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#EndorseThis: Chris Christie Utters The Ugly Truth About Ted Cruz

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#EndorseThis: Chris Christie Utters The Ugly Truth About Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

No longer laying low, Chris Christie showed up on Morning Joe today — where he proceeded to trash Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), one of the few political figures even more widely disliked than he is. The topic was the politics of disaster relief after Hurricane Sandy and now, following Harvey’s devastation of the Lone Star State.

Whatever you may think of America’s least popular governor, his curt analysis of Cruz and all the other hypocrites across the Republican south was dead on. Christie also offered a few insightful comments on the Arpaio pardon. Then he quickly resumed sucking up to Donald Trump.

Feel free to skip everything after the first ten minutes or so.



  1. Paul Bass August 30, 2017

    Wow, the sh*t called feces putrid, isn’t that a hoot.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 30, 2017

      Appropriate metaphor. Flies should never complain about fecal matter.

  2. johninPCFL August 30, 2017


    Seems he can’t make up his mind. Maybe he has alzheimer’s too…

    1. Jazminthollomon August 31, 2017

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  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 30, 2017

    Chris has an odd sort of schizophrenia. One moment he rails against a fellow Republican for some dereliction of duty on said Republican’s part, and then Chris turns around expressing affection for Donald and approval of Donald. Notwithstanding the fact that Donald at every chance displays a wretched state of being.

    SNL had a great skit about the farcical nature of the televised GOP debates, with a jab at Chris’ tendency to go ballistic after starting out in a calm manner. The Chris Christie character was asked to answer a basic question, and to give his response w/o launching into a diatribe against Pres. Obama—the very man who authorized assistance for Chris’ beleaguered state of NJ, and which Chris expressed gratitude. The Chris character couldn’t resist the urge to go ballistic after starting out in a calm fashion.

    Conservatism is a disease which deranges the personalities of those who embrace its godless, robotic, materialist ideology.


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