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U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Suspension Of Trump Travel Ban

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U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Suspension Of Trump Travel Ban

Ban Appeal Loses in Ninth Circuit

(Reuters) – A U.S. federal appeals court on Thursday unanimously upheld a suspension of President Donald Trump’s order that restricted travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling came in a challenge to Trump’s order filed by the states of Washington and Minnesota. The U.S. Supreme Court will likely determine the case’s final outcome.

Shortly after the ruling, Trump tweeted: “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

The Justice Department said it was reviewing the decision and considering its options.

Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order barred entry for citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days and imposed a 120-day halt on all refugees, except refugees from Syria who are barred indefinitely.

U.S. District Judge James Robart suspended Trump’s order last Friday.

The ruling from the 9th Circuit, which followed a hearing on the case on Tuesday, does not resolve the lawsuit, but relates instead to whether Trump’s order should be suspended while litigation proceeds.

Two members of the three-judge panel were appointed by former Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, and one was appointed by former Republican President George W. Bush.

The government could ask the entire 9th Circuit court to review the decision “en banc” or appeal directly to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The three judges said the states had shown that even temporary reinstatement of the ban would cause harm.

In the ruling, they said they acknowledged the competing public interests of national security and free flow of travel but that the U.S. government had not offered “any evidence” of national security concerns to justify banning the seven countries.

They added that the government did not show evidence that any person from the affected countries had perpetrated a terrorist attack in the United States.

Their ruling also said it was unlikely the White House’s counsel had authority to amend a presidential executive order and that the government did not show how the order could be administered in parts.

Curbing entry to the United States as a national security measure was a central premise of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, originally proposed as a temporary ban on all Muslims. He has voiced frustration at the legal challenge to his order.

U.S. presidents have in the past claimed sweeping powers to fight terrorism, but individuals, states and civil rights groups challenging the ban said his administration had offered no evidence it answered a threat.

(Reporting by Dan Levine in San Francisco and Mica Rosenberg in New York; Writing by Lisa Lambert; Editing by Peter Cooney)

IMAGE: Beth Kohn protests outside the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals courthouse in San Francisco, California February 7, 2017, while the Court hears arguments regarding President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries. REUTERS/Noah Berger


  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 9, 2017

    The 3-0 ruling is a just decision. But true to the response expected, Trump’s ego is bruised and so he wants to waste our money to contest the decision..
    Many religious leaders are starting to arouse themselves in opposition to Trump and what he represents(a wolf in sheep’s clothing), and the rest of sane humans have begun to further isolate and give him a reason to paint himself into a corner which is a most fitting place for him.
    Poor Donald—The more he pouts, tweets, and rants, the bleaker his situation becomes.

    1. dpaano February 14, 2017

      And his every idiotic move is making the Republicans look like idiots! And, the more they start looking like idiots….the better the Democrats look! I see big things for the midterms….at least I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed!

  2. Thoughtopsy February 9, 2017

    Look at that.

    Apparently judges are the only people sensible enough and with enough power to simply ask:
    How does this improve Security? Present your evidence.
    And when they can’t… because the idea is idiotic… then block the Orange Moron’s EO.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the Republican Congress worked that way?

    1. Bettycmauldin February 10, 2017

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    2. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

      That was why they ruled against Trump’s travel ban. It had NO basis in fact. And, worse, the Trump lawyers had just as much opportunity to provide that proof and evidence and walked into court totally unprepared to defend their case. Was this really sabotage by his own lawyers?

      1. dpaano February 14, 2017

        They apparently thought that they had the winning side, but they were sooo wrong!!! They aren’t defending an idiot CEO; they’re attempting to defend a president……and that’s a much harder job to do!

    3. idamag February 10, 2017

      It would.

      1. dpaano February 14, 2017

        IT would be even greater if they did ANY work at all!!!

  3. Dominick Vila February 10, 2017

    If The Donald had any common sense, which is doubtful, he would order his courtiers to rewrite the Executive Order on this issue focusing on stricter oversight before visas are issues, and guaranteeing the rights of those already living and working in the USA, as well as those who already got entry visas. The cynical use of President Obama singling out these seven countries because of increased terrorist activities within those countries, because some have non-functioning governments, and because those that do have a stable government do not cooperate with the USA in fighting terrorism or, worse, allegedly sponsor terrorism in the Middle East and Persian Gulf, is the epitome of hypocrisy by a man who promised to reverse President Obama’s policies, and called them ineffective and dangerous. The first thing Trump should do is explain why he exempted countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, who have carried out terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, from the list; and why did he limit the scope of the Muslim travel ban to countries that have never attacked the USA? The fact that some countries have unstable governments is not new, and there are ways to limit the entry of people from those countries suspected to be spies or potential terrorists, without resorting to a religious ban. An example of a real threat is North Korea, a country with the capacity to launch a nuclear attack against its neighbors and, potentially, against the West Coast of the USA. Another is Russia, a country that interfered in a U.S. election, that is engaged in territorial expansionism, and that has a nuclear arsenal and delivery capacity to reach every corner of our country. Why did he leave real threat out of his EO, and singled out countries that are only a danger to themselves? Most importantly, why is he lashing out against people trying to escape tyranny, brutality, and persecution? Is he so scared that he fears one of those refugees may commit a crime in a country where violent crime is a daily occurrence?

    1. bobnstuff February 10, 2017

      You ask why, there is one reason. Our executive branch of the government is being run by a Reality TV Star, a party hack, a propaganda expert and a PR person. Trump is the only one to have won election and he only did it once. It’s amateur hour at the White House.

    2. itsfun February 10, 2017

      Have you forgotten what happened on 9/11. They were from countries that (as you say) only are a danger to their selves. This is not a permeant ban anyway, it was a temporary ban until a proper and great vetting system is put into place. Countries like North Korea and Russia are not going to send terrorists here, they will use the weapons they have to destroy us, not go into gorilla warfare. The countries picked were the one Obama has listed as the most dangerous. If you know more than both administrations, then you should be in DC as part of the administration.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

        Have you? I live in NJ remember assface? I know that the terrorists they rounded up here in NJ were NOT Syrians. Not a single one of the sum total of terrorists WERE. But a shitbagger like you can’t admit that can you?

        As for Russia Comrade Itsy…Does it ever occur to you to actually listen to the military experts who say Putin is behind the arms sold to the Afghan terrorists? Do you ever bother just once in your welfare pathetic life to listen when these four and five star military experts tell your brain dead Republicans they believe there is a connection to the arming of the Afghan terrorists and Russia’s Putin?

        You fool no one with your BS act. Go back to Trumpfrigistan and preach your BS.

        1. Bill P February 10, 2017

          Please forgive “itsfun” he needs a hobby so he writes these inane and inaccurate comments on this site. He seems to forget that of the 9/11 terrorists – 15 from Saudi Arabia (gee it’s not on the ban list), 2 from UAE, 1 each from Egypt and Lebanon. Yesterday he wondered why Trump couldn’t defend is daughter Ivanka’s (“clothing line), not herself. He may still be confused by Romney’s statement that corporations are people.

      2. greenlantern1 February 10, 2017

        Ever hear of FinCen?
        It is part of the Treasury Department.
        It levied a fine, of $10,000,000, against Trump Taj Mahal!
        That fine was paid!
        It was used, by terrorists, to launder money!
        Perfectly clear?

        1. itsfun February 10, 2017

          What does that have to do with anything? If you are trying to say the Treasury Dept is funding ISIS you are a bigger fool than you appear to be.

    3. FT66 February 10, 2017

      Dominick, you must be kidding. Talking about Trump having common sense? The man doesn’t know either even now what was written in an Executive Order he signed. Go and ask him now to explain it and wait for an answer which you will never get from him. He rushed and enjoyed signing it, so long cameras were rolling, photographers were in action and people saw on TV that he was working. The man is totally a big joke.

      1. dpaano February 14, 2017

        Agreed…..45 didn’t even realize that he signed an EO giving his puppet master, Bannon, permission to be involved in security discussions! He apparently doesn’t read what he’s signing, and that’s pretty scary considering who his advisors are!

  4. itsfun February 10, 2017

    We are starting to get the pre 911 attitude again. Do we have to wait for another attack before we fix our national security problems?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

      You have always had your terrorist attitude. What the hell difference is there in your posts pre 9/11 or post 9/11.

      The courts asked Trump’s lawyers for proof that there was a link between those he banned from entering the US and ANY RISK to national security. They provided none.

      So his BS “See you in court” isn’t going to change the fact that there is NO proof. Now…I am going to call YOUR bluff. Show a goddamn connection to the 7 countries he banned and not the other 6. Show us the connection to Muslims in those 7 countries that are not exactly the same as Muslims in Egypt, The UAR or Saudi Arabia.

      GEt to it assface. You don’t have any more proof than the moron Trump lawyers do.

      1. Bill P February 10, 2017

        I would reply to “itsfun” but he is in his own little bubble world. Here is a famous and very good quote from Ben Franklin “”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

      2. idamag February 10, 2017

        He is a dumb scratchass from the sticks.

    2. greenlantern1 February 10, 2017

      “National security”?
      Was it in our national interest, for BIG OIL to drill, at the US NAVAL OIL RESERVE at TEAPOT DOME?
      Was it in our national interest, for President Herbert Hoover to order our troops to fire upon our vets, during the BONUS MARCH?
      Was the Saturday Night Massacre in our national interest?
      Putin used Benghazi to get his comrade, Trump, elected!
      National interest?

      1. itsfun February 10, 2017

        you forgot pearl harbor.

        1. greenlantern1 February 10, 2017

          The USS REUBEN JAMES was sunk, before pearl harbor was attacked, by a NAZI submarine!!
          Where was the ire?

          1. itsfun February 11, 2017

            Why don’t you go back in time to find the answer to your question?

          2. jmprint February 11, 2017

            Why don’t you go back to Sept, 11, 2001 and ask yourself was our nation attacked like that since and wasn’t it security at work.

          3. itsfun February 11, 2017

            nope, just Obama making payoffs

          4. jmprint February 11, 2017

            Nope is correct there weren’t any. President Obama kept your a$$ safe. You just don’t know how to appreciate.

          5. itsfun February 11, 2017

            Obama has destroyed our Military. Today the Nave said 74% of their planes are no flyable. The Air Force is the smallest it has ever been. He allowed Iran to keep making nuclear weapons, look at how N. Korea just gave him the finger for 8 years.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

    Game on Trumpie Old Man. “See you in court?” Isn’t that how you have lived your entire adult life? “See you in court” to make huge profits?

    First of all, who the hell walks into a court room without any evidence to support your case? Humpo’s stupid robot lawyers that’s who.

    And when the Republicans and right wingers bitch that the courts can’t tell this president what to do because he is the court, the legislature and the executive Supreme High Commander in Chief of BS, they only prove how corrupt their party has become.

    They are not a party. They are a misguided ideology going off the rails on a crazy train. When your party is more important than being American and you are at the mercy of a corrupt, crooked tyrant like Trump, you bet that Americans will not capitulate to what we know is wrong. Call us what we are: ALTRUISTS. We do not condone corruption. We do not sell out our country for 30 pieces of silver like the right wngers and Republicans do.

    His so called Judge Sister Mary Ann Trump didn’t win this one for her darling dearest brother.

    1. idamag February 10, 2017

      OMG, no, the republican t-party is not a decent party. Fascist comes to mind.

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

    the scariest place in the universe the DONNY DUMP’S empty head all but his pea deranged brain in there .this DONNY DUMP CLOWN thinks if he pushes the judges (any and all of them ) by insulting then and trying to get them mad he then can say these judges cant and shouldn’t be able to rule on anything that has to do with me . because thy are bias against me . he then calls the judges or just insults them by saying a high school kid would know that he is right . even if that be thy still are up many grades over his first grade mind set of the DUMPSTER clown . this bull with his brain washed daughter the truth being is it’s all his fault alone why her stuff dosent sell thy in fact are boycotting him through her . and what kind of knowledge of the LAW dose he or his brain dead staff have ( him only how to screw people out of their money ) his wicked witch of the west Conway says that DONNY DUMP stands beside her and what she has done 100 % well in not so many words she is breaking some type of law and or rules written in the constitution . and he stands with her 100 % . so what dose that have to say about him ? he’s one to brag of every thing how much money he has if this is true then why wont he use his bragging and show all the $ billions he says he has ? be proud DUMPSTER CLOWN and show all your taxes prove it to the world if it true . when you watch the clown a lot of times he seems to a lot give the HAIL HITLER sign . he think’s a dictator like Hitler or wants to be anyways

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

    DONNY DUMP is one sick piece of crap . he is setting back wishing and praying for some kind of any kind of terrorism ATTACK on the country heck that wacko might even try to do one him self or pay some one to do a terror act . (I wouldn’t put that pass him ) the only and worse security risk for the country is in his pea brain head . he is wasting all this time on BULL he seems to crave an attack the same way the addicted junky craves his fix of ATTENTION . when is the government going to see this clown for what he is ? a mental deranged SYCO case ? its needed very badly now A FULL PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION EXAMINATION by more Doctors then judges . I cant understand why some Doctors haven’t came forward yet ? or even the DEMS to request some kind of mind set evaluation on this deranged president clown . it has to be some place in the constitution (or very well should be ) that the POTUS has to be at a sane mind set to be the president . and not be an addicted attention seeking junky that wants to rule deranged ego of a dictator like Hitler

  8. greenlantern1 February 10, 2017

    One, of Sir Winston Churchill’s closest friends, was Lawrence of Arabia!
    Wasn’t he a good judge of character?

  9. idamag February 10, 2017

    “See you in court, America’s Security is as stake.” Carefully calculated to scare the scaredy cats who vote for people like him. More people die from automobile accidents, in this country, every year than from terrorist attacks. Keep agitating people in other countries and that is inviting attacks. We have diplomatic entities over there. We have American travelers over there. We have businesses in foreign countries. With the present climate, it is not going to be if. It is going to be when. With the high technology we have, there is no guarantee people, on this continent, will be safe from the wrath that jerkoff foments.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 10, 2017

    The “accidental” President, Donald J. Trump, and foremost “child” in the country, delivered a check made out to “TRAVEL BAN TRUMP ADMINISTRATION” to the Washington State branch of “THE Court of Appeals & JUSTICE(capital ‘J’) “. The check bounced for the following reason: “Insufficient Intellect And An Abundance Of Ill Will”.

    Trump, in a fit of anger, will try to get another “bank” to cash his bogus check.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

    It doesn’t take much to figure out what the real connection is between Trump and Putin. First, you start with Putin. He is hellbent on making Russia the No. 1 Super Power. He knows if he get the Ukraine back in his grip, the rest of those smaller countries that once was controlled by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), it represents a huge threat to the rest of Europe.

    If you watched the Congressional hearing on CSpan this week, you would have heard two 4-star and 2 5-star US generals all say that Putin is behind the shipments of arms to Afghanistan. Think about that. Putin gets the Ukraine and Afghanistan. Two for the price of one. But, our US military is stationed in Afghanistan. Every bullet or bomb aimed at one of our own is Putin killing Americans because those weapons come from Russia.

    Then, you would have heard these Generas state under oath that Putin supports Syria’s dictator Assad. Assad has already killed over 200,000 of his own Syrian citinzens. Putin Supports that and Trump supports Putin. Still think Trump shouldn’t be impeached?

    Big suggestion. Don’t just view opinions from the media. Pay attention to your Congressional sessions and hear from the top US experts facts they know better than anyone.

    1. dpaano February 14, 2017

      Thanks again for keeping us in the loop…..

  12. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

    Since Trump is on the phone every two weeks with Putin and now those calls have been blocked so they can “speak secretly” where is the National Security in that?

    Worse, we have no idea how desperate Trump with that psycho ego of his will get and try a “fake terrorist” attack. The only reason he hasn’t so far is because he can’t figure out a way to make himself look innocent should Americans end up dead.

    But you can bet he thought about fabricating a fake terrorist attack for no reason other than to say, “See? I told you so. I am always right. I am never wrong.”

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

    DONNY DUMP is a rude ignorant piece of crap he has Japan’s leader there he dosent even have the head set on to understand what he was saying . and rushing the interview hurrying it up (he didn’t want to even be there ) such a short attention span the DUMPSTER has the N word has no color or race its ones personality and DONNY DUMP is one ignorant N word with in him self . he set back rants his BULL like the ignorant clown he is . as for the reporters there what’s wrong with them ? thy should asked the DUMPSTER what he means by wanting the Japanese people to pay for any American troops that are in Japan . the CLOWN CAR DRIVER was the one that did all the bull of others doing the TALK, TALK ,TALK and no action . het the ones that BULL’S ,BULL’S , BULL with nothing coming out no action . he is wasting so much time on losing things in office and when the EGO CLOWN loses he cant handle that . its the only thing his short attention span cant let go . you lose you move on . but no he want to bury himself deeper . and lose more . then the clown says to all I will do this I will do that believe me . YA RIGHT the same way you told all the investers and people you screwed out of $$ MILLIONS of dollars to BELIEVE YOU THAT YOU WAS GOING TO MAKE THEM MONEY ? RIGHT BEFORE EACH OF THE 5 BANKRUPT’S YOU BURYED THEM IN

  14. Seth Garza February 14, 2017

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