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Endorse This: Jeb’s Super PAC Man Now Speaking

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Endorse This: Jeb’s Super PAC Man Now Speaking



So what exactly does somebody say after wasting over $100 million trying to elect Jeb Bush?

GOP strategist Mike Murphy, who headed up the Right to Rise super PAC, appeared Monday on Fox News to talk about exactly what went wrong: It was the media — and the voters.

“Well, I think Jeb got a bit of a hard treatment from the media,” Murphy said. “He had the misfortune of being the kind of quality, issues-experienced candidate in a year where people seem to be looking for a circus — and Jeb doesn’t wear clown shoes. But you know, on we go. The voters are always right, as they say, and now they’ve gotta pick somebody.”

Murphy is now looking to help the efforts to consolidate against Trump — which might just be good news for The Donald.

Video via Fox News.

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  1. yabbed March 7, 2016

    It was Jeb. It was Jeb BUSH.

  2. Wayne Thorson March 7, 2016

    Everybody with common sense knew Jeb was in trouble when he called for his brother George W. for help.

    1. drdroad March 7, 2016

      Exactly! Who in the world wants that guy stumping for him??

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 7, 2016

    “…year where people seem to be looking for a circus — and Jeb doesn’t wear clown shoes. But you know, on we go. The voters are always right, as they say, and now they’ve gotta pick somebody.”

    Jeb’s shoes could be seen a mile away from wherever he set foot. As for circus, Jeb was more the “Clarence the Clown” type with a sad and forlorn look on his face. He was always front and center with the other clowns, past and present.

    Oh well—As the [revised[ saying goes, “a fool and his millions are soon parted.”

  4. laurele March 7, 2016

    The Democratic nominee will be Bernie Sanders, NOT Hillary Clinton!

    1. Cloudherder March 9, 2016

      Maybe you should tell the primary voters that. It doesn’t seem to be working for ol Bernie in that direction.

      1. laurele March 9, 2016

        I guess you missed what happened last night in Michigan. That’s only the beginning.

        1. Paul Bass March 9, 2016

          Yesterday HRC won 87 delegates to Bernies 69 delegates, not counting ANY super delegates. She has 1221/2382 delegates needed. Bernie has 571. Even removing “super delegates” Bernies “path” to nomination is virtually impossible.

          Stop listening to the right wing media, HRC WILL be the nominee and the future President.

          1. laurele March 10, 2016

            Once again, there you go misleading the public by prematurely adding the superdelegates to Hillary’s count. They switched from Hillary to Obama in 2008 once Obama won, and they will switch to Bernie this year if he wins at the end. The real difference in delegates is about 770 for Clinton to 570 for Bernie, a difference of just 200 delegates with many Bernie-friendly states yet to vote.

          2. Paul Bass March 10, 2016

            I said “even removing SD…” and it’s HRC delegates 748 to BS 542 (from realclearpolitics) to be exact.
            Again, w/o SD, BS needs ~ 54% of ALL remaining delegates to get to 2382 delegates. While, so far he has only garnered 42% of the current delegate (NOT SD) vote. a 12% increase in delegates over ALL of the remaining states, is pretty unlikely, not impossible, but very unlikely.

        2. Cloudherder March 11, 2016

          If you looked at the actual results and not what the media spouted, Bernie won 67 and Hillary won 60 in Michigan. Not a big help for Bernie seen as Hillary has 1,222 and Bernie has 574. The media tends to get silly with it’s “winning” thing.

  5. Timmi March 7, 2016

    He was unwanted. There it is.

  6. CrankyToo March 7, 2016

    How could Jeb have done so poorly with a genius like Mike Murphy behind
    him? “It’s the future” he says at the end of this interview (which I
    took as a reference to his party’s predicament). All I can say is, if
    this is the GOP’s future, it’s closer to the end of it than the

  7. fortunev March 7, 2016

    What a deluded klutz. Go grifters.


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