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Clinton, Trump Edge Closer To Party Nominations, Sanders Softens His Confrontational Tone

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Clinton, Trump Edge Closer To Party Nominations, Sanders Softens His Confrontational Tone

Clinton Pennsylvania
Published with permission from Alternet.

Donald Trump moved closer to the Republican nomination on Tuesday as he swept five mid-Atlantic primaries, while Bernie Sanders slipped further behind Hillary Clinton—despite winning the smallest state, Rhode Island, and promising to keep campaigning to influence the Democratic Party’s agenda.

Sanders’ top campaign aides said they would meet Wednesday to discuss their plans for the rest of the race—where they vowed to compete in all of the states including California. But they began to telegraph they’d be pleased if the Democratic Party embraced his core proposals such as making public universities tuition free and paying for that with a Wall St. trading tax.

“We are going to continue to work to be the nominee of the party,” strategist Tad Devine told NPR, saying they will still try to convince the party that he is a better candidate against Trump—especially if he wins California. But that posture was tempered by the reality that they began Tuesday 240 pledged delegates behind Clinton and ended the day more than 300 delegates behind Clinton.

“Bernie has made it clear that it’s very important that the next president be a Democrat,” Devine said. “Whatever happens in terms of the outcome of this process, he’s going to support the Democratic nominee for president.”

Clinton, speaking in Philadelphia after winning Pennsylvania, which had about half of Tuesday’s Democratic delegates in play, as well as winning Maryland and Delaware soon after polls closed, praised Sanders and his supporters—more than suggesting she saw herself as the nominee. (In Connecticut, the fifth state voting Tuesday, Clinton led slightly, meaning they would split the delegates.)

“I applaud Sen. Sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics, and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality—and I know together that we will get that done,” Clinton said. “Because whether you support Sen. Sanders or you support me, there’s much more that unites us than divides us.”

“We all agree that wages are too low and inequality is too high, that Wall Street can never again be allowed to threaten Main Street, and we should expand Social Security—not cut or privatize it,” she continued. “We Democrats agree that college should be affordable to all, student debt shouldn’t hold anyone back.”

Tough Night for Progressives

Down the ballot, a handful of progressives running for Congress also had disappointing nights, led by four-term Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards’ loss to Congressman Chris Van Hollen in a bid for that state’s U.S. Senate nomination. Edwards was backed by many progressives who wanted her to be the nation’s second African-American woman senator.

One silver lining for progressive primary candidates on Tuesday seemed to be Jamie Raskin, a Maryland state senator and constitutional law professor who was leading in the Democratic primary for the House seat that Van Hollen gave up to run for the Senate. Raskin was running against high-profile candidate Christie Matthews, wife of longtime MSNBC host and Beltway establishment figure Chris Matthews. The winners of Maryland’s Democratic primary are expected to be elected in November.

In Pennsylvania, Katie McGinty, an environmentalist-turned-regulator who worked in Bill Clinton’s White House, won the Senate primary, putting a strong Clinton ally in the position to challenge one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents, Sen. Pat Toomey. That race is seen as one of a handful in 2016 where Democrats might retake a Senate majority.

Trump Sweep

But most of all, Tuesday’s primaries belonged to Trump. He won handily in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware—getting more than 60 percent in several states. The delegate math is more complex on the GOP side than the Democratic side, but he ended the day with more than 925 delegates of the 1,237 needed for the nomination on the first vote at the Republican National Convention.

“I consider myself the presumptive nominee,” Trump said, replying to press questions after a short speech from New York City. “You know the best way to beat the system is having things like this, where you get record-setting votes, where you get record-setting delegates. I use the analogy of the boxer. When the boxer knocks out the other boxer, you don’t have to wait around for a decision.”

It also appeared after Tuesday that Ted Cruz cannot win enough delegates in the remaining 10 states that have not yet voted to win the nomination on the first vote, according to media experts tracking delegate totals. Cruz’s team said that should he win Indiana’s primary next week that Trump will not clear the 1,237 delegates needed for first ballot nomination, launching the first contested national political convention in decades.

That strategy is the latest embraced by the GOP’s stop-Trump faction. This weekend, Cruz and John Kasich announced a deal to stay out of each other’s way in a few upcoming states—with Kasich staying out of Indiana and Cruz staying out of Oregon—to thwart Trump. However, a day later Kasich made statements casting doubt on that deal, and Oregon media reported that he does not even have a candidate statement in its state primary voter guide.

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America’s retirement crisis, democracy and voting rights, and campaigns and elections. He is the author of “Count My Vote: A Citizen’s Guide to Voting” (AlterNet Books, 2008).

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Hillary For America



  1. FireBaron April 27, 2016

    In a recent interview on NPR, Sanders claimed his supporters were just that. They were NOT a movement that he controlled. Unfortunately, he has read them incorrectly. They ARE a Movement, and many of them have a “Bernie or Nothing” philosophy. What they don’t realize is if they do not come out to support the Democratic Nominee in November, they are effectively not only handing the Presidency to the GOP, but also keeping the Senate in their hands, too! With three Supreme Court Justices ready to retire sometime in the next four years, do they really want Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell to decide who the Court members should be that replace Souter, Ginsburg and Kennedy?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

      They only have a “Bernie or Nothing” mentality because they aren’t Democrats or Socialists…they are bought and paid for Republicans. I had to duke it out with a woman on social media because she had this mentality. You cannot reason with these nuts. When mental illness becomes a contagious disease, you may as well try to reason with psychos. You’d get the same results as the Sanderistas.

      1. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

        I am a registered democrat and always had been. Millions like me are leaving the party and will be writing in Bernie or voting for Jill. We will be sending a message to the Dem establishment that we will not be part of this corrupt political system or support their plutocrat candidate. Good luck and we will vote only for progressives.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

          Not much of an Einstein…more like obsessive/compulsive fanatic. I hate to tell you but “millions” are NOT leaving party. How do I know? The last 4 elections showed Hillary had 6 million more votes than Sanders. So write in all you like. You are a tiny minority of Sanderista rabble rousers. Sanders IS establishment. I can prove that. First, he belonged in the 60s to the Libertarian Party, a very “establishment membership” if ever there was one. He then became part of another establisment group, the Socialist Party.

          So do tell us EINSTEIN, why did he bother to buy 4 homes in Vermont if he is NOT “Establishment?” Why bother to become a member an establishment like government?

          I’m am so fed up with him straddling a fence superficially while underneath this skanky weasel hides who he REALLY is.

          Brainey Janey is under investigation for her dealings up at Burlington College while hides the truth about their REAL establishment earnings.

          1. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

            You greatly underestimate our movement and beating up on Bernie will in no way help your cause. I am a white married male with 4 kids and 2 parents dependent on my income. I am 50 years old with an income of 250k. What is Hillary offering me other than higher taxes and then means testing out of most programs like SS and Medicare which my wife and I will need. I am looking at about 500k to send my 4 kids to a public university. I wish someone would give me a reason to continue to vote for these Democrat establishment candidates. At least with Bernie my taxes will go up but I will receive benefits like free healthcare and college tuition. Why would I ever support Hillary who is awash with special interest money?

          2. yabbed April 27, 2016

            You know, that freebie thing would just come back and bite you in the backside. 🙂

          3. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

            What freebie? I paid over $50,000 just in Federal income taxes last year not including another 20k in SS and Medicare taxes. What am I getting for that? I pay over 16k a year for just health insurance not including deductibles and co pays and prescription drugs. Would the democrats on this site please explain to me why I should stay a democrat let alone vote for Hillary?

          4. yabbed April 27, 2016

            I believe you made reference to free tuition for your children so you didn’t have to raise half a billion dollars or some such to pay for it yourself. Don’t let me offend you but I’m beginning to think you are a Republican. You sure sound like one. 🙂

          5. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

            He is more than that..He’s a FREEloader who wants seniors to work till they drop dead while he and his Mcwifie get to vacation all over the world. Smell the reeking odor on him of Affluenza?

          6. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

            You paid that much because you refuse to learn to live on what you earn. Don’t cry in your beer because you had to pay higher taxes on a salary that is considered by most average Americans to be wealth.

            If you are paying $16,000 a year for healthcare that’s really not our problem. It’s yours. How big is that $800,000 McMansion you chose to buy? How many Mercedes, BMWS and SUVs do you own? Wah wah wah wah…Anyone else want to kick a guy like this in his wealthy ass?

            This guy needs to learn how to live on much less. Not look over his shoulder at how many MORE freebies he can get for his $250,000. Another BS artist like Sanders.

          7. dpaano May 4, 2016

            I think we’ve already done that, but apparently, you just won’t listen to any reasonable explanations as to WHY a Republican president (Trump) would not hurt…..even just for 4 years…..the future of this country!

          8. CrankyToo April 27, 2016

            If Hilary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination and you fail to show up on election day in support of her (and other Democratic candidates on your ballot), then you’re a fool. She may not be progressive enough for you (she’s not progressive enough for my taste either), but the alternative to having a Democrat in the Oval Office is too grim to contemplate. So pull your head out, Einstein.

          9. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

            You still have not provided me any reason to vote for Hillary. At least with the GOP who I hate and never have voted for my taxes will not go up leaving me with more money to pay for college and my retirement. I have to think about myself for a change instead paying for everyone else’s stuff especially since these poor people do not vote and do not support the very progressive causes that they benefit from. I am sorry but I have to do what I have to do. Hopeful Bernie’s movement will resurrect itself in 2020.

          10. CrankyToo April 27, 2016

            If you think a Republican lock on government will inure to the benefit of your family, then you’re not very smart. And if you don’t, then you need to show up on 8 November and do your civic duty.

            This ain’t exactly nuclear physics, Einstein.

          11. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

            I am hopeful as a result of GOP victory that the Dems will finally nominate a Progressive in 2020 or a third party will emerge from the movement. Voting for Hillary will not accomplish either. I am willing to sacrifice the next 4 years in order to get what I want down the road. Nobody has given me any reason to think that Hillary is going to do anything for me and my family. I will do my civic duty by writing in Bernie and only voting for Democats that are really progressives down ticket.

          12. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

            The Dems will win not only the Senate but the House and Hillary WILL BE President. Your flash in the pan from Vermont will go right back where he was for the past 44 years. Tell me..how did he last 44 years and suddenly now that he’s running for president he discovers ALL these problems? Who is BSing whom?

          13. dpaano May 4, 2016

            You might be willing to sacrifice 4 years, but most Americans are not. The damage that a Trump presidency would inflict on this nation would be catastrophic. Try thinking about others more than just yourself!!

          14. A_Real_Einstein May 4, 2016

            I got a better idea. If you are so concerned about a Trump presidency the lest nominate Bernie. His favoribiloty ratings are through the roof. All of the Hillary supporters have said that we should support the democratic nominee no matter who it is so the party the party would be fully unified. He gets a lot more support from independents and kills Hillary when it comes to hypothetical match ups. Poll after poll after poll shows his support with indies. And finally he does not have a pending criminal FBI investigation over his head. If you want the best chance to win then this is a no brainer. Isn’t that what the Superdelegates are for? With the stakes this high shouldn’t we nominate the more popular candidate in the General?

          15. dpaano May 5, 2016

            First of all, I will vote for the Democratic nominee, whomever that might be (but, at least I vote and not sit on my butt just because my particular candidate didn’t get the nomination. Secondly, Hillary does NOT have a criminal investigation hanging over her head. They have already said that nothing she did was indictable. Yes, she made a bad decision (as did several others in the past; i.e., Condoleeza, Powell, etc.), but she did actually did nothing wrong. But, you can believe what you want to believe (or what you hear on FAUX News). Either way, as long as a Democrat wins the White House….I will be a happy camper!

          16. dpaano May 5, 2016

            First of all, I will vote for the Democratic nominee, whomever that might be (but, at least I vote and not sit on my butt just because my particular candidate didn’t get the nomination). Secondly, Hillary does NOT have a criminal investigation hanging over her head. They have already said that nothing she did was indictable. Yes, she made a bad decision (as did several others in the past; i.e., Condoleeza, Powell, etc.), but she did actually did nothing wrong. But, you can believe what you want to believe (or what you hear on FAUX News). Either way, as long as a Democrat wins the White House….I will be a happy camper!

          17. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

            Einstein is one of those middle aged Twerpie Generation thugs who thinks his parents got free college for him and now, he wants it all free free free. You know anything in this life without a price tag?

          18. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

            I paid my way through college when it was affordable 30 years ago. No loans and Reagan cancelled my Pell Grant after 1 year. I worked full time and it took me 6 years to graduate. Now I am in sales and work on commissions no salary. You obviously cannot relate to me or my situation. I financially my parents , 4 kids and one has special needs. You have no idea how expensive everything is. My home is valued at 300k and I do not drive expensive cars. I am a good saver and do not mind paying taxes as long as I get some benefit out of it. I am a lot less conservative than Hillary. I do not vote for someone just because they have a vagina.

          19. Independent1 April 27, 2016

            It’s got nothing to do with voting for Hillary because she’s a womn. You clearly haven’t sat down and thought much about how much more destruction a president Trump with a GOP Congress could do to what many of us have known as the American way of life; to the point that in four years you would no longer recognize the U.S. as the America you remembered.

            Do you have any idea what America would look like if Congress did to America what the GOP has done to virtually every red state?? There’s reasons polling organizations have tabbed 10 red states as not only having the worst quality of life but also being the most miserable states to live in. Think about it!!!

          20. A_Real_Einstein April 28, 2016

            And after 4 years America will demand a true progressive and the GOP will go the way of the dodo bird. 4 years is a small sacrifice or we cold just elect Bernie now. Bernie would carry all the Dems and a majority of the indies. Hillary will not get the full support of the Democrats, very few of the milliniels or left leaning independents. The polls are not wrong and Trump support will grow as the Establishment is forced to accept him and fully support him. The number of Republicans that say they would not vote for him is shrinking drastically as his nomination becomes evident. GOP turnout is through the roof. That party is on fire. Meanwhile nearly half of the Dems will vote holding their noses for Hillary. DWS can guarantee HRC the nomination but not the WH. Nominate Hillary and we are in big trouble. My only hope is we take back the Senate and stop any Supreme Court Justice appointments during that term.

          21. Independent1 April 28, 2016

            Wow!! Are you ever delusional!! After 4 years of a GOP congress with a rubberstamp president like Trump: the GOP will have rigged our federal legislation to implement federal voter suppression laws across the nation; including federally allowed gerrymandering in states. Not to mention federally supported religious discrimination laws and with their 24/7 propaganda brainwashing, the probability that a Dem, forget about a progressive, would get elected in the next couple of decades is very questionable. You have to be totally irrational to think that the GOP won’t have manipulated our laws such that even if Dems push for a real progressive, that one would ever get elected.
            Come on!! Get Real and WAKE UP TO THE DANGER WE’RE ALL FACING HERE!!!!

          22. dpaano May 4, 2016

            That won’t happen if Trump wins the presidency…..the Supreme Court will just become a strong offshoot of the Republican party, much like it was when Scalia was alive!!! Putting a Republican in charge would mean that at least 3 judges would be replaced with even more radical right wing sociopaths for a life time!!! Doesn’t sound like an intelligent plan to me!

          23. dpaano May 4, 2016

            And no one is asking you to vote for Hillary for that reason….we’re asking that you vote for the eventual Democratic nominee, no matter who it is, because it’s the right thing to do to keep Trump out of the White House!!! The chaos that he will cause to this nation is horrendous to even consider! Please rethink your choice of not voting…..your one vote will NOT mean much to the Democratic party, but it would mean ALOT to those of us who would have to suffer a Trump presidency!!

          24. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

            I think a true progressive in 2020 will be great for me and my family. When the Dems do their autopsy in 2017 I will then have hope that they will come around or we will have a 3rd party by 2020.

          25. CrankyToo April 27, 2016

            A true progressive would be great for all of us, even the ones who are too ignorant to know it. And Bernie’s probably the right kind of guy – but unfortunately, not at the right time. It’s not that I don’t want him to win the nomination; I do. If he does win, there’s no question about who you and I are going to vote for. We’re for Bernie.

            But I’m doubtful he’ll beat Mrs. Clinton in the primary. And if he doesn’t, at the very phucking least, as progressives, you and I have to go vote against either of the two whackos the Republicans have stood up. If either of them ascends to the Oval Office next January, this country will be in deep sh!t long before 2020. Let’s be real here – those two guys are disasters waiting to happen.

            And can you even imagine all three branches of our government under the control of the party that, in 2010, gerrymandered congressional districts around the country to effectively hijack the House of Representatives? The result has been the two worst do-nothing, know-nothing, good-for-nothing Congresses in American history.

            Give them complete control and they’ll go to great lengths to ensure they retain control. You think you’ve seen extraordinary efforts at voter suppression in the last 6 years? Wait until the Republicans have the White House and both chambers of Congress. It’ll be even easier to get a gun and even harder to get a vote. Before your next great progressive hopeful shows his/her head, it’ll be 2024 and the playing field will be even further atilt.

            This is the party whose activist judges have opened the floodgates of dark money, allowing unlimited amounts it to buy our elections and influence our laws in favor of the oligarchs.
            Which reminds me, this is also the party that burned down the global economy 8 years ago. How’d your portfolio make out?

            And did I mention that these rat bastards are also responsible for 9/11 and the two wars which ensued? They never met a conflict they didn’t love. How old are your kids?

            Wake up, Einstein. We’ve got maniacs running around in the halls of Congress. If you think not voting for Hilary is looking out for yourself and your family, you’re delusional, Bro.

            The Democrat Party is evolving (as demographics are) and we will continue to make it more progressive over time. I’d like to see a younger, more dynamic version of Bernie run in 2024. In the interim, it’s imperative the Democrats retain control of the Presidency. And essential they regain leadership of the Senate. Then, after the 2012 census, I’d like to see a sensible redrawing of Congressional districts. That would make a good start.

          26. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

            I have no reason to believe that the Democatic party is moving to the left. Hillary will be the nominee and is much further to the right than our great President. My non vote will send a message to the Democrats that we will not support plutocrats. They will need to either put up a true progressive in 2020 or feel the burn of a third party. I will sacrifice the WH for 4 years as opposed to continue with this democrat establishment who wants to maintain a rigged economy and a corrupt political system. Having 400 Superdelegates committ to this plutocrat before Bernie even announced his candidacy is unacceptable. The Establishment has successfully muted this revolution to maintain their power and status quo. I want nothing to do with that. I will vote for progressive candidates down ticket but am now an independent. Hopefully the Dems can earn my allegiance back someday.

          27. CrankyToo April 28, 2016

            I give up on you. Good luck.

          28. dpaano May 4, 2016

            No, your non-vote will send NO message other than the fact that you’re a big baby and you’re going to run home crying because your candidate didn’t win!!! Give me a break! If Trump wins you can kiss your tush good-bye because he will turn this country inside out, and it won’t be pretty! As I said above, I may not like Bernie, but if he’s the nominee, I will vote for him because NOT voting for him would give the GOP the White House, and I love this country WAAAAY too much to see that happen! I fought for this country during the Vietnam war, spent 26+ years in the military, and I WON”T allow my country to become the laughing stock of this world because of a Trump presidency!!! If you are TRULY interested in helping this country get back on its feet, you MUST vote for whom ever is nominated, even if it’s Hillary!

          29. dpaano May 4, 2016

            You DO realize that if Trump is elected, your taxes will go sky high to pay for all the BS that he’s supposedly suggesting. Fortunately, even tho’ I don’t approve of our current Congress, I don’t think Trump will be able to do much of what he keeps telling people he wants to do….and neither will Bernie. I have to say, I like some of the things Bernie says, but I know that there is very little chance that he would be able to accomplish any of it with the current Congress. We can always dream, but sometimes dreams just don’t come true! If Bernie doesn’t win….I would hope that you would support the Democratic nominee, even if she isn’t your first choice. You CAN’T sit at home and let Trump win just because you are upset that your candidate didn’t win. Bernie can always try again in 4 years, and maybe then, things will be a little better. And, if Bernie is the eventual nominee, even tho’ he isn’t MY favorite, I WILL vote for him because I refuse to allow the other party to win and turn MY America into a third world country!

          30. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

            And what, pray tell, “movement” is that? The one where Sanders, by his own admission publicly declared he would “bring two parties into one?”

            You are another of those 50 somethings who, like Sanders, believes in your own entitlement at the expense of others.

            I’ll give you ONE big reason why you need to vote for anyone other than Sanders…He’s a liar and your dreams of unbridled wealth won’t come from you by yourself or without others’ help. So..unless you and Sugar Daddy Sanders come up with a way to REALLY do what your “movement” says…How about you stop your Middle Aged Greed and stop the damn whining?

            You do realize that your 401K is part of Wall Street? I’d love to know Einstein how you think you can do without the Wall Street cock roaches who are your financial fund managers. Or how you plan to manage without a 401K when, not if, Wall Street crashes yet again.

            Your taxes will go up and I should feel sorry for poor little you? What the hell is wrong with your generation of Daycare Twerps? You think you have ALL the answers do you? Think again. If you are 50 years old, you are now considered by most employers to be a cost burden. I should know…I worked as an executive assistant to 4 CEOs in my lifetime.

            You are not just a greedy little Twerp…you are also a gender biased fool. You bet your ass Hillary is awash with money..Unlike you, it took her breaking a sweat for almost as many years as your are old. And OLD is what you are no matter how you pretend otherwise.

            And I hate to be the bearer of bad news bucko…but nothing NOTHING in this life is FREE. That healthcare will not be free and neither will college. Enough with the pie in the sky dreams and false hopes Sanders is selling like a snake oil salesman.

            Let’s assume college or healthcare COULD be free. Who pays the professors? Who pays the reseachers and the doctors, nurses and diagnosticians? If you listen to Sugar Daddy Sanders, he talks a good line of BS that he knows means the cost will be born, not but rich shits like you but by the seniors working our asses off to keep the utilities turned on.

            You do not need to earn $250,000. YOur parents didn’t and they turned out an Einstein. It’s men like you who are the cause of the mess in this country because your entitlement to have it ALL and have it EASY means others work longer, harder and for less so you can havre MORE MORE MORE..Go tell your sob story to someone like you..your generation of idiots can’t live within your means if your lives depend on it and…sad to say that your day is coming very soon when you’ll have to. Why the hell should I help YOU pay for your kids to go to college when YOU never helped to pay for mine ..and by the way, one of them is older than you.

          31. yabbed April 27, 2016

            What the Sanders are hiding are their tax returns. 🙂 I think Bernie has fallen in love with the billionaire’s life of private jets and limos and bodyguards and being so, so special. And, of course, his wife is taking home 20% of those campaign contributions so I’m sure he’s greedily watching the dough pile up in his bank account. The man is such a fraud and a hypocrite. He wants to be Donald Trump. And, actually, when he talks about women he sounds like Donald Trump.

          32. A_Real_Einstein April 27, 2016

            In 2008 35% of the electorate identified. themselves as Democratic. Today that number is only 28%. We have lost the House, the Senate and 30 states have both chambers under GOP control, many with Supermajorities and 23 have GOP governors to boot. We control only 11 legislatures. Turnout for the Democrats in 2014 was the worst ever and turnout in the closed primaries is abysmal. What we need is candidate who is willing to transform the party into the party of the people not a Plutocrat. Even if Hillary is elected nothing will change. The status quo. Wake up!

          33. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

            Wrong..Keep dreaming. I was a Republican for 33 years. Sorry buster, your pathetic ultra conservatism is already sinking KS and IA who had to shut down schools before the school’s official year end. Texas is bitching about needing FEMA funding for floods when they refused to vote for FEMA for Hurricane Sandy. Get off that lazy ass and work. YOur generation of men want to just sit on your lazy asses and hold out your hands for a paycheck. Sorry it doesn’t work that way.

            MI, FL and WVA are also an example of your greedy conservative BS. When you save money on untreated river water in MI and expose 6,000 to 12,000 children to lead poisoning, then line your pockets, you get an orange jumpsuit for your trouble like Snyder will.

            I am voting for Hillary. Men like you are spiteful little SOBS who would steal the last crumb of bread from your own mothers if it meant fattening those lazy asses. I think we have all just about enough of men like you whining your lives away.

  2. yabbed April 27, 2016

    There is no legitimate reason for Sanders to stay in the race at this point beyond his hubris and misogyny. His hacking at Clinton is only hurting the Democratic Party and, while I realize he’s not a Democrat and has no allegiance to the Democratic Party, he should have the decency to not continue to facilitate a Republican victory in the fall.

    1. FT66 April 27, 2016

      He can stay as much as he wishes, so long as he doesn’t come up with attacks which has to damage Hillary in the long run.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

        That isn’t Sanders real problem. He has USED the Democatic party to feather his nest when he KNEW he wasn’t a Democrat. So now, he has lost his fellow Democrats loyalty in the House and Senate. That’s what always happens when a man tries to play two ends against the middle.

      2. yabbed April 27, 2016

        But the problem is that he has launched quite vitriolic attacks against Hillary Clinton which the Republicans will use against her. As soon as Bernie let loose screaming that litany of how unqualified Hillary Clinton was to be POTUS, Donald Trump picked up on it. There’s no question that we will see Bernie in the upcoming GOP negative ads.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

    Never ever fall for the idea the GOP is down and out in any election. Once you get that their credo is “failure is not an option,” CEO-style, you see why they know with 7 months to go, they have deliberated over their “options” for their October surprise.

    What they hate most is Hillary winning because Trump can’t. No American in their right mind is going to chance Trump’s mouth setting off a nuclear war with that other foreign Trump…Kim Jung Un.

    As for Sanders, his “movement” was bought and paid for by Republicans. It is beginning to be all evident that certain extremists in this country are willing to stoop to violating election laws and voting rights to get what they want. They are a tiny minority of fledgling, neophyte rabble rousers who pump extremist adrenalin most of us prefer to do without.

  4. plc97477 April 27, 2016

    It’s tempting to just sit back and wait for the gotp to continue shooting themselves in the foot but lets not leave it at that, everyone get out and vote democratic.

    1. Sherrilljmorelock2 April 28, 2016

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  5. FT66 April 27, 2016

    We have been hearing Bernie saying: “I will take Hillary over Trump any time”. Thats the right message he has to deliver to his supporters. They come to his rallies, they listen to him whatever he has to tell them. This issue must be one of them. It is the right thing to do if at all he means what he says and thats not controlling his supporters.

  6. yabbed April 27, 2016

    I just heard Sanders on MSNBC and he most definitely has not modified his tone. When asked if his attacks on Hillary were harmful to her in the general election he set about listing even more of his specific negatives about Hillary. The presumption of this interloper into Democratic Party politics is astonishing. The man has no shame.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker April 27, 2016

    A man who earns $250,000 a year and thinks that’s not enough is not just greedy. He’s a sicko who was never taught to learn to live on what he ACTUALLY earns..not what he wishes he earned. But, he’s the first in line to help himself to whatever freebies he can take from others.

  8. Beethoven April 27, 2016

    Bernie Sanders has gotten a lot of support from college students because of his promise of tuition-free public colleges; this is why he has held a lot of his rallies on or near college campuses. But beside the fact such a promise will never get through Congress, I think it is a bad idea.
    First, he is only offering tuition-free education at public colleges, and offering nothing for students who choose to attend private colleges. Second, I have read (I’m not sure if this is true) that his plan is for the federal government to cover two-thirds and the state governments to cover the rest. If that is the case, his plan would also require voting out of office nearly all the Republicans in state offices all over the nation, because they are the ones most responsible for decreasing state funding of colleges, which has been the main reason tuition rates have gone up. And if the federal government were to take on the burden of covering all tuition at public colleges, the state governments would use that as an excuse to reduce state support even further, which would make tuition go up even more.
    I believe the best way to deal with this is simply to call for greatly increased funding for the Pell Grant program, which would at least have a better chance of getting through Congress. Sanders’ plan would be a financial boon for the children of wealthy parents as much as poor parents. The Pell Grant plan would help students in private colleges as well as public colleges, and would help those who need help the most, without helping those whose parents can easily afford to send them to college. And students who are able to earn scholarships wouldn’t need as much help from Pell Grants, while Bernie’s plan would give scholarship winners an even greater advantage than they have now.

    1. yabbed April 27, 2016

      Wonderfully well put. Candidates for the Presidency tend to make campaign promises they cannot fulfill because the promise does not fall within the powers of the Presidency. The Congress is not going to change all that much in the next couple of elections. It’s an incremental process, as all things in government are. That means that no candidate’s campaign promises that cannot pass Congress will be put in place.


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