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Endorse This: What Finally Gets The GOP Offended By Trump

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Endorse This: What Finally Gets The GOP Offended By Trump



Donald Trump has finally crossed the lines of decency in Republican circles: By saying that George W. Bush was a failure on national security.

Indeed, this slaughtering of a sacred cow is so heinous that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a former bottom-tier candidate who supports Jeb Bush, even declared this morning that he might have to violate his own pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, should it be The Donald.

“I’ve gotta really re-evaluate that after what he said about President George W. Bush,” he said. “There’s just the kooky people in the world. The mainstream Democratic party opposition to Bush did not go where Donald Trump went. So I’ll have to sit down and think about what it means to have somebody running as the nominee of the Republican Party that accused the past president of willfully lying about the facts and circumstances of Iraq, and being responsible for 9/11.”

To be exact, Trump has not said that the Bush administration was “responsible” for 9/11 — that is, the “9/11 Truther” accusation that it was an inside job by the government. Instead, Trump simply said at the debate that George W. Bush failed to “keep us safe,” as Jeb Bush insisted he did.

Just think: After years of Trump spreading lies and innuendo about President Obama’s birthplace, Republicans are now outraged at Trump for the one conspiracy theory he hasn’t actually been pushing. And that’s without even taking into consideration everything that Trump has already said during this election about Mexicans, women, and Muslims.

But at the same time, Graham did have a point here, when he said: “The mainstream Democratic party opposition to Bush did not go where Donald Trump went.” Um, no, they didn’t!

The question is: Why did it take almost 15 years, and a candidacy by Donald Trump, to get a presidential campaign that openly slammed George W. Bush for his handling of 9/11?

Video via Good Morning America/ABC News.

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  1. Sand_Cat February 15, 2016

    Nice that Lindsey is angry that Donald Trump accused George W. Bush of doing all those things, but not the least bit disturbed that George W. Bush actually did all those things, and far, far more. He should be grateful Trump promised to continue W’s torture regime, and even to expand it, at least. But then I guess all of the other GOP lunatics have pretty much done the same. Unfortunately, Lindsey no doubt represents the ignorance, prejudice, and xenophobia of the much if not most of the SC party all too well, though he may be too soft for many of them. They weren’t the first ones to try to flush the whole nation to save their “right” to own human beings for nothing!

  2. jamcrky February 15, 2016

    The Truth hurts

  3. oldtack February 15, 2016


    DO NOT CONFUSE A REPUBLICAN WITH TRUTH OR FACT. They are not able to function in this atmosphere.

  4. FireBaron February 15, 2016

    Poor Lindsey. He spent all those years in McCain’s shadow in the Senate. When he finally decided he would run for President (too little and too late to make any difference), he was gone before he got started. While Graham is one of those “think one thing but say another” breed of Republican Politicians, and someone who toes the line so much that you can get his footprints on the damn thing, it doesn’t matter what he really believes about Dubya and Cheney. He follows Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment (Thou shalt speak no ill against a fellow Republican) to the letter. That he does not afford the same courtesy to THE DONALD is because THE DONALD broke that Commandment, therefore is a heretic and anathema to True Republicans.

    Where are Howard Baker and Lowell Weicker when you need them?

    1. Whittier5 February 16, 2016

      They are either with Hill or Bern.

  5. plc97477 February 15, 2016

    Apparently the only unforgivable sin in the gotp is telling the truth.

  6. greenlantern1 February 15, 2016

    Did Nixon misuse national security when he ordered Elliott Richardson to fire Archibald Cox?

    1. Cloudherder February 17, 2016

      I forgot to bring my No. 2 pencil. I didn’t know there was going to be a test GL.

      1. greenlantern1 February 17, 2016

        No matter!
        Try reading!

  7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 15, 2016

    What an incredibly dense and farcical concept, to make a pledge to support even a dunce, because of a silly notion of remaining true to the “gangster” code of remaining loyal to an ideology.

    Only totalitarian regimes in the world match the preposterousness of such a primary motivation for electing anyone.

    1. Cloudherder February 17, 2016

      I’m sure you notice that Repubs absolutely love to “pledge” support to stuff, like that “No Tax” pledge written by ‘never elected to anything’ Grover Norquist they signed (whatever happened to THAT?) The GOP longs for Fascism whether they admit it to themselves or not.

  8. Whittier5 February 16, 2016

    Wouldn’t you know that The Donald would finally get into Big Trouble with the Know-Nothing “base” for telling the Truth??

    The 2nd Gen Castronista Cuban Rubio, 1st Gen Canadian Cruz, et al, can Big Lie all they want with no repercussions. But, let The Donald tell the Truth ….


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