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Donald Trump Wants You To Think He’s Running For President (Again)

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Donald Trump Wants You To Think He’s Running For President (Again)

Donald Trump addresses CPAC 2015 (Michael Vadon via Flickr)

Wednesday will reportedly bring great news for political satirists, and terrible news for Republicans who hoped to avoid seeing their 2016 nominating contest turn into a three-ring circus: Donald Trump is launching a presidential exploratory committee.

Trump, a real estate developer who is now better known for his reality TV work and his stubborn commitment to birther conspiracy theories, reportedly plans to decline a renewal of his NBC contract to join the rapidly expanding Republican pre-campaign.

As the New Hampshire Union Leader reports, Trump’s presence in the race will be as self-aggrandizing as you might expect:

Trump’s statement on forming the exploratory committee hints at the razzle-dazzle to come for a turbo-charged personality known for skewering the political establishment.

He refers to politicians who are “all talk and no action,” his tremendous business success, and how he is “the only one who can make America truly great again!”

Although the exploratory committee is the most concrete step that Trump has ever taken toward a presidential run, there is still plenty of reason to believe that he won’t go through with it. After all, Trump has publicly flirted with running in every presidential election since 2000 (in addition to several gubernatorial races), and so far he’s never been willing to expose his business interets (or his shady personal life) to the scrutiny that would come with a national campaign.

Additionally, his White House hopes would face extremely long odds; a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 74 percent of GOP primary voters said they couldn’t see themselves supporting a hypothetical Trump campaign.

But at least one group is excited about the possibility of a Trump run: Democrats. In response to the news that Trump may join the race, Democratic National Committee press secretary Holly Shulman issued the following statement:

“Everything is awesome.”

Photo: Donald Trump addresses CPAC 2015. (Michael Vadon via Flickr)

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Barney Ross March 18, 2015

    WORST President ever. Hands down.

  2. adler56 March 19, 2015

    Trump is a lying thief.He frequently refuses to make he final payment to subcontractors
    telling those complaining to sue him- a situation where it would usually cost more to sue him than they would receive if they won the case. He counts on that. His has a personality disorder and people like that don’t get better unless you’re Ebeneezer Scrooge.

    1. anothertoothpick March 19, 2015

      That is what republicans do.

      They want everything for free. Because they are “entitled”.

      Turning your back on subcontractors is a good way to put them out of business. And Trumpee does it all the time.

      1. dpaano April 8, 2015

        But, they don’t want to give anything to the poor or the disabled even tho’ they are ALSO entitled! What a hypocrite! I can’t even watch him on Celebrity Apprentice because he’s such a jackass!!! Most of his celebrities are fellow Republicans, and the ones that aren’t seem to go pretty fast!

  3. darkagesbegin March 19, 2015

    Trump-Palin: now that’s the ticket!

    1. idamag March 19, 2015

      Except neither of them will be happy in second place.

    2. 5612jean March 19, 2015

      I’ll drink to that. LOL

      1. Carolyn1520 March 19, 2015

        It would require a lot of drinking.

    3. Carolyn1520 March 19, 2015

      That sounds like a bad nightmare. I turn the sound off on the TV when either gets face time. I can’t decide who emits the worse sound.

    4. darkagesbegin March 20, 2015

      You guys are right; what was I thinking. It should be Palin-Trump 2016: Now that there is the ticket

  4. idamag March 19, 2015

    There once was a guy named Donny,
    Who said things that he thought were funny.
    Off and on he flaunts a new honey,
    Who only loves his money.
    His hair is the only thing funny,
    About this guy named Donny.

  5. anothertoothpick March 19, 2015

    What is Trumpee going to do without a “birth certificate issue?

    That is what got him all that publicity the last time he ran for president.

    Maybe he can send a private detective to Illinois and try to find Clinton’s high school diploma? That ought to get him at least a couple of spots of FUX.

  6. Carolyn1520 March 19, 2015

    Oh good, now the clown bus has a fitting driver.

  7. Steve Harper January 10, 2016

    GOD bless America. Think about that for a minute. I truly believe that’s what our forefathers and founders of our great country wanted when they were discovering and settling in America from the beginning. Yes they wanted the LORD our GOD to look over and bless America for what we the people the new settlers were going to make of it. Seriously Donald Trump an over bloated business man for president. Donald Trump sat at helm of his Celebrity Apprentice weekly game show in which he was the Boss that got to Fire one of the celebrity contestants each week.Yes high atop from his Trump Tower building in New York City he would sit there like some sort of God and point that finger of his at the chosen one and say in his stern voice YOU’RE FIRED!! That’s Donald Trumps persona. I”m pretty damn sure if anybody was able to take a look into Trumps business dealings they probably would find that he had screwed some small businesses in order to propagate his.Yes Donald Trump is not concerned with the mom & pop shops of our country. He just associates with the bigger businesses as that’s who you always see him socializing with in his spare time.In order to put up one of his unneeded buildings he would have no problem or conscious in tearing down smaller businesses to make room for his mega tower. And now it’s finally campaigning time and Donald Trump is out on the trail throwing insults at the Muslims saying that none of them should be allowed into our country. They are already in our country,what is The Donald gonna do put them all in prison camps. Or have a mass exodus.Then he’s onto insulting women about having blood coming from her genitals.Of course he tried to Retract that statement latter.Saying it was taken out of context. And now after giving our president Obama a hard time about his birth certificate and not being born in this country ( Of which Obama did produce a legitimate copy of his) he is now on to doing the same thing to one of his Republican party members. The man just says what he wants without a care and that’s pretty disturbing since the polls are supporting him.People out there are actually agreeing with Donald Trump and his rectrick. It’s really sad and I’m serious. I love this great country of ours. I really want to see the LORD our GOD keep blessing it. But I truly believe if Donald Trump was to somehow become president, Donald the business man would run our country like a business. Coldheartedly. Mom & pop businesses would go by the way side,the middle class would suffer but the rich would thrive…..I’m not just talking crap here .For comparison think way back when before Obama was even president. When he was on the campaign trail running against Hillary Clinton. I remember distinctly that one of his campaign pledges was to be,he was going to see that automobiles would get 30 to 35 miles per gallon while he was in office.At the time cars were only getting 23 to 25 miles to the gallon. Yes I know that car manufactures had to make that possible. But if Obama didn’t push for or have it on his agenda it would never had happened. At the time Hummers and Large Suv”s were the popular vehicles on the road,even though gas was at about $3.25 gallon. Now thanks to Obamas pledge of fuel efficient vehicles on our roadways. Our cost of fuel at the gas pumps is down accordingly to around $2.00/gallon(And I’d like for it to stay that way)…..Now what if Mit Romney the rich republican that was running against Obama was elected president instead. Can you just imagine what the roadways would look like right now. They surely wouldn’t be filled with smaller fuel efficient cars as they are now.Making fuel efficient cars wasn’t on Mit Romney’s agenda. In fact probably some large suv’s and truck’s would have been put out along with the same 23 m.p.g.cars.Right about this time we would surely be paying about $6.00 to $7.00/gallon for gas.Yep it makes quite a difference on whose president. Somehow if you just sit and think for a good two minutes or so that if your a small business or a blue collar worker then a Rich Business man like Trump will not have you best interest in mind.Nope the only ones that would be prospering under a Donald Trump presidency would be those that he could see from the top floors of his Tramp Tower building in New York City..There’s one other thing about this screwball of a guy is that he cannot take criticisms of himself. He is like a baby crying fowl when someone does say something negative about him, yet there he is flinging his insults at others without care….On closing …….I Truly would love to sing the song “GOD Bless America” and have those very words come out my mouth at the fullest capacity Yes I would love to have my lungs filled with air as I sang out to GOD Himself with pride in support of our great country…..But there’s only one thing on the very 1st Day of Donald Trump taking Commander in Chief And President of the United States and that is GOD would sit Donald Trump down at the table and point his finger at him and say “YOU’RE FIRED”.


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