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#EndorseThis: Colbert Reveals Motive Behind Russia Hack

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#EndorseThis: Colbert Reveals Motive Behind Russia Hack

Stephen Colbert reviews Russia hack, inauguration woes

Learning of Vladimir Putin’s reported personal involvement in the US election hacking by Russian operatives — an “artisanal hack” by the former KGB officer — Stephen Colbert can’t believe the real motive is an old vendetta against Hillary Clinton.

More likely, the Russian leader hopes to guide his American acolyte on more current issues: “Don’t worry, Donald, I’ll handle the intelligence briefings. You go meet with Kanye.”

Meanwhile the Trump inaugural team is struggling. Sir Elton John denied the claim that he will perform at Trump’s inauguration; not a single Washington-area marching band has asked to join his parade; and even dangling ambassadorships hasn’t lured any A-list musical talent. But the Late Show host suggests a down-home entertainment alternative that shouldn’t require any bribes.


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