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Donald Trump Vs. Ben Carson: Something Very Ugly Here

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Donald Trump Vs. Ben Carson: Something Very Ugly Here


Donald Trump is not being at all subtle in his latest wave of attacks on his current main opponent, Dr. Ben Carson, and it’s triggered yet another round of pundits wondering if The Donald has finally gone too far and crashed his campaign. But recall what has happened every other time people said Trump went overboard, whether he was tearing down Mexican immigrants, John McCain and POWs, or Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly: No matter what, he just keeps rising in the polls.

Carson has built up a following among conservative, evangelical Christian (and largely white) voters in Iowa with his tales of moral redemption from a violent childhood, and The Donald is now setting out to depict Carson as dangerous — and maybe even inhuman.

Carson’s violent behavior in his adolescence is key to the salvation element so integral to his narrative — though lately the press has been inquiring whether the doctor may have fabricated or at least somewhat exaggerated those anecdotes. So it probably helps Trump that Carson has already spiked the ball for him, by putting himself in the uncomfortable position of insisting to the media that, yes, he was prone to violence as a youth.

Thus, Trump sees Carson in the predicament of being either a serial fabulist — and Trump has enjoyed playing up this possibility, too — or the violent menace that Trump wants to paint him as.

So, from that candidate who first made his political mark broadcasting conspiracy theories regarding President Obama’s birthplace, and kicked off his campaign by railing against immigrants, here is the message in brief: Ben Carson isn’t one of the good ones.

“He’s said in the book — and I haven’t seen it — I know it’s in the book that he’s got a pathological temper or temperament. That’s a big problem, because you don’t cure that,” Trump said during an interview Thursday on CNN. “That ‘s like — you know, I could say, as an example: child molester. You don’t cure these people. You don’t cure a child molester. There’s no cure for it. ‘Pathological,’ there’s no cure for that. Now I didn’t say it — he said it in his book.”

The Donald wasn’t done yet, though — far from it. At his rally Thursday night in Iowa, during an epic 90-plus-minute stump speech, Trump upped the ante on grotesque sexual imagery, when he hinted at a literal castration of awful people like Carson.

“If you’re pathological, there’s no cure for that, folks. Okay? There’s no cure for that. And I did one of the shows today, and I don’t want to say what I said — but I’ll tell you, anyway. I said that if you’re a child molester, a sick puppy, you’re a child molester, there’s no cure for that. There’s only one cure, we don’t want to talk about that cure — that’s the ultimate cure. No, there’s two — there’s death, and the other thing.”

Initially, Carson tried to take the high road while speaking to reporters Friday morning, during an appearance at Bob Jones University, a center of religious-right politics. (Note: Bob Jones University did not admit African-American students until the 1970s, as they felt the squeeze of the new civil rights laws — but then prohibited any interracial dating, until changing that policy under political pressure during the 2000 presidential campaign.)

“Now that he’s completed his gratuitous attack, why don’t we press on and deal with the real issues. You know, the reason that I”m in this race is because there are some real, profound issues that affect the trajectory of our country right now. That is what the American people are concerned about,” Carson said.

But then when he did attempt any substantive rebuttal, Carson fell utterly flat.

“I’m hopeful that maybe his advisors will help him to understand the word ‘pathological,'” Carson said, “and recognize that does not denote ‘incurable’ — it’s not the same. It simply is an adjective that describes something that is highly abnormal, and something that fortunately I’ve been able to delivered from for a half a century now.”

In sum, Carson’s response to Trump saying that the doctor is incurably “pathological” was to didactically explain that such a person could be cured!

It wasn’t exactly the kind of response that would make Trump back down. Later on Friday, Trump’s campaign posted a Friday the 13th-themed horror-movie video about Carson, and the stories concerning whether or not Carson was really as angry a young man as he’s made himself out to be.

“Violent criminal? Or pathological liar? We don’t need either as president.”

Happy Friday the 13th

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump speaks as rival candidate Dr. Ben Carson (R) looks on at the debate held by Fox Business Network for the top 2016 U.S. Republican presidential candidates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 10, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young



  1. Siegfried Heydrich November 13, 2015

    Have at it, guys . . . show us what republicans are REALLY made of!

    1. jmprint November 14, 2015

      Hunger for money and power are the two things they are made of.

      1. Steve Batchelor November 17, 2015

        They’re made of pig slop and saw dust and strive for power with their ill gotten gains. Pray they don’t ever get the power they are all climbing over each others backs for.

  2. Daniel Jones November 13, 2015

    Incidentally, castration doesn’t prevent molestation, rape, or murder with sexual overtones.

    It just prevents fucking. If anything, the castrated one will focus on the non-sexual elements.. messing around with the unwilling,

    1. JPHALL November 13, 2015

      Or using other objects! Like that cop did in New York.

    2. Timmi November 14, 2015

      Actually, Guys, not to be to awfully a know it all, castration, or the bilateral removal of the testes, does not necessarily preclude fucking and orgasm. It just means that to be able to have sex and achieve orgasm, one must have regular testosterone supplements by injection, andro-gel or testosterone pellets implanted in the hip. Many men have had bilateral testicular cancer and go on to have normal sex lives. That’s why castration of sex offenders is a joke that a lot of people don’t seem to get.

  3. latebloomingrandma November 14, 2015

    I wonder who and where these polls are conducted. It would be interesting for an FBI profiler to do an analysis of Trump and Carson. After all, these two desire th job that includes their close proximity to the nuclear codes. We need to know if they’re certifiably nuts. Personally, Trump needs a castration of his tongue. A mute Trump would be a blessing.

  4. Bob Eddy November 14, 2015

    “There are real, profound issues that affect the trajectory of the nation right now” said Carson as he explained Joseph’s hermetically sealed grain storage pyramids and how Obamacare is worse than slavery. I only hope that one morning I wake up and find this whole Republican primary is a giant hoax perpetrated by Mad Magazine.

    1. CrankyToo November 15, 2015

      Starring Reince Priebus as Alfred E. Neuman…

  5. tomtype November 14, 2015

    For so many candidate who we do not know in any depth, this excessively long campaign is the opportunity we could easily have missed to really get to know these people. Get to know their idiocincacies, and thinking processes. Their level of education and their level of experience. So far we have been really lucky, or humanity if better than we have assumed, or our system of government really does protect us from the lunacy that seems to pervade the whole earth. Or maybe it is some differing mixture of the three plus the special blessing from God. But anyway, This give us a unique opportunity to really weigh the ability and thinking of all the candidates. And I hope, this generation considers the long term effects, and not just the immediate pandering to us and our special desires.

    1. john Baldwin November 14, 2015

      Thank you for that observation , just sit back and let them eliminate themselves .

  6. stcroixcarp November 14, 2015

    T Rump, another beans and weinie for brains GOPer.

    1. @HawaiianTater November 14, 2015

      Trump is not a GOPer. He’s a Democrat and a sly one at that. I praise his run for POTUS. He finds new ways daily to impress me. Go Trump go!

  7. @HawaiianTater November 14, 2015

    Like I keep saying, Trump is really a Democrat. He’s already run Walker out of the race. He’s thoroughly embarrassed Jeb! He has taken down the GOP candidates better than anyone on our side could. Any time any of them show any inkling of doing well, he cuts loose on them with both barrels. Now that Carson is surging in the polls, it’s his turn to feel the wrath of Trump. Anyone who survives the primaries will be so damaged by the time they get to the general that they will be unelectable.

    1. Bob Eddy November 15, 2015

      They were unelectable from the outset. Too many right wing “core values” are not popular with a majority of the American populace…from immigration reform to gay marriage to raising the minimum wage to choice and the numerous right wing pseudo scandals, today’s Republican “values” are out of synch with those of twenty-first century America. No, it is not Trump who is making them look bad…and he is decidedly not a Democrat.

      1. @HawaiianTater November 15, 2015

        Trump has historically held liberal views such as abortion rights and universal healthcare. He is old friends with the Clintons (he chatted with Bill a couple of weeks before announcing). He may be crazy but I don’t think he is a complete moron. He has to know what he is making the GOP look like.

        I may be wrong. Trump may not be a Democrat. However, whether or not he is destroying the GOP on purpose, that is effectively what he is doing. Either way, I am enjoying the show.

        1. idamag November 16, 2015

          He might be doing it to save Democracy.

          1. @HawaiianTater November 16, 2015

            Trump running for POTUS is the best possible thing that could have happened for the 2016 election. You can’t win the election without getting a certain amount of the minority vote and Trump has destroyed any chance of the GOP getting enough of their vote. That same thing applies to single women, who hate him nearly as much as the minorities do. Single women, minorities, demographics and the electoral map added with Trump showing the entire world what the GOP is truly about makes keeping the WH in Dem hands a virtual lock next year. I will always be grateful to Donald Trump for helping to save our democracy.

    2. Steve Batchelor November 17, 2015

      I give three “hurrahs” for your last sentence Tater!

  8. Joan November 14, 2015

    I am concerned about Carson’s belief that he was ordained by God to be our next President. He claims this belief is based on the fact that he was asked to speak at a frigging prayer breakfast twice. Apparently the only other person to be so honored was Billy Graham.

    I personally believe that it would take an act of God for Carson to be elected. Trump too for that matter. I wonder how many of Trump’s low information supporters realize that when his Casino declared bankruptcy three times his employees were also left holding the bag. They got a pittance rather than a paycheck.

    1. Bob Eddy November 15, 2015

      I don’t think God would want to be implicated with any of these Republican candidates…and especially those who invoke His name in their quests for power.

      1. Independent1 November 16, 2015

        You sure have that right.

    2. Independent1 November 15, 2015

      Not to be concerned. Among Ben Carson’s many lies, is the lie that he’s even a true Christian. True Christians do not go around flaunting their faith such as Carson does so openly – constantly talking about how supposedly strong his faith is.

      Jesus made it clear that only hypocrites express their supposed faith so openly in public places as Ben Carson constantly does – clearly trying to bring favor on himself. Jesus said we should strive to attain to our righteousness in secret and then our Father would reward us in secret. He also said that those who seek public acknowledgement for their faith have gained their reward here on earth and would not find a reward in Heaven.

      Also true Christians do not lie as openly as Ben Carson, and they do not have close relationships with felons; as Ben Carson clearly does.

      See this from the Daily Kos:

      Ben Carson made millions with BFF and business partner, a felon convicted of healthcare fraud

      That Ben Carson gets awfully creative with the truth is by now well stablished. Here’s one if his more interesting ones, that Medicare and Medicaid fraud is “huge—half a trillion dollars.” Which is pretty much impossible, since total spending for the two programs is less than a trillion—$980 billion last year, to be exact. But here’s a new wrinkle on that specific claim: Carson has some very personal experience with Medicare fraud: his best friend and business partner has been convicted of it.

      The friend in question, indeed Carson’s best friend and business partner, is a Philadelphia-area oral surgeon, Alfonso Costa.

      Carson and Costa have long been tight. They vacation together, and Carson holidays at an Italian resort villa owned by Costa’s company. Costa is president of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Ben Carson Scholars Fund, which awards $1,000 college scholarships to students who demonstrate good character and strong academics. And Costa’s real estate development firm helps to oversee a lucrative investment for Carson and his wife, one that last year netted the Carsons between $200,000 and $2 million, according to the GOP candidate’s financial disclosure forms.

      As much as a quarter of Carson’s $8 million-plus personal wealth is tied up in various real estate ventures with Costa,

      See the full article here:


      You may also be interested in this article about the portrait of Ben Carson with Jesus standing over his shoulder. He says it was given to him for doing so speeches but my hunch is he had it painted just to further hype his supposed faith.

      -Ben Carson portrait with Jesus


      1. idamag November 16, 2015

        Most born-agains, I have met, (and I have met many) are sanctimonious, judgmental and tiresome.

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 14, 2015

    Extremism mixed with a conservative mindset is a sure recipe for disaster, both mentally, and in policy-making. The candidates on the Right have provided us with a spectacle of peevishness and insolence that exceed previous antics by those who have vied to be the POTUS, and the GOP’s churlish nature will go down in the annals of “Most Shameful Public Behavior”, surpassing even the reprehensible Watergate break-in and Nixon’s pitiful attempts to cover up.

    1. idamag November 17, 2015

      I get e-mails from Republicans, Democrats, right wing, tea party, 2nd amendment rights and conservatives United. Tonight, a typical message from the right wing parties on conservatives united: Demand the coast guard release the secret fountain of youth discovery. A word to right wingers, if you want to believe this nonsense, that is oikay, just don’t send any of that ilk to congress.

  10. idamag November 16, 2015

    Maybe Trump is right.

    1. Steve Batchelor November 17, 2015

      Can we say “Hallelujah”, Trump is finally right about something.


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