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Democrats Sue Trump For Alleged Voter Intimidation In Four States

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Democrats Sue Trump For Alleged Voter Intimidation In Four States


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic Party officials sued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in four battleground states on Monday, seeking to shut down a poll-watching effort that they said was designed to harass minority voters in the Nov. 8 election.

In lawsuits filed in federal courts in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Ohio, Democrats argued that Trump and Republican Party officials were mounting a “campaign of vigilante voter intimidation” that violates the 1965 Voting Rights Act and an 1871 law aimed at the Ku Klux Klan.

“Trump has sought to advance his campaign’s goal of ‘voter suppression’ by using the loudest microphone in the nation to implore his supporters to engage in unlawful intimidation,” the Ohio Democratic Party wrote in a legal filing. Similar language was used in the other lawsuits.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Campaigning in Ohio, Clinton said Trump was hoping to discourage people from participating in the election.

“His whole strategy is to suppress the vote. Lots of noise. Lots of distractions,” Clinton said in Cleveland.

Since August, Trump has urged his supporters to monitor polling locations on Election Day for signs of possible voting fraud, often urging them to keep a close eye on cities like Philadelphia and St. Louis that have high minority populations.

In a separate lawsuit, Democrats are seeking to stop the national Republican Party from working with the Trump campaign on poll monitoring, arguing that a long-standing court order prevents the party from engaging in so-called “ballot security” measures.

Many states allow campaigns and political parties to monitor balloting, though they often face restrictions. In Pennsylvania, for example, poll watchers must be formally certified by the local election board and must be registered voters in the county where they are working. The state Republican party has sued to remove these restrictions.

With early voting under way, civil rights groups have said they have heard isolated reports of self-described poll monitors photographing voters and engaging in other intimidating behavior.

Democrats also sued Republican operative Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally who is organizing an exit-polling effort. Democrats said the true purpose of the project, called Stop the Steal, was to intimidate minority and urban voters.

Stone told Reuters that his project was designed to ensure that electronic voting machines were working properly.

On Stop the Steal’s website, Stone says Clinton’s Democrats “intend to flood the polls with illegals. Liberal enclaves already let illegals vote in their local and state elections and now they want them to vote in the Presidential election.”

Stone said the 1,400 people across the United States who have volunteered for the project have been instructed to use neutral language and only approach people after they have voted.

“Since we are only talking to voters after they have voted, how can we be intimidating them?” Stone said.

(Additional reporting by Roberta Rampton in Cleveland; Editing by Leslie Adler)

IMAGE: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada June 18, 2016. REUTERS/David Becker/Files



  1. TZToronto October 31, 2016

    “Stone said the 1,400 people across the United States who have
    volunteered for the project have been instructed to use neutral language
    and only approach people after they have voted.” To Trump’s low-information enforcers, that means approaching people BEFORE they vote. They probably have a problem with prepositions.

    1. dbtheonly October 31, 2016

      I dunno. Seems that Trump’s prepositioned a bunch of women.

      1. TZToronto October 31, 2016

        We already know what the object of Trump’s preposition is.

  2. sue.suggs October 31, 2016

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  3. AgLander October 31, 2016

    Democrats have had such a long and uninterrupted run of voting fraud and ballot box stuffing in urban areas where it’s unsafe for a Republican to even enter a polling location that they react with indignation when challenged to carry out proper identification and verification that votes are legal votes. They feel they are entitled to cheat because they’ve been getting away with it for so long!

    1. queenbee October 31, 2016

      Talk about things you know about, not something someone told you. You sound like a dumb POS but not surprise considering you are reputhug.

    2. Independent1 November 1, 2016

      And the lies just continue unabated!!

      Shocker: Republicans Account For Most Cases Of U.S. Voter Fraud

      The Republican party is certain that U.S. elections are rife with
      voter fraud. How are they so sure of that? Apparently because Republican
      operatives are the source of most of it.

      This past Tuesday, Adam Ward of Bassett County Virginia pleaded guilty to 36 counts of voter fraud and perjuryin connection with an attempt to help Newt Gingrich reach the number of signatures required to appear on last year’s Virginia presidential primary ballot. Ward collected over 11,000 signatures on behalf of ngrich, over 4,000 of which, according to investigators, could not be
      verified. According to Raw Story, the Virginia campaign of Texas governor Rick Perry faced a similar dilemma, with almost half the 11,900 signatures collected on his behalf failing verification. No Perry supporters are currently facing criminal charges.

      A variety of Republican-controlled state legislatures passed “anti-voter fraud” legislation in 2012, in what was considered by many to be a blatant attempt to disenfranchise traditional Democratic constituencies such as minorities and college students. These measures typically centered around enhanced ID requirements for voters. Courts blocked the implementation of many of these laws in time for the 2012 election, but left open the possibility that they could be permitted to go into effect in the future. The Minnesota Post reported
      that an analysis of over 2,000 cases of voter fraud revealed an “infinitesimal” rate of fraud, and that “in person” fraud of the type that is targeted by voter ID laws is “virtually non-existent.”

      And on and on and on:


    3. Independent1 November 1, 2016

      Come on, produce on shred of bona fide evidence to support those rampant pathological lies!!!

    4. rose.presle November 1, 2016

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    5. Dan S November 1, 2016

      That’s a load of BS & you know it ????

    6. Michael Brown November 1, 2016

      she is trash.

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! March 10, 2017

        She is trash belowhttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/99dfd61735341421b1559bf2cb9a277a7ec7e351f6530b5156c8756f6fdaf806.png

    7. I Am Helpy November 2, 2016

      “I made up some stuff so that makes it OK to commit felonies”.
      Your desperation is making you stupider by the minute.

      1. iamproteus November 2, 2016

        You DO know that Aglander is a Putin troll…right? Imploring him/her/it to provide any shred of evidence to back up the bullshlt will only prompt him/her/it to deliver another shovel-full of bullshlt.

        1. I Am Helpy November 2, 2016

          I like to make him cry.

          1. iamproteus November 2, 2016

            I understand the sentiment; I just don’t think it is possible to make a mercenary cry. For people like that, it’s just another day at the office.

          2. I Am Helpy November 2, 2016

            He’s not paid to do this; he’s unemployable.

  4. Jon November 1, 2016

    Thus far the voter fraud count is 3 Trump voters, 1 in Iowa and 2 in Florida. All said they had to do it because Trump said the election is rigged. The only logical message they got from Trump was to go out and rig the election because it is being rigged against Trump and by extension them. Fighting fire with fire in their feeble minds. Now Trump is openly calling on his sheep to vote multiple times telling those that mailed in ballots in early voting that their ballots may not be counted so they still needed to go to a polling station and vote to ensure that at least 1 of their 2 votes were counted.

  5. Dan S November 1, 2016

    I’ve never been so distraught at how unethical & deceptive the party of Lincoln has become. First the so called right wing evangelicals take over followed by the Tea Party & now White Nationalists i.e. Neo Nazis. The more moderate wing of that party need to divorce themselves from those crackpots & start a new party that they can be proud of

  6. FireBaron November 1, 2016

    Ever notice that the GOP demands everyone else follows the existing rules, then demands those same rules get changed to suit their needs?

    1. iamproteus November 2, 2016

      I don’t think it’s so much that they want the rules changed as it is that they think THEY should be exempt from the rules.

  7. iamproteus November 2, 2016

    It is just inconceivable to me that anyone (especially women and self confessed Christians!) could be aware of the things that trump has said and done and still even consider voting for that piece of garbage. As a parent, would you want one of your children to emulate him……honestly?


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