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Endorse This: Rubio’s Love Of George W. Bush — On 9/11!

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Endorse This: Rubio’s Love Of George W. Bush — On 9/11!



Jeb Bush isn’t the only candidate that just doesn’t know how to quit George W. Bush. The newest entrant: Marco Rubio, who had some interesting things to say at an event Thursday in South Carolina.

“Jeb Bush has no foreign policy experience, period. And I’m an incredible admirer of him, and of his family,” Rubio declared, in an effort to repel criticism about his own résumé. “I thank God that George W. Bush was president of the United States instead of Al Gore on September 11, 2001.”

And just think: The crowd actually applauded at this — in praise of the president who six months after 9/11 boasted in public that he no longer even thought much about Osama bin Laden.

Of course, we can never know how a President Gore administration would’ve handled terrorism and the 9/11 plot. But we do know what Bush actually did: Talk big about how he’d track down the masterminds behind it, then fail to do so, go to war in Iraq instead, and leave Osama bin Laden alive and well — up until the Obama years.

Video via Reuters

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  1. RK February 12, 2016

    I think we can safely say that Gore would not have invaded the wrong country and gotten thousands of our troops killed in the process.

    1. oldlion February 12, 2016

      And maybe, just maybe, Gore would have paid attention to the memo saying we were going to be attacked with planes. I still blame Ralph Nader for the Bush fiasco and will blame Bloomberg if he runs and a Republican wins the WH.

      1. bernieo February 13, 2016

        It was a lot more than just the memo that Bush and Co. ignored. They had been warned by the outgoing administration in the strongest terms the we were facing serious danger (Sandy Berger told Condi to forget her plans because all of her time would be spent on terrorism), by Richard Clarke who got demoted, and by top CIA officials. In recent months some of them have spoken explicitly of the dire warnings that the Bush administration deliberately ignored

        1. oldlion February 13, 2016

          You could go on and on about those war criminals. The disbanding of the Iraqi army which led directly to al Quaida in Iraq and then to Isis. One of my biggest disappointments in President Obama is not pursuing charges against Bush, Cheney and their band of thugs.

    2. Independent1 February 12, 2016

      Not to mention the now projected possible 6 trillion in ultimate costs (long term increases in America’s debt) for the Afghan and Iraq wars – both of which may have been preventable if the person sitting in the Oval Office had not brushed off 7 warnings from the CIA that an attack from bin Laden was coming (as oldlion mentioned earlier).

    3. Jmz Nesky February 13, 2016

      And even if he did I’m certain it would have been because of pressure from a conservative majority congress just as what happened with Obama. These GOP followers actually believe that Obama can stand up and create war on his word alone.. This was what the goppers told them, this was what they believed. Three times Obama attempted to dissolve Guantanamo, three times the rep majority refused his proposals and three times the goppers told their followers that Obama refused to close down Guantanamo and that was just one instance. Not one of them deserve to be considered part of the human race.

  2. Paul Bass February 12, 2016

    So, this speaks to how Rubio will never see a War he doesn’t want to enter, like most of the GOP?

  3. greenlantern1 February 12, 2016

    Remember the Walter Reed scandal?
    Who was president?
    Who was Secretary of the VA?
    Proud of that?
    Our ONLY president; that ordered our troops to fire upon our vets, was Herbert Hoover!
    Proud of that?
    President Hoover shook hands with Hitler!
    Reagan ordered Oliver North to sell arms to Ayatollah Khomeini!
    Proud of that?

    1. Independent1 February 12, 2016

      Reagan actually had a love affair with the Taliban in Afghanistan and had a powwow with a group of Afghan terrorists in the Oval Office.

  4. Irishgrammy February 12, 2016

    What I will never forget is the unrelenting dismissive, critical comments from Republicans that initially attacked the accomplishment of Pres. Obama’s order to get Bin Laden in Pakistan, as they in unison belittled, diminished and ultimately even went to extreme absurdity of trying to credit Bush and Cheney for killing Bin Laden in their relentless mission of constantly delegitimizing this President. The fact that the evening of the Seals mission, President Obama was joking and calm as ever at the Washington Correspondence Dinner never letting on that a mission of such magnitude was about to take place, even amplified more the grace under pressure of President Obama……..This among so many, many other examples, showed what really insignificant little men and women reside in the Republican Party and how patriotism is just a word for them to pull out as an adjective they love to wrap themselves in but has no meaning or relevance that in any way can be applied to them at all, petty, catty cowards one and all. Never will forget it! Rubio is just another clueless, Geo.W. Bush in training and clearly cannot handle pressure or conflict……….

    1. JPHALL February 12, 2016

      Who will be his Cheney?

      1. Irishgrammy February 12, 2016

        Good question!!!! I am certain it will be who ever the neo-cons in his campaign that are feeding Rubio’s his war mongering talking points and controlling little no-nothing Rubio! I would not be at all surprised if Cheney himself has a bit of influence on who ever the new Darth Vader to Marco Rubio’s presidential ambitions might be, because WAR is their favorite passion, (as long as they themselves don’t have to pick up a gun or face bullets flying their direction!!!!!) Chicken Hawk should be tattooed on their left butt cheek, Coward on the right!!!!

      2. Jmz Nesky February 13, 2016

        Gadzooks!! There’s so many goppers to choose from but I’m sure the Chaney he chooses will not disappoint our assumptions. That is, if the voters suddenly become insane and actually nominate this airhead (or his ass wipe buddy Teddy bore). Who then should they nom? Well, I think that jailbird who threatened to run in 2012 (or was it 2008?) and was cheered on so publically by the pubs is now willing to switch sides.. Should the Dems now rise up and applaud his tenacity? Oh hell, let’s do it anyway.

  5. jif6360 February 12, 2016

    I’m not a fan of Bush or Rubio, but our latest war’s are Obama’s wars.
    Our current presidentidenial debates are a joke, and only aid in covering up the truth. TRUTH Why are we trying to overthrow the Syrian gov? Note anything Assad has done the US has done 10 fold to the people of the WORLD. Our mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda ministry for Washington, D.C. Without a doubt, the controlled major media in America rivals the controlled major media of Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union. Here’s the truth about the war.
    Read more at http://www.judicialimmunitynecessaryevil.com/petition.html

  6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 13, 2016

    Rubio has the childish notion that simply sitting in meetings on Foreign Policy affairs gives him experience via some unseen and mysterious osmotic process.

    Rubio: To be effective, one has to be able to think clearly, make reasonable assumptions, have some degree of wisdom, patience, an even temperament, and an ability to speak clearly under pressure.
    Since you have failed miserably in the last category given your recent debate debacle, shown a disdain for wisdom, are unaware of the notion of courtesy, abhor moderation, and in possession of boundless peevishness, you are therefore sadly lacking in being able to negotiate, be diplomatic, and be able to see the problem from a variety of angles.
    Therefore, you should slink back into the shadows, shore up your weaknesses, and not impose yourself on us in your imperious manner—something Lord Fauntleroy is quite fond of doing, as are other extremists.

  7. Theodora30 February 13, 2016

    You can bet your last dollar that Gore, who had chaired a commission on terrorism, would have deliberately ignored the dire warnings coming from the past administration, Richard Clarke, and his own top CIA advisors the way Bush and Co. did. He would not have allowed Clarke to be demoted and given responsibility to someone like Cheney who did not care enough to even schedule a meeting with top officials until the week before 9-11.

    Nor would he have have decided to shift focus on Bin Laden in order to take out Saddam.

    1. Independent1 February 13, 2016

      I think you meant Gore – “would NOT have deliberately ignored the dire warnings….”

      1. bernieo February 13, 2016

        You are right. Thanks for catching that!

  8. danp5648 February 13, 2016

    The towers EXPLODED Australian 9 11 survivor explosive Witness

  9. sorgfelt February 13, 2016

    Cheney helped 9/11 along. Bush went along for the ride. If Al Gore was President, it is possible that 9/11 would not have happened. The so-called 19 hijackers were not even on board, and most of them not even in the country. Those towers were obviously demolished with explosives. Its been long enough for most people who have been deceived by this false flag to get the truth. The fact that so many refuse to believe the truth right in front of their faces is indicative of just how ill this country is.


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