nobody saw him bitch and complain.

          32. pajamas March 26, 2015

            Sorry for being so insulting. You can take the apology or leave it but either way I owe it to you. I think everyone knows deep down we get nothing accomplished by belittling one another and I admit I was in the wrong with the way I presented my messages. Do me a favor and watch the following though.


          33. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

            The wars were paid for in the yearly budgets, Department of Defense appropriations, Supplemental and Emergency Supplementals…

            -FY2003 Supplemental: Operation Iraqi Freedom: Passed April 2003; Total $78.5 billion, $54.4 billion Iraq War
            -FY2004 Supplemental: Iraq and Afghanistan Ongoing
            Operations/Reconstruction: Passed November 2003; Total $87.5 billion,
            $70.6 billion Iraq War
            -FY2004 DoD Budget Amendment: $25 billion Emergency Reserve Fund
            (Iraq Freedom Fund): Passed July 2004, Total $25 billion, $21.5 billion (estimated) Iraq War
            -FY2005 Emergency Supplemental: Operations in the War on Terror;
            Activities in Afghanistan; Tsunami Relief: Passed April 2005, Total $82
            billion, $58 billion (estimated) Iraq War
            -FY2006 Department of Defense appropriations: Total $50 billion, $40 billion (estimated) Iraq War.
            -FY2006 Emergency Supplemental: Operations Global War on Terror;
            Activities in Iraq & Afghanistan: Passed February 2006, Total $72.4
            billion, $60 billion (estimated) Iraq War
            -FY2007 Department of Defense appropriations: $70 billion(estimated) for Iraq War-related costs
            -FY2007 Emergency Supplemental (proposed) $100 billion, etc…

            The same way Obama did it:




          34. jmprint March 27, 2015

            Great now I don’t have to worry that we are in debt.

          35. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

            Funny thing, under Bush the deficits didn’t get outrageous until the Dems took over Congress…they’ve been outrageous for Obama’s whole presidency.

            Bush budgets:
            2002 deficit= -420,772,553,397
            2003 deficit= -554,995,097,146
            2004 deficit= -595,821,633,586
            2005 deficit= -553,656,965,393
            2006 deficit = -574,264,237,491
            2007 deficit = -500,679,473,047

            Dems take over Congress:
            2008 deficit = -1,017,071,524,650
            2009 deficit = -1,885,104,106,599

            Obama budgets:
            2010 deficit = -1,651,794,027,380
            2011 deficit = -1,228,717,297,665
            2012 deficit = -1,275,901,078,828
            2013 deficit = -671,942,119,311
            2014 deficit = -1,085,887,854,036
            2015 deficit = -328,296,000,000 as of 3/26/2015.



          36. jmprint March 27, 2015

            You know that Bush budgets did not include funds for the wars that were brought on. Thats why Obama’s deficit is higher.

          37. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

            Wrong again, The wars were paid for in the yearly budgets, Department of Defense appropriations, Supplemental and Emergency Supplementals…The same way Obama did it:




      2. jdkchem March 25, 2015

        If you’re going to comment on someone’s intellect perhaps you should actually say something intelligent rather than puke letters onto a comment.

    2. jmprint March 25, 2015

      Inequality is because the republicans won’t bring up the bill for a vote. They won’t dare raise the minimum wage, which is outdated by inflation.
      The republicans have given too many tax breaks to the rich, the poor and middle class always have to make up the difference. In the 5 years ACA has been implement is has help millions. What have you got to offer, the new republican budget that here again will keep the poor, poorer, the middle class to lower class, while the rich corporations get more breaks.

      1. Star Spangled Girl March 25, 2015

        Ah yes, it’s all the repubs fault. obama’s been pres for 6 years, yet not responsible for any problems, only the so-called successes.

        Contrary to his pre-election rhetoric, obama has done nothing to help the poor. Gee, never saw that coming. He’s in bed with big business and big pharma (his cabinet was heavily recruited from goldman sachs, one of the companies he demonized) and has been giving those rich corporations breaks his entire presidency.

        When you on the left stop being hypocrites and call out EVERYONE for collusion, no matter which side of the politcal aisle, then I will start to have respect for you.

        obama lied to get obamacare passed, no transparency, lots of backroom deals and arm-twisting and as a result, the dems have had record losses at the polls. You can pretend all you want that more people can be covered with no increase in premiums and with the same number of doctors (except many are quitting because of it) but you will find that was a lie. The CBO already has predicted millions will remain uninsured, even after trillions spent and millions have lost their plans and doctors. Oh yeah, we’re supposed not to care about that because the NET is an increase in the insured. A real comfort to those who believed obama’s lies and lost their plans. And whatever the net, the CBO data remains.

        1. john Diamond March 26, 2015

          Obama actually continued the Bush tax cuts, thus making them the Obama tax cuts for the rich pigs you liberals hate if an R is after the name but love if there is a D. I am looking in your direction MR Soros.

  24. TotallyPeeved March 24, 2015

    The author is a delusional liar.

    1. jdkchem March 25, 2015

      Emphasis on delusional.

      1. FastEddieTX March 26, 2015

        I am gonna go with Emphasis on liar.

  25. jdkchem March 25, 2015

    #5 Diplomacy works? HOW THE F*CK did the norks become nuclear armed when the only thing used was diplomacy? That’s all idiots like you whined about was diplomacy, sanctions and circle jerks. How do you arrive at diplomacy can work when your prime example is diplomacy failing.

    1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

      Please write in English. Non TeaBaggers don’t understand gibberish.

      1. john Diamond March 27, 2015

        That was so cute of you to call him a teabagger? Did you make that word up? So clever. So devastating. So shopworn and reflexively stupid. Yawn, just another hateful lefty.

        1. NostraThomas March 27, 2015

          virginia’s a real inDUHvidual…

          1. jdkchem March 28, 2015

            It has a PhD in delusional stupidity. Maybe that should be a PhDUH. I’m betting vagina stupid is one the the little obama trolls getting its ebt card topped off for keyboard commandoing in defense of the savior of the universe.

        2. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

          Diamond – well, aren’t you an angry little boy. Don’t worry, we’ll pay attention, no tantrums needed.

      2. jdkchem March 28, 2015

        You’ll have to learn English first. I don’t speak commie-fascist. Other than that you had nothing to rebut my comment other than name calling, which you’ll whine about when you get punched back twice as hard. Did you not have a lie waiting on your lips? Go back to your knee pads and fellating for fold stamps freeloading traitor.

  26. john Diamond March 26, 2015

    Bahahahahahahaha. Holy bejebus is this a hilarious article. Reminds me of how the press kept trying to tell Americans how good the Carter years were. LMBO.Lets go line by line. 1. Trickle down always works. Let me remind the author that all Government largess comes directly from the private sector.
    2. The deficit is Not shrinking, unless you use Washington math tricks. and my insurance is a disaster since Obama and the liberal highjacked it in a shameless grab of Federal power. MY insurance went up over $1800 a year with higher deductibles and higher premiums.Obama also reduce the amount of money I can contribute to a Flexible health spending plan. This basically takes away my ability to help myself, and since I don’t have dental insurance I used to use that money for any teeth issues that would come up.
    3. Clean energy Revolution? How is playing crony Capitalist and subsidizing Solyndra with millions in tax money starting a revolution? Punishing coal companies and forcing families to lose coal related jobs is hardly a victory. Americans still get 60% of their electric from coal, so all you liberal Prius owners can enjoy feeling smug while fueling your car with coal derived energy.
    4.Regulate the stock market? Bahahahaha. I guess when half of your cabinet is ex Goldman Sachs members, there was never a worry that Obama would let the stock market contract. That is why interest are held low and why the Quantitative easing has not stopped. Printing money has been great for Obama’s rich Wall street friends, even as normal Americans lose wealth on hard earned savings.
    5. Diplomacy? How is insulting our friends while praising our sworn enemies helpful or effective? Bowie Bergdhal? 5 hardcore jihadist in trade for a deserter? Job well done!
    When did liberals become so hopelessly and hatefully partisan and dangerously myopic to the real problems of the common man?

    1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

      Trickle down has never worked. David Stockman admitted that, as would you if you were capable of honesty.

      The deficit is shrinking. Babble about health care and this n that. Gibberish. You are unable to make a concise point, just lies and gibberish.

      The rate, RATE, of costs increases for health care is at the slowest in thirty years. Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal has been forced to admit that.

      You chose a type of insurance, then whine like a spoiled brat because it doesn’t have what you decided you didn’t want. Wanker!

      Solar employs far more Americans than Coal. Coal is a dying industry, but criminal coal executives contribute millions to Republicans. You should cheer up every time you see a child with asthma or other respiratory problems. Your heroes are succeeding.

      1. john Diamond March 27, 2015

        SO much hate, so little rebuttal. It is what we all expect from the hardcore hateful left wingers today. You are like an arsonist in a field of straw men of your own creation. In essence you are arguing with yourself. Another thing most of us expect from the intolerant left. Also typical of the left is that just because I can see the failure of this administration I don’t care about this group or that group. Hysterical, when one considers that the Black Caucus is on record saying the black unemployment is so bad, if a republican was in office, they would be marching on Washington. “caring” individuals like you are directly responsible for my cancer surviving mother having her insurance canceled. She works at a school so gets insurance through them. Trickle up is not even a plausible reality. None of us have been hired by a poor man. Solar panels and the necessary minerals it takes to make the batteries to store that energy have raped the environment and exploited the poor in Africa to obtain those materials. To play your game, that means you hate poor blacks. Lastly, Bergdhal was a traitor that got five Americans killed and helped facilitate the release of five of the hardest Islamic JIhadist murderers alive. Anyway, most of your post was irrational and mindless invective, so I took the time to answer your inanity,in case someone is fooled by your rantings.

        1. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

          When you are guilty of what you charge others, it is called projection.

          Left this, left that, left the other…

          A small child crying out for attention.

          1. jdkchem March 28, 2015

            You can solve that by not lying. Funny how you insist others are.

      2. jdkchem March 28, 2015

        Solar employs more than coal? Like bankrupt solyndra? Is that why solar requires government subsidies just to stay in business?

        1. NostraThomas March 31, 2015

          “World’s Largest Solar Plant Applying for Federal Grant to Pay Off Federal Loan”


    2. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

      TeaBaggers and Wall Street criminals battled the Consumer Protection Board, which is the only protection that American citizens have against the Wall Street criminals and their TeaBaggers. The Kock Brothers finance the TeaBaggers, and have ordered the TeaBaggers to fight the Consumer Protection Board because it is doing its job of protecting American citizens. Can’t put the financial health e the profits of the TeaBagger financiers.

      Berghdal is an American soldier. Have you ever seen the black flags with white markings that say POWs and MIAs on American military bases. America does not leave members of America’s military in enemy hands.

      Your hatred of Bergdahl shows that you are an ideal TeaBagger. TeaBagger politicians tell America that Veteran healthcare and medical assistance is a “waste of taxpayer money”.

      TeaBaggers always love war, but hate those we send to fight those wars. How much must you hate America in order to condemn the measly amount we spend on the health and care of members of our military who have been sent to war by America.

      Shame, shame on you.

      Wanting America to turn its back on a soldier of the United States Army. Since you know all of the circumstances that led to his capture, why don’t you call up the Army and give the Army the benefit of your genius and superior knowledge! Just don’t claim to give a damn about America’s military.

      Right-wing Republicans always have unlimited money for war. Dick Cheney’s War to Steal Iraq’s Oil killed five thousand Americans, cost tens of trillions of dollars, Communist China got Iraq’s Oil, and the Bush/Bremer policy of expelling the Baathists, created the Baathist led ISIS.

      All racists are TeaBaggers, but not all TeaBaggers are racists. From your silly stupid lies about President Obama, you must be a member of the former.

      1. jdkchem March 28, 2015

        The same wall streeters who are lining princess barry’s pockets.

    3. Joe christen March 28, 2015

      You just lied

  27. MaeScott March 27, 2015

    American economies always do better with a democratic president.
    Need to shut down those tax breaks for the wealthy and quit their freeloading

    1. jdkchem March 28, 2015

      Jimmy Carter and double digit inflation. That economy was so great it got him re-elected.

  28. kimbanyc March 27, 2015

    Republicans are domestic terrorists…..

    1. Star Spangled Girl March 27, 2015

      Nice, smearing millions of your fellow Americans. No discussion, no debate, you just “know”. The ash heap of history is full of ignorant fools like you, blindly supporting a documented liar whose policies are hurting millions. I’d say wake up but I suspect it’s too late for you.

      1. kimbanyc March 28, 2015


        1. Star Spangled Girl March 28, 2015

          What an immature answer from a completely ignorant and useful tool of the left. Grow up and learn to back up what you say with substance.

          1. kimbanyc March 28, 2015

            KMA and whine elsewhere

          2. jdkchem March 28, 2015

            Go back to fellating for food stamps scumbag traitor. If you want your a$$ kissed you my consider pulling your head out first.

          3. kimbanyc March 29, 2015

            WHEEEE. Another bagger leaps out of the closet….Better not go to Indiana….TWINKLETOES

          4. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            Speak for yourself cornholio. When you’re tired of hiding in mommy’s panties let us all know douche drop.

          5. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          6. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            You’re the one doing the hiding. Anytime you want to grow a spine and crawl out of mommy’s vagina, BOY.

          7. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          8. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            You’re the expert on sucking and cowardice, f@ggot.

          9. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          10. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            Protest what scumbag? You’re the only yapping monkey here. You can always prove you’re not a gutless coward by not hiding. No, you’re afraid someone will feed you your teeth. Back up your mouth.

          11. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          12. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            Why are you hiding? You keep yapping behind your keyboard. If you’re as tough as you claim quit hiding. You might learn grammar first. Only an impotent angry cowardly douche bag uses crappie grammar and all caps.

          13. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          14. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          15. kimbanyc March 30, 2015

            EEEEK A TWINKYMOUSE!!!

          16. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          17. Star Spangled Girl March 28, 2015

            As I thought, you have nothing substantive to say and this is the best you got. Pathetic

          18. kimbanyc March 29, 2015

            Do you type on your knees when you beg for my attention???

          19. Star Spangled Girl March 29, 2015

            Do you?

          20. kimbanyc March 29, 2015

            What a maroon…..Why would I beg for my attention WHEN THAT’S THE ONLY THING YOU ARE GOOD FOR

          21. Star Spangled Girl March 29, 2015

            No dear, you didn’t understand. Let me try again..do YOU type on YOUR knees when YOU beg for MY attention? Is that clear now?

          22. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            Scumbanc works on it’s knees. It keeps chapstick in the black.

          23. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          24. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            Anytime you want to back up your mouth scumbag.

          25. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          26. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            Fortunately for you you don’t need teeth to swallow. Go fill your mouth and your ebt card pissant.

          27. kimbanyc March 30, 2015

            STILL BEGGING

        2. jdkchem March 28, 2015

          Do you use all caps to show everyone just how serious you are or is it because you’re a retarded dummycrat?

          1. kimbanyc March 29, 2015

            Is that the best you can do?? OF COURSE IT IS…..WHAT A DUMPHUQUE

          2. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            Why don’t you give mommy the late term abortion she always wanted.

          3. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          4. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            Poor gutless freeloader. Then you have to fellate for food stamps. Go refill your ebt card spunk monkey.

          5. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          6. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            You’re the one sucking the government Dick.

          7. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          8. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            It’s the party in the back of your mouth. Pusscake

          9. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          10. jdkchem March 31, 2015

            You’re the subhuman trash on their knees buckwheat.

          11. kimbanyc March 31, 2015


          12. jdkchem March 31, 2015

            Do you not have a life? That’s known as a rhetorical question turd lapper. Don’t you have an ebt card to refill. You can’t even crawl out of your mommy’s vagina. You’re not even human. You’re a scumbag coward. You’re yapping about a comment seconds after I make it. Who’s the scumbag dreaming? Does mommy not give you enough attention? We already know you use all caps because you’re an inbred retarded democrat. One day someone will meet up with you and you’ll run your sewer then be fed your teeth. Then you’d have to muster up the courage to crawl out of mommy’s vagina. How about you go find a job the fits your level of dignity, like fluffed on a guy porn set.

          13. kimbanyc March 31, 2015


          14. jdkchem March 31, 2015

            A porch somewhere is missing its monkey.

          15. kimbanyc March 31, 2015


          16. jdkchem March 31, 2015

            End yet you replied instantaneously. What is it like being an efeminate loser?

          17. kimbanyc March 31, 2015


          18. kimbanyc March 31, 2015


          19. jdkchem April 1, 2015

            Why are you hiding? Worse why are you impersonating a woman? Probably because you’re a coward. Enjoy being reported to Disqus. Much in the same way you were banned from huffpo. Go find yourself a short rope and a tall tree.

          20. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          21. jdkchem April 2, 2015

            You however are not impersonating a fat retarded blowhard. Speaking of blowing kim, shouldn’t you be on 42nd st. filling up your ebt card in an alley.

          22. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          23. jdkchem April 2, 2015

            Normal people consider stalking someone something a pathetic loser would do. I’m not the one hiding shitsack. The fact that you just made that retarded statement means in my state I can kill you no questions asked. As for manhood, you’d have to be human first. You go ahead and claim I threatened you. You’very just admitted you’re a pathetic low life scumbag stalker. Go get yourself some help http://stoponlinestalking.com/help-for-stalkers.html

            You can always come out of hiding and we can settle this like men. You made the brag about manhood coward. Yet you hide like the gutless pusscake you are.

            You’ll be getting the same thing this dirt bag stalker got soon enough http://abc30.com/news/fresno-police-say-a-man-killed-in-officer-shooting-was-stalking-wife/321728/

          24. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          25. jdkchem April 3, 2015

            You’re still hiding scumbag.

          26. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


      2. jdkchem April 1, 2015

        It’s not an American. The douche puddle is impersonating a women because it’s a coward. It was already banned by huffpo. One day the little scumbag will have it’s private info leaked. Not that anyone will miss the POS.

        1. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          1. jdkchem April 2, 2015

            Your ears are going to make a nice necklace.

          2. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          3. jdkchem April 2, 2015

            It’s only a fantasy if it never happens douche monkey. Dig yourself crawl in and die.

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          13. jdkchem April 2, 2015

            You’ll soon see how stalkers are dealt with.

          14. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          15. jdkchem April 2, 2015

            You’re just another libtard scumbag on the wrong end of everything.

          16. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          17. jdkchem April 3, 2015

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          18. jdkchem April 2, 2015

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          19. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          20. jdkchem April 3, 2015

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          21. jdkchem April 2, 2015

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          22. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          23. jdkchem April 2, 2015

            The link works dipsh!t. Perhaps you should learn to use a computer. Your incompetence is not my problem. Stalkers never get threatened. Scumbag. If it’s mindless threatening why are you hiding pusscake? What are you so afraid of? Obviously you’re afraid of something because you’re hiding. What is it with stalking people? Normal humans don’t stalk people. They don’t use all caps either. You might consider saving the mental health industry the cost of treating an just go for suicide by cop. At least someone might pity you.

          24. kimbanyc April 2, 2015


          25. jdkchem April 2, 2015

            I can back up my talk pusscake. You’re hiding in some monkey’s vagina. That, scumbag, is the difference between you and me.

    2. jdkchem March 28, 2015

      Says the terrorist supporting scumbag freeloading coward.

      1. kimbanyc March 29, 2015


        1. jdkchem March 30, 2015

          You’re yapping because someone is doing to you what you do to others. Typical scumbag coward. Put your address out and stop hiding if you’re as tough as Dick sucking lips.

          1. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          2. jdkchem March 30, 2015

            You’re the only beggar hear scumbag. Anytime you want prove how tough you are scumbag. You’re the gutless spun monkey hiding. Before you yapping about tough anything stop hiding in mommy’s vagina.

          3. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


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          6. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


          7. jdkchem March 31, 2015

            Angry at what scumbag? You? You’re the one yapping about tough guys hiding behind keyboards yet you’re still hiding in mommy’s vagina. You’re the turd lapping sob yapping in all caps like a retarded democrat. How can anyone be angry at such a pathetic coward? You don’t even rise to the level of pity. In fact. When they find your rotting corpse no one will care enough to give you a hole in potter’s field. If you’re lucky you’ll get a ziplock bag before they dump your carcass in the incinerator. Is your life more pathetic knowing that mommy is still in the B’s of the LA phone book looking for your daddy? Anytime you want to prove you’re as tough as your fellating lips spun k monkey.

          8. kimbanyc March 31, 2015


          9. jdkchem March 31, 2015

            Obviously you care because you keep replying in all caps.

          10. kimbanyc March 31, 2015


          11. kimbanyc March 30, 2015


  29. virginia_slim March 27, 2015

    Scar Speckled Girl
    After Dick Cheney, George W Bush, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the neo-con LIARs sold the war to steal Iraq’s Oil, you have no standing to call other people names.
    They knew that they were lying, declassified documents prove that they knew they were lying.
    Thank the neo-con Republicans for FIVE THOUSAND dead Americans.
    Your side lied, Americans died.
    Tens of thousands physically and mentally maimed.
    Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted that the whole sales pitch was a lying con job.
    Your side.
    Almost Ten trillion dollars gone.

    …… and you have the unmitigated gall to call President Obama named.
    You penchant for lying accusations qualifies you to be a right-wing Republican politician.

    1. jdkchem March 28, 2015

      Vagina Stupid, there were no lies except the retarded delusional crap about stealing Iraq’s oil. As for name calling. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out.

      1. toptwome April 8, 2015

        Why not go play at Politico where they are all Fox fed lunatics like you.

        1. jdkchem April 8, 2015

          Why not flush yourself down the toilet?

      2. Independent1 April 10, 2015

        No lies?? Really?? Wow!! Do you ever have your head where the sun can never shine!! Talk about clueless!!!

        See this from Mother Jones:

        Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq

        At A congressional hearing examining the march to war in Iraq, Republican congressman Walter Jones posed “a very simple question” about the administration’s manipulation of intelligence: “How could the professionals see what was happening and nobody speak out?”

        Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, responded with an equally simple answer: “The vice president.”

        But the blame for Iraq does not end with Cheney, Bush, or Rumsfeld. Nor is it limited to the intelligence operatives who sat silent as the administration cherry-picked its case for war, or with those, like Colin Powell or Hans Blix, who, in the name of loyalty or statesmanship, did not give full throat to their misgivings. It is also shared by far too many in the Fourth Estate, most notably the New York Times’ Judith Miller. But let us not forget that it lies, inescapably, with we the American people, who, in our fear and rage over the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001, allowed ourselves to be suckered into the most audacious bait and switch of all time.

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

        The lies were many and seemingly unending: Bush, Cheney and a number of other players in the Bush Administration orchestrated the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the American people.

        Even or congressional legislators were dupes!!

        See more here clueless!!


        1. jdkchem April 15, 2015

          That’s correct retard I don’t ever have my head where the sun can never shine.
          Mother Jones? A pack of commie traitors is going to know anything about Iraq.
          If you’re going to continue to LIE and deny what every person who works in CBRN knows. I suggest that you remove your head from where the sun never shines, moron.

    2. Star Spangled Girl March 28, 2015

      From pelosi on down, the dems voted for the wars before they lied and said they didnt. And the media aided and abetted them. Quit rewriting history

      1. toptwome April 8, 2015

        Many Democrats were fooled by the lies of the Bush administration, but many Democrats were not fooled and I was never fooled by their lies and deceit.

  30. maintmech2 March 28, 2015

    I don’t believe a word of this article.

    1. Independent1 April 5, 2015

      You don’t have enough brain cells between your ears to even half understand what this article said. So that’s not surprising that you wouldn’t believe it. It’s hard to believe something your low IQ doesn’t even let you comprehend.

    2. toptwome April 8, 2015

      It is all true dog face.

    3. toptwome April 8, 2015

      You probably did not read those facts that are facts.

  31. jdkchem March 28, 2015

    Why does the story teller not reveal their identity? Why hide behind lolgop? Unless you’d be exposed as the propaganda whoring fascist your delusional rant shows you to be.

  32. kaydenpat March 29, 2015

    I don’t really care about Republicans (idiots all, in my opinion) but I wonder why the media hasn’t given President Obama his due. His accomplishments are numerous and as far as I am concerned, going back to a Republican President in 2016 would be a disaster. Republicans cannot rule. They love power for power’s sake.

    1. jdkchem March 30, 2015

      The media has been on their knees for your precedent. You’re moaning because it isn’t enough to swallow. You can’t name one accomplishment. It’s gotten so bad the French won’t even deal with your idiot precedent.

      1. Independent1 April 4, 2015

        Wow!! Where did you get all that total BS!!! The Media hasn’t given Obama anywhere near the credit he deserves. Despite 24/7 obstructionism from a treasonous bunch of Republican idiots, he’s accomplished more than all 5 of the last totally worthless Republican presidents accomplished in their disastrous 28 years in office COMBINED!!

        Below are just a quick sample of the more than 40 constructive accomplishments under Obama when about the only thing the last 5 GOP presidents can lay claim to is the creation of the EPA under Nixon – a president that committed TREASON!!!

        Wow!! Talk about crooked presidents under the GOP:

        One commits treason by sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks and then resigns rather than getting impeached for being a crook!!!

        Another( Reagan), commits a treasonous action by negotiating with the Iranian Ayatollahs to not release the American prisoners they were holding captive so he can paint Carter as weak on foreign policy. And then has over 100 members of his administration convicted of crimes with more administration people put in jail than all the presidents since 1900 combined.

        And another lies America into an unwarranted war where more than 4,000 American soldiers are killed along with countless Iraqis; and then defies international law by using torture on prisoners, and refuses to let the CIA try and stop an attack on the homeland resulting in 3,000 Americans dying in the largest terrorist attack ever perpetrated against America on 9/11–

        And you RWNJ Morons have the nerve to try and criticize Obama???

        What a joke!!!!!!

        Here clueless!! spend the rest of your life trying to dig up even 5 things the last 5 worthless GOP presidents accomplished that were constructive for America that come close to comparing to the following:

        -Obama has presided over the longest stretch of positive jobs growth in U.S. history (60 months & counting).

        -The stock market has virtually tripled during Obama’s 6 years in office to heights never reached before making retirement much easier
        for millions of retirees such as myself.

        -America’s energy sector is now the largest producer of energy on the planet for the 1st time in history; creating an alternative energy sector that will soon make fossil fuels needed only for backup energy.

        -More troublesome illegal aliens have been rounded up and deported in the past 6 years than under any other president (or combination of
        presidents) .

        -The auto industry that Obama bailed out is achieving profits the past 2 years it hadn’t seen since the 1990s. And a 1.5 million people are working today who wouldn’t be had the industry gone bankrupt.

        -Deficit spending has come down further and faster over the past 6 years than at any other time in our history: from 1.4T to under 450B in
        5 budgets.

        -Unemployment has come down further and faster over the past 6 years than at any other time in our history: from 10.1% to under 5.8%. A year plus faster than it came down under Reagan.

        -The Obama administration has brought more crooks to justice trying to defraud our government in the Defense and Health Care sectors; recovering Billions of dollars – more than any combination of previous presidents.

        -Obama’s 2009 Stimulus Package incentivized the private sector to create numerous alternative energy companies in the solar, wind,
        hydro, tidal and plasma fields such that the alternative energy sector is poised to greatly reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels in the near future.

        -America’s new health care legislation, ACA, has already been responsible for keeping at least 75,000 Americans from dying prematurely; and for creating thousands of new jobs while saving hospitals more than $6 billion and saving taxpayers in states across America millions to billions depending on their populations.

        -By cutting the banks out of the student loan process, Obama has allowed hundreds of thousands, maybe millions more HS students to get loans for college than under any previous president.

        1. jdkchem April 6, 2015

          Pull your head from your sphincter.

          Job growth – The lowest labor force participation rate since WWII.
          The stock market has not tripled and it’s being propped up by low interest rates.
          The energy sector is booming because of the private sector fracking where your precedent can’t interfere. As for alternative energy. Why does green energy still rely on subsidies? As in a solar company applying for a government grant to pay off a government loan?
          More illegal aliens deported? No you’re lying.
          Sorry princess barry did not bail out the auto industry he bailed out the uaw. Ford wasn’t bankrupt, Toyota wasn’t bankrupt, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fiat, BMW, Volkswagon, Kia… They weren’t bankrupt. Why are you lying?
          Deficit spending? You really want to bring up how your precedent doubled the national debt?
          Unemployment has only come down because people are leaving the workforce. LOWEST LABOR WORKFORCE PARTICIPATION RATE SINCE WWII.
          More people on foodstamps than at any time in US history.
          Porkulus stimulated nothing. Solyndra is still bankrupt. There is no alternative energy boom toots. Your precious porkulus recipients are all bankrupt or out of business. You cannot name one alternative energy company that is profitable. Nothing is poised to replace fossil fuels.
          Obamacare resulted in the cancellation of a 1/4 of a million policies in my state alone. Costs have gone up and doctors have left the business. Fewer doctors are getting into private practice. It has not prevented one American from dying prematurely. You cannot provide evidence of one case where obamacare has prevented a premature death. Obamacare had already cost billions before it was even implemented. Premiums have gone up and coverage has gone down. Contrary to your lying claim obamacare hasn’t saved one penny.
          Wrong. The same government backed loans were always available. Your precedent only cut out the middleman. For years prior to your precedent taking office any student could apply for Perkins and or Stafford loans and based soley on financial need be approved.
          Your precedent is a traitorous scumbag as are you for continuing to puke the propaganda from your sewer.
          Nothing you’ve claimed as a success is remotely successful or true. Like your precedent you’re a lying huckster. Every claim you’ve made is a LIE.

          1. karen April 8, 2015

            where did you get these facts, jdkchem? in a cracker jack box?

          2. jdkchem April 8, 2015

            Is that your original thought for the day?

            The same place you could have if you weren’t on a street corner fellating for food stamps.

            http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS11300000 Note toots that would be the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


            When did obama bail out Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, etc.? Never. Therefore spunk monkey obama did not save the auto industry. In fact the tax payers lost money saving the uaw otherwise known as gm.

            6.3 million cancellation letters thanks to obamacare in 2014 http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2014/10/16/obama-health-care-insurance-cancellation-column/17353673/

            There’s your cracker jack box puta. Go back to your street corner.

          3. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            No, he didn’t bail out those mostly foreign manufacturers clueless, but Toyota admitted during the bailout process for GM and Chrysler that if they wen belly up, it was quite likely that they would also have to shut down because there would not be enough business for what was then the small parts maker to stay afloat named Delphi.

            And, had Obama not bailed out the auto industry and insisted on a stimulus which more than 80% of economists agree is the only thing that kept America out of the GOP’s 2nd created world-wide depression (had America fallen into depression so would the world), none of the oil exploration you like to taut would have ever come about. Because at the time, the price of oil had fallen to below $30/barrel which was no where near pricey enough for any investors to have put money into more oil exploration with a dying economy.

            So it was only Obama insisting on the auto bailout AND INSISTING ON A STIMULUS, that is even the reason why many of us are not standing in breadlines today. The economy would not have recovered faster than at any previous time in history!! Far faster than it rebounded under Reagan or any other president!! So being Faux News Sheeple – it would be a good idea if you went and posted on a website with people who are going to listen to and believe your absolute DRIVEL!!!

          4. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            And about those cancellation letters clueless: individual market health insurers cancelling policies at the end of a policy year is common practice. Because their policies only run for a period of a year. And they cancel them every year so they have the right to not renew them if the insured has a lot of health problems and has been costing the insurer money. And the fact is, that of those 6 million there were only a few hundred thousand that were legitimate cancellations which people couldn’t renew without paying higher premiums. And the reason they had to pay higher premiums is because the policies they had were totally worthless and would have covered next to nothing if they actually had a claim.

            Sure, these people loved their policies because they were cheap, and gave them the false impression that had they had a real medical problem they were covered. Well nothing was further from the truth. Fact is, that the fine print in those policies indicated that the insurer had the right to cancel the policy at any time, even just when a patient was scheduled for an expensive operation, via a practice called RECISSION!! And many health insurers actually gave bonuses to their customer service people who were quick enough to cancel a policy on someone before the doctors and hospitals actually could hold them liable for paying big bucks for medical treatment. And just so you know, I’m very familiar with this being a thirty year retiree from a company called Aetna!!!

          5. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            And by the way, since you seem to be such a fan of the GOP,
            are you aware that on top of being as dismal as the GOP is in keeping the economy running – they lag far behind Democrats on being able to create jobs, to keep from running up debt (Reagan and the 2 Bushes are responsible for more than 90% of our 18 trillion in debt), and for holding down the GDP to a mediocre 2.6% average annual growth while Dems are around 4.5%;

            In addition to all that, there have been 17 Recessions and 3 Depressions in the U.S. since 1901 and 17 of those 20 recessions/depressions, occurred when a Republican was in office – and most of them during a Republican’s 2nd term – meaning it was Republican policies that clearly prompted the recessions/depression (and Eisenhower by the way is king of the recession creators have had 3 of them in his 8 years); and of course the GOP was responsible for all 3 Depressions; and they really went gang busters with their failed ideology in the late 1920s; not only prompting a stock market crash but also throwing not only America but also the world into a depression that took America over 13 years to recover from.

            Aren’t you just proud as punch about these guys: the GOP?? Not only do the start wars that end up with thousands of Americans dying!! Not only do they refuse to extend health care to people who need it so thousands more Americans end up dying!! Not only do they refuse to pass a jobs bill that would put millions of Americans to work and instead force them to live on employment for years!! Their policies also result in crashing our economies so EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY CAN SUFFER!!!! Wow!! AREN’T THEY JUST GREAT???

          6. karen April 9, 2015

            puta? you are a nasty little troll who loves to hate anyone you disagree with. but worse than that, you are a bully and an immature debater who resorts to name calling and insults of one’s life style and education. enjoy your day, sir, as you are probably left alone to spew in your self righteous façade which you hide behind.

          7. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            Look up the meaning of self righteous before you use the word puta.

          8. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            You made a snide comment, puta, and you got it back in spades. If you can’t take what you dish out crawl back under your rock, puta. If you want to whine about getting punched back twice as hard, puta, you should learn not to punch. You asked a question, puta. You didn’t want debate, you didn’t want an answer. You wanted to be the smug little puta you obviously are.

          9. karen April 16, 2015

            puta puta puta. is that the only word you know? how about mariposa? you like to fight? I see that you argue with everyone, calling them names, acting like a bully. the joke is on you, mariposa.

          10. jdkchem April 18, 2015

            Whining because you got punched back twice as hard. Puta.

          11. karen April 18, 2015

            hahahahahahaha. you are so funny, mariposa.

          12. jdkchem April 19, 2015

            You are so pathetic, puta. The proper term is mariposon, coño. Nobody but ignorant white bread libturds use mariposa.

          13. karen April 20, 2015

            “you are so pathetic… you are so stupid…. you are a puta… you are so ignorant.” I would guess that you brow beat your kids; antagonize your wife, terrorize your employees or co-workers, and live the life of a cyber bully who loves to hit below the belt. whatever you say jdkchem. whatever you think is on you. you can have the next word. I’m done with your cyber bullying. it doesn’t work on me.

          14. jdkchem April 20, 2015

            Crawl back into your petri dish. If you don’t like getting hit stay out of the ring, puta. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out.

          15. jdkchem April 20, 2015

            I would correctly guess that you like to run your sewer then cry like a put a when you get what you’ve been dishing out. Below the belt? What did you think you were going to get with your retarded comment, a box of Cracker Jacks?

          16. kimbanyc April 11, 2015


          17. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            You came out of hiding just to continue to demonstrate what an ignorant turd you are. Go back to mommy’s vagina turd lapper. As for whining and attention seeking, you’re the one who insists on all caps. When are you coming to Colorado so you can show me how quickly you’ll bleed out?

          18. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            What happened to reporting me for saying mean things to a gutless wussy? You didn’t have the spine for that either.

          19. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            Go finish mommy’s late term abortion.

          20. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            What happened to being finished with me? Couldn’t take what you were dishing out, we all know why. Now you can’t find anyone willing to give you attention. Come out of hiding scumbag, I’ll give you all the attention you deserve.

          21. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            From mommy’s vagina comes the whining of a partially aborted progtard.

          22. jdkchem April 18, 2015

            Did mommy take away the catamite’s keyboard.

          23. Independent1 April 8, 2015

            Wow!! You lie pretty good!! Do you write stuff for Mitt Romney?? The king of the pathological lying snake oil salesmen??

            Tax receipts simply do not go up when taxes are cut!! What a joke!! Why do you think Kansas is now in a 10 Billion dollar hole since Brownbeck instituted the idiot Heritage Foundation ideas on economic idiocy of cutting taxes to spur the economy!!

          24. toptwome April 9, 2015

            Why do you think Jindal in Louisiana is $1.6 billion in debt. He is doing all he can to please Grover Norquist and he will never be president no matter what he does. But he goes from one republican meeting to the next. Louisiana has never had such a sorry rotten governor.

          25. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            Sure, because Jindal is doing the same to Louisiana that Brownback is down to Kansas, and Walker is doing to Wisconsin and Christie is doing to New Jersey, and on and on: driving them into the ditch.

          26. toptwome April 9, 2015

            Fracking is ruining the water, and without water we will be done. Fracking is for fools like you.

          27. dpaano April 10, 2015

            Let’s hope he drinks a lot of it!!!

          28. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            And let’s talk a little about labor participation: a totally worthless notion and not even worth discussing. Are you even aware that today over 100,000 baby boomers drops out of the labor market every month?? The labor market today is totally different than at any time in previous history. The BLS’ U-6 number is such a worthless number that they don’t put any stock in it whatsoever; only clueless RWNJs who have their heads in the sand don’t realize that the U-6 number is totally meaningless today.

            With Obamacare, millions of Americans who were continuing to work just because they needed health insurance, have now found that they don’t have to work any longer and can get cheap enough insurance to let them not have to have to have 2 members of the family work.

            In addition, over the past 30 years, so much of the middle and lower class have been funneled upward that there are today, millions more wealthy people in the top 20% who can afford to spend their lives touring the world, or doing whatever suits their fancy. There are simply millions upon millions of Americans today, even younger ones who are ‘doing their own thing’ making money outside of the labor force the BLS keeps track of, that as I said: getting fixated on the labor participation rate is only something that MORONS SUCH AS YOU GET INVOLVED WITH!!!!!!

          29. dpaano April 10, 2015

            It’s stupid, Independent1, to keep arguing with this guy….he obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about and you aren’t going to change his mind. He’s just going to keep sprouting crap with nothing valid to back it up. Just give up, ignore him, and maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll go back to his cave and hibernate!

          30. dpaano April 10, 2015


          31. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            BLS data moron from planet retard. Another turd polisher who needs all caps to feel special.

        2. jdkchem April 6, 2015

          You’re the only one lying scumbag.
          Nixon resumed bombing North Vietnam to bring the North Vietnamese back to the peace talks. You had to lie about that.
          Reagan never negotiated with Iran prior to being elected. You made that up because Carter was a failure and your ego can’t deal with it.
          Bsuh never lied regarding wmd’s in Iraq. Traitorous scumbags like you lied saying there weren’t. Everybody who works in the cbrn field knows Iraq had chemical weapons. You keep pushing the lie over and over again because you’re a traitorous scumbag.
          Not one of your claims is an obama success, period. You’re lying when you claim anything princess barry has done has been successful. Unless you’re a treasonous commie-fascist sob.
          See the response below. Nothing you’ve claimed is true. You cannot provide one source to back up your claims. Not even from the obama loving media.
          Crawl back under your rock retardee.

          1. toptwome April 8, 2015

            Idiot. This President and Democrats have done the job of fixing the mess that Bush and republicans made of our country. Wars not paid for, tax cuts not paid for, even the troops sent into Iraq without the absolutely necessary equipment. They were driving around in jeeps instead of tanks. In fact they were the sitting ducks for the IEDs planted everywhere. These poor guys were begging their parents for something to help armor their jeeps. Bush and Cheney and republicans are incompetent. They are the idiots you vote for and then do everything for the wealthy and nothing at all for education or health care or infrastructure.

          2. jdkchem April 8, 2015

            STFU. The jeep was retired permanently in the mid 80’s douchebag.

          3. toptwome April 9, 2015

            Drop it you hater of this President who has been the one to do all the fixing of the mess the republicans made of this country. Now the stock market is sailing up, the unemployment is way down and the country is back with jobs and with the economy doing well. The American car industry is doing great. The Affordable Care Act is helping millions of people to have health insurance. And I wish you were a piece of trash since that is all you are to me.

          4. jdkchem April 8, 2015

            Have you been writing like a 4th grader all your life? Wars not paid for, progmonkey lie. Tax cuts not paid for? What kind of idiot makes that moronic argument? Note phucktard that revenues went up after the tax cuts took effect. Naturally freeloading commie-fascists like you refuse to admit that entitlement spending went up as well.
            If you’re going to call someone an idiot have better writing skills than a 4th grader and the knowledge that the jeep hasn’t been in military use since the mid 80’s.

            Since you obviously are too stupid and gutless to have served. STFU about everything military.

          5. toptwome April 9, 2015

            You shut up. Facts are not on your side with your right wing nutjob lies and hate. My husband was in Iraq. He was stationed at Fort Hood and the 1st Cavalry fortunately were not the first to go, but they did go to Iraq and fought for America and nothing you say you jdkchem repuk will ever make your lies and right wing lunacy the truth. My husband retired after 21 years in the Army and he saw a lot of war. He saw a lot of Korea and he served with distinction and was never a fan of Bush and Cheney or the republicans.

          6. Independent1 April 8, 2015

            You think I’m lying huh!! Explain then why the hostages were released at exactly the same minute that Reagan finished his inaugural address on January 20, 1981.

            See this from wikepedia on the American Hostage Crisis:

            With the final completion of the Iran hostage crisis negotiations, the hostages were released on 20 January 1981.

            On January 20, 1981, at the moment Reagan completed his 20‑minute inaugural address after being sworn in as President, the 52 American hostages were released by Iran into U.S. custody, having spent 444 days in captivity.[107][108]

            The hostages were flown to Algeria as a symbolic gesture for the help of that government in resolving the crisis. The flight continued to Rhein-Main Air Base in West Germany and on to Wiesbaden USAF Hospital, where former President Carter, acting as emissary, received them. After medical check-ups and debriefings, they took a second flight to Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh, New York, with a refueling stop in Shannon, Ireland, where they were greeted by a large crowd. From Newburgh they traveled by bus to the United States Military Academy, and stayed at the Thayer Hotel at West Point for three days receiving a heroes’ welcome all along the route. Ten days after their release, the former hostages were given a ticker tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes in New York City.


          7. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            I know you’re lying scumbag. I don’t need to refer to wikipedia, which does not even remotely support your ignorant LIE. Unlike you, some of us were preparing to go to war to get our people back. Go peddle your BS to someone dumb enough to buy it.

          8. Independent1 April 8, 2015

            And with respect to Nixon, note in the 2nd paragraph about Nixon’s team’s negotiations with the South Vietnamese frustration LBJ’s peace talks. LBJ knew that Nixon had ordered that and had he been able to get re-elected he was going to charge Nixon with Treason:

            See this from ConsortiumNews.Com:

            “I am inclined to believe the Republican operation in 1968 relates in two ways to the Watergate affair of 1972,” Rostow wrote. He noted, first, that Nixon’s operatives may have judged that their “enterprise with the South Vietnamese” – in frustrating Johnson’s last-ditch peace initiative – had secured Nixon his narrow margin of victory over Democratic Vice President Hubert Humphrey in 1968.

            “Second, they got away with it,” Rostow wrote. “Despite considerable press commentary after the election, the matter was never investigated fully. Thus, as the same men faced the election in 1972, there was nothing in their previous experience with an operation of doubtful propriety (or, even, legality) to warn them off, and there were memories of how close an election could get and the possible utility of pressing to the limit – and beyond.” [To read Rostow’s memo, click here, here and here.]

            And this:

            On May 14, 1973, Walt W. Rostow, who had been national security adviser during some of the darkest days of the Vietnam War, typed a three-page “memorandum for the record” summarizing a secret file that his former boss, President Lyndon Johnson, had amassed on what may have been Richard Nixon’s dirtiest trick, the sabotaging of Vietnam peace talks to win the 1968 election.

          9. dpaano April 10, 2015

            John Dean wrote a great book about the Nixon White House and how secretive and downright dishonest he was…..and Dean worked for him!! Dean is now a Democrat, and we can only see why!

          10. Independent1 April 8, 2015

            When are you going to wake up you clueless nitwit??? Republicans are notoriously terrible at everything except starting wars and robbing the middleclass and poor blind!!! They’re no better than the Italian Mafia pretending to be politiicans!!!! They’re gangsters at large!!!!!!

          11. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            And if you don’t think Reagan was a devious person who would have had some of his campaign team negotiate with the Ayatollahs just like Nixon had some of his negotiate with the South Vietnamese to give him some advantage during the 1980 election- explain why by the end of Reagan’s 2nd term, 138 people in his administration had been convicted, indicted or investigated for official misconduct and/or criminal violations while in office.

            See this:

            “By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations. In terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration was the worst ever.”

            1. Lyn Nofziger–White House Press Secretary – Convicted on charges of illegal lobbying of White House in Wedtech scandal. The lobbying would not have been illegal had he not been White House Press Secretary.

            2. Michael Deaver, Reagan’s Chief of Staff, received three years’ probation and was fined one hundred thousand dollars after being convicted for lying to a congressional subcommittee and a federal grand jury about his lobbying activities after leaving the White House. Same as with Lyn Nofziger.

            3. James Watt, Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior was indicted on 41 felony counts for using connections at the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help his private clients seek federal funds for housing projects in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Watt conceded that he had received $500,000 from clients who were granted very favorable housing contracts after he had intervened on their behalf. Watt was eventually sentenced to five years in prison and 500 hours of community service.

            4. John Poindexter, Reagan’s national security advisor, guilty of five criminal counts involving conspiracy to mislead Congress, obstructing congressional inquiries, lying to lawmakers, used “high national security” to mask deceit and wrong-doing…

            5. Richard Secord pleaded guilty to a felony charge of lying to Congress over Iran-Contra. Appointed by William Casey to assist Oliver North.

            6. Elliott Abrams was appointed by President Reagan in 1985 to head the State Department’s Latin American Bureau. He was closely linked with ex-White House aide Lt. Col. Oliver North’s covert movement to aid the Contras. Working for North, Abrams coordinated inter-agency support for the contras and helped solicit illegal funding from foreign powers as well as domestic contributors. Abrams agreed to cooperate with Iran-Contra investigators and pled guilty to two charges reduced to misdemeanors. He was sentenced in 1991 to two years probation and 100 hours of community service but was pardoned by President George Bush…

            7. Robert C. McFarlane, Reagan’s National Security Advisor, pled guilty to four misdemeanors and was sentenced to two years probation and 200 hours of community service. He was also fined $20,000. He received a blanket pardon from President George Bush…
            – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
            For reports on a number more of Reagan’s nefarious administration go here:


          12. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            The South Vietnamese were our allies moron why wouldn’t Nixon have negotiated with them? South Vietnam fell in 1975, moron how was negotiating going to help Nixon in 1980, which would have been an unconstitutional 4th Nixon term. You can’t even get basic facts right. You’re making crap up. Most people refer to that as lying.

            7% GDP under Reagan buckwheat. Suck on that scumbag.

          13. Independent1 April 15, 2015

            Exactly, and Nixon’s henchmen convinced our allies not to go along with LBJ’s attempt at the peace talks, that when Nixon became president he would work to negotiate a better deal with the North Vietnamese. Goodness!! These folks that say about you RWNJs that ‘YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”, Couldn’t be any more right. You’ll do anything to try and discredit the messenger instead of believing the truth.

            And of course no one has outright evidence that Reagan and his henchmen negotiated with the Iran Ayatollahs – but you are aware of Iran-Contra are you not?? Well, when do you think it was that Reagan promised to sell those weapons to Iran that brought in the elicit money that Reagan and his cronies then gave to the Contras?? it was during the election when his henchmen promised the Ayatollahs guns if the held the hostages to help him win the election – he’d then sell them guns.. which is why the Iran released the hostages the instant they were certain the Reagan had in fact become America’s president!!

            Keep on with your head up your rectum!! You couldn’t be any stupider if you really worked at it not job!!!

          14. jdkchem April 18, 2015

            BS. YOU’RE LYING. Again. Johnson escalated the war moron. It was the very reason Johnson did not seek reelection after 1 term. Your party of pathetic lying scum lost because George Wallace, democrat & segregationist, sucked votes off Humphrey. Not only that, moron, Nixon campaigned on ending the draft. Johnson had no peace proposals, moron, and Humphrey never offered any of his own during the campaign because he feared he would lose the support of Johnson. Even wikipedia gets that right. How could Nixon undermine Johnson when his own party didn’t even agree with him to the point he didn’t even bother running for reelection. Anyone with a brain, that obviously leaves you out, knows the North & South Vietnamese would be dealing with a new administration in 1969. You’re an idiot.

            Crawl back under you rock lying scumbag. There’s nothing you won’t lie about.

            More BS. Nobody on Reagan’s staff promised the Iranians they would get more guns if they continued to hold the hostages. What guns would they get? You don’t even know. You’re just making up yet another lie because you’re a sorry worthless freeloading piece of sh!t. Reagan was going to ship Iran M-16’s? They were already getting “guns” from the soviets. Given that you believe the jeep was still in service in 2003 your knowledge of military weapons doesn’t even rise to negligible. The hostages were released immediately after Reagan was inaugurated. Two months after every swinging dick on the planet knew Reagan would be president. You can’t point to one US weapons system used by the Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war. You don’t even have the intellect to know when the Iran-Iraq war occurred or who the major belligerents were. Certainly had Reagan given the ayatollahs “guns” the Iranians would not have had to resort to human wave attacks.

            The reason your precious terrorists went to IED’s in Iraq is because they were getting their a$$es handed to them in gunfights. Especially by Marines. Another tidbit you know nothing about because you’re too busy working your mouth filling your ebt card.

            The Ayatollahs got unusable HAWK missile parts in exchange for assistance in releasing hostages held in Lebanon. Newsflash moron. ALL HAWK missile systems were maintained by Americans in the Middle East. The Iranians did not have the ability to use the system as their training was minimal. You know nothing about Iran-Contra and what was done. Those of us with actual military service, that leaves you out cupcake you haven’t the brains or spine, know Reagan got the better of the deal with the ayatollahs. In fact, moron, you can’t point to one US weapons system used by the Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war.

            Go back to your street corner, get on your knees and fellate your ebt card full scumbag. As for anyone having their head in their rectum that would be you scumbag. Not buying your LIES does not make anyone stupid. No matter how it affects your precious little feelings. The fact is cupcake you’re an ignorant mouth-breathing freeloading coward. Your existence is subject to the whim of the government and when you meet your end your body will be unceremoniously dumped in an incinerator because you have no value. Feel free to prove you can be more ignorant than you’ve already demonstrated.

          15. Independent1 April 15, 2015


          16. jdkchem April 18, 2015

            You’re an idiot and a cowardly traitor. Contrary to your pathetic beliefs it is the job of the Congress to ratify ALL TREATIES.
            In 1972 when Nixon ran for REELECTION he campaigned on ending the war in Vietnam. In 1973 he did just that. You’re whining about that? Note the term reelection, moron. That means contrary to your ignorant belief Nixon had been elected as he was the sitting President. Given that you think Nixon was running for a 4th term and jeeps were still in service in 2003 I’m not surprised you felt the need to go all caps like the pathetic ignorant retard you are.

          17. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            And just in case you doubt my claims about the GOP spending the last 6 years working to sabotage our economy, see this:

            UPDATE: Eric Cantor Plotted to Sabotage US Economy in Secret Meeting with Hensarling & Luntz

            by keepemhonest

            FACT 1. In Robert Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives” Draper wrote that on inauguration night, 2009, during a four hour, “invitation only” meeting with GOP Hate-Propaganda Minister, Frank Luntz, the below listed Senior GOP Law Writers literally plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy America’s Economy.

            FACT 2: Draper wrote the guest list included:

            The Guest List:

            Frank Luntz – GOP Minister of Propaganda
            Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
            Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
            Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
            Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
            Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
            Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)
            Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
            Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
            Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
            Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
            Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
            Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).

            Non-lawmakers present Newt Gingrich – Failed GOP candidate for President

            FACT 3: Newt Gingrich confirms meeting took place in an interview with Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation on June 12, 2012

            SHARPTON: In fact, let`s go to a book that Mr. Draper wrote about the night of the inauguration. There was a meeting at a hotel near the inaugural ball, about a mile away … He writes about that night the plan was to show united and unyielding
            opposition to the president`s economic policies … And Draper writes that you told the group — you, Newt Gingrich, “You will remember this day…you will remember this day the seeds of 2012 were sown.”

            If there was a commitment from day one, before he ever took a seat behind the desk of the Oval Office, that everyone was going to obstruct him, then what he`s done has been almost unbelievable, against those kind of odds, Speaker Gingrich.

            NEWT: The first is, it was an important meeting and I was glad and honored to be part of it … I said to Callista when we left the ball — because we were at the Capitol for the inaugural. As we left, I said, you know, if he sticks to the kind of moderation and bipartisanship he`s been describing, he will split the Republican Party. He`ll govern like Eisenhower and he`ll get reelected. Now this is — this is the inaugural day.

            SHARPTON: I`m glad you admit you had it.

          18. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            STFU. You sound like a bigger idiot than you did before.

        3. jdkchem April 6, 2015

          How about you stop lying. Then you’d have nothing to say.

        4. toptwome April 8, 2015

          Again well said with facts that do not agree with the tiny brains and the fools of Faux Noise who can’t think for themselves. They won’t allow facts to get in the way of lies.

          1. dpaano April 10, 2015

            As I’ve said so many times before….the Republicans use lies and scare tactics to motivate their base….these guys just prove that point!

          2. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            If we don’t pass obamacare millions will die! If we don’t pass gun control right now millions will die! If we don’t give free community college millions will die! If we build the keystone pipeline global warming, millions will die! Global warming isn’t happening anymore, climate change millions will die!
            STFU dpanal.

      2. toptwome April 8, 2015

        You too are a moron who can’t see past your hate and you constant Faux for fools watching. What a wackadoodle you are.

        1. jdkchem April 8, 2015

          I was wrong. If you wrote as well as a 4th grader it would be an improvement. Since you can’t back up your mouth scumbag. Shut it.

          1. dpaano April 10, 2015

            And, you might try to learn how to spell “president”….talk about writing as well as a 4th grader…you can’t even make that grade!

          2. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            I used the exact word I meant to use when I stated PRECEDENT. If you lack the intellect to figure out the meaning.

        2. dpaano April 10, 2015

          And they can’t spell either…..goes to show where the Republican base is…..besides being uninformed and uneducated!

          1. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            I used the exact word I meant to use moron. Maybe you should learn what words mean. Before you use them.

  33. Dave Mather March 30, 2015

    A leftist that is so week minded and incorrect in this article that he/she can’t even use their name to produce an article in The National Memo. Another obvious failure of the left along with Obama!

    1. Independent1 April 4, 2015

      And another brilliant statement from one of the Bellview sanitarium escapees.

    2. toptwome April 8, 2015

      You Dave are an idiot. President Obama has turned this country around from the recession left by Bush to everything now reviving because Democrats are the ones who know how to govern. The GOP knows how to lie, cheat, and make people like you hate and hate and hate. So you are a hateful person.

      1. Dave Mather April 8, 2015

        You’re as weak and simple minded as the person too scared to use their real name to author an article. Neither of you can even provide facts to back up your ignorant comments. Your only retort is to call me an idiot. Provide some facts to prove you aren’t as stupid as you sound!

        1. Independent1 April 8, 2015

          You really are a Faux News sheeple aren’t you?? Well, since 1900, the American economy has dramatically outproduced during Democratic presidencies than during worthless Republican presidencies. I’m going to post some articles for you to prove just that!!

          But first, let’s start with something in the last 4 years. Where a Democrat – Mark Dayton, took over Minnesota, right next door to Wisconsin and inherited a 6 billion debt after 8 failed years under a Republican named Pawlenty. A Republican who had the nerve to think he was qualified to be president, when in 8 years under his failed governorship – Minnesota created a paltry 6,000 plus jobs, while in 4 years under Dayton, Minnesota has created over 160,000 more jobs in 4 years than Pawlenty could created in 8; even though Pawlenty ran up a 6 billion debt; while Dayton not only paid off that 6 Billion but has a 1.2 Billion surplus!!

          And it wasn’t just Pawlenty – Dayton greatly outperformed another Republican idiot named Walker – who has let Wisconsin through 4 mediocre years while running a 2 Billion debt in Wisconsin

          Republicans know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about running a government NOTHING!!!!

          What happens when you tax the rich and raise the minimum wage? Meet one of USA’s best economies

          See this Faux News sheeple!!!!!

          When Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton took office in 2011, Minnesota had more than a $6 billion dollar deficit and an unemployment rate of 7%. Today, Minnesota’s unemployment rate is now below 4% and they have a budget surplus of over $1.2 billion dollars. How did Mark Dayton do this? Did he heed his Republican opponent Tom Emmer’s advice? No he didn’t!!!

          During his first four years in office, Gov. Dayton raised the state income tax from 7.85 to 9.85 percent on individuals earning over $150,000, and on couples earning over $250,000 when filing jointly — a tax increase of $2.1 billion. He’s also agreed to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2018, and passed a state law guaranteeing equal pay for women.We all know that equal pay for women is a slippery slope that leads to voting rights and the loss of corsets and hoop skirts. Mark Dayton’s approach of making people who can afford to pay, pay, helped eliminate the deficit. Raising the minimum wage gave more people money to spend. Businesses like money and they like people who have money to spend.

          Between 2011 and 2015, Gov. Dayton added 172,000 new jobs to Minnesota’s economy — that’s 165,800 more jobs in Dayton’s first term than Pawlenty added in both of his terms combined. Even though Minnesota’s top income tax rate is the 4th-highest in the country, it has the 5th-lowest unemployment rate in the country at 3.6 percent. According to 2012-2013 U.S. census figures, Minnesotans had a median income that was $10,000 larger than the U.S. average, and their median income is still $8,000 more than the U.S. average today.

          1. Dave Mather April 9, 2015

            So Mr. Faux News sheeple, Like the rest of the left, if you don’t like the facts then redefine the definition of unemployment so it doesn’t include those not working and not looking for work! What would that number be? See the U-6 number for better accuracy.

          2. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            I didn’t change any definitions, the working and ACTIVELY seeking work are in the U-3 which is 5.5% – a number America’s worst president ever ‘Reagan’ could never achieve in 8 years because he was a fraud!!!

            The U-6 number not only includes those in the U-3 but also a GUESSTIMATION by the BLS as to millions of other Americans WHO MAY take a job if it was offered. And the U-6 is a number that even the BLS will tell you, is very HIGHLY UNRELIABLE!!! Because it’s not based on any hard fast numbers but OUTRIGHT PROJECTIONS!! And I’m telling you that since the BLS has not changed its practice for making those projections, that today, those projections are including MILLIONS OF AMERICANS, who either wouldn’t take a job if you handed it to them on a silver platter – or unless the job was highly lucrative and paid BIG BUCKS!!!

          3. EXFED4 April 10, 2015

            Let’s be clear. If unemployment was still measured the way it was before obama took office, unemployment would be about 10%. Or you could muddy it up with some liberal nonsense.

          4. Independent1 April 10, 2015

            Sorry, but just like a typical RWNJ, you’re wrong. The last time the BLS modified the way it collects unemployment data was in 1994. It has not changed how it calculates unemployment – only in the minds of misguided individuals such as yourself.

            See this from the BLS:

            The CPS has been conducted in the United States every month since 1940, when it began as a Work Projects Administration program. In 1942, the U.S. Census Bureau took over responsibility for the CPS. The survey has been expanded and modified several times since then. In 1994, for instance, the CPS underwent a major redesign in order to computerize the interview process as well as to obtain more comprehensive and relevant information.

            There are about 60,000 eligible households in the sample for this survey. This translates into approximately 110,000 individuals each month, a large sample compared to public opinion surveys, which usually cover fewer than 2,000 people. The CPS sample is selected so as to be representative of the entire population of the United States. In order to select the sample, all of the counties and independent cities in the country first are grouped into approximately 2,000 geographic areas (sampling units). The Census Bureau then designs and selects a sample of about 800 of these geographic areas to represent each state and the District of Columbia. The sample is a state-based design and reflects urban and rural areas, different types of industrial and farming areas, and the major geographic divisions of each state. (For a detailed explanation of CPS sampling methodology, see Chapter 1 of the BLS Handbook of Methods.)



          5. EXFED4 April 10, 2015

            No surprise you’ve chosen the muddy nonsense option.

          6. jdkchem April 15, 2015

            Muddy? That would be an improvement.

          7. Independent1 April 10, 2015

            Oh! And I forgot to mention that given that the unemployment rate has been computerized since 1994, it’s FAR MORE ACCURATE TODAY, than it was back in the 1980s during the administration of America’s worst president ever – Reagan, who not only sat back like a dumbcoff and let a mild recession turn into a major one by doing nothing for over 1 year after being elected to keep a recession from getting worse (Reagan did nothing until the unemployment rate had hit 10.8%; the prime rate was over 16% and mortgage rates were 20%).

            Not only was Reagan the most irresponsible president America ever had, thinking only of himself and his rich buddies, like most Republicans, he knew absolutely nothing about how to contain a recession and therefore, in 8 years wasn’t even able to get the unemployment rate into the mid 5 percentile!! What a loser!!!

            And keep this in mind, six months after he took office, IBM introduced the Personal Computer, which started the creation and expansion of virtually every major player in the computing world that we have today. The American economy should have soared, but instead because of Reagan’s incompetence – only 4 million jobs were created in his 1st term while 10 million had been created in the 4 years of the president you RWNJs like to denigrate – Carter.

            And the only reason 12 million jobs were created in Reagan’s 2nd term, is because by the time he was elected the 2nd time, all those computer companies had really gotten rolling and created those jobs DESPITE REAGAN’S MISMANAGEMENT OF THE ECONOMY!!!!!!

            You RWNJ’s Hero was a total LOSER!!!!!

            Not only did Reagan begin the destruction of unions, he began the destruction of the total fabric of the American way of life!! And the beginning of the enormous income inequality that we see today – by cutting the max tax rate more than in half so he and his rich buddies could begin robbing Ameirca blind!!!!!!!

          8. dpaano April 10, 2015

            Independent1: Let’s face it, you can’t change stupid, so why even try to get Dave to understand that he’s been lied to all this time! If he wants to keep believing the fairy dust that has been strewn about by the GOP….let him. The day will eventually come when he MIGHT see the light!! Until then, nothing is going to change his mind…..even the truth!

        2. Independent1 April 8, 2015

          Let’s try this one Faux News sheeple:

          Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing

          ”President Reagan has long been considered the best modern economic President. So we compared his performance dealing with the oil-induced recession of the 1980s with that of President Obama and his performance during this ‘Great Recession.’

          “As this unemployment chart shows, President Obama’s job creation kept unemployment from peaking at as high a level as President Reagan, and promoted people into the workforce faster than President Reagan.

          “President Obama has achieved a 6.1% unemployment rate in his sixth year, fully one year faster than President Reagan did. At this point in his presidency, President Reagan was still struggling with 7.1% unemployment, and he did not reach into the mid-low 6% range for another full year. So, despite today’s number, the Obama administration has still done considerably better at job creating and reducing unemployment than did the Reagan administration.

          “We forecast unemployment will fall to around 5.4% by summer, 2015. A rate President Reagan was unable to achieve during his two terms.”


          1. Dave Mather April 9, 2015

            Here is another article refuting your figures. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/business/us-unemployment-rate-history/

            Don’t be a sheeple yourself!

        3. Independent1 April 8, 2015

          Even Faux News agrees that Democrats are better for the economy and virtually everything else: the stock market, the GDP, jobs. If you’re wondering about jobs, Reagan and the 2
          Bushes succeeded in creating a mediocre 20 million jobs in 20 years in office. While Carter, Clinton and Obama thus far have created twice that number in 2 less years: that’s right, 39-40 million jobs in 18 years!!!!!

          But see this from Faux News:

          History Shows Stocks, GDP Outperform Under Democrats
          By Matt Egan Published September 04, 2012 FOXBusiness:

          Thanks to their pro-business approach and the anemic recovery, Republicans would seem to have a clear path to grab the economic mantle heading into the 2012 race for the White House.

          However, history actually shows that the U.S. economy, stock prices and corporate profits have generated stronger growth under Democratic administrations than Republican ones.

          According to McGraw-Hill’s (MHP) S&P Capital IQ, the S&P 500 has rallied an average of 12.1% per year since 1901 when Democrats occupy the White House, compared with just 5.1% for the GOP.

          Likewise, gross domestic product has increased 4.2% each year since 1949 when Democrats run the executive branch, versus 2.6% under Republicans.

          Even corporate profits show a disparity: S&P 500 GAAP earnings per share climbed a median of 10.5% per year since 1936 during Democratic administrations, besting an 8.9% median advance under Republicans, S&P said.

          Due to their “tax-and-spend” reputation, investors expect Democratic administrations to underperform Republican ones and be “poison to any portfolio,” Sam Stovall, chief equity strategist at S&P Capital IQ, wrote in a note. “History shows the opposite to be true, however.”


          1. Dave Mather April 9, 2015

            The actual way the economy is NOT recovering is evident by friends that are now out of work, have had to move somewhere else where there were jobs, and the constant lack of employment for many people including those college graduates not finding employment.
            This is from your very own article:
            “This is a disappointing recovery but not a disastrous recovery. I think that’s part of the reason why [voters] are having a hard time making up their minds,” said McCain. “Clearly people want something better but they are grappling with whether or not a change in administrations is truly going to make that better.”

          2. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            Send your GOP legislators a letter and tell them to stop wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money voting time and time again for worthless legislation. Tell them to get off their butts and pass legislation that creates jobs!!!!

            They’ve already wasted almost 1/2 a billion dollars with their fake scandals and childish voting habits voting time and time again for example to repeal Obamacare. The vast majority of the people you’re talking about having to move are people who live in sluggish economy Red States which lead the nation in people living in poverty: 20 of the 24 states with the highest percents of people living in poverty ARE ALL RED STATES!! Go stick your posts YOU KNOW WHERE!! RWNJ!!!!!!

          3. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            And who’s McCain that idiot RWNJ – go pound sand somewhere will you!!!!!

          4. Dave Mather April 9, 2015

            Try using your real name unless you are afraid people will know who you really are!

          5. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            For what purpose?? You don’t really think I believe your real name is what you’re using on this blog do you? And if you claimed it was, I wouldn’t believe you. I’ve come to not believe one word you RWNJs say: because 95% or more of the time it’s either a lie or a fabrication of the truth. I have as much respect for you and your other RWNJ friends on this blog, as I do a rat.

            Sorry but I cannot respect people one iota, who will support a political party that will willingly let people die for the sake of money– by refusing to expand Medicaid when it’s been proven that thousands of people die each year from the lack of proper healthcare.

            Nor people who would support a party that they have to know deliberately lied to start a war where more than 4,000 American soldiers died – just so they could funnel money into the pockets of their political donors that have ties to the defense industry via no-bid contracts to the likes of Haliburton, Blackwater and others.

            Nor people who would support a political party that has confessed to supporting torture – and not just run of the mill torture, but torture where a possible innocent detainee has actually died and those doing the torture have brushed it off as – Oh! well, that happens sometimes.

            Nor people who will sit back when the party they support has deliberately stalled for the past 6 years in doing anything to help America move forward – by helping people who are struggling and out of jobs actually find jobs – while instead, wasting almost 500 million dollars doing nothing but killing time while millions of the people who actually voted them into office have been suffering on unemployment, in poverty and even homelessness.

            And I could go on – I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg with respect to the absolute depravity of the political party you’re supporting!! And you have even one notion that I would respect one thing that you say??? Sorry buster!! You’re barking up the wrong tree!!

            Let me just give you an example of how even the main foundation behind the GOP’s fantasies can’t even tell the truth – the Heritage Foundation is just one more right-wing lying machine:

            Busted! Heritage Foundation economist can only defend Kansas tax cuts by fabricating data

            If you are Stephen Moore, the “chief economist” for the Heritage Foundation, you fake the data.

            What’s going on in Kansas is beginning to look a lot like proof that Republican magical thinking about economics has at last run out of fairy dust to cloak itself in. Yael T. Abouhalkah is an editorial writer for the Kansas City Star. While researching a piece on the Kansas economy, he couldn’t help but notice that the facts he was turning up were at odds with the “facts” reported in a pro-Brownback piece written by Moore and published the Star earlier this month.

            Moore’s column argued that Kansas needed to give Brownback’s regime more time to work its wonders, because “the national data tell us” that over the last 20 years the nine states without an income tax have had double the population growth and more than double the income growth of states with very high income taxes. These results are statistically significant, which means it is very unlikely they happened by chance. This does not mean all states that cut taxes have growth or that all states with high taxes don’t have growth. It means there is a strong propensity for low-tax and tax-cutting states to grow. Period. This is a problem for the left because places such as New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and California that have been following Krugman’s (and President Barack Obama’s) economic strategy are getting clobbered by tax-cutting states.

            OK. Some of you have already noticed that here we have a “chief economist” abusing the concept of “statistical significance” in a way that would embarrass a first year student of the subject.

            But let’s move on to what Moore said next:

            No-income-tax Texas gained 1 million jobs over the last five years; California, with its 13 percent tax rate, managed to lose jobs. Oops. Florida gained hundreds of thousands of jobs while New York lost jobs. Oops.

            Abouhalkah found FOUR errors in that brief passage.

            No. 1: Moore’s data isn’t from “the last five years”. When challenged by The Star he admitted it was from December 2007 to December 2012. Which is a deliberate deception. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data that Moore was relying on is updated Every. Single. Month. So there is no reason to use 18-month-old data. If Moore honestly wanted to look at the “the last five years” he could have presented the numbers from mid-2009 to mid-2014.

            No. 2: even within his cherry-picked dates, Moore lied about the numbers. Texas did not gain 1 million jobs in that 2007-2012 period. The correct figure was a gain of 497,400 jobs.

            No. 3: Florida did not add hundreds of thousands of jobs in that span. It lost 461,500 jobs.

            No. 4: New York, which has one of the highest income tax rates, did not lose jobs during that time. It gained 75,900 jobs.

            Abouhalkah noted a 5th oddity as well:

            California since December 2012 — when Moore stopped measuring employment growth — has added 541,000 jobs, which is more than Texas’ 523,400. So, high taxes are good?

            At this point one must ask: how is it that Stephen Moore still has a job?

            More importantly, let’s see what Abouhalkah’s own research turned up. From his July 18 piece – the one he was researching when he realized how dishonest Moore’s piece was:

            Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his advisers want to create an alternate reality when it comes to job growth in the state. They keep throwing out misleading numbers to the public while trying to cloud Kansas’ mediocre jobs picture.

            Consider what happened earlier this week, after Democrat Paul Davis gained national attention when more than 100 current and former Kansas GOP officials endorsed his efforts to defeat Brownback this fall. The Brownback campaign shot back with the oft-repeated claim that the Republican governor has created plenty of private sector jobs since he took office in January 2011. It was the latest effort to promote large tax cuts he signed as a way to re-energize the state’s economy.

            The facts are far more sobering for the governor.

            On Friday, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics released the latest employment figures for all 50 states — the same ones the Brownback administration uses repeatedly for its “we’re getting better” press releases.

            Overall, the number of private sector jobs added since 2011 in Kansas crept up to 55,100. However, that statistic loses a lot of shine once you factor in the 8,300 jobs lost in local and state government ranks since 2011. Those are people who may no longer have steady income to pay the rent, buy food, pay taxes and contribute to the Kansas economy.

            Fact is, Kansas has actually gained only 46,800 total jobs since early 2011. Kansas has had one of the nation’s poorest rates of employment growth during Brownback’s time in office, including since the first tax cuts took effect in 2013.
            The new Bureau of Labor Statistics report also reveals that Kansas — like eight other states — had fewer jobs at the end of June than it did seven months ago. This fact undermines the Brownback mantra that the state’s economy is gaining steam in 2014.

          6. Dave Mather April 9, 2015

            You mean like people that try to force others into abortions? In case you missed it, Obama said ‘If you like your plan, you can keep it period’. What part of that don’t you understand????? Unlike you -Independent1-, I use my real name. What are you afraid of?

          7. jmprint April 17, 2015

            Other then your mother forcing your sister to get an abortion, where have you seem anyone forcing abortions on people?
            Yes President Obama made that statement, the insurance companies cancelled previous plans, bark at the insurance companies. Who cares what your name is, I don’t, your opinion is worthless also, because it is OLD parroting BS.

          8. Independent1 April 9, 2015

            And in case you didn’t catch much of those people dying without Medicaid expansion – here’s a chart for you so you can get a better picture:

          9. JPHALL May 16, 2015

            Which rock have you been hiding under the last few years? Read the financial reports in papers, magazines or on TV. Your rhetoric is so much BS. The truth is out there idiot.

          10. Dave Mather May 16, 2015

            Try reading some articles as recent as yesterday for the truth. That would be Friday! It took you over a month to respond to my comment in the first place. It probably takes you that much time for you to come up with your choice of words like idiot and BS but not able to offer any links to ALL those articles you’ve been reading! Talk about rhetoric!!! You’re so incompetent, you could probably get a cabinet post under Obama!

          11. JPHALL May 16, 2015

            Unlike you I do not live on these blogs. I respond to what I read, when I read it. As to my point prove that the economy is still tanking like under Bush and the Republicans. Stop pushing the lies from the talking heads on Faux News. Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Obama Successes Republicans Have To Pretend Never Happened

          12. Dave Mather May 16, 2015

            I don’t have the time to ‘live’ on blogs either. But I am not ignorant and arrogant enough to go back to things said or written a day or month ago. I just reply sometimes to ignorant people like you that spout rhetoric that they can’t back up. To continually blame Bush is extreme ignorance!! Get off your soap box and stop trying to defend your hero Obama by blaming others(particularly Bush) for his poor policies and decisions!

          13. JPHALL May 16, 2015

            Another right winger talking nonsense. I know your kind hates facts, buts the truth will out as the Bible tells. First, were is it written that you cannot respond to BS when you see it? As to Rhetoric, prove what I said was wrong. We both know that you can’t prove your position without citing some obviously contrived right wing website. I use the “Christian Science Monitor” for my information. Who do you use? Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Obama Successes Republicans Have To Pretend Never Happened

          14. Dave Mather May 17, 2015

            You are seriously oblivious to the facts and news! To compensate, you make up things like Faux News and ignore the facts that have been on multiple statements/and stations. “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, period!”. Talk about ignorant people that have to pretend things Obama did and still claim it never happened! You’re as incompetent as the author of this article too afraid to use his/her real name. Some of the worse and most irresponsible journalism I have ever read. And talk about a left winger talking nonsense. You are it JPHall! Try reading these articles:
            Read more at http://politicaloutcast.com/2015/05/obamacare-is-a-dictatorship-not-a-system-or-law/#AFbBhJh7Dt783bzU.99

            Read more at http://politicaloutcast.com/2015/05/where-are-the-lower-obamacare-prices-that-were-promised/#B267T6QwltOMhMIT.99

          15. JPHALL May 17, 2015

            I READ YOUR SLOP. TRY THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. TE INFO IS NOT SLANTED POLITICALLY. Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Obama Successes Republicans Have To Pretend Never Happened

          16. jillibrown July 14, 2015

            Pssst, Dave…you do know that simply denying reality won’t change it, right?

        4. dpaano April 10, 2015

          I’m amazed that you are asking for facts…..all of these accomplishments have been discussed time and time again ad infinitum. Do you read the news or listen to anything other than FAUX News? Which, by the way, agrees.

          1. Dave Mather April 10, 2015

            I’m amazed that you just now replied to my comment from days ago. A better question would be don’t you watch the news or anything else? I don’t even know what FAUX News is other than the french meaning False News. Probably something your kind made up to cover your lack of knowledge! Didn’t you ever watch ANY(multiple) news stations where Obama stated on video that ‘If you like your health plan, you can keep it, period.’? For you to believe the garbage Obama says, which has been disproven multiple times, is ridiculous. You need to watch and read things other than The road to communism.

  34. Han Dee April 3, 2015

    Clearly, Obama is a liar, a fraud, and a fool.

    1. Independent1 April 4, 2015

      It looks like Bellview sanitarium left the door open and all the RWNJs escaped.

      You really can’t be that clueless, can you?? Obama has accomplished more constructive for America in t he past 6 years than the last totally worthless GOP presidents accomplished in all 28 of their disastrous years in the oval office!!

      These six accomplishments out of about 40, are more than all 5 of those last presidents can take credit for:

      -Obama has presided over the longest stretch of positive jobs growth in U.S. history (60 months & counting).

      -The stock market has virtually tripled during Obama’s 6 years in office to heights never reached before making retirement much easier for millions of retirees such as myself.

      -America’s energy sector is now the largest producer of energy on the planet for the 1st time in history; creating an alternative energy sector that will soon make fossil fuels needed only for backup energy.

      -More troublesome illegal aliens have been rounded up and deported in the past 6 years than under any other president (or combination of presidents) .

      -The auto industry that Obama bailed out is achieving profits the past 2 years it hadn’t seen since the 1990s. And a 1.5 million people are working today who wouldn’t be had the industry gone bankrupt.

      -Deficit spending has come down further and faster over the past 6 years than at any other time in our history: from 1.4T to under 450B in 5 budgets.

      1. toptwome April 8, 2015

        Clearly you are a smart person who is not blinded by the right wing and their lies. Good job with your facts.

        1. jdkchem April 15, 2015

          Your smart person thinks Nixon ran in 1980 with the help of the South Vietnamese and jeeps were in service in 2003.

          When did your precedent bailout Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Fiat, Mitsubishi….? Never. The taxpayer bailed out the UAW, which would not have survived bankruptcy but GM would have. Then you’d have to know how bankruptcy works and you could not continue the fear mongering and lying you whine so much about.

          Green energy relies solely on government subsidies to survive.

          Your precedent double the national debt in his first term.

          The energy sector is producing in spite of your president not because of him. You can thank fracking on private land for that.

          The stock market has not literally or virtually tripled. The stock market is being propped up by QE, that would be printing money toots.

          More people collecting welfare than at any time in US history.

          The smallest labor force participation rate since WWII.

          1. JPHALL May 16, 2015

            Do you know that the UAW is a car worker’s union and not a car company?

          2. jdkchem May 24, 2015

            Do you know how to read?

    2. toptwome April 8, 2015

      Clearly you Han Dee are the liar and the fool. President Obama is extremely intelligent and will always be so much smarter than a hateful person like you who lie your head completely off and much be a repuk with no sense.

      1. larry longmore April 13, 2015

        Clearly you guys don’t recognize sarcasm when you see it! 🙂

      2. Star Spangled Girl April 22, 2015

        Extremely intelligent? Obama thinks there are 58 states (said he’d been to 57 with one more to go), doesn’t know how to pronouce “corpsman”, and there are a boatload of other things like this that I’ll bet you never heard. The mainstream media continues to protect the image of a very smart obama but the truth is out there if you care to look.

        1. fairmont66 May 16, 2015

          Obama was tired from campaigning when he said that statement not what is your excuse for the probably countless stupid remarks you have said in your lifetime and he is still more intelligent than you and you are not even fit to clean his toilets!

          1. Star Spangled Girl May 16, 2015

            I am SOOOO tired of the excuses made for this president. Yeah, he was tired and forgot/got confused on the number of states in the Union. Doesn’t know the proper pronunciation of “corpsman”? Tired? Forgot?

            The time when he started reading another’s speech on his handy teleprompter, the one that was JUST given? Tired? Forgot?

            Doesn’t understand how a business is run? Or what a surgeon does? Pronounces the word “to” as “tuh”? And there are many many more examples like this.

            My point is: if he were republican, he would be the stupidest man alive. Democrat: he’s tired, preoccupied and a whole host of other lame excuses.

            He is NOT brilliant and coupled with his enormous arrogance and narcissism and the power he wields, this makes for a very very scary situation in America.

          2. fairmont66 May 18, 2015

            Star Spangled Girl I’m soo tired of listening to low information, low IQ losers like you! GET A LIFE AND GET LOST!

          3. Star Spangled Girl May 18, 2015

            Why don’t you do your country a favor and YOU get lost. Or at least don’t vote. You, being the typical shallow progressive, offered nothing of substance, only hurling personal attacks and running away. Totally pathetic. The next time you want to call someone a loser, look in the mirror.

          4. fairmont66 May 18, 2015

            You wound me, you silly cow. I suspect you are smartest person in your trailer park. Oh you really need to not mix your Jack Daniels with your Crystal Meth!

          5. Star Spangled Girl May 19, 2015

            Ok azzz hole, I’ll be happy to play your game. But you know, one thing I don’t get. You progressives sure pat yourselves on the back for being the champions of the poor yet consistently voice nothing but contempt and derision from your filthy hypocritical and hateful mouths toward anyone you perceive as being”less” than you. But you sure know how to use them for political gain.

            The next time you sit your unwashed and fetid behind on your toilet and enjoy the aroma of your bowel’s labor (as all proggies do), then see if you still feel so smugly and arrogantly superior to those in a lower economic class than you.

          6. fairmont66 June 8, 2015

            I only have contempt for low information, tea bagging losers like you.

          7. Star Spangled Girl June 8, 2015

            Your contempt is for those who disagree with you politically. YOU instigated personal attacks because you didnt like my criticizing dear leader. Read Kirsten Powers new book, written because of intolerant leftwingers like you.

          8. fairmont66 June 8, 2015

            I’m not getting lost you silly little bitch. I’m the tea party worst nightmare:I’M BLACK, I’M LIBERAL, AND I VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION.

          9. Star Spangled Girl June 8, 2015

            Not sure why you mentioned your race, since thete are many black conservatives. No, what makes you a nightmare is your ignorance plus your arrogance plus your hatred and intolerance of those who disagree woth you.

          10. fairmont66 June 8, 2015

            sorry you silly cow since you just shown how ignorant you are with that statement about black conservatives I’ll educate you. Romney last your pitiful candidate for President got 6% of the black vote and Mccain got 4%. Of all fox news watchers only 2.7% are from black households. What you know about black people could fit on the head of pin and have plenty of room left over. Feel free to google my information if U don’t believe me.

          11. Star Spangled Girl June 9, 2015

            You are sorry, I agree with you on that, jack azzz. And you can google, that much is obvious from your stats. Progressive geniuses just like you predicted the end of the gop in 2008. Thanks to obama, you got your azzzes handed to you in 2010 and 2014, with record numbers of repub victories in the states and in congress.

            In 2012, over 4 million conservatives sat out the election because of romney. He wasn’t my ideal candidate but on his worst day, he would have made a much better president and commander in chief than obama on ANY day.

            You like so many progressives are obsessed with race and gender and you get off dividing people into groups for political gain. Your ideology is malevolent, insidious and destructive and fails epically every single time it’s tried. But you’re also arrogant and delusional, believing THIS time will be different. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

            You claim you’re black, so what about the words of Martin Luther King? You know, the ones that say what’s important is NOT the color of one’s skin but the content of one’s character (or in your case, the lack thereof.) Try googling that.

          12. fairmont66 June 11, 2015

            and your side thought Romney would win by landslide. I know facts, logic are like kryptonite to you teabagging fools

          13. Star Spangled Girl June 11, 2015

            You ignored what I said about your side’s gleeful and totally wrong predictions about the end of the gop. AND what I said about MLK, but hey, you’re a progressive, so no surprise there. Run run run away and refuse to face what you don’t want to face.

            Yep, there sure were those predictions about romney. Based on a University of Colorado model that had been 100% accurate since 1980, which DID predict a romney victory. Plus, common sense, something totally lacking in a progressive. also led people to predict a romney win. Don’t know if that took into account the millions of conservatives that sat out the election.

            In 2012, a terrible economy, high unemployment rates, generally AND among obama’s most ardent supporters: black unemployment rate was 14% and 53% for college grads. It was also high for single women. Logic? Common sense? Why would they continue to support a man with such a dismal record? Apparently the skin color thing and the cult of personality won out over reality. All his broken promises and empty rhetoric did nothing to penetrate their kool-aid induced haze.

            Guess you and the rest on ‘your’ side are gluttons for punishment. Which it totally fine with me, but unfortunately, your willful blindness and ignorance, coupled with your arrogance, is dragging the rest of the country down with you.

          14. fairmont66 July 14, 2015

            Sorry teabagger I here to stay so either deal with it or go away! those are your choices.

          15. Star Spangled Girl July 14, 2015

            Or…How bout I just ignore you? Yeah, think I’ll choose that!

          16. jillibrown July 14, 2015

            Wait – don’t tell her to get lost. I’m enjoying her meltdown.

          17. fairmont66 July 14, 2015

            teabaggers like star spangled girl are so drama queens. You burst their right wing bubble and they lose the little semblance of sanity that they have.

          18. Star Spangled Girl July 19, 2015

            And d baggers like you run from answering/debating with substance any of the points I made about dear leader. Doesn’t sound like you can do anything but engage in continuing blind worship of an empty suit.

          19. Star Spangled Girl July 19, 2015

            No meltdown, actually loving telling progs how I feel about dear leader! So keep enjoying my continuing posts!

        2. jillibrown July 14, 2015

          Thats all youve got left…petty bull crap. I guess I can understand your desperation. I’d be crazy too if my party kept getting spanked by Obama. Denying reality doesn’t change it. Stop.already, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

          1. Star Spangled Girl July 14, 2015

            “My” party spanked by Obama? What alternate reality do you live in? Obama has done more to decimate the Democrat party than any Republican could ever do in their wildest dreams ! Republicans. control both houses of Congress, more governorships and more state legislatures than at any time in history.

            BTW, you are wrong in your assumption that the repub party is my party.

            If Obama were repub,, he would’ve never been reelected and most likely by now been impeached. The mainstream media has been covering for him and cheering for him since before the 2008 election.

    3. dpaano April 10, 2015

      Apparently, you’ve bought into the rightwing Kool-Aid….hang in there! You’re going to have a bumpy ride!

    4. fairmont66 May 6, 2015

      Han Dee, you’re a idiot, ok name one lie Obama told, 2. how he a fraud and finally Obama was President Harvard Law review and he taught Constitutional Law, you are not even fit clean his toilets.

  35. toptwome April 8, 2015

    I am very proud that PresIdent Obama has been able with Democrats to help people with health care, by saving the American car industry, and by getting our men and women out of the wars started by republicans with their lies and mushroom clouds and such.

    1. Cancel_NPR May 13, 2015

      ” The affordable Care Act is a big success…”
      How STUPID are you ?
      You must work for the democrat party – YOU CAN’T EVEN LIE PROPERLY

  36. chris968 April 12, 2015

    I am very proud of President Obama and all of his accomplishments since 2009. I am proud to have voted for him twice. He inherited a country in shambles and managed to turn the country around 180 degrees. The economy is improving daily, the stock market is rising, jobs are increasing daily, we are no longer involved in two illegal wars and our soldiers are starting to come home. 16 million Americans now have health insurance that didn’t before. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and DOMA have been repealed and he is constantly making strides towards bettering the lives of LGBT people. Republicans are completely blind to all of this and only see his race and they hate him for being black and successful. They have earned the title of “The Party of No” as they have refused to work with him over anything, and then blame him when things don’t get done. Yet President Obama has decided to push through without the support of Republicans and I commend him for that. Whoever ends up coming in in 2016 will have big shoes to fill. Bravo Mr. President.

    1. Lelandjames April 17, 2015

      You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. I think you fit the first part of the sentence

      1. chris968 April 17, 2015

        I think you’re a moron.

        1. Cancel_NPR May 13, 2015

          Where do you live, aashole ??

          1. chris968 May 13, 2015

            Is there a reason you can’t spell on all of your personal attacks I just flagged? Also I live in Philadelphia, what’s it to you?

    2. Star Spangled Girl April 22, 2015

      How sad you continue to worship at the altar of an empty sut. You see obama through rose-colored glasses, repeat so many of the left-wing talking points, call anyone opposed to his destructive policies a racist and are completely blind to his many failures.

      The economy is not improving daily, millions have left the workforce, the fed is responsible for the stock market by holding down interest rates and printing and pumping millions of dollars into the economy. Read what the CEO of Gallup said about our “wonderful” economy.

      Millions of people LOST their insurance and the CBO says that millions are STILL uninsured after more than a trillion dollars. And please tell me why Obama granted thousands of waivers from obamacare to his biggest donors!!!!

      The illegal wars?? Oh yeah, democrats from pelosi and reid on down voted for it before they were against it.

      You have every right to feel as you do but for our country’s sake, please become better informed and stop the blind loyalty to party and to a petty politician who uses our Constitution for toilet paper. He is NOT a king or dictator, even though I suspect he thinks he is.

      1. chris968 April 22, 2015

        You are a complete moron stop using Fox News’ talking points and start thinking for yourself. First off he is a Constitutional lawyer and knows more about the Constitution than the entire GOP combined. You want to talk about people using it for toilet paper, look at the GOP.

        I really don’t know what to tell you other than your talking points are all incorrect. Perhaps you should try checking out this website and educating yourself a bit.


        1. Star Spangled Girl April 22, 2015

          How old are you Chris? Judging from your personal attack and the way you ignored the specifics of my points, I would say you’re not at a very mature level.

          Is simply (and lazily) dismissing my points as “incorrect” how you were taught to debate? WHY are they incorrect? When you grow up and can answer like an adult, then maybe you’ll learn something.

          Try putting down the grape Kool-Aid, stop chanting o-ba-ma -o-ba-ma and read from many sources and from BOTH sides of the political aisle. For the sake of America, please please do that!!

          1. chris968 April 22, 2015

            I take it you didn’t look at the website I provided for you. I figured you wouldn’t, but it’s always worth a shot to try to educate a Fox News watcher, but their heads are so empty nothing usually takes.

            How old am I? Old enough to not waste my time arguing specific points with someone when I know they’re not true. I do read sources from both sides of the political side. And when I read conservative talking points I end up crying, laughing, or wanting to kill myself because their beliefs are so incredibly deluded and out of line that I just can’t handle reading them. Also, I prefer cherry Kool-Aid.

          2. Star Spangled Girl April 23, 2015

            You’re wrong about not looking at the website, I did…it should have been called fullofcrap.com…And everything you feel about conservative sites is how I felt about this site and any that are progressive. One thing that was interesting, I don’t know how anyone could say obama isn’t progressive, the man’s is as progressive as they come. And is why his policies fail (as do all progressive policies, every time they’re tried.)

            Maybe you should give up the Kool-Aid before the next presidential election.

          3. chris968 April 23, 2015

            You just can’t accept the fact that he is succeeding when you all want him to fail. And his policies are not failing, as evidenced by the ACA (which he is not the first president to try this, even Truman attempted this, and Romney had his own version of it, and Republicans have been trying this for years, so I don’t know why people blame Obama for it other than the fact they blame Obama for everything). He is trying to keep us out of another fucking war but the GOP warhawks want us to go. Then they can be the first boots on the ground, by all means. And as for the next presidential election, well, every time a GOP candidate opens his mouth, it’s one step closer to just handing the presidency to Hillary. So please, GOP, keep running your mouths. It’s all that much easier for us then.

          4. Star Spangled Girl April 23, 2015

            You know what’s really sad, obama COULD have been a great president. He is the first black man to attain the office and had his character been different, he could have united us in a way no one else could have. But that was never his intention and he has stirred up racial and class division, pitting groups of Americans against one another. He came into office, as did holder, with a giant chip on his shoulder toward America, hence his desire to “fundamentally transform” the country. And it is THAT which i hate and wish had failed.

            The word failure is relative: actually, many of obama’s progressive policies have succeeded, which is why i don’t get how anyone could say he’s not progressive enough. Those successes are bad for America.

            Where you and I differ is you are a progressive and I’m a conservative. I look everywhere progressivism is implemented, including America, and I see a trail of misery and failure. There are progressives in both parties (romney, all the bushes, and a boatload of others in the repub party). It’s works great for those in power but for the rest, it is destructive. All the big government programs that were supposed to help have had the opposite effect. We can debate that another day. And I would vote for a conservative democrat over a progressive republican any day.

            I’ve had enough of the whining from the “your side” and the constant throwing out the race card every time obama is criticized. I think his policies are destructive, I think the man was never qualified to be president and has some real issues he needs to see a counselor about.

            He has made it abundantly clear, over and over and over, he has no love for America, chooses to highlight our faults (please name another country without any) and minimize our greatness.

            As for hillary, another empty (pant)suit. She has no real accomplishments, is totally corrupt, is another pathological liar and is another disciple of saul alynsky. God help us all if she wins the election.

            Who wins the presidency should never be soley about skin color or what is between one’s legs. It should always be about content of character, accomplishments, ideology, leadership ability, intelligence, the person’s integrity and having a love of country. On most of these, that should have disqualified obama and hillary.

            As for obamacare, I don’t care who implemented it, dem or repub. It’s bad for people and it’s sole purpose, as obama has stated publicly, is to get us to single payer.

          5. GraceAdams830 July 17, 2015

            Obamacare is both an improvement over what we had just before and not a good as single payer aka Medicare for everyone would be.

          6. Star Spangled Girl July 19, 2015

            We will have to agree to disagree about this. Every country that’s tried single payer has had to walk it back, in varying degrees, to some form of privatization.

            The best and most cost effective thing to do is to get back to a truly free market model, where cost goes down thru competition. And no third party, whether insurers or the fed gov, gets in between patient and doctor.

            As recent headlines show, premiums are rising, contrary to what we were promised by obama, and the full rollout of obamacare has yet to happen.

          7. Independent1 July 24, 2015

            What Republican outfit are you trolling for and getting paid from?

            You’re clearly nothing more than a lowlife paid troll who spends their day posting lies upon lies – you need to inform us how you manage to go home a night a sleep knowing that you’re nothing more than just one of the American Mafia!!

            The GOP is absolutely no different than the Italian Mafia – the only difference is you hoods are sticking your hands in every Americans pockets by pretending to be politicians. but all you worthless pieces of garbage do is pass legislation that channels as much money as possible from taxpayer to wealthy donor pockets – or you are abbetting the political hoods who do so.


          8. Star Spangled Girl July 24, 2015

            Is this what you progressives call debate? Your hit and run jabs filled with personal attacks? Really pathetic but your non-answers are VERY imformative as to who and what you really are. And what you’re not.

            You repeatedly demonstrate you CANNOT think for yourself and when challenged after copying and pasting your “debate” you resort to your hate-filled rants. Like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. Except every 2 year old I’ve encountered has more common sense and intelligence than you have shown in all your posts combined.

          9. Star Spangled Girl July 24, 2015

            And it’s so sad to see you don’t even realized you’ve been played by obama and the rest of his big government progressives!!! Here you are, railing against the repubs for channeling money into their big donors’ pockets, while choosing to stay blind to the dems doing the same thing!!! And all your support for scobamacare…..WHO do you think has profited big time from it?!!!! Why big insurance and big pharma!!!!

            LOL!!! Nice going, you progressive tool!!!! Your progressive masters just adore you!!!!!!

          10. Independent1 July 20, 2015

            How much are they paying you to post all those lies and distortions of the truth?? And absolute figments of your imagination. You’re tiatribe is filled with so much total BS that it’s hard to read without running the bathroom and upchucking.

            You are clearly filled with the DEVIL HIMSELF!! BASED ON ALL YOUR LIES!!!

            If you’re looking for true misery and genuine corruption and filth, you don’t have look any further than to your nearest red state.

            Spend a few minutes and check these out LOWLIFE!!!!!!

            10 Most Dangerous States – 9 were governed by Republicans


            States with the highest vehicle fatalities per 100 million
            miles traveled


            10 States with the Worst Quality of Life – all 10 are run by


            10 Most Corrupt States – All 10 are governed by Republicans


            10 Most Miserable states to live in – All 10 are governed by


          11. Star Spangled Girl July 20, 2015

            YOU are the one spewing your LWNJ propaganda, deluding yourself and every other mouth-breathing, knucke-dragging moron like you!!!!! Try thinking on this, if that’s even possible for you…if democrats are the wonders of the universe as all your links purport to demonstrate (and I can see just by the link, you are doing exactly what I figured, which is conflating causation with correlation.)

            obama and the democrats had absolutely TOTAL power and control of 2/3 of our federal government for two years…..I better explain that for you so you can understand. The dems had the White House, the Congress and Senate, for two whole years. In that time they passed the largest spending bill ever plus shoved scobamacare down the American people’s throats. And other stuff that made up the democrat crapsandwich.

            So to listen to you, that should still be so…right? Dems should still be in total control, not only in the federal gov but also stateswide. But thanks to obama, the repubs made historic gains in both. And if obama had been repub, he NEVER would have been reelected and in fact, most likely would have been impeached. But the mainstream lap dogs continue to cover his arse.

            And re: your other post, you have a very short memory. obama convinced so many morons like you that by passing obamacare, it would stick it to the insurance companies and their profits. And like all progressives, you refuse to let go of your blind worship and call him out on his lies. And genius, in case you don’t read actual news, insurance premiums are going UP and the full implementation of scobamacare hasn’t even happened yet. And you fail to mention the millions who were dropped from their policies, increasing numbers of ER visits (another obama lie) and millions of people have been reduced to part time work so their employers don’t have to pay for their insurance.

          12. Independent1 July 20, 2015


            Obama and the Dems have only had around 3 months of total control of Congress in the past 20 years – since Newt became Speaker.

            The Dems didn’t get filibuster-proof control of the Senate until July of 2009 when Al Franken was declared the winner in Minnesota; and about 1 month later, Ted Kennedy died destroying the Dems filibuster-proof control. And by the time a replacement was appointed for Ted and the Congress got back into doing business – the Dems only have about 3 months.

            You can not justify any of your outright blatant lies other than by clearly propaganda created BS by RWNJ websites like Faux News, Rush Limbaugh, Brietbart and others.

            Everything you post IS A BLATANT LIE!!!!

          13. Star Spangled Girl July 22, 2015

            It’s very interesting to see the scramble to defend the dems at all costs. They had control of congress for the first two years of obama’s term in that the repubs did not have the numbers to advance their agenda. And as it is with EVERY minority party, they did try to stop obama’s agenda as they were ELECTED to do. However, thanks to harry reid changing senate rules to suit his needs and the number of dems, they could not stop scobamacare nor the omnibus bill, among others.

            So the American people responded and thanks to obama, the repubs now enjoy historic numbers in both congress and state legislatures.

            So how do you progs respond? Maybe have some introspection as to why this happened? Nope, no way. It’s blame the repubs for EVERYTHING.

            obama and reid could have chosen to try immigration reform, for example, during that two year period. They chose not to, rather, they chose, as they always do, to put politics before everything and use the issue to club repubs and portray them as obstuctionists. And they continue to put politics before everything knowing that their useful followers like you dutifully repeat the LW prog propaganda.

          14. Independent1 July 24, 2015

            And the lies just keep rolling along!! When are you ever going to post a sentence that’s not a lie????

          15. Star Spangled Girl July 24, 2015

            Instead of your weak attempt to divert from the truth by calling me a liar, why oh why don’t you take each point I made and refute it substantively? Be a nice change for you…

          16. Star Spangled Girl July 23, 2015

            Stop letting others think for you and develop the stones to listen to all viewpoints. I know you’ve been programmed to shut out dissent but one of your own, hillary, said dissent is patriotic. And it’s also one of the hallmarks of a free society, something else you never learned.

          17. Independent1 July 20, 2015

            And you’re lying through your teeth again about the Dems passing the largest spending bill ever – THAT’S TOTAL BS!!

            Obama inherited a budget from Georgie Boy withj 1.4T in deficit spending. Since Presidents have to submit their view of a budget by February of each year, just a couple weeks after taking office, Presidents rarely submit one their 1st year, so the budget that the previous president created is usually carried over. (Given the disaster Obama inherited, there was no way he had enough time to have crafter an alternative budget for 2009-2010 – so Bush’s 1.4 T budget carried over into Obama’s 2nd year too). So the 1st budget Obama submitted was in February of 2010, and included reduced spending for the 2011-2012 year.

            Now since then, starting in January 2011, the GOP has been in control of the House and has refused to accept any of Obama’s budgets. Spending has been the lowest during Obama’s time in office than under any president since Eisenhower. Deficit spending has come down further and faster than at any time in American history.

            Keep living IN YOUR fantasy land!!!

          18. Star Spangled Girl July 23, 2015

            If you were intellectually honest, you’d have the courage to get out of your LWNJ echo chamber and stop being a progressive tool. To say that spending has been the lowest during obama’s tenure since Eisenhower is ludicrous and it’s scary you would even type that sentence.

            All I read is the progressive spin in the face of, ONCE AGAIN, progressvie policy failure. obama and his far far left policies have decimated the democrat party but you continue to blame republicans. Even though obama, in a rare moment of candor, said he was going to “fundamentally transform” America, people didn’t listen.

            BTW, house and senate dems rejected obama’s budgets. You would have known that if you had the stones to get out of that echo chamber.

          19. Independent1 July 20, 2015

            Here’s a little chart of just how egregious the spending was under the last 3 GOP presidents.

          20. Star Spangled Girl July 23, 2015

            obama has racked up more debt than all the previous presidents combined. And the income equality gap has widened in the last 6 years due to his rewarding his corporate cronies with politicla favors.

            You progressives would be so comical if you weren’t so sad. You’ve been played and used to agitate against corporate “enemies” by obama and his fellow far left progressives in power., And all the while he’s been helping them to make tons and tons of money, money that finds its way back to progressive coffers. At least you made them laugh.

          21. Jan123456 July 20, 2015

            obama and the democrats had absolutely TOTAL power and control of 2/3 of
            our federal government for two years…..I better explain that for you
            so you can understand. The dems had the White House, the Congress and
            Senate, for two whole years.

            And you complain about talking points? Let’s talk about “TOTAL power and control”.

            1. In order to pass a bill, 60 Senators must agree to put it to a vote. This is known as meeting “cloture”. The GOP’s strategy of obstructionism included refusing to allow a bill to come to a vote if it looked like a political victory for Obama. As long as the GOP had 41 or more Senators, they had the ability to control bill votes…and they did.

            2. The 111th Congress was seated with 55 Democrats, two independents who caucused with them, 41 GOP and two disputed/vacant seats. (Obama’s seat and Al Franken’s disputed seat.)

            3. At Obama’s inaugural dinner, Ted Kennedy suffered a seizure and only cast one vote after that. He died that summer.

            3. In April 2009, Arlen Spector changed parties (smart man!) giving the Democrats 59.

            4. It was not until Sept of 2009 that a Democrat was appointed to fill Kennedy’s seat thus giving Obama 58 Dems and two dem leaning independents.

            5. In January 2010, Scott Brown won Kennedy’s seat giving the GOP the 41 votes necessary to continue their obstructionism. (As Sen. George Voinovich said, “If (Obama) was for it, we had to be against it.”.

            6. So, Obama’s “TOTAL power and control” at best lasted 5 months.

          22. Star Spangled Girl July 22, 2015

            You regurgitate LW talking points nicely, I’ll give you that. You progs have been blaming repubs since the start of obama’s reign. Yes the dems did have total power for the first two years in that the repubs did not have a majority to advance their agenda. And the whining about repub obstuctionism (a myth), harry reid changed senate rules more than once to push his agenda through.

            The dems THROUGH THEIR MAJORITY got scobamacare and the leviathan spending bill through, as well as other things that made up the collective progressive wetdream.

            And as a result, repubs made historic gains in both congress and state legislatures in the 2010 and 2014 elections.

            The bottom line: for progs, it’s blame the repubs for obama’s unpopularity and failures and with the help of the mainstream media lap dogs, it’s been pretty successful. And so in 2012, we got another term of a radical LW progressive and the continuing of his fundamental transformation of America.

          23. Jan123456 July 22, 2015

            Ahhhh…OK, before it was “TOTAL power and control”, now you say “THROUGH THEIR MAJORITY”. Nice walkback. If you believe the two are the same thing, you are woefully ignorant of the term “cloture”.

            Yes, we put the blame squarely where it belongs.

            The GOP’s stated strategy was to obstruct ANYTHING Obama wanted. Not a myth. None of the principals in this article made claims they were misquoted.


            After Obama was first elected, what was the GOP’s top priority? Not helping the people of the USA, but….


            Mitch McConnell went so far as to filibuster his OWN BILL when it looked like passage would give Obama a political win.


            Boehner admitted that he had a deal to fund the government with no exceptions but he reneged on the deal and shut down the government anyway. (Watch 1:55-2:40)


            Now, what is your definition of “talking points”…just a way to blithely dismissed facts that don’t meet your conformational bias???

          24. Star Spangled Girl July 23, 2015

            No walking back anything, the total control refers to obama and the dems getting what they wanted in scobamacare, the nearly 1 trillion dollar omnibus bill and various other bills the repubs were powerless to stop. If the repubs were the obstructionists you’re trying to portray them as, those bills never would have been passed. And the dems would not have seen the historic losses in both federal and stateswide seats.

            It’s obvious you want to focus on the repubs “obstructionism”, as if that’s exclusive to them, as a way to deflect from and excuse the failures of obama and his big government policies.

            And for all the whining about what the repubs did, you failed to address harry reid changing senate rules every other day to suit the dems’ needs.

            And you also ignore the arrogance of obama and the way he signaled to the repubs from day one it was to be his way or the highway because he “won.” Even after the dems got shellacked in two midterm elections, obama’s arrogance and narcissism were still on full display as he doubled and tripled down on his “my way or the highway” snub of congressional repubs.

          25. Jan123456 July 23, 2015

            Passing a major bill, one that has eluded presidents for decades, is hardly “total control”.


            Granted, without the super-majority held tenuously for fewer than 6 months (not two years as the right wing “talking point” would have you believe) Obama would not have been able to do this.

            If you asked people if they approved of “ObamaCare”, you got a negative response. If you asked them by policy what they thought, they approved.


            Harry Reid did not “change senate rules every other day”. (Can you say “hyperbole”? I knew you could.) The GOP held up presidential appointments even when they had no objection other than they were an Obama appointee. Reid changed the rules so a simple majority could approve. Since he did it “every other day”, you should have no problem coming up with other rules, right?

            Yes, I focus on what the GOP did. Give me examples of the outright, blatant obstructionism of the left. Did they fail to support Bush and the Patriot Act? Did they fail to support him in his invasion of Iraq? Did they stop his appointees from going through for no reason? How long did the GOP make Loretta Lynch wait. Come on girl…examples.

          26. Independent1 July 24, 2015

            The Obamacare bill that Obama signed, was the bill passed by the Senate in December of 2009. Because they didn’t have the votes for a revised bill in 2010, they passed the Senate bill via reconciliation.

            See this from Wikipedia:

            Unlike rules under regular order, as per the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, reconciliation cannot be subject to a filibuster. But reconciliation is limited to budget changes, which is why the procedure was not used to pass the ACA in the first place; the bill had inherently non-budgetary regulations.[123][124] Still, although the already passed Senate bill could not have been passed by reconciliation, most of House Democrats’ demands were budgetary: “these changes—higher subsidy levels, different kinds of taxes to pay for them, nixing the Nebraska Medicaid deal—mainly involve taxes and spending. In other words, they’re exactly the kinds of policies that are well-suited for reconciliation.”[121]

            The remaining obstacle was a pivotal group of pro-life Democrats led by Bart Stupak who were initially reluctant to support the bill. The group found the possibility of federal funding for abortion significant enough to warrant opposition. The Senate bill had not included language that satisfied their abortion concerns, but they could not include additional such language in the reconciliation bill as it would be non-budgetary and thus outside the process’s domain. Instead, Obama issued Executive Order 13535, reaffirming the principles in the Hyde Amendment.[125] This won the support of Stupak and members of his group and assured the bill’s passage.[122][126] The House passed the Senate bill with a 219–212 vote on March 21, 2010, with 34 Democrats and all 178 Republicans voting against it.[127] The next day, Republicans introduced legislation to repeal the bill.[128]Obama signed the ACA into law on March 23, 2010.[129] The amendment bill, The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, was also passed by the House on March 21; the Senate passed it by reconciliation on March 25, and Obama signed it on March 30.

          27. Jan123456 July 24, 2015

            Now that you bring it up, I do remember reading about it being a bill whose designation had changed. I guess I never looked into the significance of that.


          28. Star Spangled Girl July 24, 2015

            Oh please!!!! reid, pelosi, hillary and the dems on down were for the patriot act and iraq war before they were against them!!! But they have been aided and abetted by the msm lapdogs and the lie became very effective…after all, repeat it long enough…

            scobamcare deliberations were not tranparent, as promised by obama (shocker) and reid used his mastery of changing the rules to get it passed. Same with the fillibuster, depending on when the dems were in the majority.

            The repubs were elecete to STOP obama’s far left progressive fundamentally transforming agenda. That is politics .

            But one question you’ve yet to answer: if scobamacare, out of control federal spending ,and all the other components of obama’s crap sandwich are so wonderful, then why oh why has obama done more to decimate the democrat party than any repub EVER could?!! How do YOU explain the historic losses of your fellow dems?

          29. Jan123456 July 24, 2015

            On that I have to agree with you. The show of national unity crumbled after it became clear that the war was NOT about WMD and many politicians, including the ones you cited, tried to run with their tails between their legs.

            As Independent1 reminded me, the bill that eventually became the ACA started as an appropriations bill so that cloture wouldn’t have to be met in order for a vote to occur. So, it didn’t need 60 Senators to agree to vote on it…a simple majority would pass it.

            To answer your last question. And I think a lot of the losing Dems would agree…despite Obama’s record on employment, market value, GDP, Osama Bin Laden, GM, etc., the Dems tried to separate themselves from him instead of running on the positives that occurred. (Sort of like that video I sent you that proved people who didn’t like Obamacare, liked what was in it if you broke out the individual parts.) Had they run on the successes, they would have done better. Now, Obama was also not a gladhander in Congress…even to his own party. That’s not his personality. That lost him a lot of emotional support (see Allision Lundergen Grimes) which ultimately hurt the candidates.

          30. Star Spangled Girl July 26, 2015

            I very much appreciate your post and civil debate. And I respect your views. The problem with obama’s seeming successes you mentioned are just that: seeming. The lowering unemployment appears to be positive until you realize that we have the fewest number of people participating in the workforce in decades. About half of the reduction can be chalked up to baby boomers retiring but there are differing reasons even for that, including some were just discouraged and retired early. The other half continues to confound the experts.

            The fed has a lot to do with the high market value. The so-called recovery has been sluggish at best. Most Americans credit the military with getting bin laden, no matter how much obama tried to claim credit. He did continue drone strikes, I will give him credit for that but otherwise he has been very weak in forign policy and against our enemies.

            As for obamacare, 5 years after reid’s maneuvers to get it passed, it still has not been completely rolled out. And obama’s famous lies about keeping doctors and plans, the thousands of waivers he granted to political allies and the fact that most of those who inflicted it on us exempted themselves…it’s no wonder the dems ran from it. And as recent headlines prove, obama lied about lowering premiums.

            As I said earlier, he could have been a great president. But he was and is committed to fundamental transformation of a country he can’t bring himself to call exceptional and he uses divisiveness and a blatant disregard and disrespect for the Constitution to get it done.

          31. Jan123456 July 27, 2015

            The lowering unemployment appears to be positive until you realize that we have the fewest number of people participating in the workforce in decades.

            This is an trend anticipated by economists for decades. The baby boom generation, as it has done since the first boomers were born, is impacting the workforce disproportionately as its members retire at a rate of over 1000 per day.


            What of the ACA hasn’t been “rolled out” yet? At least the parts that concern you?

            most of those who inflicted it on us exempted themselves.

            No, they did not exempt themselves. Back before the ACA was passed, Grassley of Iowa put in a “poison pill” amendment demanding that congress and congressional staffers get their insurance not from their employer (US government) but buy it privately on the exchanges. It was Grassley’s hope that this would kill the ACA. It didn’t and Grassley’s amendment was included. So, congressional staffers, who made $25-30K a year lost their employer provided health insurance. And, there was no mechanism that allowed reimbursement for the cost of their insurance. So, a way to do that was figured out which is now circulated on the right as an “exemption”…that the government pays for their insurance. The thing is, it’s the government as their employer, not the government as their government…like you and I would experience it.


            Of course the military got OBL But it was done under Obama’s administration. Not W’s, not Clinton’s, but Obama’s. That’s the way it works at that level.

          32. Star Spangled Girl July 30, 2015


            Some members of Congress were trying exempt by saying their staffers constitute a small business. I don’t blame ANY for trying to get out of it but bottom line is Congress gets special treatment and exempts themselves from what the “average” person has to go through.

            In 2017, temporary programs in scobamacare will expire, leading to rate hikes. There is a very good article on this in the wall street journal from Dec. 2014. And again, if scobamacare was good for the economy and businesses, then why did obama grant thousands of waivers to political allies?

            One of the many things obama lied about trying to sell obamacare was that costs would go down. Recent headlines proved otherwise, which we already knew was coming. The lie that MORE people could be covered for LESS money was so blatant. But he did what he had to do to force it on America, knowing that once an entitlement is created, it is not going to go away. And so, costs and premiums will continue to rise, more doctors will retire and the quality of US healthcare will suffer. And of course, the same people that promised how great scobamcare would be will now tell us the solution (which has been the goal all along) will be a single payer system.

            I understand about the baby boomers and their retirement being anticipated but as I said, even among those, it has been found some boomers are actually working longer because they can’t afford to retire and other boomers retired early because the job market has been so dismal.

            One good thing about American business….no matter how much regulation and interference by the government, it always manages to survive.

          33. Jan123456 July 30, 2015

            How does what’s in the article “exempt” congress from the provisions of the ACA? I mean, they still have to have insurance. The insurance they get still has to meet ACA standards…so what exempts them?

            The people affected (only congress and staffers) got their healthcare – as most of us do – through their employer. Unlike the rest of us, under the ACA they are no longer ALLOWED to get this common employee benefit. What this “small business” thing does is provide them a mechanism to purchase health insurance. Under the law they still have to have it even though they have a limitation that only applies to them, they cannot get it from their employer. And since staffers make a relatively modest income, their employer is trying to find a way to take advantage of group plan opportunities. So what Grassley did doesn’t totally screw them over. – that’s the “special” treatment they got.


            What temporary programs are ending in 2017? Do you have a link to that article? I was unable to find it. And what waivers were handed out…what do they waive?

            A basic tenet of the the insurance industry is the larger the risk pool, the lower the price per person. The rate of increase has slowed since the ACA went into effect.


            Regardless of what small pockets of retirees do or are financially forced to do, economic predictions that baby boomer retirements will decrease the % of people in the workforce are true.

          34. Star Spangled Girl August 7, 2015

            Here is the link to the WSJ article I mentioned: http://www.wsj.com/articles/stephen-t-parente-a-lull-before-the-obamacare-rate-storm-1418685506

            The waivers were granted starting early on, to political allies of obama, especially unions, to exempt them from obamacare requirements.

            The special treatment/exemption of congress comes in the form of them trying to get their coverage through the small business exchange, where they would get up to a 75% subsidy (taxpayer funded, of course), which millions of Americans don’t receive (except those in the lowest income brackets). So many of us are tired of the political class acting as our rulers, who get to inflict their crap on us but don’t have to live under it.

            What you said about the larger the risk pool, the lower the price per person for insurance. I absolutely agree. Yet, instead of allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines, which would have GREATLY expanded the risk pool, obama and his fellow progressives chose to create another leviathan government entitlement, with thousands of bureaucrats in charge and one that uses the IRS for enforcement.

            If bringing down costs had been the real goal of reform, don’t you think allowing for a much larger pool would have been the best and least intrusive way to go? THAT is one of the biggest differences between conservatives and progressives. The former want the individual to have control of his/her life, the latter want the government (and of course themselves) to have control over the individual.

            Re: your take on the economy, obama and his fellow progressives have done and are continuing to do what they can to make sure as many millions as possible are dependent on the government as a way to keep themselves in power. It really is as simple and base as that.

          35. Jan123456 August 8, 2015

            I am not a subscriber to the WSJ so all I get is the first couple of paragraphs. I have searched that author and can’t find a free version of that. But what he wrote is not news or evidence, it is clearly marked “commentary”.

            Let’s start with what we agree on. I agree we should allow people to purchase across state lines. However, no bill is perfect. There are always compromises made to get support from critical participants. Quite honestly, I think we should have gone to the single payer system…that’s one thing the insurance companies would NOT have supported and their support was important to getting some version of health care reform passed.

            I ask you again, what exactly was “waived”? What requirements of the majority of us are waived for others…and who are these others. You use the terms, but without specificity. Please provide examples of what was waived and for who.

            I assume you didn’t read the Politifact article I cited about the Grassley amendment. Let’s give this another go. Congressional staffers got their insurance, as “millions of Americans” do, by their employer. That common benefit was taken away from them by law…just them….not “millions of Americans.”

            By using the small business exchange, individual congress-people were trying to ensure their staffs weren’t getting the Grassley shaft. The reason “millions of Americans” don’t receive that subsidy is they are not employed by the Federal Government!!!! Don’t you understand that for these folks government fills TWO roles? For “millions of Americans” government has one role…and it is not “employer.”

            I agree that the mechanism that allows their employer to make essentially the same contribution to their health insurance is creative. But, while their employer is exempt from having to provide insurance, THEY are not exempt for having to have it….just like the rest of us.


          36. Star Spangled Girl August 8, 2015

            Here are some specifics on waivers from Forbes, I’ll post the link if you like:
            “Ten giant health insurance companies, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna and Aetna, went to the White House and received waivers allowing them to impose yearly cap limits on health coverage they provide to their own employees. Under ObamaCare, companies which aren’t exempt are required to phase out caps on annual health care benefits by 2014.

            Cigna Corp., the largest waiver exemption beneficiary, was allowed to cap benefits for its 265,000 employees. This exception was granted just slightly less than one month before its CEO David M. Cordani told attendees at a November 9, 2010 Reuters Health Summit: “I don’t think it’s in our society’s best interest to expend energy in repealing the law.”

            Aetna was granted a waiver on October 1, 2010 allowing it to cap benefits for its 209,423 enrollees. The company’s CEO Mark Bertolini had previously expressed mixed feelings about the legislation. Writing in a March 2010 Op/Ed which appeared in the Hartford Courant shortly after it became law, he said: “When fully implemented, the new law will have a major effect on the market…Individuals and small employers will have more options and choices. The private sector will do what it does best: innovate to solve problems,” (My take here….the CEO speaks well AFTER expressing mixed feelings, then he gets rewarded with a waiver. Why? If it’s the great piece of legiislation he just described, then why did he need a waiver?!!)

            Unions, which also got waivers, and health insurers were the biggest proponents for obamacare. And as I remember, obama and other progressives sold the law to the American people as a way to rein in insurance companies’ profits. Funny thing, they have seen their profits skyrocket under the new law. Oh, and ER visits that were supposed to become fewer under obamacare? Another funny thing, those numbers have also increased.

            As for the full rollout in 2017 (coincidentally when obama is no longer in office), artificial caps come off and costs, which have already gone up (another broken obama promise) will skyrocket.

            I appreciate your honesty about wanting a single payer system it’s always been obama’s goal, he just never had the integrity to tell Americans that. So we “progress” incrementally toward that, with obamacare being a stepping stone.

            We will have to agree to disagree on the merits. as every country that has tried it has had to walk it back in varying degrees to some form of privatization.

            As for congress and exemptions and obamacare in general…I did read your politifact article and I understand Amercans love individual aspects of obamacare, like kids being covered til they’re 26, getting coverage despite preexisting conditions, etc. The politifact article doesn’t mention that congressional staff receive up to a 75% subsidy at taxpayer expense. Amd millions of “average” Americans who were forced to buy insurance do not receive that cushy perk.

            I like to bottom line things…for me, it’s do we want government growing and growing (as that happens, our freedoms become fewer and fewer) and inserting itself in every aspect of our lives or do we want what made America the greatest and most exceptional country in the world, where the emphasis has been on individual liberty, personal responsibility and capitalism. Real free market capitalism, NOT the corrupt crony capitalism practiced by both political parties, is what has led to the best standard of living in the world as well as incredible innovation.

            I don’t know how old you are but if you are a milennial, then most likely you’ve been robbed of your heritage by dishonest, arrogant people who consider themselves the moral and intellelectual superiors to the rest of us. They teach worshipping at the altar of big government is the answer to all our problems. But an honest look at that will prove otherwise and you’ll see that ideology fails every time it’s tried and leaves a trail of misery in its wake

          37. Jan123456 August 8, 2015

            That “cushy perk” that staffers receive replaces the employer provided health insurance that was taken away by the Grassley amendment. And at essentially the same cost for the essentially same benefit. I truly don’t see how you can still see that as something special for them.

            I admit I misunderstood your use of the term “waiver”. I thought you were talking about individuals who were waived from having to have health insurance. And I agree that insurance companies should not have been allowed to cap benefits to their employees. That would lead me to the influence of big money on politics in general. But, Citizens United is a related, but whole other issue.

            I have wrinkles older than most millennials.

          38. Star Spangled Girl August 9, 2015

            Polls consistently show approval of congress is very low. No wonder, when they get to vote themselves raises, no matter how bad the economy and have all kinds of perks at taxpayer expense (private jets for themselves and family, including food and drinks is a great example). The grassley amendment brought to light that congressional staffers were receiving subsidies (which should be only for truly needy people) courtesy of US taxpayers… it comes off as another very cushy perk.

            And that’s the problem a lot of people have with it…how fair is it for a well-paid staffer to receive up to a 75% subsidy when there are individuals who can’t afford insurance yet don’t qualify for assistance?

            That makes sense you’re not a milennial, as most I encounter cannot engage in debate and usually just hurl personal insults and run away. That’s why I really appreciate your civility…we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on most everything.

            BTW, another issue with obamacare that’s come out in recent news is that people are finding out that just because you have coverage doesn’t mean you’re going to get care. It’s so sad to watch what was the greatest healthcare system in the world go down the toilet because of the greed, hubris, arrogance and ignorance of a relative few who think they”re “the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

          39. Jan123456 August 9, 2015

            The grassley amendment brought to light that congressional staffers
            were receiving subsidies (which should be only for truly needy people)
            courtesy of US taxpayers… it comes off as another very cushy perk.

            No no no. Before the Grassley amendment, congressional staffers, like most people who work for large organizations, got their health insurance through their employer…which, in this case, happened to be the government. The Grassley amendment outlawed that common employee benefit for the staffers while REQUIRING every other “company” in the US with over 50 employees to provide health insurance. It exempted the government from that requirement. Can you at least tell me if you understand that?

            However, since the REAL point of the amendment was to kill the ACA and that didn’t happen, even Grassley backtracked on it as it hurt his staff also.

            “Grassley sponsored the original amendment requiring lawmakers and
            staffers to enter the Obamacare exchanges, but he didn’t intend for them
            to lose the employer subsidy.”



          40. Star Spangled Girl August 9, 2015

            I do understand about the fed gov being considered an employer. And THAT’s what I and others have a problem with. Comparing the gov to private business is wrong as the government cannot fail like a private company can. And taxpayers are funding subsidies, not profits from private companies. It is an unfair system and thats why rand paul wont admit voting to get congressional staffers covered by the smallbusiness exchange.

            One other thing about single payer. In the US we already have it. It’s called the VA, also obama’s model for Obamacare. Long wait times, subpar care… Vets died under this crappy system and its still a scandal, one thats being ignored once again.

          41. Jan123456 August 9, 2015

            Using that logic it sounds like you’re saying that government employees (including teachers, police, firefighters, paramedics, etc) should not have health insurance as an employee benefit since government cannot fail like private companies can. Does this apply to other common benefits like 401(k)s (although I think it has a different designation in government) and disability insurance? What about salary itself…that’s funded by taxpayers also. (I hope you see the hyperbole in the last example.)

            I think a better example of single payer is Medicare. VA is single provider which was the issue. There was no choice in who can provide service.

          42. Star Spangled Girl August 12, 2015

            Comparing congressional staffers to first responders and teachers is not accurate nor fair, on so many levels. The latter professions are for the most part, life long commitments: staffers are not. And those in the latter professions are grossly underpaid for the work they do. Don’t know too many staffers who buy supplies with their own money or who go out in 100+ degree weather, loaded down with gear, to serve their communities. nancy pelosi and other congresspeople are currently on a “fact-finding” trip abroad, including to Italy. I wonder how many staffers went with them, on private jets (never mind about global warming when it comes to libs and their polluting, temperature-raising emissions) eating and drinking on the public dime. And I don’t think they stay in cheap pensions and hostels. Again, don’t know too many first responders and teachers who have those cushy perks.

            Also, staffers are federal employess, the latter are municipal and the feds’ coffers and benefits are waaay larger. So, yes, fed employees get better plans and benefits than the rest of us “average folks.” Didn’t say they shouldn’t have health insurance but should not be considered a small business…it is an unfair advantage.

            Re: single payer….http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Columns/2014/05/29/VA-Scandal-Exposes-Single-Payer-Health-Care-Flaws,

            The VA is both provider and payer and the system is rife with fraud, abuse, neglect (for the vets, NOT for the bloated, corrupt, well-paid administrators)….but progressives like bernie sanders keep pushing for this failed system, even as other countries who tried it walk it back to varying degrees of privatization.

            Personal story: I got a procedure done in doc’s office years ago when I had insurance. My share: $400. Had procedure again during brief time when I didn’t have insurance so I paid cash. My cash cost? $400. Medicare survives because it gets subsidized by private insurers and cash paying customers.

            Not sure how you nor anyone could think that as our government grows larger and larger, them being soley in charge of healthcare could EVER be a good thing. Even though there coffers are large, they are finite and we will see the samea corruption happening nationally as happened in the VA.

            As I said before, the ONLY way to bring healthcare costs down, keep quality high and increase innovation is to let market forces work. EVERY TIME a third party comes between patient and provider, costs go up, quality goes down and people suffer.

          43. Jan123456 August 12, 2015

            Star, I was using your logic…

            Comparing the gov to private business is wrong as the government cannot fail like a private company can.

            What you’re now saying is that it’s not wrong if it’s different people doing different jobs with different requirements who are paid by different governmental entities. While I agree that teachers especially go way above and beyond…that is a separate issue.

            Here’s the thing. I know you don’t like Obama. I know you don’t like the ACA. The right has pushed this “exempt” thing that really isn’t. I call THAT a talking point.

            You seem to want to punish people who did not have any choice in the matter by denying that their employer provided health insurance is being taken away and believe it is wrong to find a legal mechanism to restore it. This was never meant to happen…even Grassley acknowledges that. It was a PLOY, a ploy that didn’t work as intended (killing the ACA) and caused pain to people who didn’t deserve it.

          44. Star Spangled Girl August 23, 2015

            Grassley said he wanted congress to go through the same red tape they were inflicting on the masses. The dems coopted his idea and passed it off as their own.

            We will have to agree to disagree. To me, the fed gov is a bloated and corrupt leviathan that “succeeds” by taking money from producers and giving generously to themselves.

            I do not like obama’s IDEOLOGY. I do not know the man personally but from what I’ve seen and heard of him plus knowing some of his background, he needs professional counseling to help him with his narcissism disorder.

            The ACA was designed by insurance companies to help insurance companies. If you think expanding medicaid, which is where a good portion of newly insured has come from, is a good thing, well, again, we will have to agree to disagree.

            All of this can be presented very simply: conservatism vs progressivism. IMO, the latter has a very poor track record, results in failure and misery every time it’s tried and leads to ever growing income and social inequality.

            The former: the exact opposite of the latter.

          45. Star Spangled Girl July 22, 2015

            How much do you get paid for each post? You do copy and paste well so I guess your progressive masters are getting some of their money’s worth.

            You claim repubs are evil, the states they run are wastelands, terrible places to live, blah blah blah. Sure glad you don’t let reality get in the way of a good delusion.

            Detroit, Baltimore, California, just a few examples of progressive-run disasters. People fleeing the economic devastation and violence from progressive policy and choosing to live in red states.

            Unfortunately, some of the same idiots who caused the destruction in those blue states are now threatening to turn their new home states blue. Go figure, trying to do the same things over and over and expecting different results. Insanity, anyone?

          46. Cancel_NPR May 13, 2015

            You;re STILL a fkuc-ing idiot AND a Liar…
            Where do you live, aashole ?

          47. GraceAdams830 July 17, 2015

            I followed your link and read most of list of achievements of Pres. Obama. I am surprised that he managed to both stimulate the economy and reduce the federal deficit in the same six years.

          48. chris968 July 17, 2015

            Struggle to accept facts, eh?

          49. GraceAdams830 July 21, 2015

            I know some claim that it is easier to balance a budget by growing the economy than with austerity. But the powers that be would rather give the proletariat a hard time and thrash the economy around at pick up bargains and unload them at high prices than let the proletariat come anywhere near breaking even.

          50. Armond June 7, 2015

            you have no specific points…only an emotional rant that is divorced from reality

            but at least you leave out the apparent conservative use of swear words…save for your use of the word…slut

            which seems to be a word used only after a conservative dose of Jim Jones kool-aid

          51. Star Spangled Girl June 8, 2015

            Again, you are badly mistaken and I have NO idea where you get that I used the word slut. The only time I would is to refer to so many in politics who have been bought and paid for. But then I would use the word whore. Soooo…

            And I did make specific points so you may want to reread my earlier posts. And face facts, maybe you are the one divorced from reality.

          52. Armond June 8, 2015

            just look at your original post on this thread…”at the alter of an empty slut”

            and while the rest of the world marvels at the US’s economic recovery…you continue to preach gloom…that does not reflect the truth

          53. Star Spangled Girl June 8, 2015

            YOU need to look again! The word I meant to type was “SUIT” but missed the “i” so I actually typed “SUT”. Again, I don’t use the word slut. But I have referred to politicians as political whores who I feel have been bought and paid for by varied interests.

          54. Armond June 8, 2015

            and by the sight of the early dawn light…one word…maybe just a slip…became sut…appearing as clear as the next word…but with a red underline

            but understand a quick post…deserves an edit…that we all don’t see on first read

            or a whore is easily changed to a sut…when thinking that way…just not good words to easily dangle…for such a Star Spangled Girl

        2. Cancel_NPR May 13, 2015

          Your’re STILL a fcku-ing idiot…

          1. Armond June 7, 2015

            and you continue show how nasty an un-American can be…but love your talking points and wording…they only show how drunk one can be…when they live on Jim Jones kool-aid

          2. jillibrown July 14, 2015

            Here we have it folks…a perfect example of the intellectual immaturity of the right leaning rubes.

        3. JzzE1 . July 19, 2015

          Pssst Chris? what does fcku-ing spell?

        4. Star Spangled Girl July 20, 2015

          Wow, a progressive who launches personal attacks, dismisses my points without actually explaining why you disagree and attacks Fox News, Nope, never heard this before….

          1. chris968 July 21, 2015

            Wow 3 months later don’t care no more. You’ve heard this before because it’s true.

          2. Star Spangled Girl July 22, 2015

            Thanks for validating my point!! Progressives CAN’T argue on substance so you/they resort to this to dodge a debate you/they cannot win. And the timeline is irrelevant, I’ve had people comment on my post after months too.

          3. chris968 July 22, 2015


          4. Star Spangled Girl July 23, 2015

            Again, thanks for validating my point!!

          5. chris968 July 23, 2015

            You haven’t made any points. In fact I don’t even remember what you said, but I have to assume it was anti-Obama and full of crap.

          6. dpaano July 23, 2015

            If you had any substance, that would be a whole other ballgame, but as I said before, even if we DO respond, and we have on many of your “points,” you either won’t or can’t believe them. Stick to the BS that you’ve been fed and find another site to troll!

          7. Star Spangled Girl July 24, 2015

            Oh please try….but if you want to continue dodging, I totally understand why you do!

      2. Armond June 7, 2015

        Star…lets see if your claim carries any weight

        the empty residential lot across from my home on a private driveway…was for sale in 2009 for $25,000…it sold finally in July 2014 for $175,000…today less than 1 year later…it is posted for sale at $380,000
        the average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment has doubled since 2009
        the value of my home bought in 2009 has increased…by over 150%…with the market currently bidding on homes…at 30% over the asking prices
        don’t know what alter you worship at…but whatever alter it is…it has nothing to do with the current state of the American economy
        so if it is not the economy…or the deficit he has cut by 2/3’s…then your concern must be something else
        could it be then that your true concern is that he may have been responsible for the sinking of the Lusitania…because they refused to sell him a first class ticket…given he was a slut in your words
        funny how in this day…you can goggle “code words” and get their true meaning…and not have to worry if you are delusional or not

        1. Star Spangled Girl June 8, 2015

          I have no idea what you’re talking about. You need to reread posts because I never used the word “slut” toward anyone.

          I hope and pray the stock market continues to do well. But the main reasons for it have nothing to do with obama. It is because the fed is keeping interest rates very low and printing money by the billions. Not a recipe for continued success.

          The fact that property values are skyrocketing is your evidence of a healthy economy? And nothing to do with increasing property taxes? So why, in a state like California, where property values are astronomical, are people leaving in droves for states with lower taxes and a lower cost of living? And why in states like California, where progressives have been in charge for decades, is the middle class shrinking and the gap between rich and poor growing???????

          Don’t take my word for it. Did you read the Gallup CEO’s take on the “great” ecnomy?

          Maybe you need to take off your rose-colored glasses and deal with reality.

          1. Armond June 8, 2015

            in the period between….1983 and 2011…from the time of the National Reagan Revolution…California had 4 years under a democratic governor…and 24 years under republicans

            the state population decided in 2011 to return Brown…and entire state office democratic slate…and a super majority democratic legislature in both state houses

            as for taxes…guess you missed that tax history lesson from 1978

            the performance of Governor Jerry Brown since his return as governor has been first rate in all respects of fiscal restraint…and in the application of tax revenues in a more effective way…such as the doubling of funding to schools in districts of high poverty…which happen to be the most republican areas of the state

            all California property taxes are base set at 1976…a tax can not increase by more than 2% in any given year…a 2% increase on a prior year tax of $4000 could not be increased by more than a bill of $4080 in the following year
            taxes on a sale of property is base set at 1% of sale price
            a $1M home would have a tax of $10,000.00 per year…the following year the tax on that home could not exceed $10,025,000
            even if the true market value of the home was now not $1M…but $2.5 the following year
            which is how many areas in the 3 counties surrounding my town have seen land prices multiply
            and “Rose” Bird hasn’t been on the California Supreme Court since 1986…so the only rose color is your antiquated information and lack of California Property Tax Law

          2. Star Spangled Girl July 20, 2015

            Californa is in the fiscal toilet in large part because of brown’s policies the first time around. Public pensions cannot be sustained and have led to the massive taxation, skyhigh property taxes and the mass exodus from the once great state to red states.

            Add the toll of illegal immigration, natural disasters and the ever-widening income gap where the middle class is shrinking. It will soon be, if not already, an oligarchy.

            Nice job, progressives. Keep that flow of cheap labor coming in illegally so the relatively few can keep getting richer and richer. The very thing you claim you’re against. Go figure….

          3. Armond July 20, 2015

            sorry to see that you believe…your illness is a terrible thing to waste

          4. Star Spangled Girl July 22, 2015

            Sooo…as usual, a progressive refuses to specifically answer ANY of my points and instead reverts to the usual stupidity in order to dodge answering. Shocker.

          5. dpaano July 23, 2015

            Your “points” are unanswerable in most cases because they don’t exist anywhere but in your head! And, even when we DO respond to them, you don’t or won’t believe them, so why bother to try to educate you!

          6. Star Spangled Girl July 24, 2015

            Oh but you could TRY? Right?…..Right?

          7. dpaano July 24, 2015

            I don’t have the time or energy to argue with someone that is totally brainwashed…..

          8. Star Spangled Girl July 26, 2015

            Whatever you say!

          9. Armond July 24, 2015

            you are reading your own post again…tried to tell you…that raw kool-aid would warp your thinking and understanding…of even your own words and thoughts

          10. Star Spangled Girl July 26, 2015

            No sweetie, the kool-aid thing is why America got stuck with obama for 6 years now. You progs swill it hourly to keep believing the delusion.

          11. dpaano July 23, 2015

            I’d rather live in this “fiscal toilet” than to live wherever it is that you reside! There is NO massive exodus….not sure where you’re getting your information. As I said earlier, I have never seen so many out-of-state license plates on our freeways as I have the past 6-8 years! They’re coming here in droves! Most of them are moving here from the South, including Texas, Florida, etc. to get away from the Republican BS that is running those states. Maybe you need to go back and do some more research….try reading something other than RWNJ propaganda!

          12. Star Spangled Girl July 24, 2015

            LOL!!! No one said California isn’t a beautiful state to VISIT, as it has so much to offer in the way of natural beauty and attractions! But YOU, oh the wisest and smartest and bestest EVER, KNOW that those people with the out of state plates have moved there!! Wow. what a gift you have!!!

            Maybe there are more vacationing because all those living in red states, where cost of living is lower, have more money to spend since taxes are lower. Maybe some of them are former Californians!!

            If you knew even basic econ, you might have thought of that!!!!

          13. dpaano July 24, 2015

            I was generalizing; however, if I were just seeing that during the summer months, I would think these were vacationers; however, I’ve been noticing this on the freeway on a daily basis for over 2 years now. I like looking at out-of-state plates because I’m always curious as to where people are from. As for knowing “basic econ,” I have an MBA, so I&