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#EndorseThis: Colbert Solves The Mystery Behind Comey Firing

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#EndorseThis: Colbert Solves The Mystery Behind Comey Firing

Comey firing

In the wake of the James Comey firing, Stephen Colbert is beyond fed up with arguments over the mystery behind Trump’s decision.

“It looks like Trump did it to stop the Russia investigation,” he says impatiently, mimicking the Washington press corps’ dither. “That is why! One thing we’ve learned from the last two years about Donald Trump is that what he seems to be doing is exactly what he’s doing! There’s no grand strategy! He’s not some puppet master, he’s not some wizard playing three dimensional chess…He’s playing Hungry Hungry Hippos! He’s just slapping until he gets all the marbles, mine-mine-mine-mine-mine-mine-mine!”

Still, for the truly gullible among us, the White House brought forth that letter on the Comey firing from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — prompting Colbert to snark that the Department of Justice has been renamed “the Department of Justification.”

Nor does the snark end there, as Colbert offers pungent takes on the latest sightings of Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer, plus a bonus Nixon impression.

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  1. rhetoric_phobic May 12, 2017

    Can’t stop laughing.
    “He’s just slapping until he gets all the marbles, mine-mine-mine-mine-mine-mine-mine!”
    Exactly! We have an expectation that a president is intelligent. So we think there must be more to it than a big yellow iguana thinking with it’s reptilian brain.
    He’s just a big yellow iguana with a reptilian brain. Seems to even have the same courting style. Grab em by it and hold em down.
    He’s your basic big yellow iguana.
    The biggest. Everybody else gets one scoop of ice cream He gets two.
    Now how can we get rid of this reptile?

    1. Dapper Dan May 12, 2017

      Just waiting for him to shed his skin and then slither down into that swamp he promised to drain

      1. Jessicawrogers May 13, 2017

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  2. celiayounger May 12, 2017

    ok, so T45 doesnt want him, Comey, to let any tapes or documents to be publish. And to keep quiet. T45 order him not to say anything to any one. He seems very worry…

  3. Dapper Dan May 12, 2017

    Oh man I busted a gut watching Colberts monologue. Like Alec Baldwin he has clear contempt for Trump and is thoroughly enjoying himself skewering him. It doesn’t hurt that Donnie just keeps giving him ammo to shoot back at him ????


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