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Democrats Demand Answers About Flynn’s Pre-Inauguration Contact With Russia



  1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 12, 2017

    by right heck and even the law the whole DONNY DUMP free clown show should be under investigation . all of the wanted to be brain washed clan . if it be that any DEM was to be doing just half the GOP gang of pinheads are pulling these days ( mostly on just the DUMPSTERS side ) thy would be setting investigation after investigation. let the DEMS get back control and when thy do that’s when thy can bring all the investigation to the floor and get them approved to be investigated . then is a time with the DEMS in control thy can clean up all the B/S spread all over the government but the GOP gang of pinheads and THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . let them pay and be responsible for all their dirty deeds thy been pulling and doing for too long now

  2. leonardo311 February 12, 2017

    We should be more concerned with contacts between the President and his team with the Russians, prior to the election. For what the Russians did was in essence no different than Nixon’s Watergate burglars.

    1. Christinatandrews February 13, 2017

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    2. Eleanore Whitaker February 13, 2017

      We all know why the Russians dared to steal Democratic voter data. But, what did they do with the data they stole? You know they were not so generous as to just delete it after Trump’s slimed the election.

      The real question is why and how the electors to the Electoral College were appointed by their Republican legislators. While appointing electors is the job of state legislators, does any really trust Republicans wouldn’t pay off these electors to sway their votes?

      Now, we have no idea what the Russians did with all that data they hacked into and collected. And the FBI will never cough up the documents that serve as proof of the election rigging. It is long past time for Americans to demand to SEE those documents.

  3. rhetoric_phobic February 12, 2017

    All the tactics being used by Bannon the neo nazi and his useful idiot trump, are straight out of the nazi playbook. Some very nice German people did nothing about it when they saw it happening and we know how that turned out. The problem is references to Hitler have been incorrectly applied to a couple past administrations and now that it applies it sounds like old tired rhetoric. The trump voters include the fox watchers who believe anything and do little research on their own and/or are truly poorly educated do not know about the underbelly of this administration. The trump supporters who know all about and support Bannon’s agenda are using the tactics and trying to minimize the comparisons with insults . Don’t buy it and ignore them. Just keep putting out the real message of what is at risk here.

  4. 788eddie February 12, 2017

    I am so glad our newly installed president promised to drain the swamp – NOT!

    What happened to “on day one . . .?”

  5. Dominick Vila February 12, 2017

    The biggest problem for Flynn is not so much that he engaged in inappropriate conversations, and made promises, to the Russian ambassador while President Obama and Congress were imposing sanctions on Russia as a result of their interference in our elections. His problem is that he lied to VP Trump, when he denied he had done so.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker February 13, 2017

    There is a law on the books that states that no American citizen may act on behalf of the government in an unofficial capacity with foreign leaders.

    When you watch Trump’s “advisor” Singer openly lie, defend his lies and dare you to call them “lies” you see just how far this administration will go to ram their policies down our throats. Between, Conway, Bannon, Spicer and this limp noodleheaded nut, Singer, you have to wonder who is ahead in the race to be “Mr. Trump’s” No. 1.

    This is kind of thing you see in corporations all the time. Where the minions are contortionists are truth and facts, anything to get to be the CEO’s No. 1.

    But, here is what is dangerous about that. So many times when these minions sidled up and do acrobatics for their CEOs, they have a back room agenda all their own. That’s known to CEOs as “vested power.” As in “They power invested in minions” who can then act in place of the executive should he decided to take vacation or need time off. In Mr. CEOs absences, these executive delegates lap up as much power as they can muster until Mr. CEO returns. This is a script anyone who has worked closely with CEOs knows so well.

    Now, the biggest danger is right in their midst. Watch what happens when Conway is given the back hand by the GOP and has to fight for her corporate “power space” in the Trump line up. Make her angry enough and no lawsuit the Trump lawsuiters come up with will shut her up. She sing like Maria Callas best aria performance.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker February 13, 2017

    Now that Trump has used his “pogroms” on the immigrants in CA to get even with CA’s Governor, MA will be next since they are also refusing to allow Trump to collect anyone off American streets in another purge of immigrants from 7 countries.

    His problem with this is not going to pass the SC muster. Not even if Gorsuch is appointed. The reason is simple. It IS all about Trump and his sidling up to Putin. Putin is tied at the hip to Assad and Assad has already exterminated over 200,000 of his own people. Once you recognize “why” Trump is going after refugees from Syria and the other 6 countries and refusing to admit that there are Russian mobsters right in his own home town in NY City more savage and dangerous to the US that he will never deport, you see what he is really after: The Trump Organization as a global geo political autonomous power.

    No matter how the right wingers or Republicans cover this up, Trump and Putin are kissing cousins. The proof is already out there. His constant need to be in phone contact with Putin. Putin has sold arms to both Afghan rebels and Assad. This means that Trump is sidling up to Putin who is helping to place American military and the US in grave danger.

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 13, 2017

    a post from the Washington post >>successful DONNY DUMP ??????/ don’t think so only successful thing the DUMPSDTER CLOWN can do is a highest recorded bankrupt of all time the whole country of America (that’s the debt. kings goal ) look this up THE BOSTON GLOBE >>
    Analyzing the president, from afar
    Mental health experts see three key psychological traits in President Trump. . ive been saying this for a long time even before the DUMPSTER ran for the house on this clowns best day he is a DERANGE DAY


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