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#EndorseThis: Exclusive Leaked Audio Of Obama-Trump Phone Conversations

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#EndorseThis: Exclusive Leaked Audio Of Obama-Trump Phone Conversations

Conan O'Brien's exclusive tapes of Trump-Obama phone calls

When Donald Trump visited Barack Obama in the Oval Office following the election — and leaned a little about the scope of his awesome new responsibilities — the billionaire bully looked more like a chastened schoolboy. But so gracious and helpful was the president, despite years of abuse from the man who will succeed him, that Trump has asked Obama’s advice repeatedly by phone during the past few weeks.

What kind of conversation occurs between these two very different public figures? Until this moment we could only imagine. But last night Conan O’Brien got the scoop. And when you listen to the voices that indeed sound very much like Trump and Obama — well, you won’t believe it. Or at least, you won’t want to believe it. But it’s all too plausible.




  1. dbtheonly November 30, 2016


    And the President Obama imitator had the voice down perfectly.

  2. elw November 30, 2016

    too funny

  3. Beethoven December 3, 2016

    I couldn’t see half of it because of the ads blocking it. I wanted to make it full-screen but couldn’t access the button for that because of an ad blocking it.

  4. patricia.franks December 4, 2016

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