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Endorse This: Trump Campaign Frantically Claims He’s Not ‘Playing A Part’ To Trick Voters

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Endorse This: Trump Campaign Frantically Claims He’s Not ‘Playing A Part’ To Trick Voters

Donald Trump Jr.

Last Thursday night, Donald Trump’s chief delegate wrangler, Paul Manafort, entered what he thought would be an off-the-record, closed-door meeting with members of the Republican National Committee.

Turns out a few people in the room respect Donald Trump about as much as they respect the off-the-record policy: The New York Times and others received a recording of the Manafort’s remarks that night — seemingly aimed at convincing head RNC honchos that Trump wasn’t running against his own party — and suddenly, we all had an insight from Trump’s top strategist:

“When he’s out on the stage, when he’s talking about the kinds of things he’s talking about on the stump, he’s projecting an image that’s for that purpose.”

And later:

“He gets it. The part that he’s been playing is evolving into the part that now you’ve been expecting, but he wasn’t ready for because he had to first complete the first phase.”

There are two glaring issues with saying that Trump is playing a part, though each works against two completely different sets of people: RNC officials and Trump supporters.

First, if Donald Trump is playing the character of an obnoxious, racist, womanizing jerk, he’s been playing that role his entire life. That character, if it is a character, is a masterful 69-year-long piece of performance art. But it will also be an extremely difficult character to stop playing. Trump has never in his life been “presidential,” as he claims he would be in a general election race against Hillary Clinton, and to start now would be difficult if not impossible, even for the most successful con man on the planet.

Second, if Trump is playing a character, as Manafort claims, it will have been an insult to the millions of followers he’s managed to accrue over the course of his campaign — and, in the same vein, to the millions of fans he gained as a reality TV star. That character, presumably created purposefully to gain a following, was meant to trick people into thinking Trump was the kind of business and political leader they had always wanted — in other words, the exact type of lie Trump says he hates.

On Sunday, two of Trump’s closest advisors were challenged in separate interviews about the audio recording: Manafort himself and Donald’s son, Donald Trump Jr.:

Let’s review: Paul Manafort says the character he described really referred to the different types of… venues Trump would be speaking in? “We were evolving the campaign, not the candidate”? Really? That’s pure spin, as Chris Wallace says.

Manafort was trying to sell Trump to a room of Republican elites, and he figured his most promising argument to them was that Trump has been lying all this time to his base.

And Donald Trump Jr. says that his father speaks in a certain way “to be able to draw the requisite attention that [a] topic needs.”

This seems closer to the truth, not that it looks any better for the Trump campaign. Donald Trump has spoken the same way all of his life, and it’s all been aimed at focusing attention on one thing: himself. His whole campaign serves the same purpose: we’re all talking about Donald Trump, just like he wants.

The question, then, is what will happen when Trump isn’t able to distract voters with his act? What happens when “Trump” gets old? Can he tweet his way out of an international incident? Do we want to find out?

Photo and Video: Fox News and CNN via Mediaite.



  1. Irishgrammy April 25, 2016

    How STUPID are people???!!! Maybe because I am a year older than Trump and have had to listen or watch his antics over the past decades, the fact that Manafort or Trump’s little boy are trying to desperately explain away Trumps “personality” or “character traits” as an “act” is beyond taking the absurd to new highs of the ridiculous! This man has been a bigot, misogynist pig, rude, bloviating narcissist from the get go, the only difference between 25 years ago and now is his “filter” or “politically correct” button has been terminated with age along with his intense self promotion, probably at the realization of his own mortality and his desire for the ultimate goal for ultimate power, the Presidency of the United States…….Unfortunately for the country, world and human kind is Donald J. Trump represents the very worst of human failings and nature, is ignorance incarnate, and the only thing I can see that he “inspires” is fear, loathing, rage and retribution to be directed at scapegoating whatever convenient minority Trump dictates his ire at……As far as his “business acumen” his so called attacks blaming D.C. for what business do to increase their profits is so inanely simplistic, but as ever, the Donald plays on the fears and failures of grossly uninformed voters who are desperately looking to blame someone, anyone for anything they are angry about……..Trump’s personality, soul, and beliefs are exactly what he has given us in his many words and deeds for 30 plus years and what he started his presidential run on the day he announced spewing hate, bigotry, faux outrage, and blame! The Republican party created the conditions and atmosphere ripe for Trumps rise and brand of the extreme and viola here we are in the worst, most depressing, hate filled political seasons ever !!!

    1. Elizabethfsarratt April 26, 2016

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  2. stsintl April 25, 2016

    Trump candidacy reflects more on his followers than on him. These idiots are thinking that they are SELECTING an American Idol and not ELECTING the POTUS. So, he’s playing the roles they like to see him in. American political system is a joke now.

    1. dpaano April 26, 2016

      At least the Republican side of the political system. They were told many years ago what they needed to do to bring them back to what they used to be many, many years ago (before Reagan tore the party into shreds), but they didn’t want to listen. This is just another step down the worm hole!

      1. stsintl April 26, 2016

        Yes, it’s a shame that the Grand Old Party [GOP] of Lincoln and Eisenhower has turned in to Gang Of Pirates [GOP] who have hijacked the political system and has crashed it in to the institutions of our democracy.

  3. notafoxfan April 25, 2016

    very well said irishgrammy!! he has been “slipping” back and forth between trying to appear more “presidential”, an his old narcissistic self with the rude remarks for the past week..manafort is in it for a big paycheck,and his own horn tooting,and trumps son is just that, his daddys “little boy”,so he of course will make excuses for his father..ridiculous…

  4. yabbed April 25, 2016

    All of this is for naught but to make Trump more defiant and determined. It won’t matter to his supporters. So, what’s the point of just giving him more impetus to take this campaign to the bitter end? No one in the Republican campaign is fit to be President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the only qualified candidate in this race and she’s going to be the next POTUS.

  5. Jmz Nesky April 25, 2016

    Well let’s see.. Even his own son admits it’s all a farce. So, with that in mind, what does that tell you?

    1. dpaano April 26, 2016

      Maybe that his son might be smarter than the dad?

  6. fortunev April 25, 2016

    I don’t think the electorate wants to find out on a national level that the clown is indeed an ignorant stupid clown. Think George W. Bush.

    1. Leftout April 25, 2016

      Think Obama was a farce ?

      1. Independent1 April 25, 2016

        Well, given that our economy under Obama has outperformed anything Reagan, and in fact, anything any Republican has ever done – if he’s a farce what does that make Reagan?? The worst president America ever had!!!!!! And that goes for every GOP president since Teddy Roosevelt!! (And by the way – Obama’s favorability rating is now better than Reagan’s was in his last year.)

        1. dpaano April 26, 2016

          Am reading a book now…..”Tear Down this Myth” by Will Bunch. It’s about the “right wing distortion of the Reagan legacy.” Very interesting. If more Americans read this book, they would be appalled at all the things that Reagan did that caused most of the current problems we’re dealing with now (along with those of GWB and his cohorts)! We can’t afford to have another so-called “TV” president that has NO concept of how to run a country (which, by the way, is NOT the same as running a business)! We can’t afford another 4 years of a Republican running this country…..not until they get back to the party they used to be many years ago! Until then, they are imploding upon themselves and have NO idea how to prevent it (although they were told how to do that after the last election, but failed to listen)!

        2. Leftout April 26, 2016

          The market had to up , it was down 50% it came back to where it was , manipulated as it is. Incomes have dropped 30% and people now have to work in lower paying jobs and more hours .

          1. Independent1 April 26, 2016

            The stock market has come back one heck of a lot more than it had ever attained, when Bushy boy was president it struggled to even stay around 10-11,000 – it’s now at 18,000 – it’s almost doubled from its previous high ever.

            And positive jobs growth is going to set a record that is almost 3 years longer than any sustained positive jobs growth period in history by the time Obama leaves office.

            And the fact that jobs created today don’t pay what they used to is thanks to Ronald Reagan, our worst president ever for teaching CEOS and entrepreneurs that it wasn’t their workers they needed to be concerned about but rather their bottom line of profits to ensure their stockholders were taken care of – which is why income inequality has skyrocketed since Reagan was in office and corporations have done everything to screw the worker.

            And of course the fact that virtually every GOP-run state has enacted right-to-pay-you-less laws hasn’t helped either.

  7. PrecipitousDrop April 26, 2016

    Trump’s supporters won’t abandon him because of this. Just think, they’ve been defending the guy in one way or another every week since he kicked off his campaign. Every time they did, their purely emotional investment in this candidate increased. They’re in too deep now, and Trump has continued to appear to ‘win’.
    It’s not politics for these supporters. They do not care about selecting the Leader of the Free World.
    For them, it’s just more reality TV.

    1. dpaano April 26, 2016

      He’s dazzled not only his followers, but himself! This has been such an ego-booster for this egomaniac. I seriously don’t think he figured he’d get this far, but now that he’s here, his ego won’t let him fail. Even some of his friends have said the same thing. As I said earlier, I would be scared to death if he’s elected because his failures would be detrimental to the security of this country and its citizens! It’s not worth 4 years of complete chaos; his followers need to realize that he is not running for a new reality show…..this is the REAL thing.

  8. bluetah April 26, 2016

    Movies were made about actors that were stuck in their roles- and began to believe themselves to be the “character”. Donald may be in this sort of dire strait. Republicans already have shown us they don’t have a clue- or even a tenuous connection to the real. If a political party can respect and pay attention to the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck- and Ann Coulter, the strangeness of the cult is really showing.

  9. Mark Reyer April 26, 2016

    In Trump, what you see is what you get. Apparently, many on the right, like what they see. I doubt anything out of Trumps mouth is scripted, instead it comes straight from a dark place. As to scripting and playing a role, the patron saint of Republicans, Ronald Reagan along with his handlers, never showed up in public without well staged acting. Oh and “Mission Accomplished” was as real as the bulge in Bush’s flight suit.

    When I see Trump chopping wood, standing on a bail of hay, duck hunting, or any of these other ridiculous Republican imagery of “Real America” then I’ll say it’s scripted. Until then, he’s the most upfront, honest face of today’s Republican Party and their establishment hate that he’s showing it.

  10. dpaano April 26, 2016

    It’s downright scary to think what a Trump presidency would entail!!! I know that even many foreign leaders and other Republicans agree. Unfortunately, many of his followers don’t see the problems he can cause if he’s elected. Personally, I don’t want to be around when he starts World War III!!! Voting him in and “hoping” he’ll do a better job is a high price to pay if he fails.

  11. moviefan352 . April 26, 2016

    Donald Drumpf can change as much as a Tiger can change stripes. What was that saying from The Monsters tv show, “like Brigget Bardott, practicing to be a girl.??”


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