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Endorse This: Watch Jeb Bush Joke About Hurricane Katrina

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Endorse This: Watch Jeb Bush Joke About Hurricane Katrina



The political world is now abuzz after Jeb Bush’s campaign appearance Wednesday night in South Carolina, where he praised a local supporter, state senator Katrina Shealy — by nicknaming her after a disastrous hurricane.

“In fact, when I was governor, in 16 months we had eight hurricanes and four tropical storms. One of them was called ‘Katrina,'” Bush said, as some in the audience laughed. “I don’t know why your great state senator reminds me of a hurricane, but she does. She’s strong, and she’s fierce, and she is solving problems for you at the state capitol. You should be honored to have you as your elected official, I hope you agree with me.

“That’s your new nickname — the Bush family always gives out nicknames. Yours is now ‘Hurricane Katrina.'”

Keep in mind that when Jeb was governor, as he fondly reminisced, 14 people in Florida died as a result of Hurricane Katrina — a mere fraction of the more than 1,000 who died in Louisiana, the major site of the hurricane’s landfall.

So how did Katrina Shealy take it? Actually just fine, she explained — because her family was already joking about Hurricane Katrina way back ten years ago.

“Everybody in my family, when they had Hurricane Katrina, it was kind of like a big joke in my family because I’m the feisty one in the family,” Shealy told CNN. “I’m the one that kinda bosses everybody around.”

“In fact, I’m kinda glad he said it because I can just keep on with my bad self,” she also added. “I can keep on being feisty and fierce and whatever those words are that people think I am already. When they see me coming into the room, maybe they’ll just get out of the way.”

Well, it’s good to know that Jeb Bush’s supporters are just as conscientious and dignified as he is.

Video via Jeffrey Randazzo/YouTube.

Photo: Neighborhood cleanup effort along Bayou St. John creates a trash art piece out of some of the junk to be hauled away. “Bush Mobile” is a negative reference to George W. Bush. Via user Infrogmation, Wikimedia Commons, uploaded January 29, 2006.

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  1. Kurt CPI December 31, 2015

    If ever there were something reported on that is less newsworthy than this, I’d be surprised. I bet Jeb named his three new kittens Hugo, Sandy and Kyle after hurricanes. So what?

  2. Phil Johnson December 31, 2015

    Crickets? Whew.
    The berry doesn’t fall very far from the bush, does it?
    Both of these over-stuffed cretins apparently lead a silver-spoon existence. I would not call it a “life” because that requires thinking about someone else besides one’s own bloated ego.
    God help us all if these two get in. We are already in over our heads. Now this.
    Grace and peace this new year. Anyway.

    aures lupi

    1. Mark Caponigro January 1, 2016

      He should have listened to his mother. Which is not advice I give much! : ) But in this case Barbara knew best.

      1. Phil Johnson January 3, 2016

        … best advice she gave was the time within recent memory that the POTUS system had too many Bushes. So, thin out the underbrush.

    2. MVH1 January 5, 2016

      As Ann Richards said about W all those years ago, “He can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.” This one, seems to be the same.

  3. Otto Greif December 31, 2015

    It’s amazing what causes you people to wet your pants.

    1. Cloudherder January 1, 2016

      You should be very familiar with wet pants, with all the trembling you Republicans do over every thing … Yeah, build that wall you big tough guys.

      1. idamag January 1, 2016

        Just ignore otto, this bumpkin has never made an intelligent comment on these boards. He probably learned to debate, arguing with cows and pigs and then I am not sure which end.

        1. plc97477 January 3, 2016

          I would give the cows and pigs better odds.

  4. Andyz December 31, 2015

    Seriously, this guy is a moron.

  5. middledaughter December 31, 2015

    This man is a fool; unlike his big “bro,” he is just more low key. He really does not need to be speaking in public. Shows his denseness each time he open his mouth. Parents must be soooo proud.

  6. FT66 January 2, 2016

    Jeb, take your balls and go home. I don’t think you know what you are doing neither what you are saying. Is “Hurricane Katrina” a name to give to anyone let alone animals? With all the destruction the hurricane Katrina caused and you think thats the proper name from a Bush family to give? Am sorry, I never thought you are all that inept. Am shot of words.

    1. Phil Johnson January 5, 2016

      just musing, as I lived in N’awlins for 20 years: has Mr. Jeb! ever visited the Big Easy? and seen the chaos for himself? At any time? Pre- or post-Katrina (I have, and it wasn’t pretty)?

      If he did, I doubt he remembered it before this unfortunate misstep. Quel dommage.
      If he didn’t, he should shut up. Period. Forever.

      aures lupi

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 7, 2016

        Very appropriate questions.

        Jeb, and the others, can’t be bothered to find out the facts for themselves. He and others like him are still trying to perfect a Far Right hairbrained concept of “Knowledge by Osmosis Without First-Hand Experience”.
        In the meantime, they rely solely on getting insight by watching FOX, studying the “tea leaves of conspiracy theories”, and relying on “experts” like Rush, Dinesh, and Ann-of-Coulter.

        The trauma of being coerced to open a book, or visit the library(God forbid!!) would require hospital visits—oh dear.

  7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2016

    Jeb: You, Carson, Trump, and the other pack animals, are forever seeking to find the lowest level in the “cesspool of incoherent thinking”. The stench doesn’t seem to bother you in the least. Is that due to a special genetic trait, or are you simply a cold and callous person—the result of an intrinsic family value??

    1. Phil Johnson January 5, 2016

      Yes. To both Q.
      aures lupi

  8. Allan Richardson January 4, 2016

    Answer: Melaleuca, Brazilian Pepper, and Jeb.

    Question: Name three imported bushes that have harmed Florida’s environment.

  9. MVH1 January 5, 2016

    The feds are still spending a lot of money in Louisiana on Katrina related things. Just saying.


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