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Endorse This: Trump Says Okay, McCain Is A Hero For Getting Caught!

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Endorse This: Trump Says Okay, McCain Is A Hero For Getting Caught!

Screen grab via "CBS This Morning."


Donald Trump is sounding very odd, for the eve of the New Hampshire primary: He’s trying to sound conciliatory, and undo some of the most horrendous statements he’s made during this campaign.

During a TV appearance Monday, Trump fired back at a comment Jeb Bush made over the weekend, slamming The Donald for having called a war hero like John McCain a “loser.”

“Well, it just shows you how they lie. Number one, I never called John McCain a loser, as you know,” Trump insisted. “I like John McCain, I supported John McCain.”

But then, even his explanation of what he “really” said just showed off his true thoughts: “I said he was a hero because he got caught — which is true, to a certain extent. And I said he was a hero because he got caught, if you remember — I didn’t call him a loser.”

And of course, he’s done all of that.

Trump famously insulted McCain this past July for having been a prisoner of war: “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, okay? I hate to tell you.”

And as CBS News also points out, The Donald indeed said at that same event that he thought less of McCain after the 2008 election: “I don’t like losers.”

However, Trump did continue with some further comments that are undeniably true — about Jeb Bush.

“You look at Jeb — Jeb’s a loser. He spent $110 million so far, he’s at the bottom of the pack or toward the bottom of the pack. He’s going nowhere, and the only thing he does is attack me. That’s the only — he thinks if he attacks me, that’s gonna show he’s tough. But every time he attacks me, he melts like butter.”

And that’s The Donald’s secret to political success: Whenever he’s in any kind of trouble, he can always fall back on pummeling Jeb. It works every time.

Video via CBS This Morning.

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  1. ham hock February 8, 2016

    Well as much as I hate Trump, Jeb is probably the easiest person on the planet to make fun of. The guy is so sad he had to call in his own mother to vouch for him. Jeb is weak and stupid to the point of just being pathetic. He really needs to drop out, if for nothing else than for the sake of his own dignity.

    1. Jmz Nesky February 8, 2016

      What dignity? That flew out the window for all of’um the minute word got out about dear old (great?) grand papa.

  2. greenlantern1 February 8, 2016

    Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
    They were murdered by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
    Their gang leader was Cliven Bundy!
    Any outrage when Rand Paul met with him?
    Remember fellow Americans Ray Kot, Sunil Rattu and Martin Caballero?
    They were murdered at Trump Taj Mahal!
    High crime building?
    Would the police be well advised to keep a watchful eye on that place?

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 8, 2016

    OK, Trump changes his tune about McCain, just in time before the Primaries—very much in accordance with the “script” of American Electoral proceedings.

    After the votes are cast, the next step will be to repudiate what he has most recently said, and revert back to smearing McCain. All in a day’s work of muck-rtaking.

    What a curious game the American Electoral System is.

  4. The lucky one February 8, 2016

    I have to agree with Trump when he says we don’t need another Bush. But when he says Bush is spending “special interest” money campaigning and makes believe that it is some how different than him spending his own money campaigning he is being ridiculous. Trump is a “special interest”. His agenda is he same as that of other members of he oligarchy. What is truly amazing is that everyone doesn’t see that he is out for himself as he has always been and is incapable of being otherwise.

  5. Jmz Nesky February 8, 2016

    I don’t necessarily consider McCain a hero (other than for serving his country) but the man is miles away from being a loser and if the Trumpit is referring to his failure shot at the 2012 presidency then he can give that credit to the skank the GOP chose for him as his running mate. I mean, okay.. A lady as VP wasn’t the worst idea they could conjure up but as we all know, that airhead is a lady like I’m a bottle of ketchup.

  6. ray February 9, 2016

    Trump is a draft dodging chicken hawk. He didn’t have the guts to serve his country.


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