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5 Down-And-Dirty Tricks Ted Cruz Uses To Fool Voters

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5 Down-And-Dirty Tricks Ted Cruz Uses To Fool Voters

Ted Cruz Trusted

Ted Cruz is nasty. Ted Cruz is mean. Ted Cruz is “a huge asshole.”

Ted Cruz is a pretty horrible human being.

That’s the consensus, at least, from notables like former President George W. Bush and Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland, commander of the coalition against ISIS.

Cruz has had to wheedle his family to get them to acquiesce – on camera! – that he’s a good guy, even though everyone from his former college roommate to his senatorial colleagues have whispered and shouted that the American public should stay far, far away from this loathsome, odious creature. (Even his “friends” in the Senate don’t want him to be president.)

Now, he’s tasked with saving us from The Donald — a role that, though potentially heroic, has managed only to force Cruz into a spotlight under which his seediness seems to have adopted a new shine. If Donald Trump is America’s premier insult comic, Ted Cruz is its greatest scoundrel. He lies, deceives, and swindles some more. To wit:

Here are 5 dirty tricks Ted Cruz had used to fool voters:

He lied about Ben Carson exiting the race
Dr. Ben Carson decided to not to campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina after the Iowa Caucus, preferring to return to Florida to (yes, really) get a change of clothes. The Cruz campaign, as detailed by Politifact, took this nugget – that Carson was taking “a very unusual” travel detour – and spun it so that Carson was “taking some time off” from the campaign.

In a series of tweets, emails and voicemails  (and with some assistance from Iowa Congressman Steve King) the campaign inferred and then explicitly stated that Carson had dropped out of the race, which was not the case, and urged caucus-goers to “not waste a vote” on Carson, but instead to vote for Cruz.

Although Cruz apologized, his campaign did acknowledge that “it made a coordinated effort to spread the story.” He ended up winning Iowa, leaving Donald Trump to accuse him of stealing the election.

He used false data and social pressure to trick Iowa residents into voting for him
In another play for Iowa Caucus voters, the Cruz campaign sent out mailers meant to look like official documents warning voters that their participation – or lack thereof – would be recorded and sent to their neighbors, in addition to assigning a grade that matched up with their alleged voting history. Using well-known political science research, the mailers (as seen below), preyed upon voters’ fears of social pressure to get them to vote.

Of course, the “grades” listed on the mailers were all low scores — most of them “F”s:

The mailers used fraudulent “data” – the Cruz campaign made up percentages – and erroneously attributed this “data” to the Iowa Secretary of State and county election clerks, which prompted Iowa’s Secretary of State, Paul D. Pate, to correct the record:

Accusing citizens of Iowa of a “voting violation” based on Iowa Caucus participation, or lack thereof, is false representation of an official act. There is no such thing as an election violation related to frequency of voting. Any insinuation or statement to the contrary is wrong and I believe it is not in keeping in the spirit of the Iowa Caucuses.

Additionally, the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office never “grades” voters. Nor does the Secretary of State maintain records related to Iowa Caucus participation. Caucuses are organized and directed by the state political parties, not the Secretary of State, nor local elections officials. Also, the Iowa Secretary of State does not “distribute” voter records. They are available for purchase for political purposes only, under Iowa Code.” – Paul D. Pate, Iowa Secretary of State

While the tactic has been used before – and an online version of it is being used in China – Cruz takes it to another level. And it’s not something he apologizes for.

He mailed pre-filled “checks” and asked recipients to match them
According to the Huffington Post, the Cruz campaign mailed fake checks across the country to prospective voters meant to entice them to donate money by saying their contribution would be “matched” by “a group of generous supporters.” It was misleading enough for one group to file a complaint with the state attorney general for allegedly violating state law.

The Intercept reports that this tactic “is either impossible, illegal, or a scam,” since individual donations are legally capped at $2,700 for both the primary and general elections ($5,400 total) and the Cruz campaign would need a lot of “generous supporters” willing and able to “match” donations.

That means that the Cruz campaign either disregarded campaign finance law or is funneling all of the money they receive into a super PAC – which would also be illegal. “Super PACs … are allowed to accept unlimited contributions as long as they don’t coordinate directly with campaigns,” reporters Dan Froomkin and Zaid Jilani wrote. The law is explicit in what that means: Candidates running for national office “are not allowed to solicit more than $5,000 in Super PAC contributions from any one person.”

The Cruz campaign, however, is relentless. One mailer with a fake check isn’t enough – there are followups upon followups upon followups – post-its and emails and emails and emails and emails. Cruz tries to come across as casual: The sender’s line is doctored to make it appear that the message was quickly sent from his iPhone. But the barrage of emails instead comes off as desperate, edging on creepy.

His app takes your data and tries to sell your friends onto the “Cruz Crew”
Ted Cruz knows how to work Big Data. On his app, available on both the App Store and Google Play, users have to opt-out of sharing sensitive data, which includes their contact information and their location. This makes it easy for the campaign to amass a trove of sensitive and lucrative information, which it shares with other organizations and analytics companies to better finesse the messages it sends to potential supporters and voters.

The analytics company behind the Cruz operation, Cambridge Analytica, is funded by Robert Mercer, a hedge-fund investor, computer scientist, and the fourth-largest Republican donor in 2014 – and a major backer of Cruz. Mercer has donated at least $11 million to Cruz-related super PACs.

The campaign also uses sophisticated gaming techniques to entice app users to participate, allotting points for specific actions, like sharing messages on social media.

Cambridge Analytica’s formidable system analyzes billions of data points – from voter rolls to Facebook likes, keychain reward programs to Amazon purchases – and then sorts users into one of five personality types, which they use to target messages to the user’s lifestyle, interests, and backgrounds. These discoveries are shared among different departments within the organization, so that a canvasser knocking on doors already knows what the little old lady in the pink house on the corner really purchases at Target.

He photoshopped a beaming Marco Rubio shaking hands with Barack Obama
The Cruz campaign published a website targeting rival Marco Rubio with a doctored photo of him shaking hands with President Obama, captioned with text suggesting it was related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

When challenged, the Cruz campaign merely shrugged their shoulders, saying it was no big deal; they even gave away their process: “We googled ‘two people supporting amnesty,’” said campaign spokesperson Brian Phillips in an email to Politico.

Ted Cruz is sneaky and smart, and he’s using all the techniques and terabytes he can to stomp his way to the presidency. He likes to stand behind banners that say Trusted. But to those paying attention, the phrase is as transparent a ploy as the rest of his campaign.

Photo: Can we really trust Ted? REUTERS/Joshua Roberts



  1. Charles van Rotterdam February 20, 2016

    He’s dangerous and nasty!

    1. Polana February 21, 2016

      And very much loved by texans and evangelists.. They voted him in.

  2. 1standlastword February 20, 2016

    We might be able to find a well worn manual written by Joseph Goebbels in Cruz’s library but you know it really doesn’t matter because Cruz is running a campaign in the GOP where this kind of behavior is applauded and rewarded with high office. He is a Republican senator –right!

  3. FireBaron February 21, 2016

    Yeah, but the uneducated “believe-whatever-their-pastor-tells-them” supporters he draws think this is “God’s Plan” for America. Hmm. Maybe that lawsuit filed by one of Trump’s supporters may do some good after all. I mean even the justices on the Supreme Court can’t stand him.

    1. Grannysmovin February 21, 2016

      I don’t get why people believe this BS that Cruz is “God’s Plan” for America, yet when God’s Intervention was truly needed he was silent. Just to name a couple:
      A. Hitler committed genocide on the Jewish people sending 6,000,000 Jewish men, women and children to their deaths.
      B. Jonestown where 909 Temple members committed suicide because they blindly followed their religious beliefs and their leader.
      C. The Terrorist attack of 9-11 where thousands were killed, because of some group’s religious beliefs.
      D. The mass shootings that occur in this country in Schools, movies, houses of worship and he does nothing to prevent this.
      E. Continue to let children die from abuse, neglect, and gun violence.
      F. Continues to allow ISIS Terrorist to commit their carnage in the name of Allah (translation god).

      1. fredoandme February 21, 2016

        god. what is he good for?

        absolutely nothing.

        1. CrankyToo February 21, 2016

          God performs an invaluable function. He’s an invisible friend for “grownups”.

      2. Irishgrammy February 21, 2016

        Have always believed religion is a very private thing between God and yourself. Between what Cruz preaches and his certifiable father who has some off the rails church that he is the preacher for and the vile that he and his slime ball son spouts, and frankly the rest of the far right evangelicals (nothing Christian about them) that use the mention of God on cue where ever they can, let me say, it could turn one into a flaming atheist ASAP! What these horrible people believe along with the creatures they are voting for to represent their beliefs and desires, Trump and Cruz, I don’t think we should be to cavalier about dismissing their hate and unreasoned rage to lightly. I have always believed Cruz is a true demagogue and potential threat to what America is supposed to represent, having watched and listened to him closely and read some very interesting articles about laws and amendments he has tried to sneak by or overtly produced as a Senator since he was elected to the Senate . He has a truly twisted view of the what power he wants to wield and those he plans to impose his dictates on. WHAT IS CLEAR to me, is the only immigration he finds palatable for the first and last time in his life was his own and his daddy’s as they slithered across the Canadian border……much to the rest of America’s chagrin!!!!! BTW, Cruz is NOW saying that it isn’t HE that is playing nasty and fast and loose with the facts, it’s his OPPONENTS…….yeah right……….

      3. S.J. Jolly February 23, 2016

        Maybe God’s plan is to let humans go to Hell, and create hells on Earth, if we so choose ?

        1. Grannysmovin February 23, 2016

          That could be.

  4. Independent1 February 21, 2016

    What’s really scary and disgusting, is that all those things listed by this article as being done by Cruz to try and win an election, are not really all that far fetched from what is the standard modus operandi of most GOP politicians in seeking to bias an election. I think voters would be very surprised to learn just how many dirty tricks Republicans play as standard practice in working to rig the outcome of elections before and during election day.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 21, 2016

    It’s good to know that the extremists are honing their skills of deception with such alacrity. Their smarmy techniques makes one feel like a bucket of swill has been poured on, and now has to be washed off immediately.
    The partisan-political system is working in overdrive to further tarnish its image and eventually drive it to extinction.

  6. greenlantern1 February 21, 2016

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria!
    Native born?
    Was Elian Gonzales an illegal alien or not?

    1. Grannysmovin February 21, 2016

      They did not run and will not run for President.

      1. Bob Eddy February 21, 2016

        Though, back when Arnold was right wing darling, there were those in the GOP who were trying to find a way to make him eligible.

        1. johninPCFL February 21, 2016

          Maybe if he moved to Canada (like Cruz’ mother), got Canadian citizenship (like Cruz’ mother) voted in Canadian elections (like Cruz’ mother) and then moved back to the USA (like Cruz’ mother)? Would that be good enough?

      2. greenlantern1 February 21, 2016

        Did Arnold give a nominating speech at a Bush convention?
        Notice the signs?

    2. Polana February 21, 2016

      R they running for President??? Guess what Elian Gonzales is a very Happy man and doesn’t need your support. Arnold is back making stupid movies. like he said I vill b baack.
      What is your obsession with the 2.??? Get a life or join Cruz in his run.

      1. greenlantern1 February 21, 2016

        I never said that he was qualified to run for president.
        Did Cruz?

  7. plc97477 February 21, 2016

    I have always thought it would be a good idea to truss ted. I will provide the rope if anyone else is interested.

    1. fredoandme February 21, 2016

      truss. i’d like to wrap one around his face.
      and with the pelvic truss…….it really drives you insa-a-a-a-ane…..

    2. Donna Tara Lee February 21, 2016

      Can we truss him to a stake ? How about very well done, like real crispy !

  8. Richard Vittorioso February 21, 2016

    Come back here in November when no one will remember Ted Cruz

    1. Ekpe February 21, 2016

      I think it will happen long before November. Wait and see!

  9. johninPCFL February 21, 2016

    Ted fits right in with the new GOP trying to create a US oligarchy:

    “GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s aggressive plan to shift the tax code from a mostly income-based system to one based on consumption would slash federal revenues by $8.6 trillion over the next decade, according to a new Tax Policy Center analysis. Including interest costs, it would add $10.2 trillion to the debt over 10 years unless Cruz offsets his tax cuts with unprecedented reductions in federal spending. By 2036, Cruz’s plan would add nearly $30 trillion to the debt.

    TPC found that the Cruz plan, which would create a flat 10 percent individual income tax rate and replace both the corporate income tax and the Social Security and Medicare payroll tax with a 16 percent Value-Added Tax, would overwhelmingly benefit high- income households.”

  10. Donna Tara Lee February 21, 2016

    He’s running for first minister and Rubio is running for first altar boy. I hope both of these repukican religious carnival barkers get a huge beating by someone down the line !

    1. Bob Eddy February 21, 2016

      And hopefully from either an avowed Socialist or the first woman to be nominated by a major party. Imagine the irony of some Republicans voting for Hillary because they trust her more than the Republican candidate. In addition, if Cruz is the Republican choice we can finally put to rest the right wing theory that they lose because their candidate wasn’t conservative enough.

      1. Donna Tara Lee February 21, 2016

        Yeah, they made that arguement in 1964 also. Remember what happened to Goldwater? Crushed !( In your heart you know he might )

    2. 1standlastword February 21, 2016

      I can see the minster and the alter boy “stretching the point” –in a different way (if you get my meaning)–in the men’s room back corner stall after the debate

  11. CrankyToo February 21, 2016

    You’d have to be one dumba$$ Repugnican voter to be taken in by Cruz’s deceptions. Of course, there are millions of that particular breed of zombie walking around.

  12. Joan February 21, 2016

    Of course we can and should Trus Ted. We should use the Trus Anal probe on him, after all he wants women to get medically unnecessary trans vaginal probes. If the first Trus test comes back negative, we should repeat the test several times, you can’t be too sure. The test may also shed some light on why he is such a huge DICK.

    1. Hornytoad3 February 21, 2016

      Joan, I am not sure what a trans vaginal probe is, but if it is what I think it is I would Love to do one for you!!

      1. Joan February 21, 2016

        I have flagged your post as inappropriate.

  13. stsintl February 21, 2016

    It’s not just Cruz. Party of Lincoln and Eisenhower has been taken over by Mafia types since the Watergate break-ins during Richard Nixon’s time. They don’t stop at anything. Look what the Michigan governor Rick Snyder did in Flint? Look at what governor of Wisconsin did to government employees and labor unions?

    1. S.J. Jolly February 23, 2016

      IOW: Private interests supreme over public interests.

      1. stsintl February 23, 2016

        Here is FDR’s famous quote

        “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to the point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling private power.” –

        President Franklin Delano Roosevelt


        The problem is that even Supreme Court is now controlled by the Mafia

  14. oldtack February 21, 2016

    What he has done and had his cohorts do is typical sleeze bag politics and certainly not conduct befitting an aspirant for thr position of President. The one that concerns me is the fake letter sent to the people of Iowa. If this was a a fake made up as an official document and it was sent through the U S Mail System then that is Mail Fraud, a criminal offense and he should be charged with this crime.

    He seems to have a checkered career of sleezy political deception throughout his career.. Imagine what he is capable of if he was the President with a Congress and Senate majority of sleeze bags to back him up.

  15. 1standlastword February 21, 2016

    Let me unveil the new Cruz post-campaign slogan to predict how he’s going to end up

    Thrus Ted …out of politics completely!!!

  16. nana4gj February 21, 2016

    I cannot abide the man, nor the Senator. Can anyone name a piece of constructive legislation he has accomplished while in the Senate? I can only remember his accusing individuals of wrong doing with no evidence, only, putting it out there to hang in the air with, “I’m just say’n”, pretty much, which is why some call him “McCarthy”.

    I can only remember him stirring up a pot of trouble, exhorting his willing, and wimply, colleagues to do stupid things, shutting down the government and while they act like monkeys in a zoo, celebrating it, he’s on his way to the airport by the time they realize how stupid they are when the polls come in and the country is outraged at them. He reads children’s stories in the well of the Senate; filibusters w/ridiculosity; and, all of it is not for any principled position or cause; it’s so Ted Cruz is known.

    My question is, if all of these campaign federal and local violations are against the laws, why has he not been held accountable? Why haven’t the targeted people, the counties, the Secretarys of State, the FEC, et al, filed charges, or, suspended his campaign?

    1. 1standlastword February 21, 2016

      That is why when he’s not looking like Grandpa Munster he’s looking like Bill Murray

      An analysis of his face reveals he was born cursed with that face and he–like Grandpa Munster and Murray–would have been “loved” with that face and his intellect had he gone into COMEDY and entertainment: making people happy and laugh, opposed to making people want to STRANGLE him by becoming an unctuous, smarmy self-righteous, power hungry conman politician!


      P.S Ted is running a campaign in a party that tolerates dirty tricks so we must perish the thought that someone (other than Trump) might take legal action against a Cruz campaign

    2. S.J. Jolly February 23, 2016

      Election law violation charges are usually filed after the election, to avoid false filings being used to shut down opponents.

  17. ray February 21, 2016

    He reminds me of Uncle Sid from the Piranha club.

  18. Ekpe February 21, 2016

    All my readings of Cruz tend to confirm that he is not dependable. He would be an unfortunate President in a country like the USA. His willingness to shut down government at every point is a clear indication that public interest is not his concern. He is in the Senate to massage his ego. Nothing else!

  19. yabbed February 21, 2016

    Ted Cruz makes my skin crawl. Every time I see his face I think serial killer.

  20. Michelle Teller February 22, 2016

    Cruz is about 1/10th the liar Hillary Clinton is, but yes, he’s a rat in a field of great candidates.

    1. citizenthompson March 13, 2016

      I think media sites score all the candidates, and few of the others compare with Ted. He’s telling the straight truth 16% of the time. By comparison, Hillary is telling the truth 51% of the time (http://2016-presidential-candidates-fact-check.silk.co/).


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