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Endorse This: Donald Trump’s Anti-Foreigner Plan Is Already Working

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Endorse This: Donald Trump’s Anti-Foreigner Plan Is Already Working


Donald Trump rose to become the presumptive Republican nominee primarily due to two policy proposals: building a gigantic (impossible) wall on the Mexican border, and barring all Muslims from entering the United States: as tourists, immigrants, asylum seekers, and, though Donald has backtracked on this last one, American citizens returning home.

Turns out we may not need to defile the Constitution to keep foreigners out of the country: a video released this morning by the BBC is one in a growing cache of evidence that Donald Trump himself, as president, would be more repulsive than any wall or travel policy.

In it, young residents of Delhi, India are asked whether they would be willing to visit the United States under a Trump presidency. Their answers may not surprise you, at this point, but therein lies what should be a real concern: our growing acceptance that Trump’s hyper-nationalism has already isolated the United States from our allies around the globe.

Video: BBC. 



  1. Otto T. Goat May 4, 2016

    Trump already making things better, and he hasn’t even been elected yet.

    1. PrecipitousDrop May 5, 2016

      What’s your beef with immigration? I mean, what is it TODAY?

  2. egalicki May 4, 2016

    Anyone who feels this way shouldn’t come here.

  3. Paul Murphy May 4, 2016

    He did not rise to the nominee because of this by himself. Tens of millions of voters agree with him and that is how he got where he is. Such misinformed writers are so delusional.

  4. oldlion May 4, 2016

    When Nixon was president I thought he was the worst. Then we got Reagan and I thought this Bozo is worse than Nixon. Then along came W. and I thought this is it, we’ve hit bottom now. Now we have the possibility of the Orange one. This positively, absolutely has to be the bottom of the GOP barrel.

    1. patrick g van meter May 4, 2016

      LMAO. Seriously. Well said. What the hell is the matter with the American people. I retired in Mexico close to 20 years ago because cheaper to live here on fixed income. Now the orange man wants to put a wall up. The US is the problem not Mexico. It could still get worse and most likely will with this idiot. Thanks for making me laugh

      1. oldlion May 4, 2016

        If Trump is elected, I may be your neighbor. Love Mexican food and the people.

        1. Kelly Schippers May 5, 2016

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  5. Box May 4, 2016

    The article is false but also the interviewer asked baited questions without the Indians being informed. I love the girl who fears what “we the people” would do to her if she visited US. Oh, but nevermind we did NOTHING to any visitor or immigrant for 250 years? Stop lying and putting words in Trumps mouth. Its the illegals and criminals he is after. Obama promised background checks on Muslims and then took it away. Meantime ISIS grows in US and you think a candidate should have no opinion about this? Also Governors are backing off from refugees for example because Obama’s promised security controls evaporated. And you would now call the Governors evil monsters?

    1. CrankyToo May 4, 2016

      You must not proof-read your own sh!t because if you did, you’d probably go running screaming to the nearest shrink.

    2. Irishgrammy May 4, 2016

      You are so uniformed it’s pathetic ……are you listening only to right wing BS radio or Faux News and their fantasy scenarios that feeds you and your ilk this steady diet of incredible misinformation deliberately, ad nauseam……Your obvious limitless ignorance is testament to this ridiculous and complete drivel and lies.

      1. Greg G May 7, 2016

        If you can’t see your liberal ignorance and blindness to blatantly slanted questions designed to setup the interviewee, then you are closed-minded and unwilling to consider anything but your twisted perspective. You are unwilling to be step back and consider anything objectively.

        So just delude yourself to Hillary’s feminism (consider all the women raped by Muslims who asked for it, according to her) and purity (avoid considering Bengazi blood on her hands for Americans she let die there and the associated lies, as well as being a traitor to America through insecure emails on matters of national import), You are the one with a steady diet of incredible misinformation and obvious limitless ignorance and gullibility to her drivel and lies. I hope that you are the next person on the receiving end of Hillary’s lies and policies so that you can perform a cranial rectal extraction and pull your head out of your butt.

        1. Irishgrammy May 7, 2016

          As ever a litany of the usual false, horribly and deliberately misinformed right wing attack lines!!! Along with the usual name calling as I, myself, occasionally fall prey to out of utter frustration and anger that truth and reality refuse to inter into the thought process of a right wing person such as yourself!!! If there is and has been a consistent character trait with the Liberal and/or Progressive mind set is our adherence and love for FACTS and REALITY, regardless of where they lead and certainly putting aside you clear distain for “liberals” which you use as a “dirty” word! So to say I find your comment at least entertaining and humorous and there are many facts one could easily dispel with your ridiculous and over-used assertions, I can see it would be a massive waste of time, as you are quite clearly a hardened, angry, oh so typical, right winger devoid of any rational thought, entrenched and mired in the muck of right wing conspiratorial “other-world” where all Liberals/Progressives/Democrats, are “evil” and only your ilk should have dominion over all IN SPITE of reality, truth and common sense….



  6. Box May 4, 2016

    I hope this articles hangs around a while. ALL gun owners need to lose their guns because of a few bad apples but ALL Muslims need to be allowed in despite any number of bad apples? The kid says he has a friend, a nice guy, so why cant he go US? Well, I know 300,000,000 nice gun owners, why cant they keep their guns?

    1. Joe Gannon May 5, 2016

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, as soon as all guns are taken away this will make some sort of sense. But given that there isn’t even a proposal to do that yet, nevermind and actual law on the books, what in the world are you talking about? You actually have it reversed. There IS a proposal from Drumpf to stop all Muslims because of the actions of a tiny minority. So are you saying people who support that SHOULD support confiscating all guns too?

  7. Thomas Martin May 6, 2016

    IF he gets elected all he will have to do is post “juge” pictures of himself along our borders and people will run the opposite direction.


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