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Endorse This: Raising Your Hand For Trump

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Endorse This: Raising Your Hand For Trump



Come on, what could possibly be wrong with getting tens of thousands of people to raise their right hands to declare allegiance to an authoritarian political personality?

Donald Trump is now taking questions on the newest practice at his campaign events, where he asks the audience to all raise their hands and make a pledge to go out and vote for him on primary day. The problem: Lots of people think this whole display looks just like one of the Nuremberg Rallies. (To be somewhat fair, The Donald specifically puts up his own hand in the manner of a person making an oath in court — while all the people the audience are just raising their arms straight into the air.)

“I wonder how you feel about that comparison,” asked Savannah Guthrie, “and whether it would make you want to perhaps not do it anymore, if people do feel that way?”

Trump’s response was both a profession of his innocence — and less than comforting in its deadpan delivery.

“Well I think it’s ridiculous. I mean, we’re having such a great time. Yesterday I had 20,000 people in Mississippi, I had tremendous crowds in Michigan,” Trump said, with apparently no sense of awareness.

“And sometimes we’ll do it for fun — and they’ll start screaming at me, ‘Do the swear-in! Do the swear-in!’ I mean, they’re having such a great time. They’re massive crowds. I get by far the biggest crowds, and we’re having a good time. Honestly, until this phone call I didn’t know it was a problem.”

As the questions continued, The Donald further explained: “If it’s offensive or if there’s anything wrong with it, I wouldn’t do it. But when I say, ‘Raise your hand,’ everybody raises their hand. They’re screaming to me to do it, ‘We want to do it!’ and we’re all having a lot of fun.”

However, we wish to offer an alternative comparison for the sight of Trump having his vast crowds awkwardly recite back a pledge of support for him: The scene in that great American classic Blazing Saddles, when the corrupt political boss Hedley Lamarr had his vast army of dimwitted Wild West criminals (which, yes, included a few anachronistic Nazis) pledge allegiance to him — and to the evil for which he stands!

“Now repeat after me: ‘I…'”


“‘Your name…'”

“Your name—”


Video via Today/NBC News.

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  1. Leftout March 8, 2016

    Trump and Raising hands , few can relate to it in this age.
    Only you guys can muddy the waters with your chit

    1. JPHALL March 8, 2016

      Yes you are correct, intelligence can be a problem when dealing with morons and their enablers.

  2. bobnstuff March 8, 2016

    Trump knows what is happening, and loves it. He is using Hitlers play book to win this election and his followers are eating it up. They want a Hitler. Seig Heil! Heil Trump.

  3. Otto T. Goat March 8, 2016

    Trump’s critics are really, really stupid.

    1. Bill P March 8, 2016

      Though not as stupid as his supporters!

    2. Ekpe March 8, 2016

      Is that right Mr Goat? How do you know?

  4. greenlantern1 March 8, 2016

    Ever hear of the names of Ray Kot, Sunnil Rattu and Martin Caballero?
    They were murdered at Trump Taj Mahal!
    Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
    They were murdered by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
    Their gang leader was Cliven Bundy!

    1. Leftout March 8, 2016

      You light is fading from scum on the wick. The last two were killed by typical rid raff of Atlantic city streets. Art was killed by a mentally ill nut case .

      1. greenlantern1 March 8, 2016

        What were they doing at Trump Taj Mahal to begin with?
        Rick’s CAFE AMERICAIN; it is not!

        1. Leftout March 8, 2016

          The victims were gambling or working the killers were typica AC slime . Taj is a great place for occasional entertainment Andreas Bocelli and some other types of classic groups

          . And if you Like to gamble that is on you, you know what is going to happen wth your money.
          Some of the restaurants are excellent

          I rarely go because the area has been crap ever since I knew of it , before the casinos,

          If you can increase entertainment it would be better.

  5. Kurt CPI March 8, 2016

    This is as ridiculous as the anti-Trump Republican spiff on NewsMax. If you actually WATCH the video, the pledge is to get out and vote. Raising one’s right hand in pledge is part of every court room swearing in, It’s what President Obama did when he took the oath of office. The entire thing is such a non-event that I have to wonder if there’s anything further at the bottom of the barrel to scrape up. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for condemning Trump. Why don’t we emphasize those? This kind of “journalism” turns my stomach and doesn’t help in making the point that liberals are on the high road. Let’s try reporting substance with honesty and commitment to liberal ideals!

    1. Independent1 March 8, 2016

      When you have your head up your butt so far you can’t see the daylight, it’s often hard to understand how what sometimes seems so innocent can turn into something so very very bad. I’m sure there were many Germans who responded like you back in the 1930s until suddenly the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute became far more ominous.

      1. Kurt CPI March 8, 2016

        When you have your head so far up your butt that nonsense makes sense purely because you see what you imagine without regard for what’s truly in front of you, you’re seriously blocking the light. I actually watched the video. Did you? I heard no mention of heil Hitler or heil Trump. Your comparison is ludicrous, disingenuous, and warrantless. You sound like the Republicans wishing to quell the vote!

        1. Cloudherder March 10, 2016

          Has someone changed Trump into another person?

          1. Kurt CPI March 10, 2016

            A fabricated hit piece is what it is, regardless of who it targets.

  6. Cloudherder March 10, 2016

    Clearly Trump is aware of world leaders and historians comparing his attitude and policies as being very similar to Hitler’s lately. I totally believe that this is Trump’s latest brainchild that he is getting a big laugh over, making his “fans” raise their arms in a mock ‘heil’ salute. This is totally in keeping with Trump’s game.

  7. Sterling Harris March 11, 2016

    Do not say you were not warned. Der Donald has warned you.

    Security is going to rule in America. And unthinkable things will be done.

    Don’t believe me? Ask him.

    “We’re going to have to do things that we never did before,” Donald Trump says. “And some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule. … So we’re going to have to do certain things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago.”

    On , a Black man began shouting at a Trump speech in , MISSISSIPPI. People shout at Trump speeches all the time. But there are things you are allowed to shout, such as “We love you, Donald!” And there are certain things you are not allowed to shout, such as “Trump is a Racist!”

    The Constitution says both are allowed as free speech. But the Constitution does not rule at Trump rallies. Security rules — just as he promised.

    So the black man was kicked and punched. Trump looked down upon him with lofty disdain. “Get him the hell out of here!” Trump said. “Throw him out.” The man was led away.( Beat hell out of them all who disagree with ME.)

    Trump would protect us from such people as president — just as he would protect America from all its enemies.


    The price we would pay would be tiny. We would give up a civil liberty here, a freedom there.

    Certain people would be registered. Their houses of worship would be spied upon. Names would be taken down. But as long as these people are not Christians, do you really care? Trump is betting you do not.

    He is betting that as long as only Muslims would be targeted, you will turn a blind eye.

    “I want surveillance of these people,” Trump has said. “I want surveillance if we have to, and I don’t care. … I want surveillance of certain mosques, OK?”

    And if he is to lead us to our glorious future, he must get what he wants.

    Can anyone forget the famous lines of Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran pastor who first supported and then opposed Adolf Hitler? Niemoller was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps from 1937 to 1945 but felt he never did enough to speak out against fascism, especially when Hitler still could have been stopped. Today he might have written:

    “First they came for the Black and Mexican people, and I did not speak out — because I was not Black or Mexican..

    “Then they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Muslim.

    “When they come for you and me, who will be left to speak out?”

    The Democratic presidential field opposes Der Donald — carefully. (I borrow the name “Der Donald” from Dennis Byrne, a former colleague of mine from the Chicago Sun-Times who now is a contributing op-ed columnist for the Chicago Tribune.In Chicago, niceties are sometimes dispensed with, especially when they interfere with the truth.)

    “It is the sort of fear-based politics and division that sometimes precedes fascism,” Martin O’Malley says of Trump’s rhetoric.

    “Too many people have suffered and too many people have died for us to continue to hear racist words coming from major political leaders,” Bernie Sanders says.

    “Turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against Muslims, slamming the door on every Syrian refugee — that is just not who we are. We are better than that,” Hillary Clinton says.

    And what of Trump’s opponents for the Republican nomination? Most grovel and fawn.

    They really don’t care that Trump wants to register Muslims, just as long as he doesn’t want to register guns.

    Trump is no fool. He is a man with a plan. Armed with his celebrity status, his vast wealth and his adoption of the big lie as his favorite campaign tactic, he sees the White House within reach.

    He is ready for Clinton. He tipped his hand just the other day. “Hillary does not have the strength or the stamina to be president,” he said.

    Donald Trump has the stamina. Donald Trump has the strength. Donald Trump has the will.

    America has been stabbed in the back for the last time. “We’re tired of being run by stupid people!” he shouts. “The American dream is dead. But we’re going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before!”

    Bigger. Better. Stronger.

    One dream! One nation! One leader!

    Der Donald!

    Hail! Der Donald


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