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#EndorseThis: ‘Daily Show’ Sends Off Sean Spicer With Greatest Hits Montage

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#EndorseThis: ‘Daily Show’ Sends Off Sean Spicer With Greatest Hits Montage


For approximately the last month, recently departed press secretary Sean Spicer’s blunders took place behind closed doors since the White House instilled a no-cameras policy for daily briefings. In that time, one was easily liable to forget just how incompetent Spicer actually was. So, as a farewell bid, The Daily Show compiled some of his greatest hits to jog one’s memory.



  1. 1standlastword July 24, 2017

    In all fairness to Spicer, I think what we’ve witnessed is the “Trump effect”.

    The intellectual and emotional abuse suffered by this man appears to have driven him almost to the point of a nervous breakdown and that is clinically what happens to people who try to stay in an abusive relationship with a predator/ violator the likes of Donald Trump.

    Let the public beware!

    Sean Spicer has been around for awhile serving at the pleasure of past administrations and now it appears serving Trump’ perverse and traitorous causes appears to have wrecked Spicer’s career or at the least besmirched his credibility–remarkably(lampooned for comic relief)

    I posted my prediction before Trump started cracking up that ‘all’ the people who accepted to join Trump signed a career ending contract.

    It’s analogous to joining the historic and infamous James Gang. We all know what happened to those folks in the end–

    1. Dapper Dan July 24, 2017

      Your right about Jeff Sessions. I now hear Rudy Guilianis name being mention to be the next AG. And to think poor Jeff gave up his comfortable Senate seat for this nightmare. He now calls him Beleaguered. It must be a toxic stew to work in this dysfunctional administration

      1. 1standlastword July 24, 2017

        The terminus of Sessions career is likely at hand…and it will be painful!

        And good!!!

        I am very hopeful today because the decent moral people are seeing the end times of the wicked the likes of Trump and his fraudsters.

        The universe has turned against them and set them one against the other. They eat each other like the flesh eating cannibals they are by their very nature!!!

      2. Josephinejnakamura July 25, 2017

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      3. plc97477 July 25, 2017

        Ghouliany said not interested.

        1. Dapper Dan July 25, 2017

          I caught that too. No one who still has their sanity would want to work in that toxic stew in the WhiteHouse

    2. It’s basically impossible to live up to Trump’s standards (prevent him from suffering the consequences of his willful ignorance), but watching awful person after awful person learn this is not growing old.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 24, 2017

      Good prediction, and a safe one at that given the sleazy nature of Donald. And yes, Sessions is next, and maybe Tillerson it would seem.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 24, 2017

    The chips keep falling—even Tillerson is starting to feel some heat, and well he should.

    How can so many seemingly intelligent people allow themselves to walk willingly into Trump’s snake-pit, with so many Trump defects slithering in plain sight, fangs bared?

    And given the toxic nature of Russia and its multifarious pitfalls and storied legend of corruption and deception, one would think that having had any dealings with Russia, past and present, would come back to haunt you.

    1. 1standlastword July 24, 2017

      Karma baby Karma!!!!

      Karma is the blind addiction to doing what doesn’t work until one realizes the error of his ways and changes his action. Only then does his karma change

      Evil seeks its own demise and these are the end times of these wicked people who love wicked ways.

      So sweet to the people they habitually injure to see them crushed under the massive weight of their greed and lust for power….


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