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Endorse This: ‘Stephen Colbert’ Has Been Replaced — By Donald Trump

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Endorse This: ‘Stephen Colbert’ Has Been Replaced — By Donald Trump



As Stephen Colbert settles into his new late-night network TV slot, he also has to face the same shocking reality as the rest of us: His old character from The Colbert Report is still around — and is actually the new Republican frontrunner.

“I’m not the first person to say this, but I completely agree that he’s my old character with $10 billion. You know, he’s completely playing on an emotional level, and so beautifully,” Colbert declared. “I mean, that’s one of the reasons why you just can’t do that old character anymore, because he’s doing it better than I ever could. Because he’s willing to drink his own Kool-Aid — and manufacture and distribute it, because he’s got all the cash.”

But in the very same interview, Colbert also admitted that there’s something he admires about Trump’s candidacy.

“There’s a populism to Trump that I find very appealing. And it’s only this: It’s that the party elders would like him to go away — but the people have decided that he’s not going to,” Stephen explained. “I may disagree with anything that he’s saying and think that his proposals are a little — well, more than a little shocking. But there is something really hopeful about the fact that, well, 36 percent of the likely voters want him, so the people in the machine don’t get to say otherwise. That’s the one saving grace, I think, of his candidacy.”

Video via Face The Nation/CBS News.

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  1. Technoglyf December 28, 2015

    Yes the populous is sick of the status quo, I think a lot of people will support Trump just for the disruption he causes no mater what the results of his presidency would be. What’s really interesting is to see the power’s that be scrambling ineffectively to prevent it or at the very least prevent it from happening in the future. I don’t know if they have the finesse required to get the genie back into the bottle though.Bernie on the left represents a more nuanced threat to the status quo, one that would do democracy and the country some real good. I think the “powers that be” recognized him as a threat early on, hence the minimal lackluster media coverage and the insane Democratic Debate schedule.

    The difference is they thought they could use/control Trump and that he wouldn’t get any real traction. With the Republican governors doing their damnedest to limit voting and Fox, the Religious Right and the wack jobs in general turning out the vote, not to mention Citizens United, the Party Leaders along with Big Money, thought they could foist another Bush on the country. At the very least keep the house and senate under their thumb. But Trump is galvanizing the Democratic base and Clinton’s rhetoric is moving toward the left but she will still pull some Republican moderates. The GOP could easily lose congress. And Bush? Bush has sunk practically out of site. So from where I sit go Trump!

    1. Cloudherder December 29, 2015

      Only because Hillary will beat him. I think the danger is too great that he would, by some strange fluke or unforeseen disaster, become president. No way would I want him even that close …. But if it was a choice between Trump or Canadian Cruz, I would pick Trump ( sounds of retching).

  2. Otto Greif December 28, 2015

    Had no idea his show was still on.

    1. Cloudherder December 29, 2015

      You mean hosting The Late Show, who he took over from David Letterman? You are missing a very funny show then.


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