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#EndorseThis: Michael Moore Trolls Trumps For Deception About His New Film

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#EndorseThis: Michael Moore Trolls Trumps For Deception About His New Film

Michael Moore talks to Megan Kelly about his new pro-Clinton film

Why would Donald Trump and his son Junior promote left-wing populist Michael Moore’s new film on the 2016 election? Evidently they’re trying to dupe working-class voters into believing that Moore’s movie is pro-Trump. In this clip, Moore explains to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly why the Trump ploy is so laughable — and why he produced “a sort of a humorous love poem” to Hillary Clinton.

But he thanks the Trumps for pushing Michael Moore In TrumpLand to a top spot on iTunes.

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  1. Dan S October 28, 2016

    Please listen ???? to what Michael Moore is saying. This not a debate between party ideologies but the future of our nation. Trump does not care about anyone not even those turning up at his endless rallies. He simply is stirring up hatred against anyone who dares to cross him. He doesn’t like any non whites or people of the Islamic faith or any other. He’s making a mockery of Christians who are so misguided in supporting someone who’s never read the Bible even though who says he does. He is a cancer that will only grow stronger as President. He’s ripped all taxpayers off by finding loopholes that allow him to avoid paying his fair share. He’d rather use that money to solicit a porn star for $10K to spend the night with him. He’s facing a trial next month on charges of raping a 13 yo. If you genuinely want a better future for this country please don’t vote Trump

    1. Theresajmitchell1 October 29, 2016

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  2. dpaano October 28, 2016

    I have to agree with what Michael Moore has to say about “President Trump.” He will take this country into ruination! He has NO concept of how to run this country, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and he has NO intention of doing half the things he’s told his followers that he’s going to do! He’s in it for the money and nothing else…..it’s all he’s EVER been into! He has NO concept of how the poor and middle class of this nation fend for themselves, and no concept or care about fixing any of their problems. The really sad part is that his followers just don’t realize that. It’s pretty sad that so many people who are upset with our Government don’t realize that he will only make it worse! I feel their pain, I really do, but I also feel sorry for them for being led astray by this individual. He’s a con man and has always been a con man….and he’s conned his followers into believing he knows what it takes to fix this nation!

    1. plc97477 October 29, 2016

      I would feel sorry for them if they had not been so eager to do this to themselves. If it was in fact not their fault I could feel sorry for them.

  3. Jon October 28, 2016

    This is different. Trump caught saying one thing when the opposite is true.

  4. starmanway October 28, 2016

    Michael Moore was trumped! Trump edited his film so that it appeared to be pro-Trump. They played Moore’s game better than Moore, this time. Moore, known for his “documentaries” is famous for “editing” or doctoring the truth to make his point.
    Touche’ Trump!

    1. Thoughtopsy November 1, 2016

      “You didn’t build that…”
      “Obamacare is crazy…”
      “Planned Parenthood is chopping up live babies and selling the parts”…

      Actually the right has always used this tactic, openly, obviously, and far more freely than anyone else.

      And worse…. these Zombie lies just don’t die.
      For example…

      – Whitewater. Investigated to death. Over. Done. Finished.
      But still a thing in rabid Republican base-voter click/donation bait.

      – Benghazi. Investigated 7 times by congress and other departments PLUS a bonus Trey Gowdy attempted lynching. Failed. Nothing. Nada. Over.
      But still a thing in rabid Republican base-voter click/donation bait.

      – Hillary’s emails. The only whimper to come out of the Benghazi hearings. Ooooh she didn’t use her email properly. Like all the StateSecs before her..Shock horror. She also didn’t deliberately delete 22 Million emails from specific periods around the Iraq war like Bush the Dumber, and Cheney the war profiteer… but somehow they get a free ride, and she has endless stories made up about email…

      – Planned Parenthood. That puffed up empty shirt Chavetz and the Republicans are STILL trying to defund Planned Parenthood after it was proven in court that the “Sting” videos were deceptively edited, and the video creators were charged with a crime.

      The Left still largely cares about facts and reason.
      The Right feeds on racism, misogyny, hyperbole, lies, and the outrage generated by those lies… and actual facts don’t matter.

      Trump is an elegant example of what happens when your voters are racist, bigoted, don’t care about facts and run on outrage.
      Well done.

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 29, 2016

    heres something that should be copy and pasted for the most of people should see and maybe it can hit home and help this election from being flushed in the DONNY DUMP toilet >>>

    im thinking I heard on the news DONNY DUMP says this new email BULL is bigger then water gate . then I thought what water gate was really all about . and it came up that it was all illegal things going on with in the country . a lot of people went to trial in Watergate and some went to jail even . on an interview with a guy that wrote a book on and for Hillary said that Watergate was bigger a lot bigger . then I thought was it really ? or could this be the beginning of some thing ( yes I know your saying (TOMMY WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE A BOOK NOW ? ) but think about this . is it to far fetched to think that there’s more here that meets the eye ? Watergate was a lot of crime being done . now think of what has already happen . ADMITTED !!! the GOP says thy did the Benghazi thing and heck even could of been planning the email BULL also from the start . as thy did admitted thy were doing these things to make Hillary look bad . so knowing this one has to ask how far the GOP will really go to try to fix this election ? first the FBI COMEY said back at the start that he didn’t feel that after investigating the the emails he didn’t feel that any charges should be brought against Hillary . why didn’t he just leave it there ? why did he then have to say it was reackless and all those things after saying he didn’t feel charges were warrented . to me I talk that as just more of what the GOP ADMITTED TO BEFORE . and with the extra things he said (which really wasn’t need to be said it only was said to make Hillary look bad ) like what the GOP was doing and wanted to do from the start . fast forward to now . don’t you find it funny more so strange that COMEY came out with this BULL now just the head line nothing behind it nothing in the form of facts . (to me seems only done for one reason at this point in time ) he sent these letter to I believe 6or 7 heads of the GOP like lighting a match and starting a fire . the ATT. GEN. didn’t like this and she wasn’t informed of this . ok so say this could be the GOP new day Watergate !! how deep dose this go ? one knows the GOP talk openly about Hillary all the time and nothing nice to say never . Obama an d the AG should start an investigation now on COMEY should look into every thing he has done . if this is a form of the GOP new Watergate then COMEYS phone records and every thing of his should be tied into this investigation see just who he has been contacting . say it hit home . and then there are a lot of the GOP party that are into this . (ITS NOT LIKE THY HAVENT DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE ) FOR THY HAVE ADMITTED IT . this could very well go deep and could in be the 21STcentury Watergate ? whos to say it couldn’t be ? wouldn’t it be funny to push FBI COMEY and he cracks and say if it is a lot bigger then meats the eye . better to get on this now before its too late could very well save the country from having that DONNY DUMP CLOWN as POTUS . THIS IS SOMETHING I FEEL THAT NEEDS SOME LOOKING INTO FAST . MIGHT VERY WELL CATCH SOMETHING ( AND OIR SOME ONES ) BEFORE ITS TOO LATE


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