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#EndorseThis: Colbert Schools Gingrich On Sexual Assault And “Whoopy Making”

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#EndorseThis: Colbert Schools Gingrich On Sexual Assault And “Whoopy Making”


After hearing Newt Gingrich angrily accuse Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly of being “fascinated by sex” and uninterested in public policy, Stephen Colbert realized that the former speaker may not understand the difference between “whoopy-making” and felonious assault. In this clip he kindly schools Gingrich, but not before scorching that other wayward Trump surrogate, Rudolph “Daytime Dracula” Giuliani. Just click.



  1. Dan S October 27, 2016

    Oh my, I think more Repugs besides Newt need to hear ???? about that talk from Stephen Colbert

  2. johninPCFL October 27, 2016

    Poor Newt. Tied himself to a loser and now won’t be getting that ambassadorship or cabinet position he covets.

  3. Jon October 27, 2016

    I wonder if old Newt understood what Colbert explained to him or if he is sitting home scratching his head wondering what does he mean when he says sex and assault are 2 different things.

  4. plc97477 October 28, 2016

    What is it about repug parents that they are not covering this stuff before their children get to such ripe (and I do mean ripe) old ages.

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