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#EndorseThis: Colbert Declassifies The Trump White House

Endorse This Politics Russia White House

#EndorseThis: Colbert Declassifies The Trump White House

Trump White House

Somehow, Stephen Colbert can always find the brighter side of our national woe. Bad as it is that Trump disclosed highly classified national security data to the Russians, there is good news too: “He found the leaker!”

Meanwhile the continuing fiasco of the president’s decision to fire James Comey has revealed secret taping in the Trump White House, at least according to those @realDonaldTrump tweets. (Of course, those tweets are as likely to be true as anything else uttered by Trump, meaning not too likely.) For press secretary Sean Spicer that requires covering up, obfuscating, and stonewalling Watergate-style, which is horrifying as White House conduct — and comedy gold for Colbert.

“The president has made it clear what his position is,” Spicer repeated over and over again as he refused to answer press questions about the tapes that Trump had cited to threaten Comey. But no! objects Colbert. “We know he’s screwing the country but he hasn’t made it clear what the position is. Is it missionary? Is it doggy-style?”

Those Watergate analogies can only take Stephen just so far, but he’s going there.



  1. jakenhyde May 16, 2017

    Well, it is no secret why Donnie didn’t want any American reporter sitting in oh his tete a tete with the Russians. Donnie needs to buy some Attends for his mouth because he seems to have a very serious oral leakage problem.
    And he had the gall to blame someone else for other leaks. I think he’s the head leaker and simply plays off the leaks on his staff.

  2. 788eddie May 16, 2017

    There has never been a president who is considered as much of a joke by the rest of the world as our very own Donald J. tRump.

  3. Wayne Thorson May 17, 2017

    I think if Trump is lucky enough to run for a 2nd term that Steve should run against him. Steve did run the time before last and came close to being picked to run. He would get all those voters that voted for Trump just for the entertainment factor and they are still enjoying it now. Trump seams to have a new gig every other day.


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