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As Democrats Ponder Their Future, Biden Advocates For The Middle Class



  1. A_Real_Einstein December 24, 2016

    Sorry Joe but you are not credible and yes it is 500 billionaires causing our problems. We do not expect establishment pols to push back against the corrupt system they take money from. When you stop taking the money we will start listening and take you seriously. Feel the Bern. Join our revolution and rebuild the middle class.

    1. Gailrcollins December 25, 2016

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    2. dpaano January 19, 2017

      So, if it wasn’t 500 billionaires causing our problems, I guess you don’t mind that Trump’s Cabinet and administration is being built by many of those 500 billionaires, right? Let’s see how far that goes and how much good actually gets done for the poor and middle class!

  2. 1standlastword December 24, 2016

    Oh how ridiculous!!

    This is the soppiest piece of Monday morning quarterbacking I’ve heard all year. In fact this might even be ‘fake news’!

    So Joe could have saved the day and he saw it all coming and HRC didn’t really want to run and he didn’t run because he was morning and they had the wrong approach and HRC wasn’t inspiring…yaddah yaddah yaddah.

    This democratic party pity party makes me sick!

    The establishment in both parties will not feel the pain to come for the People and they never will and that is the problem.

    I think it’s time for Americans to take out a contract on our politicians!

    Trump is the make or break…probably the last break!!!!

  3. dpaano January 19, 2017

    I would LOVE to see Biden run in 2020…..I think he would be the only person who could win against Trump. Of course, by 2020, Trump will not be the reigning favorite and his followers will finally realize that he conned them!


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