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6 Of Donald Trump’s Most Appalling Moments This Week

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6 Of Donald Trump’s Most Appalling Moments This Week


Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Say what you will about the possibly fictional “dossier” containing damaging information about our president-elect that Buzzfeed released this week, but it sure seems to have annoyed him, and there’s something distressingly enjoyable about that. On the cusp of the inauguration of a certifiably deranged idiot, that’s going to have to pass for fun for now. Never has there been a leader more deserving of stories full of innuendo and giggle-inducing allegations about him. You reap what you sow, to quote Donald Trump’s second-favorite book, right after his own ghostwritten tome.

Here are 6 terrible things Donald Trump did in the last week that will probably pale in comparison after he is sworn in and all hell breaks loose.

1. He attacked one of the most beloved and respected actresses in the world.

Meryl Streep masterfully used her platform at the Golden Globes to express her profound dismay at the fact that the soon-to-be leader of the free world is the sort of person who would mock a person’s disabilities for laughs.

There is not a human being on the planet who can deny that derisive mimicry was precisely what Trump was engaging in at one of his campaign rallies to illustrate his displeasure with Timesman Serge Kovaleski’s reporting. But there are two sub-humans who denied it. Stepford propaganda minister Kellyanne Conway accused Streep of “inciting” people’s “worst instincts,” and insisted that even if it really looked like Trump was mocking Kovaleski, that’s not what was in Trump’s so-called heart. Donald Trump also counterpunched on Twitter of course, calling Meryl Streep “over-rated,” one of his 5 favorite adjectives, and saying she had misunderstood his perfectly marvelous piece of performance art. Why not just admit it, apologize and move on, Chris Cuomo asked Conway?

As if.

It is safe to say, the Trump team will spend the next four years denying the various truths that are in plain sight for us all to see.

2. He called himself a victim, much like six million murdered Jews, of Nazi-like tactics.

Well, that didn’t take long. Distressed by the leak of the “dossier” full of embarrassing, titillating, and compromising information the Russians were alleged to have on Trump, the tweeter in chief hauled out the Third Reich metaphor earlier than most odds makers would have bet. Trump tweeted, “Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to ‘leak’ into the public,” the morning of his press conference. “One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

At his much-awaited press conference on Wednesday, he was asked if he thought that was the right choice of words, and yes indeed he did.

“I think it was disgraceful, disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out,” he repeated. “I think it’s a disgrace, and I say that, and that’s something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do.”

Ummm, no.

But speaking of Nazis, France’s far-right National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, an advocate of ethnically cleansing France of Muslim immigrants, paid a little visit to Trump Tower later in the week.

The entire Trump team claimed not to have met with her, and of course they are telling the complete truth just as they always do.

3. He held a fake news conference, and lied, preened and most of all bullied his way all the way through it.

Trump’s long-awaited first press conference since July started with the small, and weirdly unnecessary, lie that press conferences are second nature to him and very familiar events that he really enjoys. It proceeded through a multitude of attacks on the press and bogus assertions that he had now separated himself from his business by giving it to his sons, and proof of that was in all the manila folders stacked up on the table next to him like Trump Steaks. Right.

More weird stagecraft included a cheering squad of staffers whenever he felt he landed a blow against the “dishonest media.” Trump falsely claimed he still cannot release his tax returns, and bullied a CNN reporter into silence by calling him “fake news,” and nearly dispatched his goon squad to remove him. He also just generally made us yearn for George W. Bush’s expansive vocabulary.

4. He gloated about the imminent destruction of Obamacare and depriving millions of health care, possibly on his first day in office.

Asked for specifics about his plans for the promised “replacement” for Obamacare at his dog and pony press conference, Trump just repeated the mantra of how he was going to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, very quickly, possibly on the same day, maybe in the same hour.

How is that an answer?

Then, because simply dodging the question is not enough for him, he is compelled to completely turn truth on its head each time he speaks, he described how Republicans are generously actually doing Democrats a favor by immediately destroying Obama’s signature legislative achievement that has given 20 million Americans health insurance and saved lives. “We could just sit back,” he said, “and it was a thought from a political standpoint, but it wouldn’t be fair to the people—we could sit back and wait and watch and criticize.”

Later that night, the House voted to take the first step to dismantle Obamacare. No replacement is in sight and when it is it will likely involve health savings plans, which are the same as you paying for all your medical care, chemotherapy, surgery, everything. When a cancer survivor told Paul Ryan his life was saved by Obamacare, Ryan was undaunted.

So was Trump, who later tweet/gloated: “The ‘Unaffordable’ Care Act will soon be history!”

5. He attacked a civil rights icon on the eve of Martin Luther King Day.

After meeting with FBI director James Comey at week’s end, a number of Democrats were outraged and enraged at what appeared to be gross and improper favoritism toward Republicans on behalf of the bureau. While Clinton’s emails were investigated continually, and information about those investigations leading nowhere was publicized strategically to hurt her, Comey refused to say whether his bureau had even looked into the matter of the Russians hacking the DNC’s computers in order to sway the election for Donald Trump.

On Friday, Georgia congressman and civil right icon John Lewis told Chuck Todd that in light of intelligence reports about Russia’s interference he doesn’t “see this president-elect as a legitimate president.” Earlier in the week, Lewis had stirringly testified against Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions becoming attorney general given his long history of racism. “We need someone as attorney general who’s going to look out for all of us, and not just some of us,” Lewis told the judiciary committee.

With his legitimacy questioned, Trump took the high road, of course. HA! Kidding! No, the world kept spinning on its axis and Trump counterattacked a man who was beaten by police when he fought for the right for black people to vote.

“Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district,” the tweeter-in-chief said, “which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to…… mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk – no action or results. Sad!”

That is in fact not what is sad, not what is sad at all.

6. He perfectly demonstrated how he has no idea how this whole ethics things works.

The recent revelation that one of the wealthy granddaughters of the L.L. Bean company, Maine Republican Linda Bean, contributed money to the Trump campaign led to a call to boycott the company. While discussion of the wisdom of buying flannel shirts and duck boots elsewhere circulated around social media, Trump decided it was time for him to use his lofty perch to help one of his supporters.

“Thank you to Linda Bean of L.L. Bean for your great support and courage,” Trump tweeted before greatly overestimating his own popularity. “People will support you even more now. Buy L.L. Bean.”

This piece of blatant advertising for the benefit of a private company led to a swift rebuke from the government ethics office, which had already had a busy week pointing out that Trump had accomplished exactly nothing in clearing up his conflicts of interest and parrying attacks from Republican hacks like Jason Chaffetz for doing their job.

That and looking for a new job on LinkedIn.

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, October 10, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 15, 2017

    Only 6 appalling things? At least he’s consistent. Making a step upwards out of the abyss is a tiny step forward, but he still is going to need the rest of the remaining time allotted him on earth to climb out.

    1. Nativegrammy January 16, 2017

      Only “6 appalling things THIS WEEK”…….my thoughts exactly as I read this headline!!! 48 months more of this nightmare of a man who clearly is utterly and totally self-unaware, The man is incapable of acknowledging why he is so hated and feared, with the most dismal poll numbers ever for a new incoming president and I am certain it will only go down from there. Is there anyone with a brain that still is holding out some foolish hope Trump is ever going to “change” or “pivot” to being “presidential”…..I mean really what does this horrible man have to do more to prove he is exactly what he is, an unbalanced hateful racist immoral pig of a man with radical musings that are not even thought out to the ultimate dire conclusion his “thinking” would cause around the world ……He has shown everyone who he was/is for entirety of his miserable life! Now he is saying NATO is “obsolete” while his man crush, Vladimir Putin, plans his take over of countries that once were under the thumb of the USSR……. simply cannot believe what comes out of this ignorant, intellectually and morally bankrupt mans mouth and head!

      1. Dan S January 16, 2017

        But at least he looks Presidential ????

        1. plc97477 January 16, 2017

          If you could send me a link to that picture I would appreciate it.

          1. Dan S January 16, 2017

            A slight addendum to my original comment. At least Trump THINKS he looks Presidential. Here’s a picture ????

          2. plc97477 January 16, 2017

            Actually in trump’s mind he is no lowly person like president he is a god. his reality is very screwed.

          3. Dan S January 16, 2017

            Oh dear god he thinks he’s a god ???? Maybe he can go smite himself ????

          4. dbtheonly January 16, 2017

            It’s more like this time, next week, he really will have the power to rain destruction from the sky.

            It who he decides to smite that frightens me.

        2. jmprint January 16, 2017

          Good joke.

        3. dbtheonly January 17, 2017

          Trumpista says, “Now we’ll have a hot woman in the White House.”

          Was all I could do not to answer, yes and we have the pictures of her naked to prove it.

    2. Kellymcaudell January 16, 2017

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    3. dbtheonly January 16, 2017

      Rather Aaron, view the 6 as an arbitrary limit to which the Author limits herself. There are more, many more, even on a weekly time frame.

      Left off, my favorite, threatening the head of the Government Ethics office for calling Trump out on the various, and growing, ethics problems.

      And my eternal gripe, Trump constantly refers to himself in the third person. It is one thing when G Julius Caesar does so in an, ostensible, record of his campaigns; Trump does it all the time. I wish I knew more of the psychology of the situation, it seems almost if Trump doesn’t recognize his role in his own actions.

      Flagged the spam response for you.

      1. Dominick Vila January 16, 2017

        I was wondering how long it was going to be before someone else said something about Trump’s hilarious penchant for referring to himself in the third person. I suspect he uses that form of speech to turn himself into a mythical being larger than God. Anyway, it is funny.

        1. Dan S January 16, 2017

          Funny in a creepy way ????

        2. dbtheonly January 16, 2017

          It’s one thing when I refer to myself as “Mrs. D’s little boy, Billy.” But Trump really seems to see a separation between himself and Donald J Trump.

          Jesus referred to Himself in the first person. “Verily, I say unto you…”. So we know where He stood on the issue.

          The psychology is fascinating. Wish I knew enough to make sense of it.

      2. FireBaron January 16, 2017

        Hey, remember. Bob Dole used to refer to himself that way too!

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

        I think the overuse of the 3rd person is Trump’s attempt to use the royal
        ‘we” to go along with his self-image of being an emperor. I hope someone is carefully chronicling the signs of a mental pathology Donald shows us regularly in the news. Should make for an interesting monogram.

    4. mike January 16, 2017

      A-aron A-aron same old Keep trying!
      Only the left would think an actress, who lives in the world of fantasy, has any more credibility than any other person in this country. When are you lefties going to realize all those Hollywood stars didn’t help Hillary one iota. They’re as irrelevant as the rest of the left starting on friday. Her rant was a wave of hateful misrepresentation and condescension that added to the spectacle of sore losers incapable of coping with a White House that will no longer be an echo chamber for their views.
      Obamacare repeal and depriving millions. No, TDS kicking in again.
      LL Bean-Trumps still a private citizen can say what he wants until Friday.
      Lewis-Trump won fair and square. Lewis is acting just like the spoiled brat loser like the rest on the left.
      Press conference-what you missed in your agitated state of mind is that he put to bed how he has removed himself from his business. He also told the press where he stands on “fake news” and prepare for a new era.
      White House that will no longer be an echo chamber for your views. Good Riddance.

    1. FireBaron January 16, 2017

      What “obamaphones”? Oh, you mean the ones that never existed but Fox reported on.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

      Your attempt at art is an undeniable product of an infantile mind.

    3. johninPCFL January 16, 2017

      It should actually say: “Bend Over America!”.

  2. Dominick Vila January 16, 2017

    The worst, and most dangerous, is still to come. Trump’s telecon with the leader of Taiwan, and his attacks on the one-China claim that is the center piece of Sino-American relations, has brought the cautious Chinese to the point of talking about military confrontation. Unlike our misadventures against pathetic religious zealots in the Middle East and Persian Gulf, engaging China, a country with a large nuclear arsenal, delivery systems, sophisticated fighter planes and ships, and a huge army, can easily lead to the destruction of both countries.

    1. mike January 16, 2017

      Dom, such BS and showing your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

        Still a primary PR man for a lewd and lascivious con artist. Long ago, the derangement was evident with you, comrade Mikail.

      2. jmprint January 16, 2017

        Yeah Trump is deranged.

        1. mike January 16, 2017

          Still got your head where the sun doesn’t shine.

          1. jmprint January 16, 2017

            Still thinking you matter.

          2. mike January 16, 2017

            Trump in brain is all that matters.

          3. jmprint January 16, 2017

            Trump who? Oh you mean the A$$hole you elected. Trust me, if his doings affect me negative, I’m sure you will be going through the same.

          4. mike January 16, 2017

            Yep! Trump is in your 24/7.

  3. Dan S January 16, 2017

    Sigh ???? it’s going to be a long 4 years

  4. RED January 16, 2017

    The article claims “there is not a human being on the planet who can deny that derisive mimicry was precisely what Trump was engaging in at one of his campaign rallies to illustrate his displeasure with Timesman Serge Kovaleski’s reporting.” And yet last night or night before last as I was out in awful position of having to view the disgusting pieces of garbage known as Fox News, they have put together a shown a video Donald Trump doing that somewhat similar hand motion throughout his campaign as evidence that he was not making fun of Kovaleski. It’s a fascinating and warped world that defies even the most basic logic that Fox News lives in and has infected so many with. Their ignorant argument is look here is Donald Trump being an ignorant sick piece of trash to lots of other people therefore he couldn’t of been making fun of the handicap reporter. Hey, but let’s keep in mind that the people over at Fox and all the corporate media are in the very highest income brackets and have awesome power to influence people’s thinking. In other words we have built a society where these are the people who rise to the top. And it’s certainly not just Fox and it’s not just media. Our entire society is built upon the rewarding those who are the most deceitful, the most vicious, the most lacking in any moral compass or virtues. And because we have built society like this many in our society are enamored of a sick disgusting damaged human being like Donald Trump. And why not? We have been conditioned since birth to believe that money equals success, intelligence, and even virtue and morality. So it shouldn’t be too shocking.

    1. dbtheonly January 16, 2017

      Do not view Fox as news; but rather the daily pronouncements from the Ministry of Information. Start calling them Pravda.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

        FOX definitely is moving more pro-Russian in its stance. Pravda would be the proper designation, and maybe FOX should be seen as just an affiliate of Russia Today Network(RT) operating in the US.

    2. jmprint January 16, 2017

      Yes, they are called the Neo-Conservatives, because of their ideology they have no room in their brains to allow them to see real facts. They live in a distorted mine world.


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