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Border Agency Set To Jumpstart Trump’s Wall In A Texas Wildlife Refuge

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Border Agency Set To Jumpstart Trump’s Wall In A Texas Wildlife Refuge


Reprinted with permission from ProPublica.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will begin constructing the first segment of President Trump’s border wall in November through a national wildlife refuge, using money it’s already received from Congress.

That’s what a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official recently told a nonprofit group that raises money to support two national wildlife refuges in South Texas, according to the group’s vice president.

“I was alarmed,” said Jim Chapman of Friends of the Wildlife Corridor. “It was not good news.”

For the past six months, CBP has been quietly preparing a site to build a nearly 3-mile border barrier through the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, according to The Texas Observer. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also has reportedly begun drilling and soil testing in California and New Mexico.

But construction on the wall was not expected to begin until January because Congress has yet to approve CBP’s budget. On Thursday, the House approved a spending bill that contained $1.6 billion to build segments of the wall in Texas and California. Its fate in the Senate is uncertain.

However, CBP recently told a senior Fish and Wildlife Service official in Texas that the agency would shift funds to pay for the new segment out of its current budget. The official passed on the news to Chapman’s group this week.

The Fish and Wildlife Service official confirmed the remarks, but asked not to be identified for fear of losing his job.

Customs and Border Protection spokesman Carlos Diaz said it “would be premature to speak about specific locations.” The only South Texas projects authorized under the current budget are the installation of 35 gates at gaps the agency left in the existing border fence, he said.

The 2,088-acre Santa Ana refuge, located along the Rio Grande south of McAllen, Texas, is considered one of the nation’s top bird-watching sites, with more than 400 species of birds. The refuge is also home to two endangered wildcats — the ocelot and jaguarundi — and some of the last surviving stands of sabal palm trees in South Texas.

A wall cutting through the refuge could do serious environmental damage, Chapman said, undermining the reason Congress appropriated money to buy the land in the first place. But under a 2005 law, the Department of Homeland Security can waive any environmental regulations that would normally impede construction in a sensitive wildlife area.

Chapman said his group is now counting on Democrats to halt expansion of the project.

“The Democrats in Congress up to now have been very unified as far as not appropriating money for the wall,” Chapman said.

Trump made construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico the signature promise of his political campaign and told supporters it would be solid concrete, 30 feet high and would stretch the length of the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump estimated it would cost perhaps $10 billion to $12 billion — and he vowed the Mexican government would pay the bill. Five days after his inauguration, he signed an executive order to begin the process.

Since then, the wall has faded from the headlines amid other controversies. But Trump has never ceased pursuing its construction, even as he has backed off the most bombastic of his demands.

In February, the CBP launched a bidding contest to build models for the new wall. Both solid concrete and alternative designs were allowed. The project is months behind schedule.  CBP officials recently said the winners will be announced in November.

Earlier in July, Trump told reporters on Air Force One that the wall should be see-through. Border patrol agents needed to be able to spot threats on the other side and avoid any “large sacks of drugs” thrown over the top. He also said he favors a wall with solar panels to generate energy and reduce the building cost.

He also opined that only 700 to 900 miles of wall may be needed. About 650 miles of the 2,000-mile long border already has some type of physical barrier. The remaining miles will be guarded by topography, the president said.

“You have mountains. You have some rivers that are violent and vicious. You have some areas that are so far away that you don’t really have people crossing,” he said.

It remains far from clear, however, whether Trump will be able to achieve even his scaled-down version of the wall. The current border fence, a far more modest project built mostly under President Obama, cost between $2.8 million to $3.9 million on average per mile, according to the Government Accountability Office. CBP previously announced that the agency has $20 million on hand for the current fiscal year.

Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers have balked at paying for the wall, which the Department of Homeland Security estimates would cost around $20 billion. Mexican officials have vigorously rejected any proposition of financing construction.

Trump, however, has already taken credit for beginning to fulfill his campaign promise.

“In a true sense, we’ve already started the wall,” he told the reporters.



  1. JPHALL July 29, 2017

    Trump always claims he has accomplished so much. Can anyone list any accomplishments other than Executive Orders? I remember right wingers hated Obama’s so much.

    1. Independent1 July 29, 2017

      Like you, I don’t think Trump has accomplished one meaningful thing that’s helpful to anyone in America but corporations and the already wealthy since he’s been in office. But of course right-wingers will claim he’s accomplished a lot because he’s managed to tear apart a growing number of meaningful accomplishments that previous presidents and congresses had implemented over the past 100 plus years in a number of areas including civil rights, police protections, healthcare, environmental protections, climate change and on and on.

      So where right-wingers would call what Trump’s done accomplishments, sane people would call what he’s done tearing apart America’s democracy and setting our country back 100 years in almost every aspect of living one can imagine.

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      2. Christinammorales August 1, 2017

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    2. Sam Pinero July 30, 2017

      no one can claim anything because the cock holster has done nothing at all but praise the other idiot in russia

  2. Richard Prescott July 30, 2017

    By all means, lets destroy the environment and nature even more. Why in hell would a wild life refuge be a chosen spot.
    Shows how much he really cares about life in general.
    And yes, I do not think anything has been done other than to lose a lot, appropriately so!
    And as of a report in the Washington Post today he pissed off 4 groups that were supposedly friendly to him; Congress, Military, Police and Boy Scouts.
    Some pundits have stated that his signature was like an EKG, I would say it is more like his EEG.

  3. Righteous Truth July 30, 2017

    What Trump has accomplished is truly remarkable and scary: He has a sizable cadre of supporters (roughly 40%) who will NEVER turn against him, but will turn against their own government. And, they have guns – lots of guns.

    1. Goldbug12 July 30, 2017


      1. Miz Julia July 30, 2017

        Simmer down, little buddy. Liberals aren’t trying to remove your naked emperor. He’s doing a good job of that all by himself every time he obstructs justice and any time one of the cronies in his criminal cabal lies or covers up their Russian connections. And he’s still in violation of the emoluments clause. He will be impeached because he’s a straight up law breaker. He wanted to be president to make bank and take the people’s house for a joy ride. He’s trashed the place and denigrated the presidency and his time is limited. It may take a while for Mueller to line up all the facts. But he’ll get there. I hope you have the ability to be shocked when you see what a criminal the so-called POTUS really is.

        Oh, and bleating about *yer GUNZ* is stupid talk. Your role as citizen is to be active in trying to make our country better, not to take up arms because your feelings get hurt over a con man. Really, don’t be so naive and for Todd’s sake stop shouting.

        1. Righteous Truth July 30, 2017

          Love the way you write, Miz Julia. A joy to read!

      2. Righteous Truth July 30, 2017

        You have proven my point, Goldbug12. Thank you.

        AND, we, True Patriots, who respect our Constitution and our nation’s laws and our government are not afraid of your GUNS, your THREATS, or your CAPITAL LETTERS.

        We will not be rude to you or demean you or call you names, but we will prevail.

        And that’s the Righteous Truth!!

        1. Miz Julia July 31, 2017

          Well, we might call him a name. I like gundamentalist for the gun zealots. 😉

          1. Righteous Truth July 31, 2017


      3. Sam Pinero July 30, 2017

        your a total idiot

        1. Goldbug12 July 30, 2017

          No, you’re a TOTAL A**HOLE! You must be a LIBERAL COMMUNIST!!!

          1. Christina J July 30, 2017

            Perhaps you should look up the definitions of a communist and a liberal before you use the two together to describe an entire group of people, one whose members I’d imagine you’ve met very very few of. Why the hostility? Do you really and truly believe Trump cares one whit about the average, working man or woman? Honestly? The man has never wanted for a single thing, never worried about how the bills would get paid or what would happen if one of his family members got sick, never struggled to buy a home or put food on the table. How could he possibly relate? He may speak plainly, like common folk, but that certainly doesn’t make him one. But hey, if you want to march on Washington and start shooting people just hope whichever cop arrests you didn’t listen to your exalted leader’s recent advice on the handling of suspects!

      4. 788eddie July 30, 2017

        See, Righteous; Goldbug just proved your point.

        Thanks, Goldbug!

  4. Righteous Truth July 30, 2017

    I would encourage everyone who reads and comments on sites like this to join the Conservative sites and discuss (rationally, with no name-calling and sarcasm and ad hominem arguments) the issues. (They hate it when they call you names and you simply stick to facts.) I’ll see you there!! Need names of the sites?

    1. Christina J July 30, 2017

      Thank you for saying that. I wholeheartedly agree. There’s such acrimony on both sides. Liberals vs. conservatives, Democrats vs. Republicans. The sad part is we both want many of the same things. We just disagree on how to achieve it. We liberals are often guilty of feeling and acting morally superior. And maybe we are most of the time. But coming off as condescending only turns people against us, causes them to dig their heels in even further. I will admit I’ve been guilty of it myself. If Dems hope to have any chance at all of winning some very necessary seats in 2018 and beyond we need to change people’s minds…bring them to our side. We preach acceptance and inclusion. Maybe it’s time to practice it. Sheesh they (Trump supporters) make it hard though!

      1. Righteous Truth July 30, 2017

        Yes, Christina J, they do make it difficult, but treating one another with dignity is a HUMAN trait, not just a Christian one. I have found that discussions with Conservatives generally break down on THEIR side to vile threats, ad hominem arguments, and vulgarity. I just won’t go there. (It IS tempting though.)
        I also look at it this way: If 1 Million Liberals can have civil discourse and change the each can change the thought patterns of 5 Conservative individuals, that equals 5 Million open-minded thinkers!! WOW!!

    2. jakenhyde July 30, 2017

      I comment often on Steve Eichler’s tea party.org blog. I present what I believe are cogent liberal sided comments. All I ever get is name calling….and very nasty names at that. But I have yet to receive a well thought out response to any of my comments….just name calling.
      I sometimes think that those tea party people have yet to graduate from kindergarten.

      1. Righteous Truth July 30, 2017

        Good for you, jakenhyde! I know the ridicule and frustration you go through – and the temptation to sink to their level, and I applaud you for your “going high, when they go low.” (Hmmmm, who said that???)

        You know, when you reflect on the horrible treatment that the Obamas went through (and still are going through), it actually makes it easier to “go high.”

        Keep giving ’em your well thought out responses!!

  5. jakenhyde July 30, 2017

    Amazing isn’t it? Republican president Reagan said, “Tear down that wall.” And republican president Trump said, “Build that wall.”

    1. RichFromShowMe July 30, 2017

      The reason should be obvious . . . . death, drugs, murder, other crimes and associated mayhem can quite easily be traced back to illegal border crossings.

      “A wall cutting through the refuge could do serious environmental damage, Chapman said”.

      The illegal drug business, human trafficking and other peripheral issues due to illegal border crossings are having bad affects on humanity every single day, like death, crime, family breakdowns and other forms of mayhem.

      For Dems, the Wall presents a tough decision point, while for Conservatives the Wall only makes common sense that even a low IQ Carrot would understand and hopefully a few Democrats would agree with . . . . we need a wall.

      1. jakenhyde July 30, 2017

        @Rich….If you truly think that a wall will curtail the shipment of drugs in the USA, you need to see a shrink. The US just received several shipments of Ford autos from a plant in Mexico that were loaded with drugs.
        As long as there’s a market for drugs, they’ll find a way into our country. If the government would spend the billions Donnie wants to spend on “the wall” on decreasing the market for drugs in this country, it would be money much better spent.
        Face it, the “War On Drugs” has been an abject multi-trillion dollar failure from the get go.
        You talk about death and crime…I agree. But most of the shootings in large cities….especially gang related shootings….are due to turf wars related to drug sales. And it’s not just inner-city kids who are using drugs. It could be you or your next door neighbor….otherwise upstanding citizens who are keeping the drug markets flourishing.
        I’ll say it again….so long as there’s a market for drugs, they’ll find a way into the country. And death and misery will continue to be a close companion because of it.

        1. 788eddie July 30, 2017

          Well, there you go, jake, I guess rich is right; we need to build a wall to stop Fords from entering the U.S.

          1. jakenhyde July 30, 2017

            lol…Right on Eddie! Maybe that would also bring some jobs back to the States as Donnie promised….buy hasn’t delivered. Even his loud mouthed boast that he saved hundreds of jobs at Carrier has proven to be false as Carrier is planning to move lots of jobs south of the border.
            Maybe Donnie could also build a wall along the Canadian border as well. You know that lots of GMC parts and vehicles come from Canada. I have a 1994 Chevy pickup that was put together in Pontiac, MI…..but nearly all the parts came from either Canada or Mexico.
            I think Donnie’s arms are too short to box with General Motors. And heaven knows….his hands are too small.

          2. 788eddie July 31, 2017

            A couple of my friends North of the border have been telling me for a while that they’re already building a wall, and they’re getting Trump to pay for it!

        2. RichFromShowMe July 31, 2017

          I agree with your conclusion; i.e., ” . . . . so long as there’s a market . . . “, but, since most of us live in REALITY, how do you propose to stop the demand for illicit drugs?

          The only way to do that is the make all illicit drugs legal, sort of like the Left is trying to do with the illegal alien and human trafficking issue . . . . . making it legal means it goes away and American Citizens are at extreme risk, society will bottom-out and we will mimic Venezuela . . . . now, isn’t that a solution?

          As 788Eddie stated, we don’t need a wall where they plan to build a wall . . . . his absolute proof is he was once there, took pictures and unfortunately wasn’t there at night when the traffic starts.

          1. jakenhyde July 31, 2017

            I agree that the drug use problem has no simple solution. If it did, it wouldn’t be a problem. There will never be a total end of illegal drug usage in this country….any more than there was an end to alcohol use during prohibition. Very difficult to imagine that it would happen, but the personal decision of each individual to not use or to get of drugs if there is abuse is the key. That’s why I said that money for “the wall” would be better spent on a program to get users off drugs…maybe a two pronged program of education and intervention. Certainly a tough nut to crack.
            On another point you made, I disagree that Border Patrol found the drugs in the Ford Fusions. The stuff in Ohio was discovered by an employee of a Ford dealership.

          2. RichFromShowMe July 31, 2017

            My mistake on the drugs in the Fords . . . . I really didn’t even know or read about the find, but this proves we have honest folks living in the USA.

            I agree about the Preventive function, but so far everything has failed . . . maybe there’s a better mousetrap out there?

      2. 788eddie July 30, 2017

        Rich, we do not need a wall there.

        I’ve been down along that section of the border, as well as other sections (iPad photos to prove it, too). THERE IS NO ONE ALONG THESE SECTIONS OF THE BORDER!! It’s a sham. My photos show that you can see at least a mile in either direction, and there isn’t another human being! It’s in the middle of a desert! Not even Border Patrol personnel! (I’m sure they may come be sometime, I’m just sayin’ I ain’t seem ’em while I’m there.)

        The only thing a wall here will do is wreck the natural environment, and make life difficult for wildlife.

      3. Independent1 August 1, 2017

        Not only is a border wall not needed because a wall is not going to prevent immigrants or drugs from entering the country, a worthless president like Trump is not needed either (nor his henchman Pence who may well be even worse). What we need to “Make America Great Again” is to get rid of Trump, Pence and all the GOP members in Congress and the right-wingers on the Supreme Court.

        Today’s conservatives are all pariahs to our nation!!


        1. RichFromShowMe August 1, 2017

          You quote a true crook who “invented” the letter with all its inaccuracies, in order to paint President G.W. into a corner, with the end affect being Rather ended up losing his job and moving into a non-viewer universe.

          Very impressive!

          1. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            That doesn’t change the fact that over the past 100 plus years the economy, job creation and the stock market have all performed miserably the majority of the time a Republican was in the presidency – causing millions of Americans to struggle just to get from payday to payday!!!

          2. RichFromShowMe August 1, 2017

            Point taken!

            Anyone who understands the economy and it’s time to needed to “spool up” realizes that often the incoming administration inherits the “good parts” of the previous administration.

            The obamba economy was desolate if you consider jobs created, unemployment, freebie programs, the Racism increase, international relations and other factors.

            President Trump inherited this, but that makes it “easier” to show a dramatic betterment for citizens as he drives a stake through the heart of obamba’s draconian regulations.


          3. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            And Rather may have somehow gotten the fake version of a letter, but what Rather said about GWB was absolutely correct!!!!!!!!

            Sept. 14 – The secretary for the squadron commander purported to be the author of now-disputed memorandums questioning President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard said Tuesday that she never typed the documents and believed that they are fakes.

            But she also said they accurately reflect the thoughts of the commander, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, and other memorandums she typed for him about Mr. Bush. “The information in them is correct,” the woman, Marian Carr Knox, now 86, said in an interview at her home here. “But I doubt,” she said, pausing, “it’s not anything that I wrote because there are terms in there that are not used by Guards, the format wasn’t the way we did it. It looks like someone may have read the originals and put that together.”

            “We did discuss Bush’s conduct and it was a problem Killian was concerned about,” Mrs. Knox said. “I think he was writing the memos so there would be some record that he was aware of what was going on and what he had done.” But, she said, words like “billets,” which appear in the memorandums, were not standard Guard terms.

            Mrs. Knox, who was the secretary for the squadron at Ellington Air Force Base from 1957 to 1979, said she recalled Mr. Bush’s case and the criticism of him because his record was so unusual. Mr. Killian had her type memorandums recording the problems, she said, and he kept them in a private file under lock and key. She said she had never voted for Mr. Bush, because she disliked his record in office.


          4. RichFromShowMe August 1, 2017

            As a Navy Vet in the days of G.W. the word, billet, was commonly used language to describe a position and the persons who was in it, or would soon be in it, in all branches of the military.

            She may not be familiar with that word, but it was common and still is common in military usage. The word would have come up hundreds of times in conversations about incoming and outgoing personnel and the “billet” that needed to be filled.


            I don’t necessarily doubt that G.W. was guilty of some sort of misconduct, but at least he served in the military, unlike most of the Dems and their Lemming.

            If Rather had stuck with the FACTS he could have made a case, but he decided to “go for the gold” and that’s what got him unemployed.

          5. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            No one has proven Rather concocted anything; he lost face and credibility based on right-wing allegations, just like many other right-wingers have lied profusely about and spread unwarranted propaganda about many others. Just like you’re doing right now!!!

          6. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            And only you right-wing bigots are so clueless you can’t see Rather has described the last 6 months EXACTLY!!!

        1. RichFromShowMe August 1, 2017

          Cute . . . what are the grounds . . . Russian Dressing on salads?

          1. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8d80ff6c2e6c3f27f247e1bacaa21122ba7dbf3b2bce9dbce62b507f7900c1b5.jpg Total dereliction of duty and treason!! Trump & Putin have been colluding together to work at doing what they could to take over a good part of the world. They think they’re mob bosses who can run Russia and America like Mafia clans.

          2. RichFromShowMe August 1, 2017

            Anyone with an IQ slightly above the carrot range would know that Vlad, the Impaler, never wanted a President Trump as Trump would build up our military, bring back out economy and treat Vlad and others as to whom they are; i.e., international troublemakers.

            If Vlad had his choice he would have chosen Bernie, the old burnt out hippie socialist, as Bernie would settle for a couple of pre-paid vacation homes and sell the USA down the drain . . . . or, even worse, if “the witch” would have won, Vlad would keep the International Cat-Bird-Seat he was thrust into during the obamba Regime.

            It only takes simple logic and/or deductive reasoning, which seems to be dearth from those on the Left.?

          3. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            And once again you revert to right-wing form with one pathological lie after another!! Sorry, I’m not a low IQ moron like you and your compatriots!!! I can tell a pathological lie a mile off!!! And you’re spewing one pathological lie after another!!!

          4. RichFromShowMe August 1, 2017

            Can you logically refute my assumption?

            If so, maybe I’ve drawn the wrong conclusion from simple deductive reasoning?

          5. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            As I pointed out above – it was despicable president Reagan who conned the Air Traffic Controllers into believing he would negotiate with them on their grievances but when they went on strike like a dirty rat he fired them all. That action sent a signal to CEOs and business owners throughout the nation, that if the president didn’t have to honor a commitment to a union – why should they. And then over time, Reagan made it clear in speeches that it was stockholders and management/owners that companies needed to work to benefiting, not employees.

            All these actions by Reagan started the pullback by companies in treating employees fairly – which started companies into using part-timers to save money, into cutting pension plans, into making it tougher for employees to even get fair vacation time and on and on.

            Suggesting that using part-timers to cut costs and maximize corporate profits was something that started with Obama IS JUST ONE MORE OF YOUR FLAT OUT PATHOLOGICAL LIES!!!

            Why is it that you right-wingers always have to resort to lying about everything???? You can’t be honest about a thing!!!

          6. RichFromShowMe August 2, 2017

            Sorry, but I never even hinted that part time work started with obamba . . . the reason for part timers was in order to keep small companies from going over the threshold of obambacare (50 employees) when the company would either be fined out of existence or paying inflated obambacare health insurance rates.

            If you have the command of simple math, consider, for instance, if a company had annual health insurance costs for its employees of, say, $2 million . . . . under obambacare this would easily have doubled, or more; i.e., company survival is pretty dog-gone-important.

            Part timers were not to maximize profits . . . it was simply corporate survival.

          7. Independent1 August 2, 2017

            Sorry, that rational is about as dumb as it gets.

            If you’re a 40 employee company and decide to make 12 positions part time so you need two people for each of those 12 jobs, you’ve just increased your company to a 54 employee company – you’ve just added 12 people to the 40 making 52 and therefore now you’re over the Obamacare threshold!!!

            Nice try dummkopf but no cigar!!!

            And if somehow you do keep under the 50, you’ve just give more people jobs even if they’re part-time which is not a bad thing.

            Your whole rational is typical of right-wingers!! DUMB!!!!!

          8. RichFromShowMe August 2, 2017


            The obambacare threshold is determined by “full time” employees.

            As for part time jobs . . . . talk to anyone who holds down two, three or four and see if they’re a “happy camper”?

            Follow that up by talking to an employer who has multiple part-time employees and see if they’re a “happy camper”?

          9. Independent1 August 2, 2017

            Like I said: If you’re starving even a part-time job is better than NO JOB!! And the cruel mindset of working people part-time to cheat them out of benefits and make obscene profits was established by Reagan 30 years ago.

            It’s the make obscene profits at all costs mindsets that drive these companies like McDonalds and Walmart and Burger King and others to work people part-time rather than giving them jobs that earn a livable wage.

            And they even do that, treat their employees cruelly because of Reagan, even when Elisabeth Warren proved that McDonalds could have raised everyones pay to 10.10/hr by adding just 4 cents to the cost of one happy meal!!

            So stop your propaganda about it’s paying a livable wage and the cost of benefits that are driving people out of business.

            If you can’t run a business that’s profitable enough to pay people (all your employees a livable wage) YOU SHOULDN’T BE RUNNING A BUSINESS AT ALL!!! GO GET YOUR OWN JOB SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!

            And if tons of companies aren’t making obscene profits, why is it that Companies in America have trillions of dollars invested overseas to escape paying taxes?? And why is it that the average CEO earns 200-300 times what a worker makes? Where did all that money come from if it wasn’t from the obscene profits they’ve been making????

          10. RichFromShowMe August 2, 2017

            Excellent advice . . . . especially from someone who is evidently ignorant of simple math.

            I’ll try one last time to draw a picture for you . . . . if you’re running a company that has experienced the cost of complying with draconian regulations, decreased sales and other negative issues, compounded by a doubling, tripling, or more on health insurance cost for your employees it may be time to check out.

            This was the experience of thousands of small businesses under obamba. Generally speaking, big business made the adjustment by moving to cost cutting and part-time workers . . . . and most survived.


            Your $10 an hour number has been proven a total failure in Seattle with decreased sales, increased costs, more part-time workers and more unemployment. McDonald, for instance, has several highly automated fast food restaurants running in California where the employees head count has been decreased by around 90%.

            When government screws with business, business reacts by adding efficiency’s of scale, when possible. Ergo, all we get are more unemployed.


            As for corporate profits overseas, that is primarily because they don’t want to pay the corporate tax when bringing those profits into the country . . . that’s one reason why a lower corporate tax rate will spur the economy, big-time.

            As for your comment, “Like I said: If you’re starving even a part-time job is better than NO JOB!!”, in the Welfare State we live in there is no reason for anyone to be starving as the Feds give away Freebies, churches and community groups do their duty to help folks, and only those in America, who are starving need to take a look around at the resources available. Now, if someone pokes the white stuff up their nose I can see how they run short when buying groceries.

            If you live in West Virginia or other “coal driven” economies for instance, those folks can thank obamba’s draconian regulations and his stated desire to put the coal industry out of business . . . and, sadly, it worked quite well.

          11. Independent1 August 2, 2017

            More of your fabrications of reality. The problems small businesses had during Obama’s presidency WAS NOT regulations, it was the fact that because of the Great Recession, many consumers were still struggling to get enough money to spend at small businesses.

            I’m getting convinced that you work for the evil and corrupt Chamber of Commerce. Because the Chamber creates studies which come out with results based on lies upon lies!!

            From the Washington Post also:

            Study: Small businesses don’t think government regulation is a big problem

            The Hartford Financial Services Group asked 2,000 small businesses to describe their biggest barriers to success and found that complaints about government regulations and taxes were quite low down on the list. The study asked the businesses to describe how successful they currently are (ranging from “not at all successful” to “extremely successful”). For the 75 percent of businesses that are still struggling to succeed, the two biggest barriers are the economy and customers who “have no money or are cautious to spend money.”

            By contrast, just 9 percent of businesses who describe themselves as “moderately successful” cited government rules and regulations as a culprit, and that fell to 6.7 percent among those were “not at all or slightly successful.” Interestingly, the more successful a business is, the more likely it is that it will believe that government regulations are a problem. According to the study, small businesses who described themselves as “very or extremely successful” were most likely to have a bone to pick with the government, with 11.4 percent citing regulations and 9.4 percent citing high taxes as a barrier to success.


            And what was keeping consumers from having enough money was GOP politicians passing right-to-pay-you-less laws in state after state, which allow companies to pay people poverty level wages!!

            You are an outright corrupt, lying bigot!!!

          12. RichFromShowMe August 2, 2017

            The WaPo is far from a “stellar research outfit”, but, be my guest and keep your head buried in the sand where you seem to be comfortable . . .

            We now have a President who will get the economy going, after the past decade-plus of bogus economic numbers. 🙂

          13. Independent1 August 2, 2017

            The study wasn’t done by the Washington Post dirtbag!! The study was done by the Financial Services Group of The Hartford insurance company. The Hartford is not a partisan biased insurance company like you are dirtbag!!!

            My head isn’t in the sand, it’s your head that’s up your rear end so far you can’t see the light of day!!! Or even discern the truth about anything!!

          14. RichFromShowMe August 3, 2017

            “For the 75 percent of businesses that are still struggling to succeed, the two biggest barriers are the economy and customers who “have no money or are cautious to spend money.””

            Thanks to the obamba Regime’s Draconian Regulations and loss of confidence in getting the economy re-started.

          15. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            And the pathological lies just keep on rolling.

            More jobs/year were created under Obama than under any GOP president in office since 1900 except for Nixon and Reagan. And Nixon and Reagan did not face a Congress that had publicly stated that they would do everything in their power to make the president fail.

            More jobs were created in 8 years under Obama than during the 12 years under both president Bushes!!

            In 8 years, Reagan created only 2 million more jobs than Obama did, and Reagan did not have a Congress who refused to pass one Jobs Bill he gave them; or which had a Senate Leader who used the fake filibuster more than 430 times to prevent the Obama Administration from making as much progress as he could prevent!!

            But yet, despite the 24/7 obstruction from the GOP in 8 straight years; the economy under Obama created more straight months of positive jobs growth than any previous president in history – by almost 3 years longer!!!

            And that was accomplished even though deficit spending fell further and faster under Obama than under any previous president – by more than 1 trillion/yr in a 4 year time span.

            And unlike Reagan, the most worthless president in American history, Obama was not responsible for even 1 trillion in America’s debt increase based on legislation that he actually signed.

            Unlike Reagan who signed so much deficit spending legislation that the debt ceiling under Reagan had to be raised 18 times as he more than tripled America’s debts in 8 years as he threw money at the economy – more deficit spending money than all the presidents in office between Reagan and Hoover combined!!

            And what’s curious too, is that the stock market tripled under Obama faster than it previously had in history since the time when the market value was over 3,000.

            Really astounding what Obama accomplished in 8 years considering the GOP’s absolute opposition to everything Obama attempted to accomplish.

            Eric Cantor & GOP Leaders Plot to Sabotage US Economy in Secret Meeting


            I hesitate to believe that you were in the Navy – I really didn’t think they’d accept worthless people like you.

          16. RichFromShowMe August 1, 2017

            obmaba found that when you have obambacare enable him to “encourage’ employers who could, would lay off as many folks as possible (to keep under the fifty full-time requirement), then hire back part time folks to replace those laid off. This step enabled (1) job creation when in affect there really wasn’t any and (2) the employer to stay in business, as obambacare would have put many out of business.

            Take one job, divide by two, and hire two folks to fill the job . . . . ergo, two jobs created.

          17. Independent1 August 1, 2017

            Total hogwash. It was Reagan who started companies into the practice of cutting full-time people and hiring temps they could pay less money and give no benefits. That practice started back in the 1980s dummkopf YOU ARE A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!!!!!!

          18. RichFromShowMe August 2, 2017

            Sorry for your misunderstanding of simple English, but I never intimated that obamba started the practice of part time employment . . . he simply made it a common practice to save a company, when the 50 full time employee threshold was surpassed.

            To simplify this, think of your personal profits which are represented by your paycheck (if you work?) . . . year one health insurance under obambacare doubles your health insurance cost and year two to 5 or 6 doubles it again and the future will bring another doubling of health insurance.

            Surpassing the 50 employee threshold could easily double, triple or quadruple your insurance costs . . . a significant numb?

            Wouldn’t you be concerned about your family’s survival?

          19. Independent1 August 2, 2017

            Companies do not staff part-timers to get under the Obamacare 50 employee threshold. They’ve been using part-timers for decades in order to not have to provide large sections of their staffs with benefits like paid vacations, healthcare at all, pension plans if they now offer one which most companies don’t which started with Reagan, and whatever other benefits they can cheat employees out of like sick days!!!

            You moronic right-wingers just don’t get it!! Obamacare did not start anything such as that you bunch of idiots!! Right-wing biased corporate executives have just been using Obamacare as an excuse to double up on their employee thieving practices they’ve been doing for decades!!!!!

          20. RichFromShowMe August 2, 2017

            Evidently you are math and logic challenged?

            If cost double, triple, or more in any line item (health insurance, for instance) of a budget it causes concern for the owners who would like to keep the company afloat.

            Should it be assumed you don’t work for a living?

    2. Sam Pinero July 30, 2017

      thats because we have a idiot in the crazy house

  6. Sam Pinero July 30, 2017

    build that wall so we can tear it down

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 4, 2017

    im thinking now DONNY DUMP when all hits the fan what he will do to save any part of his worthless self to try to get less charges he will be turning in every one he can . family ,cult brain washed and brain dead followers any and every one . all those he either told to lie or just knew he was lying . for all of them thy know the truth but it wont help then now IT WILL BE TOO LATE TO SAVE THEM SELFS . im thinking how many of them will be doing the same thing DUMPSTER DON will be doing to save them self’s ? another thing im sure DUMPSTER DONNY is doing now is getting all the INFO he can get on being mentally ill . he will be using this in his case for defense . he will play the form of mental retardation for his pathological liar self inflicted pleasure he loves to do always . the media and all the press should be asking the Pres. of Mexico for interviews all the ones from CNN ,MSNBC (if say FOX NEWS but then again there is enough clowns there with just the DUMPSTER DOMMY ) so many interviews of Mexico’s pres. keep asking him is he going to pay for the wall ? he will say NO OF COURSE . but with DUMPSTER DON sitting back and watching all the news show watching him (pres. of Mexico ) keep saying many times NO IM AND WE MEXICO WILL NOT PAY FOR THE DUMPSTER DONNY’S WALL !!! L !!! have HARDBALL, THE LAST WORD RACHEL M all them pay Mexico’s pres . to come on their shows for interviews drive the DUMPSTER DONNY MORE NUTS THEN HE ALREADY IS

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 4, 2017

    I’ve said this before Russia’s PUTTHEAD has something very big holding over DUMPSTER DONNYS head REAL BIG and it scare’s the living crap out of DONNY im

    thinking its something to do with the pervert DONNY DUMPSTER full of BULLSHIfT he is a sick mentally deranged clown a and a pervert in the biggest sense of the world . and what I truly feel PUTTHEAD is holding over the DUMPSTER DON is something to do with Child molestation to be something like that for it scares the crap out of the DUMPSTER DONNY . as for how much PUTTHEAD has well ill go by how scared DONNY is with never saying a bad world about the Russian Satan SON PUTTHEAD I would not be surprised if he had videos of DUMPSTER DOM molesting the children . there are things already on the internet about just that DUMPSTER DON and children . never mind him saying in an interview how he would love to bang his own daughter . while she was sitting right beside him as she just smiled and laughed . then there are the 12 women that came forward telling how DUMPSTER DONNY tried and heck did sexually assault them . him saying more of his pathological lying that he was going to sue all 12 .(and that just the ones that came forward one has to know there has to be many so many more . he lied about sueing them because he would lose and them all the other would then come forward .. the women can sue the DUMPSTER DONNY CLOWN . these days who is more believable ?


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