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#EndorseThis: Chris Christie Explains That Embarrassing Beach Photo

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#EndorseThis: Chris Christie Explains That Embarrassing Beach Photo


You may have read about Chris Christie’s holiday on the state beach he closed to everyone else in New Jersey. You may have glanced at the aerial photos of Christie and his family lounging on that beach, staring up at the plane as the photographer took those shots. But to fully understand why the obnoxious persona that once served Christie so well has worn so thin, it is necessary to hear the man himself.

“The governor has a residence at Island Beach. Others don’t. That’s just the way it goes,” he says in that all-too-familiar jaw-jutting style. “Run for governor and you can have the residence.”

The obviously sunburned Christie also told reporters, “I didn’t get any sun today” — inspiring lots of funny Twitter memes of the governor in his beach chair — included in this report. He was working hard, he chose his family, he has any excuse that might justify the inexcusable misuse of public recreational space denied to “others.”

As he prepares to leave office, Big Boy can still beat his own amazing low approval ratings. He’s working hard at it.



  1. JDavidS July 6, 2017

    Give it a rest, lardass… What you did was indefensible. Like the Tangerine Turd, just another pig at the trough.

    1. Unkabob July 6, 2017

      One of New Jersey’s political embarrassments. Blatant spite from the resident thug.

  2. jakenhyde July 6, 2017

    Actually, it’s a good thing he closed the beach. Because if he was there, he’d have hogged all the sun and there wouldn’t have been any sunshine left for other beach goers.
    I’m glad I don’t live in Joisy. Those people got exactly what they voted for. But fear not! Donnie Trump still thinks Orca Christie is a nifty fellow. That figures. Birds of a feather……

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 6, 2017

    Reprehensible is a word that comes to mind thinking about Christie’s brazen disregard for appropriate behavior. Trump is no doubt in agreement with Christie’s imperious style—probably gave his trademark thumbs-up when he saw the photo of Chris on the beach.

  4. Charles Winter July 6, 2017

    If other people had been on the beach, they would have mistaken Christie for a beached whale and dragged him into the water.

    1. Bernicervandiver July 7, 2017

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    2. dpaano July 9, 2017

      Good sharkbait!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 12, 2017

        if Christie fell asleep on the beach GREEN PEACE would roll him back in the water . as for shark bait if thy took bite of him thy would spit it back out too much BULLSHIfT

  5. idamag July 8, 2017

    New York and New Jersey seems to have succeeded in mob people being sent to government. We have a phenomena whereas, for years, people have been frightened. As long as there is a bogey man you can scare people into submission. If there is a fire on board the ship, the people will respond to the person who seems brave. The first bogey man I remember was communists were hiding in our woodpiles and vents. Russia might attack us anytime. The John Birchers and McCarthy built that one up to a terrifying crescendo. How about weapons of mass destruction? There was a daily dose of code orange or higher. Then along came home invasions and the big mean government. Of course, now there is the threat of sharia law.Scared people gravitate to the person who seems brave and assertive, hence those who follow Christy and Trump. Therein lies Christy’s appeal.

  6. jeb July 8, 2017

    He closed that bridge as well. Sort Ass


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