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Endorse This: Back When Mitt Romney Loved Donald Trump

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Endorse This: Back When Mitt Romney Loved Donald Trump



Mitt Romney made huge waves today with his speech denouncing Donald Trump’s candidacy as dangerous to the Republican Party and to America itself, pulling out all the stops to call Trump a “phony” and a “fraud” who has stoked racism, sexism, vulgarity, and otherwise lowered the level of the public discourse.

But it turns out Mitt didn’t always have such a low opinion of The Donald. Back in 2012, he avidly sought and received Trump’s support for his own presidential campaign. He even joined Trump at his Las Vegas casino — for the endorsement of a man whose major claim to political fame at that time was stoking racist conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birthplace, background, and personal accomplishments.

“There are some things that you just can’t imagine happening in your life — this is one of them,” said a bright and beaming Romney, in a display so obsequious to Trump that it would make Chris Christie shake his head. “Being in Donald Trump’s magnificent hotel, and having his endorsement, is a delight. I’m so honored and pleased to have his endorsement.”

Today, Romney called Trump a fraud with a string of failed businesses and a disgraced personal brand. But here’s what he said back then: “Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the American people. He’s done it here in Nevada; he’s done it across the country.”

And check this out, in contrast to Romney’s denunciations today of Trump’s protectionist economic policies: “He understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. He’s one of the few people who stood up and said, you know what, China has been cheating — they’ve taken jobs from Americans, they haven’t played fair. We have to have a president who will stand up to cheaters. We believe in free trade and free enterprise — but we don’t believe in allowing people to cheat, day in and day out.”

And there was even this offhand remark, when Romney was pitching himself a businessman who could get the economy working again: “I spent my life in the private sector — not quite as successful as this guy — but successful nonetheless.”

“So I want to say thank you to Donald Trump for his endorsement,” he also added. “It means a great deal to me to have the endorsement of Mr. Trump, and people across this country who care about the future of America.”

So why did Mitt so thoroughly debase himself as to grovel for The Donald’s support? Maybe it’s explained by his final remark in the video, as he was thanking all his endorsers in Nevada: “And make sure and vote on Saturday — I need every vote I can get.”

Yeah, that’s it.

Video via PBS NewsHour.

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  1. AlfredSonny March 3, 2016

    Romney just proved he is like a sailboat which sails wherever the wind is. Thank God, America was smart enough not to elect him in 2012!

  2. tom boy March 3, 2016

    Umm much as a dislike Tump why did the GOP wait till March to lash out at him ? It should been last summer they should spoke out against him . They should found another business man to run as a GOP candidate. Carly was nice but her failed Compaq / HP merger did her candidacy in . But they never bothered looking .
    Too little too late to stop your frankenstein monster.

  3. bobnstuff March 3, 2016

    Romney just proved that he is not running for office and can say what he thinks without fear of loosing votes. He see what Trump is doing to the party and what he could do to the country if elected.

    1. Cloudherder March 3, 2016

      Hasn’t this been the Republican Party all along, but Trump is just making it flagrantly out there instead of with a wink and a nod like they usually do?

      1. bobnstuff March 3, 2016

        It wasn’t all ways this way. Once the Republicans were the big tent party. They supported a number of good things and worked to build the middle class. It all changed with Reagan. We became the party of the rich and the middle class be damned.

  4. Nick March 3, 2016

    We did not vote for Romney! We are voting for Trump 2016.

  5. Virginia March 3, 2016

    Why is this such a surprise? Since when did you ever think that the hypocrisy in the Repubican party wasn’t alive and well?

    1. tom boy March 3, 2016

      and flourishing instead of talking about how to keep the middle class from going into poverty class they act like teenagers in a naming calling drama ! Where is the principal to give them all detention ?

  6. notafoxfan March 3, 2016

    hypocrisy in politics period is alive and well..money talks you know…it is really a sad statement about our country however that a person who acually llves in gold plated ivory tower (trump tower to be specific)can fool so many people…

  7. ridemybroom March 4, 2016

    Mitt…you a piece of shit…now…then…forever ! garbage you are…..

  8. ridemybroom March 4, 2016

    The GOP is not reconizing Donald Trump as their top runner…they also are telling you the voters that you can vote for Trump but not have him as your nominee…these old hard liners need to go !…please pass this onto your friends and family who vote….we need to make a point to the GOP that if they try to block Donald Trump from being the Nominee for the party…we need to send a message that if he isnt the nominee there will be hell to pay…we will bring revolution and rebellion to the streets of America in a way never before seen…we will not stop til the old tired GOP hardliners resign….Donald Trump has won and is winning in a large way and if he continues to win he should and will become the nominee to go against Hillary Clinton…we need to unite behind the winner of the race….The GOP has now put up 25 million dollars in pac money to get rid of Donald Trump….what will be next…an assassination of him…this is why we need to be loud about this…it is clear you voted for Donald overwhelming in SC and 11 other states…now lets stand behind him and see him go all the way to the top….

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 4, 2016

    Mitt, Ryan, McCain, et al are so confused by the Donald Factor that they are having a major crisis of figuring out what to do with the monster that is a by-product of their ancient and benighted view of the world. They are so mesmerized by Conservatism and its seductive allure that they are committed by an idiotic oath that smacks of Totalitarianism to the point that they are sworn to support even a maniac whose ego surpasses all norms and standards of decency.

    Even the low-level rabble, who occasionally appear in this forum from cracks and crevices of a netherworld of extremism in order to engage in petty hit-and-run reactionary postings, show similar resistance to logic and commonsense, much like bacterial strains that evolve antibiotic resistance.

    But there is a hidden wisdom that is behind the consternation and new sense of dread that assaults the neural pathways of the Lunatic fringe operatives and their main Control Center in DC. In the days to come there will appear a cleansing agent to expunge the blight of Conservatism and all the little “roaches” that attend to its needs—little robot-like beings who behave much like termites in a dark musty mound that tend to the queen termite’s needs.

  10. ThinkAboutIt March 4, 2016

    It isn’t just Romney’s failure to reject Trump and his birther nonsense in 2012. For decades, the GOP in general has tolerated and kept silent about all kinds of lies and idiotic attacks on Dems, liberals, and RINOs. Is it any wonder that so many Republican voters are so ill-informed (e.g., Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Marxist who deserves impeachment) and filled with hate when Republican leaders are rarely – if ever – refute the nonsense? Romney and Republican leaders now telling the public the truth about Trump are years too late with that message after pandering to stupidity, rumors, lies, prejudices, and fears for so long.


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