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Kellyanne Conway Publicly Trashes Mitt Romney On ‘Meet The Press’

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Kellyanne Conway Publicly Trashes Mitt Romney On ‘Meet The Press’

Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway (L) and Paul Manafort, staff of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, speak during a round table discussion on security at Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An internal dispute among Donald Trump’s advisers broke out into the open on Sunday when his campaign manager warned that the president-elect could face an intense backlash from supporters if he chose Mitt Romney to be his secretary of state.

Trump has been weighing whether to pick Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee who spent much of the past year criticizing Trump, or former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who backed the real-estate mogul’s insurgent presidential run.

Giuliani would fit with the other loyalists and conservative hardliners that Trump has picked to fill out his administration so far, but he has drawn criticism for working as a consultant to foreign governments.

Trump could help unite his party and win over skeptical establishment Republicans if he chooses Romney for the post.

Though the debate has largely played out behind closed doors, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway warned that Trump could anger his supporters if he picked Romney, who called him a “fraud” and a “phony” in speeches this year.

“They feel betrayed to think that you can get Romney back in there after everything he did – we don’t even know if he voted for Donald Trump. He and his consultants were nothing but awful to Donald Trump for a year,” she said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I am all for party unity but I am not sure that we have to pay for that with the Secretary of State position,” Conway said on CNN.

Conway said she would support Trump if he decided to pick Romney for the position, but other Republicans criticized her for making her case on television, rather than talking to Trump directly.

“Astounding to hear K. Conway, who has the ability to tell Trump privately, trash possibility of Romney as Sec of State publicly,” Republican strategist Ana Navarro wrote on Twitter.

(Addtional reporting by David Chance; Editing by Nick Zieminski)

IMAGE: Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway (L) and Paul Manafort, staff of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, speak during a round table discussion on security at Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri



  1. jannie.gandhi November 28, 2016

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  2. BDD1951 November 28, 2016

    At least Mitt Romney has some class. Not like Trump liars.

    1. Dan S November 28, 2016

      I have to agree. Mitt Romney is much more cordial & diplomatic than the Trump rabble rousers that can’t recognize the truth from a lie. Their behavior is violent at times & have no interest in any negotiation. Trump is the same way & with him at the helm we have no leadership in this country. If Romney was his Secretary of State he can at least smooth over Trumps rough edges. Unfortunately he’ll likely go with Guilianni. Whoop

  3. FireBaron November 28, 2016

    Wow. First he denounces his Alt-Right supporters, then he says he may not prosecute Hillary, now he reaches out an olive branch to the grownups of the GOP. Man, he went downhill since he declared himself the winner.

    1. The lucky one November 28, 2016

      Did you mean “the whiner”?

  4. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

    Theft, deceit, lies…all perfectly normal. Racism, bigotry, gender bias? All normal. Demand an election recount and Conway’s butt goes into a rage. How dare voters have rights? Why not just forget all about elections and started the coronation proceedings for her Penthouse Emperor? That way, when King Charles and King David Koch are next on the throne, Conway is already prepared for her coronation hostilities.

    If this woman is an example of what the Penthouse President calls a “woman,” it speaks volume of why he found his wife in some Russian brothel.

  5. The lucky one November 28, 2016

    That’s the GOP. Trump called Cruz’ wife ugly and said that his dad was part of the Kennedy assassination but Ted is still sucking up to him.

  6. FT66 November 28, 2016

    Kellyanne Conway has no diplomacy at all and conducts herself in a very bad manner. For the sake and survival of the country, she must go and let those who talk less and do much, take over.

    1. itsfun November 28, 2016

      I like someone not worrying about being diplomatic and talking straight out. We need more people saying what they think, not saying what is PC.

      1. FT66 November 28, 2016

        You are talking like a layman on streets.Thats not how people who work in the highest Office in the entire world talk/work.

        1. itsfun November 28, 2016

          Maybe that’s the core of the problems we have today. People won’t tell each other how they really feel about subjects. Don’t you think its about time to use straight forward language instead of watching politicians dance around everything. I know the elite don’t care what us dumb ass deplorables think or want. They believe we are here just to pay them taxes, do exactly what they want and keep our mouths shut. Maybe the silent majority is done being silent.

          1. Zengo November 28, 2016

            yeah, why have manners, that for the elitists!

          2. itsfun November 29, 2016

            So, now it is rude to talk straight and tell it like it is? Are citizens suppose to be afraid to talk now?

          3. Zengo November 29, 2016

            I would like to know what your definition of politically correct speech is. You see that has been a RW talking point for the last 20 years or more, used as a dog whistle

          4. itsfun November 29, 2016

            When people are afraid to say “drain the swamp” become some jerk has decided that is racist. It seems that anytime someone says anything in normal speech, there will always be someone or group that decides its racist, or offends them and so on. Where is it written that anyone has the “right” to not be offended?

          5. Zengo November 29, 2016

            how about labeling people by a color or a disability?

          6. itsfun November 29, 2016

            What does that have to do with PC?

          7. Zengo November 29, 2016

            because it is Politically Correct to not call African Americans “Blacks”, or physically disabled people “cripples”, mentally disabled people, “retards,” etc.

          8. Zengo November 29, 2016

            how about this, when confronted as to why Trump has not been attending
            his Nat. Security briefings, she said that he gets intelligence from
            many sources. Is that a form of political correctness? it seems kind of like dancing around an issue to me

          9. itsfun November 29, 2016

            Maybe its a honest answer to a question. As long as he is getting the briefings, what does it matter where he gets it from? You may want to check and see how many briefings Obama actually goes to.

          10. Zengo November 29, 2016

            the DAILY briefing, you know from the intelligence services.. not Alex Jones

  7. teresa.diaz November 28, 2016

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  8. FindingTheTruty November 28, 2016

    Trump: why is Conway on TV putting the potential Secretary of State down? Your her boss, tell her to shut up and do her own job.

    1. dpaano November 28, 2016

      Or just tell her to shut up and go away!

      1. FindingTheTruty November 28, 2016

        Good idea. Wish they would both go away. Oh well, we are stuck.

  9. itsfun November 28, 2016

    I like her speaking out. I don’t know how President-elect Trump could ever trust Romney anyway.

  10. Jon November 28, 2016

    Conway made a wise decision delivering her message to Trump via television rather than in a private face to face meeting. You can only see that grotesque double chin of his so many times before it turns your stomach.

    1. johninPCFL November 28, 2016

      It was demonstrated throughout the campaign that the only way she could get Trump’s attention was via a television interview. Apparently nothing’s changed.

      1. Jon November 28, 2016

        That says a lot about Trump’s inability to run the country when his closest advisers need to use television appearances to get a message to him. I still think not having to look at his ugly double chin is a benefit.

  11. dpaano November 28, 2016

    Whomever Trump chooses to be SoS, they will no doubt be totally unqualified! He’s yet to pick anyone to run the various departments who is qualified!


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