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CBS Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump By 4-Points

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CBS Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump By 4-Points

Clinton holds 4-point lead over Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Hillary Clinton heads into the final day of a tight White House race against Republican Donald Trump on Monday with new momentum after the FBI said no criminal charges were forthcoming in an investigation of her email practices.

Both Clinton and Trump will spend the day racing across a handful of battleground states that could swing Tuesday’s election, which polls show is close but tilting toward Clinton.

FBI Director James Comey again sent shockwaves through the race by telling Congress on Sunday that investigators had worked around the clock to complete a review of newly discovered emails and found no reason to change their July finding that Clinton was not guilty of criminal wrongdoing in her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

It was uncertain whether the announcement came in time to change voters’ minds or undo any damage from days of Republican attacks on Clinton as corrupt. Tens of millions of Americans had cast early votes in the 10 days since Comey first told Congress of the newly discovered emails.

“Nothing’s going to change between today and tomorrow to help [Clinton] win back” undecided voters,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Trump, who has not said whether he will respect the results of Tuesday’s election, questioned the thoroughness of the FBI review and said the issue would not go away.

Clinton did not mention the FBI finding during her last two campaign events on Sunday.

“That’s behind us now,” campaign manager Robby Mook told CNN on Monday.

On Monday, Trump will hit five battleground states – Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan – and close with a late-night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Clinton will make two stops in Pennsylvania and visit Michigan before wrapping up with a midnight rally in Raleigh, North Carolina. She will appear at an evening rally at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, as well as rock star Bruce Springsteen.

Clinton’s Democratic allies hoped the FBI finding would be enough to push her over the finish line and end the uncertainty and Republican attacks on her character that have dogged her campaign since Comey made the new emails public on Oct. 28.

“The FBI’s swift and thorough review should finally close the door on this Republican sideshow,” House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said, adding the election would now be decided “on the merits of the candidates” rather than innuendo.

Republicans kept up their criticism of Clinton.

“She simply believes she’s above the law and always plays by her own rules,” House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement, arguing that Clinton’s use of a private email server “compromised our national security.”

U.S. stock index futures rose more than 1 percent after the FBI announcement and the U.S. dollar also strengthened in Asian trading against major currencies.

Markets have tended to see Clinton as the status quo candidate, and news favoring her bid often boosts investors’ risk appetite. Global financial markets slipped last week as opinion polls showed the presidential race tightening.

News of the renewed investigation had appeared to fuel a recent slide in Clinton’s poll numbers. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Clinton with a 5 percentage point lead over the New York businessman nationally – 44 percent to 39 percent support – while races in the swing states of Florida and North Carolina shifted from favoring Clinton to being too close to call.

Clinton held a 4-point lead in the ABC/Washington Post poll and a CBS news poll released on Monday.

(Additional reporting by Emily Stephenson in Michigan, Amanda Becker in New York, Doina Chiacu and Susan Heavey in Washington; Editing by Mary Milliken and Bernadette Baum)

IMAGE: U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton takes the stage at a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. November 6, 2016. REUTERS/Brian Snyder



  1. Dan S November 7, 2016

    I honestly don’t expect Trump & those on his campaign to accept the outcome of tomorrow’s election EVER. The question is will other Republicans accepts the voters decision to elect Hillary Clinton?

    1. dpaano November 7, 2016

      We can always hope that most of them will be just as glad this whole thing is over as the rest of us! It has been one very ugly campaign….probably the ugliest ever seen! We can thank Trump for much of it……

      1. Anna Maria Yoakum November 7, 2016

        It really has been a 3 ring circus, especially with Trump’s troup of clowns. Not sure if it is just me, but the last week or so has seemed incredibly long. I’ve not witnessed time pass this slowly since I was a child waiting for Christmas to come.
        On a different note, I can’t help but wonder what Hillary’s lead would be now, had the RupubliCON backed FBI agents had not purposely sabotaged the elections with their useless and baseless accusations regarding found emails . . . emails that turned out to be completely irrelevant and of no importance. Hope those agents find themselves out of a job or viewing the inside of a jail cell.

        1. dpaano November 8, 2016

          I know that Comey is not looking forward to a Clinton presidency. It’s been suggested that he would be wise to resign before she takes office. Personally, I think Clinton is above holding grudges, but you never know. She will have the power to fire him if she wishes…..I just am not sure she’ll do that. It’ll look too much like revenge, and she’s above that, I think.

  2. TMZ1928 November 7, 2016

    Not only is Hillary totally corrupt, but she has Parkinson’s disease which affects her mental capacity and ability to reason. What is the Clintons’ plan if she manages to win? Would they prop her up “Weekend at Bernie’s” style with someone else pulling the strings? Who would be running the country? Bill? Huma? Cheryl? John Podesta? For sure, the Clintons would never step aside and let Tim Kaine take over.

    1. I Am Helpy November 7, 2016

      OK thanks for sharing your stupid delusions with us, garbage person.

    2. jmprint November 7, 2016

      She is not totally corrupt, when you can post the indictments then you can say something, until then your comment is mute and fruitless. Hillary will become our next President and hopefully Wednesday morning you will be calling her Madame President. Trump has a 200 word vocabulary, meaning he will always need someone explaining what he meant, as they do now. As it is, he doesn’t even run his own campaign, Bannon does with the back up financing of the Mercers, he is just a puppet, like Reagan was when he got alzheimer.

      1. dpaano November 7, 2016

        Plus, I think Trump has more indictments coming down the road than Hillary would even BEGIN to think about. As far as her indictments…not quite sure what TMZ is talking about….she has done nothing to cause any indictments despite Trump’s comments! He, on the other hand, has two court cases just after the election….one for the rape of a 13-year-old girl and a second for the Trump Univ. fiasco. Plus, from what I understand, the IRS has just opened a major investigation into major tax fraud based on his $913B so-called “loss.” This should be interesting to see how Trump gets out of these….he’s going to be so busy in court, he won’t be able to think about his tremendous loss!!!

        1. jmprint November 7, 2016

          Unfortunately the rape case is no longer the girl dropped the suit, she’s scared to death.

          1. dpaano November 7, 2016

            I heard that she just dropped an interview, but the case is still ongoing. It’s scheduled for a couple of days after the election….later this week.

          2. jmprint November 8, 2016

            Google it.

          3. dpaano November 8, 2016

            Will do….but even if she does drop it….he still has the other women who have come forward accusing him of sexual harassment, etc. So, I don’t think he’ll be entirely off the hook once the election is over. In addition, he’s still got the Trump University case, along with the IRS investigation into tax fraud based on his $913B so-called “tax loss.” Apparently, his attorneys and tax men told him NOT to do what he did, but, as usual, he didn’t listen. So, now the IRS is stepping in and investigating him big time!! He may end up being just another celebrity going to jail for tax fraud….much like Martha Stewart!!! Should be interesting to say the least….but, as mentioned, he still has more indictments coming down the road that HIllary (if she has any).

    3. I Am Helpy November 7, 2016

      Also, Hillary has 0 current or pending court cases. Trump has more than 70.

      Your ability to discern corruption is as questionable as your ability to diagnose medical conditions remotely.

      1. dpaano November 8, 2016

        I know….and what’s really funny is that Trump keeps saying that Hillary will be facing many indictments when she gets into the White House. HE’S the one that’ll be facing all the indictments for all his BS, including tax fraud, rape, fraud with the Trump University, and much more! I don’t know where he’s getting his information, but he’s wrong (as usual). She hasn’t been indicted for anything and doesn’t seem to be facing any indictments that I’m aware of.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 9, 2016

          he wont do no work he will have every one else do it he just wanted the title . by im sure he would try a little work like working on a pardon for himself for all the B/S he’s done

    4. dpaano November 7, 2016

      Again, you know this how? Are you a medical doctor; have you examined her personally? You have NO idea about anything you’re talking about. She does NOT have Parkinson’s Disease…..I’m doubtful you even know what that is or what to look for! Hillary will win the presidency, and you can go weep all you want! Give it a break, okay?

    5. charleo1 November 8, 2016

      You can’t beat something with nothing. And you’ve got nothing but hot air, Pal. Trump himself offers absolutely nothing but demagoguery, myth, fear, ignorance, hate… Add that all up, and what have you got?

  3. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 9, 2016

    DONNY DUMP already got his congratulations from his Russian B/F PUTTHEAD . interesting dose anyone smell that foul smell ? if not wait it will come . either that or you will see a 360 from DONNY on every thing he said for the last over year with the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . wont the brain dead followers be happy when he dose nothing he said he would . forget about the wall . I believe he will keep the ACA but change the name to DONNY CARE no one will be kicked out of the country . and yes if the clown show in office give the DUMPSTERS the ok he will have troops on the ground in the middle east . what do I hope for ? well against every thing he said while he was running . and as I stated he will 360 and the BRAIN DEAD followers will be the ones upset .

  4. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 9, 2016

    funny but the votes between all were close and the 3rd party votes thy got was double in some states then the lead between Hillary and Donny if not double in some states the 3rd party that got the votes was in each state enough to give Hillary the win . dose that mean thy would voted for Hillary ? who knows


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