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Alabama Chief Justice Orders Halt To Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

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Alabama Chief Justice Orders Halt To Same-Sex Marriage Licenses


(Reuters) — The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court ordered the state’s probate judges on Wednesday not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, despite a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court last year legalizing gay marriage.

Chief Justice Roy Moore said the U.S. Supreme Court decision is at odds with earlier opinions by the state’s highest court, resulting in “confusion and uncertainty” among probate judges.

Many of the state’s judges have been issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples since the national ruling, while others refused to do so or stopped issuing licenses to any couples, Moore said.

“This disparity affects the administration of justice in this state,” he said in his administrative order.

While the Alabama Supreme Court weighs the issue, probate judges “have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary” to the state’s law banning same-sex marriage, Moore said.

The effect of Moore’s order was not immediately clear.

Gay marriage activists quickly rebuked it, arguing Moore does not have the authority to override higher courts.

“Chief Justice Roy Moore today issued a dead letter,” said Scott McCoy, a senior staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center. “This is Moore yet again confusing his role as chief justice with his personal anti-LGBT agenda.”

(Reporting by Colleen Jenkins in Winston-Salem, N.C.; Editing by Chris Reese and Tom Brown)

Photo: Supporters of same-sex marriage hold a rainbow flag and a rainbow umbrella outside Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama February 9, 2015. REUTERS/Marvin Gentry



  1. JPHALL January 6, 2016

    Typical right wing disregard for the law when they do not like it! Others must blindly obey.

  2. Otto Greif January 6, 2016

    Probably inspired by Obama’s habit of ignoring laws he doesn’t like.

    1. Daniel Jones January 6, 2016

      Go to Hell, Autogrief.

      1. MVH1 January 7, 2016

        UP for the “Autogrief.”

        1. Daniel Jones January 9, 2016

          What can I say, it’s the phonetic parsing of his handle!

    2. Budjob January 6, 2016

      OTTTTO,Breitbartt is to the right,That would be this way for all semi-literate individuals,>>>>>>>>>!

    3. FireBaron January 7, 2016

      Actually, it was inspired by George W. Bush’s habit of attaching “signing statements” to all the legislation he approved saying how he was going to specifically ignore whatever Congress voted on and do what he wanted. Also, please state specifics of what laws President Obama is ignoring? I would like details, not suppositions brought on by your narrow tunnel vision inspired by the likes of the Former Governor of Alaska who quit her job when the pressure got too great, then got fired by Roger Ailes because she tried to be the news maker instead of a news commentator.

    4. charleo1 January 7, 2016

      Oh, Moore and his ilk have been ‘inspired,’ by B. Obama as President, if you want to use that word. Livid, enraged, apoplectic, driven out of their racists, loony tunes minds, could be other appropriate descriptions of the effect an African American occupying the Oval Office has had on the States Righters, the South will rise again, good ol’ boy, dead ender types, such as Judge Roy Moore. Who doesn’t give a wit if I marry my horse on the State House steps, as long as State Law trumps Federal, and White Law trumps Black.

  3. labman57 January 6, 2016

    Moore is just another Bible-thumping jurist who treats the U.S. Constitution in a manner similar to how he views the Bible — as something to be cherry-picked to support and rationalize a preconceived conclusion.

    To that end, federal court decisions — including those of the Supreme Court — can be summarily ignored if said judicial outcomes do not validate his particular set of Christian beliefs.

    Another reason why religious dogma and public policy make poor bedfellows.

  4. Lynda Groom January 7, 2016

    No judge in that state should pay attention to the ravings of that idiot. The matter has been settled and his pretending that he’s relevant is a waste of everyones time. Ignore that putz!

  5. FireBaron January 7, 2016

    Once again, Roy Moore believes he is more important than decisions from the Supreme Court. He wants to establish Alabama as his personal fiefdom immune from all Federal authority. I can’t wait for him to decide that Brown v. the Board of Education does not have any impact on Alabama because it was ruled against a Topeka, Kansas agency. Of course, Alabama did rewrite its State Constitution removing the responsibility of the State to provide any educational services at all. So they are already on the way.

  6. Bob Eddy January 7, 2016

    I think he my have a valid point. After all, when did “reasoning” have anything to do with the thought process in Alabama?

  7. MVH1 January 7, 2016

    Roy Moore ought to be more concerned about his serial felon crime committing son he keeps “getting off” and leave everyone else alone. His brand of christianity is a flavor that doesn’t realize the nature of the guy for whom his religion was named. Nothing Christian values about this arrogant narcissist and his pathetic pack of supporters.

  8. 1Zoe55 January 7, 2016

    If this Moore believes he can rule against the Supreme Court, then I wish there were a way all our federal funds could be stopped to this stupid, backward state called Alabama. The myth of the states’ rights that these traitors have long championed would be exposed as the crap it really is. Of course, many innocent citizens in Alabama would be hurt by the lack of federal funding, but maybe that’s what it takes to get people to throw these ignorant, racist folks out of office. We could also just wait for the help that would be forthcoming from his brother states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia etc. What a joke, these states cannot collect enough in taxes already and they are dependent upon that big baaad, federal government.

  9. Wayneo January 8, 2016

    Looks like the civil war is not over yet.

  10. docb January 8, 2016

    Ole roy was kicked out before for subverting the law…looks like he is wishing for the same outcome now! Please proceed, fool!


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