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#EndorseThis: Seth Meyers Explains The Hypocrisy Of Trump’s ‘Working Vacation’

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#EndorseThis: Seth Meyers Explains The Hypocrisy Of Trump’s ‘Working Vacation’


Late Night host Seth Meyers on Monday took “A Closer Look” at President Trump’s 17-day “working” vacation at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. Were you aware of how frequently Trump, on the campaign trail, trashed then-President Obama for golfing? Or that Trump enlisted former CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany for a cheesy, propagandistic “real news” broadcast out of Trump Tower in New York?

“It’s pizza day in the cafeteria,” Meyers mocked. “But you won’t hear that from thee failing New York Times.”




  1. Dapper Dan August 8, 2017

    Ladies if your a bride to be and a certain leacherous President is asking for you I have one word for you RUN !!!

    1. dpaano August 9, 2017

      My thought exactly……who’d want him putting his icky little hands on the bride or, heaven forbid, trying to plant a kiss on her…….EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

  2. 11thStPopulist August 8, 2017

    So, now that we have the international crisis of North Korea having a miniature nuclear warhead in their ICBMs, where is our fearless leader??? Oh yeah, golfing. Of course. Well, maybe he can just tweet the problem away. That should work (sarcasm). Fake president!


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