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Endorse This: This Republican Talks Sense

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Endorse This: This Republican Talks Sense

Sean Hannity and the right-wing media's grip on the GOP


Presidential candidate and Ohio governor John Kasich is emerging as the GOP contender who tells the rest of the party what they don’t want to hear: All your plans are nuts.

“Now I can say that I could lower the personal rate down to 10 percent — the numbers won’t add up,” the disgruntled Republican candidate said during an appearance Thursday night on Fox News.

“Do you just want me to make campaign promises — put a chicken in every pot — or do you want me to come out with something that’s gonna be real, that’s gonna grow this economy, and that’s gonna help our kids?”

Spoiler warning for Kasich: Hannity and the rest all just want the easy campaign promises.

Video via Hannity/Fox News.

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  1. Carolyn1520 October 30, 2015

    He’s the least crazy but that doesn’t make him sane. He’s still a card carrying member of the republican party.

    1. Jmz Nesky October 30, 2015

      True, and the warning that follows the GOP like a two-legged elephant is… The words you want to hear.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 30, 2015

    Any inkling of talk that is based on logic and common-sense is anathema for extremist ideologues and their servile followers. Such talk is the “kiss of death” for all who dare to offer carefully-reasoned and non-sensational advice.

    The rabble of Right Wing have devolved over the decades to the point of being too lazy to think things through; to show impatience; to look for the drive-up-window dispenser of “The Wisdom for the Day” a-la “Dunkin’ Donuts”, “Burger King”, and similar fast-turnaround service outlets(outlets which I personally enjoy on occasion); and rely on the head-lines only for info w/o reading the article and/or understanding the context of issues.

    Therefore, Kasich, and other thinkers on the Right, will be pilloried for having the gall to speak from a carefully-reasoned perspective. Not all Right-Wingers are mentally-challenged. It’s just that we seldom nowadays get to hear anyone from their ramks—their voices are drowned out by the din of extremist Conservative pundits.

    1. Jmz Nesky October 30, 2015

      And even that is misleading because although there are many, many pundits.. We seem to only hear from approx 15 of the wingnut group which is unfair that we pit all conservatives against these few idiots that we see and hear from almost 24/7. It’s similar to typecasting an entire minority for the cruel actions of a few.of them.

  3. Dominick Vila October 30, 2015

    Kasich and Rubio are the only GOP candidates worth listening to. The rest are a bunch of nuts, opportunists, and charlatans.


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