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#EndorseThis: An Architect, Engineer, And Interior Designer ‘Build’ Trump’s Wall

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#EndorseThis: An Architect, Engineer, And Interior Designer ‘Build’ Trump’s Wall

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What would happen if you gathered an architect, an engineer, an interior designer, and a concrete guy to price out and “build” Trump’s unnecessary U.S.-Mexico border wall? Stephen Colbert put this scenario to the test, and you can imagine how quickly it all unraveled. (Here at National Memo, we published a popular engineering analysis of the enormous costs and construction difficulties of “the wall” back in 2015.)

As the costs continued to soar with each new proposal, Colbert wondered whether it would make more sense to just build a highway along the border. “Because what is a highway if not a wall on its side?” Colbert pointed out.

Watch as Colbert attempts to figure out how much concrete and wall paper Trump will need to build his “big, beautiful wall.” You also don’t want to miss his phone call to the Mexican consulate once he calculates the final tab.

IMAGE: Screenshot / CBS



  1. Michael Wise March 14, 2017

    How many hundreds of miles of Wall are already in place between Mexico and the USA?

  2. InformedVoter March 14, 2017

    Typical Colbert non-funny routine. The skit is full of errors, in an attempt to try and mock the concept. Just for FAKE “news” from mediocre actors who think anyone really cares about their make believe world.

  3. Dapper Dan March 14, 2017

    $2 TRILLION SAY WHAT ??? ???????????????? HOW MANY LIVES AGAIN ??? ????????????????????

  4. dpaano March 14, 2017

    Amazing what you come up with when you get professionals involved in building a wall! The REAL truth comes out as to costs! I love it!!! They were probably more in line with the cost than 45 and his cohorts!

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