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Sanders Blasts Trump On ‘Crazy’ Climate Denial

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Sanders Blasts Trump On ‘Crazy’ Climate Denial


Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Sen. Bernie Sanders issued a damning video response to President Trump’s rollback of Obama’s climate regulations Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, he went in for seconds with the cast of “Morning Joe.”

Sanders, who had urged Trump to think of his children and grandchildren, called the president’s obvious disregard for the planet “pathetic.”

“How crazy could it be that the largest oil company in this country understands more [about climate change] than the president of the United States?” he pointed out.

According to the Financial Times, “ExxonMobil actually is calling on Trump to stick with the Paris Climate Accord,” which President Trump has threatened to exit.

Sanders also noted that corporate investments in solar energy are rising nationally. General Motors, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Whole Foods have all committed to reaching a 100 percent renewable energy power plan.

Sanders’ message to Trump was simple.

“Hey, Mr. President,” Sanders said. “Listen to the scientists, climate change is real; it is already causing devastating problems in our country and around the world and if we don’t transform our energy system away from fossil fuel coal, oil, gas, into energy efficiency and sustainable energy, I worry very much about the planet that future generations will inherit.”

“What [Trump] is doing is really an international embarrassment,” Sanders added.


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  1. Dapper Dan March 31, 2017

    Trump is an ignoramous who refuses to listen to sensible reason. I’ve given up trying to figure out where his head is at except up his a**

    1. Gerry Francis March 31, 2017

      So far up there that there’s a brown ring around his neck.

  2. rhetoric_phobic March 31, 2017

    trump has to be a climate denier. The coal miners have been promised their jobs back. At least they can still get treatment for black lung under the ACA.

    1. idamag March 31, 2017

      The demand for coal is way down. Natural gas is cheaper, abundant, and cleaner.

      1. dpaano March 31, 2017

        From what I understand, most coal mine owners do not plan on reopening their mines because it’s not cost effective any longer. Additionally, those that do are using more and more robotics to get the jobs done. Trump’s promises to these coal miners were as empty as his head and heart!

    2. dpaano March 31, 2017

      Not if he gets that taken away too!!!

  3. idamag March 31, 2017

    There was a man, in Oregon, who wrote a letter to his newspaper, citing his experiment that proves there is not global warming. He froze a container of water. He put the container in his bathtub until it thawed. It did not run over the container so there is no global warming. What anyone, who uses a freezer, knows is that if you freeze some bottles of water to melt and drink later, if those bottles are full to the top, they will either burst or push the lid up to expand. So, if scientists measure the Ph of the ocean over a time and find the amounts of CO2, in the air, that makes it way into the water, has raised the Ph level, this jerkadoodle says it is junk science. If you really want to know, Ph level numbers at the low end indicate more acitidy, 1948 Ph 6 – 2015 Ph 3.

  4. dpaano March 31, 2017

    Personally, I don’t think Trump and his billionaire cronies give a damned about the climate and what he’s doing by doing away with important regulations that help this nation and it’s citizens stay healthy! He lives so high in Trump Tower that he apparently doesn’t get to smell the same air as the rest of us poor individuals on the ground! As for being an embarrassment, I second that!! Our friends overseas are laughing at him with every thing that he does! All 45 seems to care about is himself…..I don’t think he even pays much attention to his family or grandchildren….if he did, he would take a more serious note on environmental problems.

    1. InformedVoter April 13, 2017

      Hello racist and bigot for using racial slurs: unfortunately, you are wrong about our overseas friends. I just returned from overseas and they are certainly not laughing at President Trump. What they are laughing at is the financial death spiral that obozo put this country in with obozocare and his 2000+ new business regulations. Thankfully, since the majority were done with EOs, it only takes and EO to wipe out the dumb regulations.


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