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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sues To Halt Obama’s Action On Immigrants

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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sues To Halt Obama’s Action On Immigrants


By Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times (TNS)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., sought on Monday to overturn President Barack Obama’s executive action protecting up to 5 million immigrants without documentation from being deported.

Arpaio and his attorney, Larry Klayman, argued in front of U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell in Washington. The suit was filed last month.

In their suit, Klayman and Arpaio contend the administration’s policy change to defer deportation added to the burden of law enforcement, especially in a border state like Arizona. They allege the changes will allow more people to enter the United States where they will commit crimes.

“President Obama and others recite that the immigration system of the United States is broken,” Klayman wrote in a court filing. “It is unmistakable that the only thing that is broken about the nation’s immigration laws is that the defendants are determined to break those laws.”

Klayman is a conservative who has previously alleged that Obama falsely claimed U.S. citizenship, a stand that was untrue. Arpaio has long called for more border enforcement to prevent illegal immigration.

Under the Obama plan, the pool of immigrants who will be protected from deportation would be expanded. The largest added group are parents of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who have been in the country since Jan. 1, 2010, and they can request employment authorization and deferred deportation.

Federal officials can still prioritize the removal of those who represent a threat to security.

The Justice Department has argued that Arpaio’s theory of added danger is misguided. “This theory is speculative and unsubstantiated,” the Justice Department argued in its court papers.

According to media reports from the courtroom, Howell questioned Arpaio’s claims. The jurist said that programs such as those Obama announced last month have been around since the 1970s, according to Bloomberg News.

The president’s action has also been challenged by a coalition of 17 states led by Texas. A court hearing on that suit is scheduled for Jan. 9 in Brownsville, Texas.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr



  1. gococksri December 23, 2014

    Joe Arpaio and Larry Klayman. That these two are heroes to the Republican Right means that the Republican Right has got it all wrong. I can’t help but wonder how Arizona or Maricopa County taxpayers feel about the taxpayer funds Arpaio spends on these losing court cases. For a crowd that talks about “trial lawyers” as if they were vermin, Republicans have filled their coffers in losing efforts over the past six years. My guess is that “trial lawyers” are praying for another Democrat in the White House in 2016 so that the GOP will keep sending taxpayer funds in their direction. This case is nonsense and will go where the rest of Arpaio’s cases go—nowhere.

    1. Dominick Vila December 24, 2014

      I suspect these idiots know this lawsuit will end up in the trash can of some obscure Judge. Bear in mind that the real objective is not to win a Court battle, but to rally the troops and satisfy the expectations of White Supremacists, the KKK, and all the other hate groups in America.

      1. kenndeb December 26, 2014

        That’s right. According to liberals, anyone not supporting our tyrant is racist.

  2. L. Nat Bean December 23, 2014

    Obama’s really not even that smart. He just reads well off of a teleprompter.

    1. Grannysmovin December 23, 2014

      Than the same would hold true for Ronald Reagan.

    2. edwardw69 December 23, 2014

      In fact, the man is a genius, and has never used a teleprompter.

      1. kenndeb December 23, 2014

        Our Emperor tyrant is Americas greatest enemy. His entire existence is cloaked in secrecy, and all his records sealed. I can not understand how you liberals and democratic communists think that this type of cover up is alright. He IS NOT an American. He IS a tyrant that should be removed and tried for impersonating a President.

        1. WhutHeSaid December 23, 2014

          Never mind Obama, you need to trot out that big wench Deb so that we can all see that she is OK. Do it, mister-man — NOW!

  3. ps0rjl December 23, 2014

    Joe Arpaio may be a hero to some people but talk to some of the people who have criticized his tactics and you will see he acts more like an egomaniac who lashes out in anyway he can at critic and I am not talking about criminals but rather law abiding citizens. The man acts like a little dictator. This is the same man who dispatched two deputies to Hawaii to check on President Obama’s birth certificate. I am just glad I am not a resident of the county where he is sheriff.

  4. EaglesGlen December 23, 2014

    I believe Klayman vs Obama Deportation hearing has yet to be heard.
    Judge in Arpaio vs Obama was indicating that it appeared Arpaio just wasn’t damaged enough by Obama’s new executive order/10 memos; judge thereby admitting there are damages and by Obama/fed (continued) mission creep of seizure of greater powers the fed will inflict these unfunded mandates by the fed upon Arpaio and all other American citizens by direct violation of 5th amendment just compensation. Judge indirectly admitting Arpaio does have standing while saying does not have standing.

  5. FT66 December 23, 2014

    Republicans have to think in a smart way. Whether it is individual or a coming new congress. Everything which Pres. Obama has done so far, rather accomplished, must be not touched. If you go after it, he will also go after those who ordered torture. It is human nature, you go after me, I will go after you too. There is a huge outcry from inside the country and from abroad who want to see those who carried torture face the music. Those talks like: repeal Obamacare, sue him, impeach him, no amnesty, must find their way and disappear completely. You bring them along, he will also bring whatever weapon he is holding in his hands. It is as simple as that!

    1. James Bowen December 23, 2014

      Obama’s actions need to be stopped. They threaten both the governing principles and well-being of this nation. As far as torture is concerned, I want Obama to go after those responsible. Letting them get away with that also threatens our governing principles.

  6. James Bowen December 23, 2014

    Way to go Sheriff Joe. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Sheriff Joe has the best attorney representing him.


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