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Endorse This: Watch Donald Trump Whine Like A Baby That He ‘Didn’t Start It’

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Endorse This: Watch Donald Trump Whine Like A Baby That He ‘Didn’t Start It’

Donald Trump CNN

Let’s play a game.

Use your imagination today, kids, to fill in what Anderson Cooper, CNN’s white-haired wunderkind, asked Donald Trump at last night’s town hall.

All quotes below are directly taken from Donald Trump.

Scenario: Anderson Cooper asks Donald Trump about him retweeting an “unflattering photo” of Heidi Cruz next to a glamour shot of Melania Trump.

“I thought it was a nice picture of Heidi. I thought it was fine.”

“I thought it was fine. She’s a pretty woman.”

“Excuse me, excuse me, I didn’t start it.”

“I didn’t start it.”

“I didn’t start it. No it’s not.”

“Excuse me, you would say that. That’s the problem with our country.”

“Excuse me. No, no, no. That’s the problem.  Exactly that thinking is the problem this country has. I did not start this. He sent out a picture and he knew very well – ”

“Anderson, it was a cover story of a picture taken by Antoine Verglas, one of the great photographers of the world, by the way,   my wife was a very, very successful model, like one of the most. It was a picture for the cover of GQ, which is a decent – which is a very good magazine. You don’t think he set it up?”

“They were Romney people.”

“They were Romney people. Romney is you know, very embarrassed that he did so badly four years ago. The guy choked like a dog.”

“No, everybody knows he sent it out. He knew the people in the super PAC. He knew — I would be willing to bet he wrote the phrase, would you like to have this as first lady? And a lot of people said yes, actually, if you want to know the truth.”

Got that? Now compare it with the video, courtesy of Media Matters.

Screenshot via CNN



  1. phylin March 30, 2016

    About which of his trophy wives is Trump talking?

    1. tbs March 31, 2016

      If you do not know then you have not done any research, or not watching the news!
      Someone (PAC from Cruz’s camp) did a slur about a beautiful modeled nude picture of Trump’s smart wife Melania, (picture done many years ago when she modeled) put out before the Utah Primary voting to turn the Mormon’s off from voting for Trump! Trump in turn was upset and tweeted a pic of his wife and Heidi Cruz together. etc. Now the mess is they thought Trump was wrong when he really did not start it and Cruz should have called Trump and they handle it man to man. But it is known Cruz plays, lies, cheats and plays dirty.
      Behind this mess, besides Romney, it was started quietly by Rubio, (a long time ago to use against Cruz), dropped and then picked up by Carly Fiorina.
      Carly was given $500,000 dollars, from Ted Cruz, and it is said that money was hush money, to cover up for Cruz’s affair, that Carly knew about.
      So the soap opera goes on as they try to pin this whole thing on Trump, unfairly.

      1. chino49p March 31, 2016

        cruz and drump both play dirty, lie and cheat–whats new? drump is responsible for what he does, irrespective of who “started it”. Poor little rich boy just can’t resist reacting like the spoiled little jerk he is. He needs to man-up and start trying to be mature.

        By the way, a super pac for cruz doing something is much different from drump doing something himself, but drump just can’t resist being immature himself.

  2. InformedVoter March 30, 2016

    Cooper is the one acting like a spoiled brat. Of course, for the 3 people who watch Cooper’s program, it was business as usual.
    Trump is showing he has the guts to take on a jerk question from a second rate host and treat the question with the “dignity” that the host and question deserve.

    1. Yvonne March 30, 2016

      I agree.

    2. Bren Frowick March 30, 2016

      LOL, yes, by all means, vote for Trump 🙂 Please proceed, governor…

      1. InformedVoter March 30, 2016

        I guess I should commend you on being one of the 3 people who actually watch Cooper. When I said “3 people”, I was stretching the ratings, but I guess there may be 2 other low information viewers out there.

        1. chino49p March 31, 2016

          You are neither informed or intelligent. drump was the one being a spoiled brat jerk with all his stupid tweets. If he doesn’t want to be questioned about his stupidity then he should stop acting like a spoiled little brat and start acting like a mature adult who is worthy of respect & dignity. But, alas, respectability & dignity will never be mentioned as attributes of drump.

          1. tbs March 31, 2016

            No this crap about wives has been used for media fodder to entice people to think it was Trump fault because he draws rating points.
            If this had been any other person this whole mess would have been done and over with!

          2. chino49p March 31, 2016

            drump is at fault for what he does. If drump stopped handing out the fodder there would be nothing to report on but then thats not drump’s game. He is only in this for self-aggrandizement and shooting off his mouth in person and in print is his MO.

          3. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            Cooper and Mathews kept badgering. How come they don’t do that to Hillary or Bernie? Cooper and Mathews are insignificant hosts who are trying for their 15 minutes of fame. Trump put both of them in their place. Even liberal news sources have acknowledged that Trump handled the situation better than the hosts and that he’ll get more votes from his actions/comments than he’ll lose.

          4. chino49p March 31, 2016

            Cooper & Mathews kept pressing drump on things drump has said and done which is very reasonable. drump made himself look like more of a lying flip-flopping idiot than ever before. drump showed his real world ignorance which is just what low information people like you eat up.

          5. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            You are wrong on so many of your statements.
            If you’re going to start on lying and flipping, you better stop Hilary from opening her lying mouth. She threw women under the bus to protect her hubby when he was president, and now she wants women to believe her as being for women’s rights. She’ll be lucky if the FBI doesn’t charge her. The real reason so many lefties like you are such low information. is that you believe the crap the two idiot hots and Rachel Madcow throw out. The good news is that all three of these hosts have a viewing audience of 5 people in total.

          6. chino49p March 31, 2016

            Thanks for showing your ignorance. You said I was wrong on so many of my statements but instead of discussing what I was wrong on, you started talking about Clinton. This conversation is not about Clinton. You are a mental child like drump (two idiot hots and Rachel Madcow, 5 viewers), that is why you like the smell of his BS.

            Her husband was the pres. back in the 90’s and if there was anything for her to be charged with believe me, it would have been done long ago with all the millions & millions of dollars the cons have wasted trying to “get her”. Keep having your wet dreams but it won’t happen.

          7. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            I learned a long time ago that it’s futile to argue with a low information person like you. YOU brought up the issue of lying but only look at Trump and not Hillary. The real reason you low information folks are scared is that you’ve been believing the junk for years and when Trump or Cruz get elected, they will begin to prosecute Hillary and Obama.

          8. chino49p March 31, 2016

            You are the one who is low information and scared. You are the one who can’t discuss this article which is about drump and you keep trying to SHIFT the issue to Clinton which is a different matter. Talk about futility, Clinton’s name isn’t even in the article.

            Apparently you think drump or cruz would be a dictator who could just order the underlings to prosecute someone without evidence. The cons have spent millions trying to manufacture evidence against Clinton and even Obama. Sounds like you have a lot of nazi in you.

          9. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            *** INVALID RESPONSE ***
            *** WASTED MEMORY ***

          10. chino49p March 31, 2016

            Very true. You are invalid and you are wasted and you cannot have a mature discussion of this article.

          11. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            You provide zero facts, get hammered by several other posters that you’re comments are crap and yet you continue with your losing arguments. You have been measured and you come up terribly short. Go grab a lolly pop and sit in corner and sulk about how badly you got burned in this forum.

          12. chino49p March 31, 2016

            Nobody hammered or burned me, least of all you. You are so lame that you couldn’t even try to debate this article and kept trying to turn the conversation to Clinton. I am now convinced that you must be a little child as no reasonable adult could be as lame as you. Get your finger out of you mouth I mean butt–well that’s the same place, and go to bed, I mean your hole in the ground.

          13. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            Typical childish response. You start to lose an argument, so you resort to name calling. I can read the forums and easily tell that you’ve have been bested by many posters. You are so low information that you are in self-denial. In fact, the post immediately below this one slam dunks you into the land of stupidity.
            Go back to that corner and don’t bother to respond until you have something of value to contribute.

          14. chino49p March 31, 2016

            I haven’t lost the argument. You are too afraid to even make an argument on this article. You are truly an imbecile (stupid) and are unworthy of wasting any more time on. I’m sure you will probably make another childish reply so you can say you got the last word. Who cares? You are a total loser!

          15. chino49p March 31, 2016

            As far as the issue of lying is concerned, drump made lying an integral part of this story when he said that the picture he tweeted of cruz’s wife was fine, it was a nice picture, she was a pretty woman. Everybody knows that that is not what he thought of that picture and that is why he sent it. He is a bully buffoon.

          16. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            Your last three posts show how desperate you are. You can’t even MAN up and admit you know very little yet try to make people think you are informed and have something of value to contribute. This isn’t the first time (but hopefully it will be the last) that you’ve dug your heals in and kept demonstrating how ignorant you really are. Perhaps it’s not your fault … it’s all part of a vast right wing conspiracy. Oh no, Hillary already tried that one, and it didn’t work then either.

          17. bobnstuff March 31, 2016

            Did they stop delivering your paper fifteen years ago? You keep throwing up old news. As far as throwing those women who slept with her husband under a bus do you think she should have given then a prize. They slept with a married man. For the FBI to charge her she has to break a law. Just because the right wing media says she did doesn’t mean she did.

          18. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            At least 4 of the women say Bill raped them. Those women didn’t just sleep with a married man, he raped them!
            If Bill had done these acts while working in the private sector, he would have been charged with harassment and been fired and gone to prison. Hillary attacked them. Now Hillary is saying women should be believed. How two-faced can Hillary get?
            The FBI is trying to set up a meeting with Hillary about her use of a personal server for classified information. Talk about not reading a paper recently. Over 100 FBI agents are on record that Hillary should be charged with a felony crime. This will make her legally unqualified to run for president.
            You keep putting your two cents into forums and you keep getting your butt kicked. Haven’t you got something better to do with your time? Oh, you’re probably one of those who are on the entitlement trough and lord knows you’d never spend time trying to find gainful employment and actually contribute something of value to society.

          19. chino49p March 31, 2016

            You really are a child and have no reading comprehension whatsoever. You could contribute to society by crawling back in your hole and staying there.

          20. bobnstuff March 31, 2016

            Your do like to believe myths. No FBI agents are on public record because they would loose their jobs if they were. They are not allowed to talk about on going cases. This story just keeps growing and there is no facts to base it on. Now tell me about Trumps rape charges.

          21. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            Sorry, but you’re wrong once again (aren’t you getting tired of being wrong yet?). 10 days ago, the AP published two articles stating that over 100 FBI agents will go public if the are no charges filed against Hillary for her server actions.
            The rape charge against Trump was by a wife, who quickly changed her claim. At least 4 women that Bill raped still claim he did so. Talk about being behind the times.

          22. bobnstuff April 1, 2016

            Sorry check you source. There are only 12 agents working on the case full time and if any go public they will loose their jobs. You will believe anything.

  3. dpaano March 30, 2016

    What an idiot!!!

    1. Joan March 30, 2016

      While I am in agreement with your sentiment, Trump is not an idiot. He is a lot of not nice things, a liar, a narcissist, a bully, a bragert and if not a racist then a race baiter, but not an idiot. The orange one is crafty like a fox, appealing to the baseness of the human psyche, the anger, the envy, the mistrust of those “others”.

  4. yabbed March 30, 2016

    I do think the media is reducing itself to the GOP playing field and that is not a good thing.

  5. bobnstuff March 30, 2016

    Can Trump except the blame for anything? Had he just kept his mouth closed this whole thing would have been non news but he just can’t close his trap. This picture has been around for years on line and is no big deal. It’s Trump that made it something other then a stupid ad. Had he been smart he would have pointed out that she would have been the best looking first lady in history. Is he trying to loose votes?

    1. tbs March 31, 2016

      Would you have?

      1. bobnstuff March 31, 2016

        I sure would have, The question is why is he ashamed of his wife. He know that those photos were out there. The problem is he looks at his wife as arm candy, not as a equal partner in his life. Can you see him putting her in charge of anything?

  6. Jmz Nesky March 30, 2016

    It’s fun watching this once grand party self destruct with the character types it’s accepted over the last few decades.. The irrelevancy of it is that it doesn’t matter who wins the candidacy they’re all fated to loose because of their policies and selectiveness so it’s okay to see one pub overwhelm another in order to be the top Trump because it ain’t gonna happen.. there’s not a one of them with any lick of honesty or morality so enjoy the big top clowns as they turn yet election year into a side show circus..


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