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Endorse This: Caroline Cruz Embarrasses Dad And The World Smiles

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Endorse This: Caroline Cruz Embarrasses Dad And The World Smiles

Ted Cruz embarrassed by his daughter Caroline

Oh Caroline Cruz. We love you. Never change.

Ted Cruz’s eldest daughter Caroline Cruz — who turned eight today — has been the most charming of all the Cruzes, squirming and blurting out little nuggets of family lore.

She’s embarrassed her father Ted Cruz more than once, too, and it’s her irrepressibility — she’s not going to behave just because her dad is running for president — that’s endeared her to millions of political watchers.

In this clip from a town hall meeting on CNN, as Ted Cruz loftily tells the audience how his daughters have changed him — “There are moments of humility that being the father of daughters instills in you” — Caroline Cruz butts in with her own story, completely derailing her father’s.

It’s an egregious violation of his “no cameras” policy.

Could someone at the Cruz’s Houston school leak the video?

Screengrab of, from left, Caroline Cruz and her sister Catherine, who is sitting on Heidi’s lap. Caroline and Catherine squirm the entire time and it’s adorable. CNN/YouTube



  1. greenlantern1 April 14, 2016

    Margaret Hoover, a relative of Herbert Hoover, directed the Hoover Foundation.
    She endorses same sex marriage!
    Don’t hold your breath; waiting for him to denounce that foundation!

  2. jcurtis595 April 14, 2016

    If Ted Cruz had half a brain, he would have his daughter Caroline speak at each and every one of his events. She’ll get more votes and win more hearts than anything he says or does. In fact, she could single handedly turn a figure hated by a majority of American’s into a man people could come to like. As a Democrat who despises Cruz’s positions, personality and spoken vitriol I sure hope she isn’t with him on the campaign much.

    1. LYN April 14, 2016

      100% AGREE IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. J, Dial April 14, 2016

    Incredibly touching. I can freely admit Cruz seems like a great dad. It just pains me so that so many Republicans would never acknowledge Hillary Clinton has done a stellar job as a mom.

    1. markfey April 14, 2016

      You must be kidding… His kids dislike him and his wife won’t kiss him, and no one will blame her.

      1. jcurtis595 April 14, 2016

        Ha Ha. That really made me laugh, Markley. Well, now I stand corrected !!! Ted is just irredeemable I guess. But really, that kid is adorable, so lets vote for her. She wasn’t born in Canada.

  4. yabbed April 14, 2016

    Cruz is the most unlikable politician in my lifetime. He exceeds Tricky Dick Nixon in the cringe and creep factor.

  5. Anne April 14, 2016

    Nothing or no one will make Cruz likable…he is a creep…pure and simple. His wife looks at him with these eyes…there are no words to describe…let’s just say it is not the loving gaze that Nancy Reagan gave her Ronnie.

  6. plc97477 April 15, 2016

    I think that sweet little girl is going to pay for speaking up like that. cruz has mentioned how much he likes to hit his girls.

  7. Bren Frowick April 17, 2016

    Clever move by Snake-Oil Ted 🙂 Letting his cute daughters allow him to pose as an actual human being. Which I’m sure he is in his private life. He should spend more time with his family…

  8. Daniel Deering April 17, 2016

    it made Cruz more of a human being than anything else sho=ws the love he has for his children and his oldest saughter should be in his cabent she is brilliant

  9. dancingcat April 30, 2016

    Cruz wants to be in charge of “everything!” I’m sure he also attempted to lead his family (including parents). I enjoyed his mother’s look at him when he stated that she prayed for him several hours a day. She also corrected him on that statement. Nobody likes a bully – even his parents.

    Regarding his daughter, I’ve known a number of children who definitely know what they like and don’t. Children of that age DO THINK and have opinions! She just doesn’t like Dad and doesn’t want to be part of what she considers a farce.


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