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Is Donald Trump’s Toxic Campaign Ruining Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

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Is Donald Trump’s Toxic Campaign Ruining Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Donald Trump stands in the Trump family box with his daughter Ivanka awaiting the arrival onstage of his son Eric at the conclusion of former rival candidate Senator Ted Cruz's address, during the third night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 20, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

On the heels of news that future hotels won’t bear the family surname, which has been thoroughly tarnished by Donald Trump’s toxic presidential campaign, there’s another bad sign for the Trump brand. Shoppers are boycotting Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories label in protest of its namesake’s continued support of her father’s misogynist rhetoric, particularly following the release of a 2005 video in which he brags of grabbing women by the genitals. The boycott has been effective enough that, as Fortune and Raw Story report, “Fewer than 1 in 4 women would buy clothes from Ivanka Trump.”

The boycott was spearheaded by Shannon Coulter, the head of a San Francisco marketing agency. Coulter says Trump’s casual boasting about sexual assault triggered dark memories of sexual harassment she’s experienced in her career.

“It was a feeling of recoiling. It was emotional, visceral. Then I had a pounding headache for a few days. I was filled with nausea,” Coulter told the Guardian. “[W]hen I heard Donald Trump talking on that tape, I recognized in his words the same feeling that I had that day—of being nothing more than an object. No matter how smart you are or how hard you work, they can do that to us.”

Earlier this month, Coulter took to Twitter to urge shoppers to avoid the Ivanka Trump brand. The protesters hope to hurt the Trumps where they’ll feel it the most—in their bulging wallets—by hopefully putting a dent in profits. Last year, the Ivanka Trump label took in about $100 million in revenue, according to Forbes.

Coulter said that in addition to the leaked tape, her motivation to launch the campaign was inspired by the delayed and tepid response from Trump’s daughter. (“My father’s comments were clearly inappropriate and offensive and I’m glad that he acknowledged this fact with an immediate apology to my family and the American people,” Ivanka told Fast Company, days after the video made news.) The Bay Area marketer said she’s also irked by Ivanka’s feminist-lite rhetoric and actions, such as launching the #WomenWhoWork initiative as part of her fashion brand, while defending her father’s most outrageous anti-women comments.

“[Women] were ready to give Ivanka a pass because she’s his daughter and it’s hard to be objective about your dad. But the Trump tape just sent people over the edge,” Coulter told Cosmopolitan. “I think [women] took particular offense, as I did, to the fact that Ivanka tries to make feminism a part of her brand but is standing by, as an official campaign surrogate, a guy who is an alleged serial sexual assaulter of women. The disconnect was too big. And they were ready to speak up about it and flex their consumer power about it.”

“If Ivanka Trump had distanced herself from the campaign I would not be boycotting her,” Coulter told the Guardian. “But something changed for me when that tape was released.”

The hashtag #GrabYourWallet—a clear reference to Trump’s lewd leaked remarks—is the trademark of the boycott. Coulter is not only suggesting women not buy Ivanka Trump brand shoes, clothes and accessories, but that they also avoid stores selling the brand.

Cosmopolitan reports that since starting the boycott on October 10, Coulter’s tweets “have earned an estimated 1 million impressions on Twitter, according to her analytics report.” But it’s an uphill battle, since Fortune casts some doubt on its poll finding of three-quarters of women who wouldn’t buy from Ivanka (“Of course, it’s possible that these women are saying one thing, but doing another”). In addition, recent research indicates about half of millennial women are still willing to buy Ivanka’s Trump brand, despite her father’s campaign.

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

Photo: Donald Trump stands in the Trump family box with his daughter Ivanka awaiting the arrival onstage of his son Eric at the conclusion of former rival candidate Senator Ted Cruz’s address, during the third night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 20, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein



  1. Dominick Vila October 26, 2016

    Incredibly, millions of fellow Americans see nothing wrong with his rhetoric and behavior, and continue to support his candidacy. They are so energized that Trump is currently leading in Florida by one or two points. The same is true in Texas, Ohio, and Iowa.I guess morals and decorum are only important when a Democrat is in office…

  2. Oddworld October 26, 2016

    Is it Trump’s outrageous 2005 video causing this backlash or is it something more? Last year’s revenue of $100 million is certainly nothing to balk at but it isn’t as impressive as it sounds either. Of the 1 in 4 women, how many of them would have bought Ivanka’s brand anyway. Hilfiger’s brand earns more than $1 billion a year so the question is who is buying the Ivanka brand? Maybe her stuff just isn’t that good or maybe it has something to do with where it’s being made. Let us not forget, Trump himself admitted that his apparel
    is manufactured in Mexico. I give him credit for his candor but it was the way he said it, it was more like “well duh”, where else would I have my clothing line made! I’m sure he isn’t the only one having his goods made in other countries because of cheap labor and even cheaper operating costs but he seemed to boast about it and then he proceeded with his promise to bring jobs back to the U.S. if he is elected. Trump is nothing more than a snake oil salesman and there are millions of voters gathering to gobble up what he’s selling. Disgusting!

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 26, 2016

      That’s the reprehensible thing about Trump–boasting and gloating over how he abuses the system. Others are making profits using cheap labor overseas as well, but they don’t flaunt it—and maybe they feel some angst, but not Donald and his clan.

      1. Oddworld October 26, 2016

        Yep! That is the point I was trying to make. And Trump has the gall to say “trust me” to anyone willing to swallow his lies.

  3. Aiddon October 26, 2016

    This was never going to end well for his brand. He clearly doesn’t understand just how toxic his words are to his business. Everything about him is tanking in the business world and it’s not going to get better. And ironically all he had to do to not bring attention to this was not run for president.

  4. I Am Helpy October 27, 2016

    Welp, I think we’ve found the least pressing question raised by this election.

  5. AgLander October 27, 2016

    Is Hillary Clinton’s toxic campaign ruining the brands of pants suit manufacturers?
    Is Hillary Clinton’s toxic campaign ruining the brands of cough drop manufacturers?
    Is Hillary Clinton’s toxic campaign ruining the brands of adult diaper makers?

    Fair questions to be answered, especially since it is NM that has broached the subject of brands being ruined.

    1. bobnstuff October 27, 2016

      I’m sure the pants suit manufactures are doing just fine but Trump supporters may be having problems finding enough diaper to hold Trump message.

      1. dpaano October 27, 2016

        Personally, I LIKE her pant suits…..they’re very professional and stylish. They are just right for someone in her position and someone who will soon be in the Oval Office.

    2. The lucky one October 27, 2016

      “Is Hillary Clinton’s toxic campaign ruining the brands of adult diaper makers?”

      Well is it? Did you change brands?

    3. RED October 27, 2016

      So Little Ag Boy, are you gonna be one of the ones who’s gonna “take up arms,” “save the country,” “live free or die,” and all that idiocy on November 9? We kinda hope so, we won’t miss you too much, send us a postcard from whatever hole you end up in, if you can. Of course, I’m just kidding, you like all the sick ignorant Cons are just whiny old sad morons who couldn’t turn off Fox News or be out in the sun long enough to cook a hamburger much less mount a revolution.

      1. Mama Bear October 27, 2016

        great post, RED, thanks for the much needed laugh this morning!

    4. Bill P October 27, 2016

      It’s great to see that the level of intelligence in your ludicrous comments have stayed at their infantile level.

    5. I Am Helpy October 27, 2016

      Well, I didn’t think you could get dumber, but you sure showed me.

      I got to say I do enjoy your trembling fear of women, though.

  6. charleo1 October 27, 2016

    I imagine in the wake of his toxic, divisive, and insulting to so many campaign. The Trump brand, indeed the Trump name, has become something many people would rather not be associated with. Or have such vaunted institutions as the PGA linked with. Products, company conventions, dinning places where business executives might take important clients from around the globe with certain ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. For fear the sheer stink of seeing the name in their client’s mind would sour relations. In the future I suggest his new markets may be found in NASCAR, Cracker Barrels, fried butter sticks, and monster truck racing.

    1. candice.swann October 27, 2016

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    2. bobnstuff October 27, 2016

      People living in his buildings are now using the street address instead of the Trump name and going in and out the side doors. The value of these apartments has dropped thank to Trump.

    3. dpaano October 27, 2016

      I’ve even heard that some tenants of the buildings with the Trump name have petitioned to have it removed! I wonder how long it’ll take for the casinos and the golf courses to do the same rebranding! He has NO celebrity standing left any longer, and that’s what he gets for all the lies and everything else he’s spewed out during this campaign!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 3, 2016

        he will try to sue anyone that removes his moron name saying there’s a contract and thy paid me to put my MORON NAME on their buildings in the clowns mind he thinks he own them now . and prob. claims them as his own

    4. Anna Maria Yoakum October 27, 2016

      That could well be the case since Trump has focused his campaign on the lowest common denominator of our population. Most of them have little income and don’t
      purchase thousand dollar suits or stay in high priced luxury hotels.

  7. Mama Bear October 27, 2016

    When I read the headline my first reaction was “who cares” and after reading the article I stand by my first reaction. Whatever happens to Trump and his business is going to be well deserved. Now he cannot hide his criminal behaviour so his pals in Russia are going to be his only customers.

    1. dpaano October 27, 2016

      As I’ve said in previous posts….his campaign has totally ruined his business empire. People are moving out of Trump Towers, even selling their condos at a loss. They enter and depart from a side door so people won’t know that they live there even! As for his casinos and golf courses, they are losing money hand over foot. His new hotel in Washington, D.C. has had to lower the room rates because they couldn’t get business. I’m sure, after this election, he’s going to have a lot of difficulty selling his “Trump” name because people now see him for what his is…..a con man with no scruples whatsoever! Who, in their right minds, will be willing to do business with him after all that has come out in his campaign. He would have been smarter to not run at all because he’s not going to have much left when he loses except a passel of followers who have been brainwashed into believing his BS!

      1. Mama Bear October 27, 2016

        I think I saw an article that said he was removing his name from some of the properties…did I just dream that one?

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 3, 2016

        its truly ruining the whole name of America it self . too many millions of brain dead DONNY DUMP followers is more like the ISIS cult planted right here in the USA . after what ever way is go’s its just the start of the DUMPSTER’S more or less Hitler plan . as for his family suffering he could give a rats butt about that and or them

  8. Mortalc01l October 27, 2016

    Looks like both Donald AND Ivanka will have to go to their Saudi billionaire friends, or maybe Russia or China to get a bailout when they go bankrupt..

    Trump will rue the day he decided to run for President; he’s going to lose everything that he grifted, stole and lied for.

  9. Jon October 27, 2016

    A better title for the article would have been “Is Donald Screwing Ivanka Again?”

  10. Sand_Cat October 27, 2016

    If she lacks the wisdom to avoid pushing her mentally-ill father’s “campaign,” she more than deserves any negative consequences.

  11. Paul Valentine October 29, 2016

    My question is two years ago how many women would buy Ivanka Trump brand? Because I don’t think I know any women that own anything branded Ivanka Trump. For all we know 1 in 4 is up from 1 in 5 or 1 in 10.

    1. docb November 5, 2016

      Since I have dabbled in design as the creative part of my existence, I took a look at her concept when it broke. Aside from being geared toward an affordable market it was heavy on ‘borrowing’ from pret and couture. Not an auspicious start. Granted not many of the customers for this product would have been aware of that. Then I saw that the borrowing was based on exact copies. She purchased garments/shoes from the top labels and had them knocked off off shore before the authentic designs hit the stores. In her 3rd season she was sued for that and lost.

      She is definitely her father’s daughter…Stealing from others was not below her as with donnie but she had an elevated taste level…not the gold paint, flocked wallpaper, and cheap copies of antiques… Have read testimony transcripts from her and she is high handed with a turn toward threatening.

      The apple and the tree. Good for Coulter.

  12. lori.wester November 3, 2016

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