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Endorse This: Jeb Insists — Hey, George W. Bush Is Really Popular!

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Endorse This: Jeb Insists — Hey, George W. Bush Is Really Popular!



Jeb Bush has now been reduced to defending his losing candidacy — by publicly debating the last losing Republican candidate, and standing up for the popularity of a certain other disastrous Republican…

In an appearance today on Morning Joe, Bush had to respond to Mitt Romney, who recently told The Washington Post that he’d warned Jeb that the “the W. years” would be a burden to him on the campaign trail, and it would “too easy for the Democrats” to put another Clinton up against another Bush.

Jeb’s couldn’t help but display a certain testiness about their private conversation being made public, nor could he pass up another chance to show off just how tone-deaf he still is regarding his brother’s legacy.

“Look, Mitt Romney’s a great guy, and I do consider him a friend,” Jeb told panelist Willie Geist. “And in that private conversation, we talked about the campaign — because he was thinking about running. I went out to see him, I wanted him to know I was all in, and that I had a plan to win this. And I still do.”

And not only that — but Jeb insisted George W. really is popular, too.

“So my brother, if you did the polling and actually looked at it, he’s probably the most popular president amongst Republicans in this country. So the whole idea that somehow he’s a burden — any mistakes I make, they’re my own. My brother and my family, I’m honored to be part of that family, I love them dearly. And all of the psychobabble that goes along with it, I’ve gotten over it. You guys can meditate on your navels about it. I’m not.”

This all gets us to a more serious point about Jeb’s fundamentally flawed campaign: In so many ways, he has seemed to echo the worst qualities of both his brother George W. Bush, and the 2012 GOP loser Mitt Romney — and combined them into a single candidate.

Video via Morning Joe/MSNBC.

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  1. MVH1 January 5, 2016

    I suppose in some tiny little Camelot replica he might be really popular, stocked with cartoon characters and animation. Maybe.

  2. yabbed January 5, 2016

    If Jeb can’t admit the disaster of the GWB administration and the ongoing reverberations from his two failed nonsensical wars in the Middle East, Jeb isn’t a good enough pol to win the nomination, much less the presidency.

  3. groversyck January 5, 2016

    G W Bush is not even as popular as typhoid Mary was in her day.
    Baby Bush belongs in prison, for life.

  4. Otto Greif January 5, 2016

    Yew can say it all you want but fir crying out loud Bush is not poplar. Jeb needs to stop being such an ash.

  5. Nancy January 5, 2016

    Lying comes so easy with this family and gop party.

  6. drdroad January 5, 2016

    Unbelievably, GW’s favorables have been rising!


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