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Carville: With Cardinal Dolan At GOP Convention, Democrats Should Invite ‘Nuns On The Bus’


Carville: With Cardinal Dolan At GOP Convention, Democrats Should Invite ‘Nuns On The Bus’


Reflecting on Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s decision to deliver a closing invocation in Tampa next week, James suggests that Democrats invite Sister Simone Campbell and her “Nuns On The Bus” anti-poverty protest tour to their convention. He plans to measure the “favorability scale between bishops and nuns in the next Democracy Corps poll. I think I know who’s going to win.”



  1. alfatu August 24, 2012

    What I’ll like to ask is if the Catholic Church is now an arm of the Republican Party. Never thought I’ll see the day when the “church” has one of the largest and most financed lobbying operations in Washington but even more so, the day when the Nuns would rise up against the Bishop and the Pope too.

  2. BriteBlonde1 August 24, 2012

    Time to tax the churches. Seriously, the fact they are using the pulpit to spout one party’s line is unacceptable. Perhaps they’re trying to wiggle out of more sexual abuse problems…not all the cities have been heard from yet.

    1. Steve L August 25, 2012


  3. ed August 24, 2012

    I couldn’t agree more. These red hats have got to feel what it’s like to have to sit at the back of the bus…..much like minorities such as the “nuns on the bus” have had to do for years and years. Once again, the Catholic church is pandering to the rich and powerful and not doing enough to take care of the poor or middle class. It’s all about keeping women in their “place” and making sure the government supports their stand on sexuality, abortion, birth control and homosexuality.

    1. geoffinbaja August 26, 2012

      Ryan doesn’t even support the Catholic Church position on abortion. The American Catholic Church has always pandered. Look at their history with the Kennedy’s who were hardly the model family in Catholic Church terms.

  4. socialsavvy August 25, 2012

    We love you James. Always, logical and telling it like it is. I keep wondering how some of my Catholic friends can count themselves as believing with real Catholic values when they hate blacks, welfare recipients and other poorer people in the world. Mother Theresa is their idol, but they revert back to the other ideals about the local less fortunate. AND they vote republican. It is up to God to Judge the sinners (unforgiven ones, that is), and up to us to feed his sheep. Sharing what we have with the less fortunate is absolutely a joy for a Christian. I’m with your very smart daughter and think her idea is great. Keep on doing all the good. By the way, I am a Baptist. I believe in helping the less fortunate, because they are less fortunate and no strings attached. I am so glad you are a native Louisianian. Tamara Horvath (Lake Charles, La,)

  5. K3HY August 25, 2012

    Republicans and the Tea Party bastardize religion.
    Would Jesus have used tithing as an excuse to hide that he didn’t render onto Caesar what was Caesars, like Romney is trying to do? WWJD?

  6. maddibee August 25, 2012

    The NUNS will win!

  7. maddibee August 25, 2012

    The NUNS will win !

  8. raul rodriguez jr August 25, 2012

    Wonder if catholics will also began wordshipping Joseph Smith and his 22 wives as Romney does?

  9. geoffinbaja August 26, 2012

    Maybe Dolan will ask Ryan why he doesn’t follow Catholic Church teaching on abortion. He was keen to attack Obama over the health care/ contraception issue. I left the Catholic Church in Australia after suffering sermons on why we should join the USA in the Vietnam war. It disgusts me to see the way Dolan and the American right wing religious are climbing aboard the GOP wagon. Did Vatican 2 pass them by? Go “Nuns on the Bus”. And BTW did Jesus design or prescribe those ridiculous outfits and hats Dolan and his crowd wear? And while we are on it, do they wear sacred underwear too?

  10. geoffinbaja August 26, 2012

    The Mormons are edging away from Joseph Smith. They put more emphasis on the Bible as they figure it is easier to convert Catholics in Latin America if they don’t have to sell the Book of Mormon crap. Go to Salt Lake City and see how many references you can find to Joseph Smith.

  11. geoffinbaja August 26, 2012

    What is also scary is that Romney not only believes the Bible and the Book of Mormon are inspired, he believes the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are also. Presumably inspired by the same God. I guess they are all part of the same grand plan. Though I don’t know why Jesus didn’t drop off a copy of the Constitution while he was in the USA. Would have saved the Founding Fathers a lot of angst.

  12. prolifemomri August 26, 2012

    Our sexual behavior has nothing to do with “how we treat each other?” Hmmm…seems to me that to make of any person an object of sexual gratification is to abuse that person. Mutual objectification, which is what many modern marriages have become, is an agreement to mutual disrespect. It’s not time to redefine marriage, it’s time to rediscover what marriage means, in God’s loving design. As good as committed friendship may be, for instance, marriage is not that, and obviously not committed friendship “with benefits”.

  13. jjdaddyo August 26, 2012

    Mr. C, with all do respect, you are talking through your hat, as the saying goes.
    You know, like I do, that in the unlikely case that she was allowed (by her superiors) to speak at the Democratic convention and air out differences between the Church’s various factions, she would be disciplined harshly afterwards for embarrassing the men at the top.
    The Leadership Conference of Women Religious have already gotten a harsh punishment this year from the Vatican and the US Bishops for “promoting radical feminism” and endorsing the ACA among other supposed “sins”.

  14. Auditorrhodes August 29, 2012

    Jesus never was concerned about his “favorability scale” and I’m sure the Church isn’t either. It is not the Church’s duty to conform to society or to radical, feminist nuns who persist in ignoring the Church’s teaching on abortion and other social issues. Inviting renegade nuns to the Democratic Convention is consistent with Obama’s war on the Catholic Church. Bring it on.


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