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#EndorseThis: With Al Franken, Jimmy Kimmel Again Blasts Graham-Cassidy

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#EndorseThis: With Al Franken, Jimmy Kimmel Again Blasts Graham-Cassidy


Following two nights of intense monologues against the Graham-Cassidy bill, Jimmy Kimmel doubled down again on Thursday with a special guest appearance by Senator Al Franken (R-MN) — whose combination of wit and wonkish wisdom is so reliably effective against right-wing lies.

“Usually I don’t like it when comedians get involved in politics,” Franken deadpans, after thanking Kimmel for his “important” defenses of Obamacare.

Enjoy the banter between two talented comedians, and stay for the devastating critique of the Republican plan to destroy Medicaid, remove insurance protections, and cripple American medical care.



  1. Dapper Dan September 22, 2017

    Damn I love Sen Al Franken and I hope both he and fellow Sen Elizabeth Warren vie for the Democratic Nomination. If one of them secures the nomination I hope they put the other candidate on their ticket. The next president is going to have a lot of hard work to repair the damage trump has done so far

    1. Beethoven September 23, 2017

      I’m not committing to any candidate until after, or just before, the primaries. But if Al Franken gets the Democratic nomination, I will enthusiastically support him. By the way, the article identifies him as Republican, obviously a proofreading mistake.

  2. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 23, 2017

    #EndorseThis: With Al Franken, Jimmy Kimmel Again Blasts Graham-Cassidy /// << great tag team 🙂 DUMP 45 wants and thinks he is a comedian he talks his BULLSHIfT and the ones that laugh at what he puts out there as jokes are his BRAIN DEAD DUMPSTER DONNY followers & too many of the gang of pinheads =GOP the thing with DUMP 45 wanting to try to be funny and a comedian is he is just a JOKE A VERY BAD JOKE the world is laughing at him and the USA im sure with their laughs thy feel sad that there is such a idiot moron in the white house . he will never be a comedian only the worse bad joke in history this moron will make a joke (or try to ) of when one loses a love one sick evil idiot he is . but he can make a great joke but he wouldn't be around to get the laughs or enjoy the party from his best joke of all . this is the joke of him dead NOT THAT WOULD BE THE BEST JOKE AND I KNOW ID BE LMAO AND WOULD PARTY TO THAT JOKE FOR SURE WITH THE USA AND THE WORLD and the bathroom to that party well the best place and fitting would be on the evil dirt bags grave !!!!!

  3. Kurt Kruse September 23, 2017

    Ah poor little Jimmie,all that money paid to an idiot,worse an idiot who apparently doesn’t understand just how stupid and self serving his ass is.Just as you our what you eat,in little Jimmie’s case, you our what your jackass guests deserve. Frankly while our hearts go out to you and your family,that does not mean we the people endorse you,or Colbert,or 100% of idiots politicians like Al Franken,he is not now nor has he ever been funny. Collectively all of crooked Hillary’s supporters are spherical dumb A*^holes,no matter how you look at them they remain A*^holes. Crooked Hillary’s and feel the burn Sanders who ran as a Democratic by hides behind what he says is Independent these fools and many like them don’t know their ass from their elbow,which sadly is a reflection of both our education system and this feeling of entitlement. Democratic supporters don’t thin, and they sure as hell won’t go out and find an honest to God job! Democratization’s are rude crude and just plain stupid,much like those jackass’s in Hollywood or New York city


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