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#EndorseThis: Can We Still Laugh About Al Franken And Roy Moore?

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#EndorseThis: Can We Still Laugh About Al Franken And Roy Moore?


Are you feeling sad about Al Franken’s admission that he behaved inappropriately toward Leeann Tweeden on a USO tour in 2006? So are we. But as Trevor Noah notes, the Senator from Minnesota has apologized, taken responsibility, and invited an ethics investigation of his actions.

That powerfully distinguishes Franken from Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate who denies every accusation from a growing list of women and pretends this is all someone else’s fault – just like Donald Trump did in responding to charges from 16 women last year (not including the rape charge by his first wife).

It’s a serious topic, with depressing implications, but Trevor will still make you laugh.


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  1. dpaano November 17, 2017

    I was very disappointed in hearing about Al Franken….however, I still respect how he’s handling this. He’s admitted it, very sincerely apologized to the victim, and has said he would be cooperative if there’s an investigation by the Ethics Committee. He has done everything right, unlike Moore or our illustrious pseudo-president, who is an embarrassment to the Oval Office!


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