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Who Will Save Us From The Conspiracy Theorist In Chief?

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Who Will Save Us From The Conspiracy Theorist In Chief?

Emperor Trump, Conspiracy theorist in chief

You know, along with having the impulse control of a seven year-old boy, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Donald J. Trump just ain’t real smart. He’s a cunning self-promoter, but dim. He did manage to go bankrupt in the casino business, you know. That’s really hard to do.

Trump showed losses of close to a billion dollars operating his grandiose gambling dens in Atlantic City. In the process, he stiffed investors and contractors alike, right down to the guys who installed the toilets and slot machines. Around the same time, Trump Air — his personal airline — also went bust. U.S. banks basically quit lending him money.

So he turned to the Russians.

But I’m getting ahead of the story. Trump eventually made good playing a tycoon on a scripted “reality TV” program, dabbling in professional wrestling on the side. If he hadn’t inherited a fortune, odds are he’d have ended up a sideshow barker luring hayseeds to see the bearded lady. Instead, with a little help from Vladimir Putin they made him president of the United States.

Anyway, let’s keep it real simple. A smart person, if he wanted to accuse his predecessor as president of the United States of a serious felony — such as an illegal wiretap against Trump himself, which would constitute the worst crime against American democracy since 1860 — that person would assemble an airtight case before opening his mouth. Only an impulsive fool would blurt out such an incendiary charge with no evidence whatsoever.

A man not fit to lead the Mayberry PD, much less the USA.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You think that Obama, that two-faced Muslim pretender, maybe did it. Fine, then show me the proof. Not some desperate rationalization cooked up to convince yourself Trump’s playing with a full deck. Face it, he’s not.

Meanwhile, ever wonder what it must be like for the White House flaks — Spicer, Conway, Sanders — tasked with explaining away Trump’s overnight Twitter-storms? Here’s something I wrote a few weeks ago:

The whole country is learning how exhausting it can be to live with a seriously mentally ill person: the constant feeling of apprehension and unease over what kind of manipulative, delusional nonsense is coming next. The uncertainty about how to react…Will calling the police make things better, or worse? Is it too early to seek an order of commitment? Or too late?

My fellow Americans, we’re there.

So am I saying Trump’s mentally ill? Not in the sense of having a treatable brain disease, no. Nor am I a psychiatrist, although I spent years writing a book (Widow’s Web) about a couple of characters like Trump, one a politician who eventually sabotaged himself by making wild allegations he could never prove.

Most professionals who have weighed in on Trump’s mental health mention Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Here’s what the Mayo Clinic’s website says about it:

If you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as conceited, boastful, or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may feel a sense of entitlement — and when you don’t receive special treatment, you may become impatient or angry. You may insist on having ‘the best’ of everything — for instance, the best car, athletic club, or medical care.

At the same time, you have trouble handling anything that may be perceived as criticism. You may have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability, and humiliation. To feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make yourself appear superior.

So did you read about President Trump screaming and cursing at White House aides last week before flying off to his Florida castle to launch a bizarre Twitter-storm against Obama? Or as the inimitable Charles P. Pierce put it, “Ensconsed in Camp Runamuck, the president is a voracious consumer of angry paranoid junk food. We are all now living in Talk Radio Hell.”

So now what? Writing in Columbia Journalism Review, Lee Siegel put it this way:

We don’t need to be told by a doctor that the guy who is coughing and sneezing at the other end of the train car is probably sick…All we know is that the safe thing to do is to stay away from him.

When someone is compulsively lying, continuously contradicting himself, imploring the approval of people even as he is attacking them, exalting people one day and abusing and vilifying them the next, then the question of his mental state is moot. The safe thing to do is not just to stay away from him, but to keep him away from situations where he can do harm.

Barring some unpredictable (if quite likely) disaster, it’s basically up to the Republicans, who have it in their power to keep the presidency while saving the nation from Trump.

I am not holding my breath.

IMAGE: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Greensboro, North Carolina on June 14, 2016.   REUTERS/Jonathan Drake 

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate.

A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows.

Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. Kate Murray March 8, 2017

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  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 8, 2017

    Lee Siegel is cited as having said, regarding Trump:

    “We don’t need to be told by a doctor that the guy who is coughing and sneezing at the other end of the train car is probably sick…All we know is that the safe thing to do is to stay away from him.

    When someone is compulsively lying, continuously contradicting himself, imploring the approval of people even as he is attacking them, exalting people one day and abusing and vilifying them the next, then the question of his mental state is moot. The safe thing to do is not just to stay away from him, but to keep him away from situations where he can do harm.”

    Although most of you possessed of a clear vision and an attentive realized this long ago, it’s worth reviewing a few aspects of Donald J. Trump. First of all, he is beyond doubt extremely ill, emotionally and spiritually, yet despite this obvious illness, his Administration is too stupid to realize that to be in the company of such a person, even for brief moments, is injurious to one’s inner health, and so they insist on being in his presence and employ just for financial gain and notoriety; his ability to lie with a straight face at the drop of a hat is well-known by now to all the world, and had he not been so compulsive in wanting to have his name in lights, that pathology would only be known only to his closest confidantes and family. And the GOP leadership must be accounted as the most dense and fool-hardy collection of miserable men and women to have put up with Donald, as well as continuing to breathe their own fetid aromas of deceit, greed, and belligerence for decades now.

    It’s not just Donald who is ill, but all those who agree with his outlook on life as well as acceptance of his salacious habits and other perversions. Those in wholehearted agreement with the GOP’s moribund philosophy, and in total agreement with the nature of Partisan Politics in general, are equally as ill.

  3. FireBaron March 8, 2017

    I hate to say this, my friends, but at this point the only way I see us being saved from Teflon Donnie’s continued rants is for the 25th Amendment to be invoked and have the nation deal with President Pence. At least with him we will be dealing with the same personality day-after-day. As an added benefit, we will be rid of Spicer, Bannon, Conway, Priebus and company.

    1. Leannjrawls March 8, 2017

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    2. dbtheonly March 8, 2017

      Beat me to it FB. Though I’m not sure we’d be rid of Priebus, I’d sleep better knowing the nuclear codes are safer.

      Flagged the spam for you.

  4. Dapper Dan March 8, 2017

    It’s mind boggling that this mental midget somehow managed to worm his way into the highest office of this great nation. It’s disturbing that everyone around him is enabling his erratic bizarre behavior. Why do people like Sean Spicer try to defend the indefensible hurting his own credibility ? I can live with a Republican in the WhiteHouse but I like my Presidents to be sane and able to handle a national crisis. Right now we have a constitutional crisis where the greatest threat to our nations security is the President himself. Please get this very sick man out before he does irreparable damage to this country

    1. owmarly March 8, 2017

      The scary thing is that people like this usually start a war with someone so people will be forced to follow them.

      1. pisces63 March 8, 2017

        My fear is North Korea and that idiot. Just because he feels that is the one place he could make America great again!! Just like under Reagan and the invasion of Grenada.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

          Not even Trump is stupid enough to get into a mix with Kim Jung Un. Trump wants Iran’s oil. As he said of Iraqi oil, “We should just take it.” That is why he wants the oil richest of the Middle Eastern countries banned.

          He knows NO Iranian has ever been involved in terrorism in the U.S. But he DOES know that Iranian oil on the open markets without any sanctions poses a huge competitive risk to Saudi Arabia, who for some odd reason is uncharacteristically silent about Trump’s mentally insane tweets.

          1. Dominick Vila March 8, 2017

            That’s the price the Saudis must pay for their role in 9/11.

          2. Saudis alone? Or their masters too?

          3. stcroixcarp March 8, 2017

            trump may want oil, but North Korea’s boy wonder wants to be the greatest. That means he needs to knock off the USA, and now he has an excuse to try out his nukes.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

            And Mikeeee thinks “we” are Trump deranged? Seems to me the right wing led by Nazi Boy Bannon and his Goebels lacky Stephen Miller are dancing a jig that they have their fingers on the nuke code.

          5. Puppet Un is the favorite in the fearmonger’s scenario…
            He plays the part well!

          6. mike March 8, 2017

            The Trump Derangement Syndrome continues. How pathetic. “Trump wants Iran’s oil.” Another of your asinine comments.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

            So glad you recognize that Trump is deranged. Now…Where in the hell is HIS proof of the voter fraud? Same places as his proof of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower? Same place as his claims that he was never in Russia?

            I’m guessing you saw him on the David Letterman Show on October 17, 2013 and heard your deranged Trump say, “I have many businesses in Russia?” No? You missed that? Well, just so you cannot say I didn’t give you proof of what I post, here he is Mr. Liar Deranged in Chief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR_SoJpWzOA…Read and weep asshat.

          8. mike March 8, 2017

            No, mental midget the Trump Derangement Syndrome fits you and the other little cry babies on NM.
            Your delusional comments only confirm that the majority of your post are pure bull sh**.
            I still enjoy your pseudo-intellectual comments.

          9. Kim Jung Un is who’s puppet?
            Take a wild guess! Whose cause does he serve?
            His master’s….

        2. owmarly March 8, 2017

          Just like Bush and Iraq. Then he accused anyone who protested as being unAmerican.

        3. Mama Bear March 8, 2017

          YES! I was about to post this same thought. Two narcissist with nuclear weapons. Guess what they leads to!

        4. Reagan is almost an anagram of Grenada! D less !
          Makes sense like everything from USA these days.
          No pun intended…

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

        That is very true. However, as Senator Schumer has said, “Republicans OWN this.” They would own any war this nut starts too. The only reason the Republicans are doing absolutely nothing about Trump right now is because they need him in place to savage everything our tax dollars already paid, to leave our most vulnerable to die in the streets and our kids to become unpaid mercenaries for Republican military industrialists.

        1. idamag March 8, 2017

          You put that very well. Readers on this board: heed what Eleanor just said. It is true and what actually is happening.

      3. FT66 March 8, 2017

        I suspect he will soon start the war. The muslim travel ban is not for nothing. Remember he wants more fund to be used on defence.

        1. stcroixcarp March 8, 2017

          The real danger of war is with North Korea. They have had 70 years of crazy leadership, and now they have the military power to do real damage. trump is pissing in a hornets’ nest.

      4. Who will follow please? Ho kind Gun in the Kidney! Peacemaker hé!

  5. The lucky one March 8, 2017

    “Why do people like Sean Spicer try to defend the indefensible hurting his own credibility?” $$$$$$$$$

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 8, 2017

      Because Sean Spicer has lost his identity, his soul, and all sense of rationality. An illness anyone gets from long-term exposure to the toxin of Trump’s presence. A mouthful, I grant you, but Sean’s condition isn’t a run-of-the-mill sickness.

      1. Mama Bear March 8, 2017

        agree, Aaron. When constantly exposed to a narcissist one becomes his/her pawn. Couple that with an Spicer’s obvious drunkenness with power and voila!

    2. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

      It’s almost laughable, if not pitiful, that Spicer tries to mop up the Trump big mouth messes. Trump took the trouble on Sunday morning at 6 AM from Mar-A-Lago to go into a Bad Obama tirade when none of his lackies were at side. Shows you how mentally ill he is.

    3. stcroixcarp March 8, 2017

      It is the nature of Sean’s job. He gets paid by American tax payers to do it.

      1. The lucky one March 9, 2017

        Yes that is the sad truth. It helps that he has no integrity or credibility to lose.

        “It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.” — Joseph Heller, Catch-22

  6. FT66 March 8, 2017

    So, US banks quit lending money to Trump, which means they don’t trust him at all. How come voters trusted him and handled him the country? Isn’t this silly?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

      That isn’t really news. People in the Metro Area heard and saw this in the media when he started to go on a wild spending spree and bought a yacht to show off his wealth that was nearly as big as the QEII. It was also when he had Trump Tower built. He borrowed money like it was the U.S. Mint. He refused to listen to his own financial managers as was reported in several major financial magazines back in the late 1990s.

      Then, as usual, this dope got a flood of lawsuits for his dirty dealings he never expected. His financial managers reported that his wealth by 2002 was down to a mere $995,000.

      This guy is a lying, brazen, ruthless, bullying, tyrannical menace to society. You’ll notice that none of his siblings want anything to do with this sleazebag.

      1. And in the end… The Dope is POTUS! Guffaw!
        Heavens to Murgatroyd, exit stage left!!!!
        Just got my Snaggelpuss green card to go around the Do Ban with my Ray Bans!!! You are hilarious Eleanore! A riot in one person!
        Love ya!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

          Say Bannon asskisser, Mine is not to amuse. My is to kick ass and take names. You have an invitation to get yours any time you wish.

          1. Isn’t Bannon some bully right wing ass kicker as you describe yourself?
            I do not know the bloke as he stays put behind the curtains apparently! Back seat driver probably.
            I have not looked into who he might be yet! I will. Promise
            We do not have the same culture nor the same optic on things.

            I am a European bred in California in the sixties.
            From age 13 to 18. I know the America of then.
            Including Joe di Maggio.
            It is completely dead now and unfortunately simmering frightful omens.

            You might be happy. You have no enemy but yourselves.
            You seem a bit frustrated Eleanore but you are missing the target! I told you that already.
            Maybe you forget anything good for you fast! Toxins do that!

            So you want to coerce people… as a job or just for fun?

            You can do better my dear Cassandra Pythia.
            Barbars used to kill any one weaker than they that displeased them.
            I can understand you being intellectually helpless but venom and stones will get you no where.
            Leave that to lapidators. History is full of them.

            Peace in Haight and Ashbury. If you can .
            Stop meth& crack and come back to grass. Guffaw!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker March 9, 2017

            Those of us who were raised to know right from wrong are not going to have some narrow minded bunch of money mad billionaires being our only government. First of all, drop that silly superiority act. It is as boring as hell to an educated woman who isn’t impressed by men who need to show their balls to the world. We can get a daily dose of that from Trump.

            I am sure your Brit toffee nose is so stuck together, breathing is a huge problem But “let’s get on” shall we?

            First of all, what the hell is an anti government anarchist doing in the US? Wouldn’t you be better served in Ecuador aiding and abetting Julian Assange?

            As for Haight Ashbury, my late brother was there in the 60s and also at Woodstock. Please don’t act as if you are the lone relic of some long lost society of hippies. Guffaw alas and alack.

          3. Knowing right from wrong and the content and level of education is not to be judged by yourself. Leave that to your mentors.
            It is interesting how people admonish each other here for no purpose.
            With a POTUS definitely representing the attitude you and most others express here) you are the ones in dire straits.
            The rest of the world too of course by proxy to the most formidable military and police power on earth.
            If unleashed this can annihilate centuries of civilizations build patiently by our ancestors.
            Anarchists are by definition anti government but your pleonasm is forgiven. Simple English is what it is.
            I am not a lone relic!
            We of the sixties are still kicking strong and ready to rebuild what was crushed by a pernicious system you take no qualms to support in confusion of thoughts and propositions.
            What a waste.
            Internet is accessible from Europe you know!
            It is not censored yet.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker March 9, 2017

            Let’s get something straight. I AM A Mentor of younger women. I volunteered many years in an abused women’s center and saw thing men need to be castrated for.

            You can ditch the Professor BS. I taught at Rutgers for 12 years and didn’t have a college degree. Oh gee..I guess that makes me a genius right?

            Wrong. I was raised on a farm to poor parents who taught me nearly from birth what is right and wrong. They taught me to be self reliant and independent and to do for myself what I know I can do.

            I am fed up to the gills with men like you. All you do is clatter trap all day long. You men never know when to shut your mouths.

            You go conveniently deaf the minute you hear a female voice. Sorry if I don’t need any man and never have. Go find yourself a clinging vine who is ready to obey your every command. Men like you bore the hell out of me with your superiority attitudes.

            I am also a product of the liberal 60s but I don’t believe in any ideology other than to do what needs to be done and to do it right the first time.

            The more Ryan and his Ratbaggers spout off and foam, at the mouth, the more resistance they will get. No Conservative has EVER trickled down one damn dime. No Conservative man has ever made it ALL on his own without employees, consumers and taxpayers all keeping their business in existence. That is not what our tax dollars are for. Read your U.S. Constitution.

          5. Alain Vercammen-Grandjean March 10, 2017

            I know rattle trap. You may be a genius. Of course.
            Mentors breed mentors.

            I did not know you had so much problems with men to want to castrate some. But I understand.

            I have no problem with women and I need no clinging vine.
            No lady I frequent think I am “superior”.
            I do not like trivia and I like a high level controverting.
            Things have to have content and meaning and escape the Pavlovian formatting. Another Russian enemy.
            When debating you say things. Otherwise you get void.
            A bore maybe, a crime not!

            You say “the Liberal 60s” are dead. You are left with a vast majority of rightwingers (some of them don’t realize it).
            I understand the predicament and impediments this produces… It is like a mental straight jacket.
            You have all my support in these times of trials.
            May you, your friends and the world come out of all this turmoil unscathed and serene.
            Courage ma chère Eléanore…

          6. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2017

            Hey Bannon asskisser. You don’t like smart women do you? Not to worry. Neither does Trump you “mon ami” in chief.

            First of all, you are not a man. You are a tiny member of a bunch of unevolved amoeba your daddies spawned with those 5 hour erections in Viagra overdoses.

            There is no left or right in the minds of educated people. Only in minds like yours where you are so grossly dysfunctional and inept that you need an ideological crutch to base your premise that you might be intelligent.

            Those of us who will not allow lazy bums to live off our tax dollars have that right. Those of us who do not want this government to suddenly be under Putin ideology are fighting you and all your Bannon asskissers and you are too stupid to even know it.

          7. Alain Vercammen-Grandjean March 11, 2017

            Those of us is just you I gather from this disappointing putative exchange of points of vue.
            I read about Bannon and his Julius Evola mentality.
            Indeed the 4 th Reich is installed. Nobody can go against that.
            All sides are lost in turmoil.
            I shall remain a spectator of what should be an interesting catharsis.
            You are an interesting case of confusion and frustration.
            Too bad. Live well. Good bye.

    2. idamag March 8, 2017

      When the U.S. banks cut him off, that made him the perfect candidate for the former head of the KGB. The problem is that the collateral that trump put up for his Russian lenders is the United States Government.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

    This is no longer about Hillary, Obama or the election rigging of 2016. It is now about ALL future elections. How will Americans EVER trust Republicans again when we know they rig elections, refuse to even investigate rigging done by foreign intruders into our election process and then allow a sleeper in the White House to do as he pleases to tear down nearly 250 years of democracy?

    How will we endure another round of Republican legislators using our tax dollars as they please even when it risks the lives of our most vulnerable?

    This government has checks and balances whether or not there is a Republican Bully Majority ramming all manner of Big Business Pay to Play Political Patronage down our throats.

    If the only way Republican conservatives can bully themselves into a majority is through rigging the Electoral College and put fake presidents they know they can manipulate in the White House, it is time to do what we had to do to Nixon…Take it to the streets, stay there until they are sick and tired of hearing us exercise our First Amendment Right to “peaceably assemble to petition the government for redress of grievances.”

    The Republicans started this war. NOW, more than ever, it is time to end it.

    There are several major groups out there who are “training” women for political jobs they would never have considered before. There are also protest groups who provide guidelines for effectively and peaceably asembling.

    1. mike March 8, 2017

      My God you are nuts.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

        You need as much psychiatric help as Trump. Do you also wire tap the phones in your home like Trump got caught doing in Mar-a-Lago? Do you also get up a 6 AM and tweet like a moron like Trump?

        Don’t waste my time with your pathetic right wing attempts to show you have a valid reason to exist. Trump is going down and so are you.

        1. mike March 8, 2017

          You’re still posting insane comments.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

            Of course, we could put it to a vote of posters on this thread who thinks you or I are insane. But then, that would only deflate your ego, wouldn’t it?

            As you are so generous with the word “insane” toward others just never yourself, might the reason be that you are undergoing psychiatric treatment?

          2. mike March 8, 2017

            Your ridiculous comments are insane. End of story.

          3. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 8, 2017

            Coward and traitor.

          4. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 8, 2017


      2. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 8, 2017

        OK thanks for sharing your feeble insults, bootlicker.

    2. FT66 March 8, 2017

      It is not only about future election in the country, but also abroad. They have started whispering already saying if America can’t protect the integrity of their own election, how can they do it to other countries abroad.

    3. 1standlastword March 8, 2017

      They’ll create a new name for their corrupt party and start the hunger games all over again until Americans clean them like Libya

  8. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

    What I love most is that even this second Trump travel ban will be shot down by the Judiciary. The reason is simple. The countries he chose to ban prove how baseless his “facts” are. Not a single one of those countries have proven to be terrorists on U.S. soil, much less on European soil.

    I will be the first now to say what the Republicans don’t dare: Trump chose those countries for the purpose of sabotaging business competition with the Saudis.

    And why hasn’t he specifically named ISIS in any of the travel ban documentation? You know why. Trump is a chicken livered coward who knows the minute he mouths off about ISIS, he is a dead man.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker March 8, 2017

    At some point, we know Trump will go berserk. It is inevitable. But, here is the worst of that. Because the Republicans ignored the Russian hacking and imposed what they knew was a tyrant on this country, they are as guilty of tyranny as Trump is of treason.

    No matter how the Republicans slather it in “this is what the people want,” 60% of the people in the US want Trump gone for no reason other than his inability to stop running his lying mouth. What kind of American citizen would knowingly condone a liar for President who has lost all credibility and at this point is serving ONLY the Republican Anti Obama agenda?

  10. RichFromShowMe March 8, 2017

    From reading comments on this blog it seems quite obvious the next growth industry will be Mental Health Services and Rubber Room Construction Companies designed for those on the Left! 🙂

    1. Independent1 March 8, 2017

      It isn’t the left that’s allowing a visibly mentally ill idiot to continue to run our country until he creates some monumental disaster!

      It isn’t the left that is tanking the economies of every state they govern – turning them into economic hell holes! Turning every state they govern into miserable places to live with large segments of their population living in the hell of poverty.

      It isn’t leftist-run states that have all 10 of the counties in America that are the worst off financially with people living in abstract poverty. It’s rightest run states that have that dubious distinction!!

      It isn’t the left that is working to corrupt our democracy and turn it into an Oligarchy run by the elites while turning virtually the rest of the country into nothing but peons to serve their wealth masters.

      It isn’t the left that is looking the other way while global warming is creating one catastrophe across America from flooding, to monster tornadoes, to wildfires that are scorching 4 GOP-run states to the loss of roads and homes along our country’s shores.

      It isn’t the left that is turning people in the states they govern into paupers where in many cases more than 25 percent of the people in virtually every state the GOP governs are essentially broke and on the verge of bankruptcy.

      It isn’t the left that governs states so that only 3 out of 30 of them need to get back more money in federal aid in order to keep their state from falling into bankruptcy itself.

      NO! It’s 14 leftest states that are essentially providing all the funding to keep America run. It’s only these 14 leftist-run states that get back less than 90 cents on the dollar in federal aid for the taxes they send to Washington.

      LIke all your right-wing nut case buddies – YOU’RE A BLITHERING IDIOT!!!!!

      1. idamag March 8, 2017

        These are the same nut cases that screamed that Obama spent too much time golfing, but it isn’t a problem with a president who takes 3 day weekends at his expensive resort in Florida. Michelle Obama wore a skirt, one day that was in the middle of her knee cap and it turned into t vicious scandal, but Melania naked with her legs spread for a Hustler Magazine shoot, nothing to them. They lied lied and lied some more about Obama, but refuse to see the truth about the narcissistic blowhard who bragged about grabbing women’s pussies. I think anyone who defends trump must be like him without daddy’s money. Remember how they calculated, with their creative “math” how much is cost for Obama to go see his grandmother while she was sick.

        1. The lucky one March 9, 2017

          Speaking of “like him without money.” if you want to see Trump’s personality and character as it would have looked had he not been born into wealth check out William Macy’s character on the Showtime series Shameless. It is Trump to a T.

          1. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Maybe you shouldn’t have helped him win, then. Maybe you shouldn’t STILL be posting right-wing conspiracy theories and baseless smears.

            Just a thought!

      2. RichFromShowMe March 8, 2017

        That’s quite a harangue . . . are you off your meds today?

        My comment . . . . Validated once again 🙂

        1. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 8, 2017

          Hahaha yeah, you’re a traitor.

        2. Budjob March 8, 2017

          ^That IS NOT a harangue Fascist/Nazi,everything independent1 said is actually the truth!EVERYTHING!!

          1. RichFromShowMe March 8, 2017

            I’m totally amazed at the deranged, unhinged, vile spewing from the minds(?) of “Democrats” and other posts on this blogsite . . . totally amazed 🙂

            YES! . . . the new growth industry for the USA will be Mental Health Services 🙂

          2. Independent1 March 8, 2017

            Filled with mental retards such as yourself!!

          3. JPHALL March 8, 2017

            And you keep proving the need for it.

          4. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 8, 2017

            It’s weird that you – a guy that has posted nothing but insults and bigotry – think other people are “vile spewing” (you meant bile spewing, btw) and deranged.

            Also, you are a traitor to the United States.

          5. RichFromShowMe March 9, 2017

            Vile . . . . as in extremely unpleasant.

            The Left will be in for a surprise when authorization for FISA and our National Security groups finally tell the REAL story of what’s going on . . . . . they’re about to do this 🙂

            “insults or bigotry” . . . the TRUTH is not an insult nor bigotry.

            Snowflakes . . . . melting in the light of day . . . can’t wait! 🙂

          6. The lucky one March 9, 2017

            “The Left will be in for a surprise when authorization for FISA and our National Security groups finally tell the REAL story of what’s going on” Now you’re revealing your naiveté.

          7. RichFromShowMe March 9, 2017

            Not really !

            The FACTS are popping out now that our “spook outfits” have admitted they had their “tools stolen” . . . perfect cover for when the shoe drops and the wiretaps/data thefts, etc. are tracked directly to the previous Administration.

            Time (a month, or so) will tell who he Real Culprits are. 🙂

          8. The lucky one March 9, 2017

            What is extremely naïve is your belief that “FISA and our National Security groups finally tell the REAL story” on any issue. They deal in secrecy, misinformation and propaganda and are never to be believed without corroborating evidence.
            BTW Do think capitalizing FACTS makes your assertions more credible?

          9. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Yes, I already said you hated America.

        3. Budjob March 8, 2017

          One other thing,this screwball,incompetent,semi-literate,inept,Fascist,is enamored with nuclear weapons,and using them!

          1. RichFromShowMe March 8, 2017

            Another one off their meds?

            What party’s President was the first and only one ever to set off nuclear weapons in war and in testing?

            How many Republican Presidents have set off nuclear weapons?

          2. Charles Winter March 8, 2017

            I’m glad that you acknowledge that you have neither facts nor reason on your side.

          3. RichFromShowMe March 8, 2017

            Charles . . . this was a simple, straight-forward question that any fifth grader could answer.

          4. The lucky one March 9, 2017

            Maybe next time you should run out and find a 5th grader because you’re not handling it very well.

          5. JPHALL March 8, 2017

            Just a short list to educate you on the subject: Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush. The US continued underground nuclear testing until 1996.

          6. RichFromShowMe March 9, 2017

            These were not the “first” . . . President Truman was the “first”.

            He used nuclear/atomic bombs to stop a war and cut our losses if we would have had to invade Japan.

          7. The lucky one March 9, 2017

            Interesting how you twist yourself around to fit your biases. First you use Truman’s use of a nuclear bomb to tar the Democrats. Then you later give, in your opinion, a sound rationale for his doing so. Which is it, the action of an insane murderer deserving condemnation or an astute military tactic deserving praise? BTW you need to do some historical research because the belief that the bomb was needed to avoid invading Japan is debatable and the use of the 2nd one at Nagasaki is indefensible.

          8. RichFromShowMe March 9, 2017

            No twisting here . . . . just FACTS!

            President Truman used the nuclear/atomic bombs for a good reason; i.e., to end a war.

            The Nagasaki bomb may or may not have been needed, but Military and Political thought, at that time, was that it was needed.

            Back in those days the majority of folks trusted our leaders decisions . . . . .

          9. The lucky one March 9, 2017

            If Truman used the bomb for a “good reason” then why did you try to tar the Democrats with that “fact”?

            Since you are enamored with “facts” do some research. There was considerable evidence that nuclear bombs were not needed to end the war, certainly not 2 of them. It was a display to show the world, especially the Soviets what we were capable of doing.

            “Back in those days the majority of folks trusted our leaders decisions” Maybe so but it was as big a mistake then as it is now, just a little more obvious now.

          10. RichFromShowMe March 9, 2017

            “First you use Truman’s use of a nuclear bomb to tar the Democrats. Then you later give, in your opinion, a sound rationale for his doing so.”

            First and foremost I was only pointing out the FACTS, not tarring one of my favorite Presidents. I was only pointing out that President Trump is “enamored with nuclear weapons, and using them”, which is categorically FALSE.

            I fully realize that FACTS really don’t matter on this blog, but have been “testing” to see the level of vile comments on a Liberal Blog, versus a Conservative blog . . . there is no comparison with the vile comments and lack of the use of FACTS on this blog.

            I never thought there would be such a differential, between Liberals and Conservatives, but you and others, not all bloggers of course, have proven it.

            Also, on this blog site, I picked up 312 tracking viruses that the blog owner might just want to snuff out, or he/she is enjoying the revenue from tracking viruses . . . . . not to alibi for the blog-master, but some sort of revenue needs to be generated to keep it online.

          11. The lucky one March 9, 2017

            You mentioned Truman’s use of the bomb to try to show that Dems are more prone to it’s use. I believe that is absurd. It’s true I think that many Dems are as prone to military vs. diplomatic solutions as Repubs but bringing up Truman is simply irrelevant to the issues presented in the article.

            I agree that saying Trump is “enamored with nuclear weapons, and using them” is hyperbole but he has asked the question “Why don’t we use them?” and is determined to increase our capability.

            You are suffering from serious lens bias if you think the posters here are any more prone to the use of insults or vile comments than those on conservative sites. Certainly there is plenty of that here, too much, but no worse than “conservative” sites I’ve visited. How did you expect to be treated when your first comment was “the next growth industry will be Mental Health Services and Rubber Room Construction Companies designed for those on the Left!”? Was that your “Test”, say something insulting and see how it is received? Either grow up and post responsibly or stop whining when your rudeness is treated in kind.

            “I fully realize that FACTS really don’t matter on this blog” You may have a point there with many posters but CERTAINLY no worse than the right wing blogs, Breitbart is concerned with “facts”??? LOL The only facts they have are the alternative kind that trump favors.

          12. Jmz Nesky March 11, 2017

            Here’s the difference.. Not one Democrat or Republican up to the Trumpkin had blatantly totted the football around like a dinner prize.. Orange aid did this on one of his gala dinner events to show off his absolute power.. It was in essence the most impulsive narcissistic actions ANY president has demonstrated.

          13. The lucky one March 11, 2017

            Yes he is a buffoon, no doubt about that. It wouldn’t surprise me if there is an agent, ostensibly there to guard the president and/or the football, whose real mission is to “heart attack” Trump if he gets too rambunctious.

          14. JPHALL March 9, 2017

            As I said, my reply was in response to your statement that Republican presidents did not use the A-bomb. They tested them both in the atmosphere and underground. Meaning that A-bombs exploded until the 1990’s.

          15. RichFromShowMe March 10, 2017

            Correct on question 2 !

        4. Independent1 March 8, 2017

          You have your head up your butt so far you, like all the rest of your mindlessly ignorant friends, who refuse to see that outright danger you’re not only putting our country, but also your own lives in.

          In states run by Republicans, they’re creating quasi 3rd world environments where robbery, muggings, murder and all other sorts of violence run rampant. Apparently caring naught that they’re heightening even the probability that even they may end up dying young. It’s not a coincidence that people in GOP-run states live 2-6 year shorter lives. A lot of it is due to failed GOP governance that even you fail to realize and accept.

          1. RichFromShowMe March 8, 2017

            Still off your meds?

            About the murder capitals of the USA . . . just more Democrat idiocy?


          2. Independent1 March 8, 2017

            You need to stop watching the Faux propaganda network:

            -All 10 of the states with the most gun-related violence are GOP-run states
            Analysis by 24/7 Wall Street – 2013
            Homicides/Assaults/Violent Crime

            -8 of the 10 most violent
            states are GOP-run at the time of the statistics (2012) Violent Crimes

            per 100,000 Population – 2012


            -24 of the 30 Cities with thehighest murder rates in the nation for 2016 – per neighborhoodscout.com – are
            in GOP-governed states with lax gun-control laws; or are in states that havebeen recently governed by the GOP or are right next to a GOP-governed state
            with very lax gun laws making gun access easy even though there are strictergun-control laws in cities like Chicago. Here’s the top 20 with #1 being East
            St. Louis, IL then Chester, PA; St. Louis, MO; Gary, IN; Detroit, MI; Camden,NJ: New Orleans, LA; Riviera, FL; Trenton, NJ; Wilmington, DE; Jackson, MS;
            Harrisburg, PA; Baltimore, MD; Newark, NJ; Petersburg, VA; Prime Bluff, AR; Rocky Mount, NC; Flint, MI; Bridgeton, NJ; Harvey, IL; and note that Chicago, Heights, IL is

          3. RichFromShowMe March 8, 2017

            I stand corrected . . . .

            Which Democrat Party runs the majority of these Cities?


          4. Independent1 March 8, 2017

            It’s not the cities lowlife:

            Mayors don’t have any control over state legislators passing laws that drive people into poverty and despair by throwing more people into poverty and unemployment like the GOP always does; which creates more problems for mayors to deal with.

            Or control over states that create lax gun laws like Florida so crooks have an easier time getting guns which is why there are 11 most dangerous cities in Florida.

            Or control over state funding that most cities need to augment their police forces which is one thing GOP-run states do: operate inefficient, understaffed police and fire departments.

            And on and on.

            Sorry lowlife, but GOP-run states in all aspects are far more violent!!!

          5. RichFromShowMe March 9, 2017

            You may be correct, but there is no substitute for local control.

            Mayors do have a lot of control over their cities economy; i.e., attracting industry, providing an environment that nourishes education, setting examples of honesty and leadership, etc.; i.e., nearly exactly the opposite of Chicago, previous Detroit Regimes, the current NYC Regime, and others.

            All in all, local Mayor’s and City Councils have a very definite effect on the outcome of their cities.

          6. Independent1 March 9, 2017

            That doesn’t change the fact that 90% of the cities with the highest murder rates are in states where there has been strong GOP influence in the state’s government in which their located. Making it obvious that state legislators can stack the game against mayors with respect to crime control – by creating high poverty and unemployment; and lax gun control and ineffective alcohol and drug rehab programs; which is exactly what has been happening in my state of Maine where Paul LePage has been refusing to provide adequate funding for social and other programs that have resulted in driving people into crime and putting more druggies on the streets who can’t get help.

          7. jmprint March 9, 2017

            They can’t raise the minimum wage.

          8. RichFromShowMe March 9, 2017

            Seattle’s mayor proved you incorrect.

            And early results aren’t too rosy for low income folks. This could change to the positive if Seattle Residents understand the increased cost of products they purchase.


          9. jmprint March 9, 2017

            Has to be approved by state legislative.

          10. RichFromShowMe March 9, 2017

            In some states, Yes, in other states Maybe, to No . . .

            Mayors use this as a tool to diffuse responsibility for the fallout; i.e. higher unemployment which the State picks up and higher cost of good sold for the local citizens . . . . they can say the State Legislature OK’ed it.


          11. Independent1 March 8, 2017

            You might also be interested to know that there’s only 1 state with more than 7 cities on the FBI’s most dangerous cities list and that state is Florida – run by the GOP. And Florida has 11 cities on the FBI’s most dangerous list.

        5. The lucky one March 9, 2017

          You’re right. Indy could have just posted his last line and it would have said it all.

        6. jmprint March 9, 2017

          Only while you are looking in the mirror.

        7. Jmz Nesky March 11, 2017

          The truth doesn’t seem to interest you as you continue to request verification that you ignore even when presented then ‘harangue’ those that are offered.. My question.. What planet are you from..?? Real human beings have enough intellect to search many outlets (not just faux snooze or blightbart) for information that you continually demand others furnish you.. You’re obviously a tourist from Yuranus.

    2. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 8, 2017

      Hahaha yeah insults will make this problem – an unhinged President that has committed treason – disappear! Good thing that you never had a drop of patriotism, or you might feel bad as Putin destroys the US.

    3. The lucky one March 9, 2017

      Maybe, but go over to some of the right wing sites and see where the real growth would be in the industry you described.

    4. jmprint March 9, 2017

      Or should we all invest in Russia?

    5. Jmz Nesky March 11, 2017

      It may seem to you that the left is mentally ill as in reality they have to continually contend with and keep in check the right’s total insanity and massive apathy toward others not of their ilk..

  11. yabbed March 8, 2017

    Trump is showing us more and more how seriously mentally unstable he is. It’s also clear that he views the presidency as nothing but a money making venture for the Trump family. Taxpayers are already being bled dry by the outrageous travel expenses this family is putting on the taxpayers. Trump is clearly incompetent and unable to handle this job. We need to put us all our of our misery and have this man impeached before he destroys what’s left of America.

  12. idamag March 8, 2017

    What is amazing is that so many people cannot see through this nutjob’s tantrums and accusations.

  13. ray March 8, 2017

    The GOP are trying to cause as much damage as they can,while the Cheeto Bandido is in office, Before they impeach him.

  14. Intolerantcentrist March 8, 2017

    Trump is so unbelievable, conspiracy theorists don’t even believe him.

    1. There is NO SUCH THING as a Conspiracy Theorist!
      There are Only people (majority) who label other people (minority) so as not to come face to face with their cognitive dissonance.
      Maybe it is time to pedal back to what these martyred people had and have to say!
      But you are too scared for that.
      You prefer to bully around, eruct and somber in your deep ignorance.
      Courage exists, though! Intelligence too…
      The facts are there! Look at them.

      1. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 8, 2017

        Poppycock. There are most definitely conspiracy theorists, and they believe things that are EASILY DISPROVABLE. Here’s some common examples:
        1. The earth is flat.
        2. Vaccines are bad for you.
        3. The moon landing was faked.
        4. Donald Trump is not a Russian puppet.

        1. Typical answer from half a brain mixing apples and pears making ridiculous generalities whilst grinning wildly.

          1. The earth is flat.
          Is not a conspiracy it is a wrong scientific statement.
          2. Vaccines are bad for you.
          It is not a conspiracy.
          Some vaccines are bad for some people.
          Overall they are good.
          3. The moon landing was faked.
          It is in a way a conspiracy if the moon landing was faked. The believers may have a case you probably never looked into. Personally I don’t care.
          4. Donald Trump is not a Russian puppet.
          If he were it would be a conspiracy which remains to be proven and has not been.
          If he is not a Russian puppet there is NO Conspiracy in sight.

          5.There are conspiracies that are really high treason and that should be tried in an independent court of Justice if you can find one someplace!

          But maybe thinking correctly is not your favorite past time Regards!!!

          1. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Hmmmm yes I see now that as well as being crazy you just want to argue about words or something boring.

            Good luck with that.

          2. If you say so!
            Your scientific literacy shows the way you assume things.
            You were probably bored learning.
            It’s more than enough to leave comments!

          3. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Yes I get that you’re nuts.

          4. Lucky you! Cheers…

          5. The lucky one March 9, 2017

            Well done Alain. I was going to warn you about getting drawn into a “dialogue” with helpy but I notice you have seen through his act.
            Re: vaccines. I agree with your observation and wish to add that some vaccines, flu for instance, though probably safe for most people are just not effective enough to warrant usage.

          6. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            ^ this guy believes LITERALLY EVERY CLINTON CONSPIRACY THEORY OUT THERE, despite being repeatedly linked to evidence he’s wrong. No wonder this fake liberal is upvoting a neo-Nazi Trump supporter; nothing is more important to him than confirmation bias (certainly not any progressive goal).

          7. Give me a few samples of CLINTON CONSPIRACY THEORY OUT THERE.

            I am interested. I Did not know they existed really!
            But it is probable of course.

          8. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            I can’t imagine why you think I’m going to jump through your idiot hoops, crazy dude who hates science.

          9. You chicken out! ? I am a PhD by the way! You guessed it!

            But Who cares? Only YOU count on this flat earth!


          10. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            OK Doctor Nutso

          11. Illiterate chicken ! Ha haaaa . Soft insult! No more!!! Nope.

          12. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Are you having a stroke?

          13. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            OK nutso

          14. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Also sorry you couldn’t come up with any good insults.

          15. Not my bag.

          16. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Sorry you can’t assemble a coherent sentence either.

          17. jmprint March 9, 2017

            No he is not a puppet, he is a willing participant.

          18. How do you know? Nobody knows that.

            What is he doing willingly? Trying to find peace?
            Hoooo you want war? Who are you supporting after all??? MIC?
            Chaos control!? We had enough of that manipulation.

          19. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            “You can’t PROVE the Earth is round!!1”

            What. A. Moron.

          20. Eratosthene 276 BC amongst other ancient Greek but also Persian scholars proved the Earth is round.
            Another question to the Moron?

          21. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Who would have thought you’d miss the point aside from anyone who noticed early on you were a crazy moron?

          22. This sentence is senseless…

          23. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Yes, you ARE functionally illiterate, incoherent crazy dude.

          24. jmprint March 9, 2017

            Oh come on Alain, you know better. He is in dip $hit with Russian and Mafia corruption activity, it’s there, you can plead ignorance, I don’t care. All details will surface, if the witnesses can remain alive.

          25. I don’t have to plead anything you do it very well for me.
            So details have not surfaced and you speculate witnesses (names) are in jeopardy? How do you know? You do not.
            In my country there is such a thing as law and justice, not a Judge Roy Bean mascarade.
            This guy is your POTUS remember?
            Half your country voted for him. He represents you all.
            How do you know he does not want peace!
            What are you so scared about?
            The Dollar and Oil! Haaa yes!

          26. jmprint March 9, 2017

            So then why don’t you mind your business. We don’t care what YOU think.

          27. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            It’s literally impossible to tell what he’s even on about.

          28. jmprint March 9, 2017

            We have the Trumpanzees and then we have the Foreign Trumpanzees. Can hardly wait till they start eating each other.

          29. Alain Vercammen-Grandjean March 10, 2017

            This phrase proves you are a brutal irresponsible bully as so many like you alas. I will not interfere with your empty gibberish any more.
            You win your swim in your swamp amongst yourselves.
            Good bye.

          30. jmprint March 10, 2017

            Greed is what drives the motivation in your piranha cesspool.

          31. Alain Vercammen-Grandjean March 10, 2017

            The fate of the world is my business. You may brutally destroy it in a minute but you do not run it all yet.

          32. jmprint March 10, 2017

            Of course not, too many brits like you hanging around, for world dominance.

          33. Jmz Nesky March 11, 2017

            It took almost a half term to butt kick tricky Dickie once Watergate flooded the nation.. It’s only started, give it some more time.. The authorities and prosecution wants solid evidence so that some pencil neck mouth piece won’t get the orange pumpkin off on a technicality.. Patience, boom time evidence to come.

          34. jmprint March 10, 2017

            Yes piece not peace, he can hardly wait to be as rich as Putin, he wants the piece of the rock.

          35. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            I got to say, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen anyone write on this website, and that’s a high, high bar given some of the posters here (The Lucky One, et al). “Those aren’t conspiracy theories because they’re wrong!”. Jesus Christ what a moron.

          36. You cannot read properly? Your science is inexistant.

            Who is Jesus Christ?
            A fake and conspiracist who created a new religion on earth?

            That is what some friends of your POTUS (he represents you perfectly) think you know! Cheers

            You are funny but a little tense! Cool it.
            Nothing you may think you understand exists.

          37. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 9, 2017

            Jesus Christ what a moron

      2. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 8, 2017

        What’s more, once you start telling me you believe in one conspiracy theory – say, that there was a controlled demolition of one of the buildings during 9/11 – I immediately assume you believe other stupid/crazy things as well, because you are demonstrating that you lack critical thinking skills.

      3. jmprint March 9, 2017

        So what do you call all those U-Tube videos that Stones has out there?

        1. Don’t know what you are talking about. Explicit please.
          Links please…

  15. 1standlastword March 8, 2017

    The truth is our Republic is going up in flames!!

    The fuel for the fire that is now the Trump presidency is all the years of abuses of power by people at every level of government for 70 or more years.

    If Trump could be impeached tomorrow (which would be nice) it would only forestall the inevitable end to the corrupt Republic we’ve developed and we’d then realize we’re really stuck for a plan.

    Why…here’s why–

    The RNC is a completely corrupt institution!

    First, they allowed Trump to get on to the debate stage for a promised to run as a republican…recall?

    The only reason they wanted him in the first place was for his celebrity and their ratings! They never though he’d knock off the establishment Puds one by one. They didn’t even bother to vet him. It would have be so easy to SEE that Donald J. Trump is a criminal and Russophile!

    Pretty stunning because Trump’s history of criminal involvement rivals the U.S. government’ s history of crimes against humanity domestic and foreign.

    Bottom line, we can thank the RNC “first” for their immoral desire to win at any cost and second the DNC for their incompetency at representing ALL the The People: something they now suddenly realize they weren’t doing.

    Donald J. Trump’ success is a result of the “two-rival sports teams mentality” between the two major parties. That mentality spawned a corruption of the whole of the U.S. body politic

    And now worse… we are desperate to dependent on a bunch of people…the same people–by the way…to do the right thing and they are the people who haven’t done anything right to date; but only they can save us from “their” Frankenstein Monster.

    It is the governing body of greedy-filthy-rich-old- professional politicians– that built the monster factory that the world needs to protect the world from the one that got away as it tromps the countryside eating house pets and terrorizing the whole of the community of humans!

    Well, Mr. Lyons, I’m not holding my breath either!

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 10, 2017

    its too and so easy a fix simple maybe that’s why the GOP gang of pinheads cant understand it >>whats wrong with people in office these days mainly the GOP & DONNY DUMP thy all want to take money from plaves that need it for the people of the country . and then thy want to turn around and give more money back in tax breaks and or what ever to the rich greedy ones that don’t even need the money . if be it one really wanted to balance the country out ( its all there ) all the money that is needed and all it would take is something simple and fair . just make every one (EVERY ONE THE SAME TO BE FAIR TO ALL ) PAYS THE SAME OF A % PERCENTAGE % IN TAXES no more no less just the same all around . if this was to be the USA would be out of problems in no time . and after out of trouble it would only be making the USA better and better . its WE THE PEOPLE all of us are the same and with that do and pay the same . problem solved & fixed

  17. MeToo June 23, 2017

    I read your post with interest. You mention Putin and the Trump Russian connection but all we’ve heard, for months now, is Trump’s collusion with Russia. You are using the same old talking points the Democrats are using. Can you back up what you stated? Let’s see the facts of this Trump Putin connection. We haven’t seen any evidence in months yet the liberals keep beating this to death. You obviously have great disdain for the president. I can accept that. I didn’t much like Obama either. Narcissism is a trait inherent in all of us. It can surface from time to time. In your opinion Trump is a narcissist. Okay, but what about Hillary and Obama? You go on to mention a disaster and then, in quotes put (if quite likely). What disaster are you referring to? You are spewing off and venting in this article and I don’t blame you. I’ve done it many times, myself. But, please, please, back up some of what you say with evidence and facts. We’re able handle the truth. Otherwise, we’ll just read what you have to say and then dismiss it as just another piece of liberal garbage.


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