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#EndorseThis: Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson?

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#EndorseThis: Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson?


He’s polling around seven percent nationally, but under no circumstances will Gary Johnson — the Libertarian Party candidate who didn’t know what “Aleppo” is and can’t name a single foreign leader — ever become president. So what’s next for the former New Mexico governor? Perhaps a career change. ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has come up with the perfect way to turn this political lemon into comedy lemonade.

Even if we already know that the answer to Kimmel’s question, for almost everyone, is certainly yes — as you’ll see when you click.



  1. Whittier5 October 7, 2016

    As a Bernie, now Hillary supporter, I still must bring it to your attention that your statement about Johnson’s inability to name a World leader is incorrect. That was NOT the question Chris Matthews asked! Chris him to “name one World leader you respect”.

    Can you, National Memo??
    I could name 1 or 2, maybe 3. But, on the spot, when being badgered by Chris “Badger” Matthews, I don’t know….

    1. Wrily October 7, 2016

      I watched that interview. The question was initially, “Who’s your favorite world leader?”. Gay answered that question and Matthews immediately changed the question to exclude dead persons. Then, after a lengthy pause, Matthews rephrased the question to a respected leader.

      There are plenty of reason not to vote for Johnson and Matthews could have shown us those reasons, but he chose instead to grandstand with a gotcha question worthy of Fox News.

      The National Memo’s choice to jump on the false meme reminds me of Newsmax.

  2. Jon October 7, 2016

    At least Gary Johnson is honest about his lack of knowledge. Trump just makes stuff up and babbles nonsensically. Two examples from the 1st Presidential Debate were his nonsense jabbering about what he would do about increasing cyber security when he said cyber this and cyber that and he had a 10 year old who had computers and he was really good on them. The 2nd was whether he would continue U.S.policy of regarding 1st Strike with respect to nuclear weapons where he stuttered and stammered and ended up both opposing and favoring 1st Strike policy.


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