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Cartoon: Ivanka Is Troubled

Jeff Danziger

Jeff Danziger lives in New York City. He is represented by CWS Syndicate and the Washington Post Writers Group. He is the recipient of the Herblock Prize and the Thomas Nast (Landau) Prize. He served in the US Army in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Air Medal. He has published eleven books of cartoons and one novel. Visit him at DanzigerCartoons.com.

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  1. bobnstuff November 27, 2016

    One thing Trump is an expert in is failed business. It looks like about one in three of his businesses fail, and when they do it cost others a bunch of money.

    1. Carleyrlopez November 28, 2016

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  2. InGen12 November 27, 2016

    And you can bet there will be alot of “conflict of interest” issues with his companies. He has no intention of putting them in a blind trust and will be making foreign deals that profit his shady empire instead of this country. Just watch!

    1. johninPCFL November 27, 2016

      There is no such thing as a “blind trust” where you know everything that’s owned. The whole concept is that the stock owner doesn’t know what the manger is trading in, and so can’t use the powers of the office to influence the value of the holdings.
      Trump’s circumstance is the exact opposite of that. He knows exactly what holdings his children will be operating, and can (and already has) used the power of the office to raise their value. The contribution to Bondi to call off the Trump University investigation, the meeting with PM Abe to push for Tokyo real estate to keep the American nuclear umbrella in place over Japan, and the call with the Argentine president where Ivanka pressed her demands for property in exchange for influence.
      There isn’t anything “blind” about it except the view of his supporters

  3. opinioned1 November 27, 2016

    Poor baby!!! NOT!

  4. pamb November 29, 2016

    Ivanka’s brand is minor compared to her new image: running the Trump Organization, meeting world leaders, acting as First Lady when Melania doesn’t want to do it.


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